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Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 12: Repentance

Author’s Note: Happy New Year and late Christmas, sorry for disappearing for 4 months (tldr I have school + I’m lazy). Can’t make any promises as of this moment, but here you go, I guess. My view was hazy. What appeared before my eyes was a nostalgic arcade. It was the one I would go

Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 10: Comeback

Author’s note: 2/3, blame this chapter for the late release   “ASKWQERNLKJFC!!! WHAT THE HELL IS THAT??!” The ground shook fiercely as the giant took a step forward. The forward charge of the bandits immediately turned into a full speed retreat, while I was still standing dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like

Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 9: Talk no Jutsu

Author’s note: Hello, it’s been a while. Sorry, I’ve had a case of the “real life” for a while, but I managed to keep up with the chapters. I released 3 now, and another will come THIS Saturday. On a side note, upload days have now been changed to Saturdays. Without further ado, here’s the

Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 6: Making the Plan

I stare at Rei with a stunned expression. Her words came as a complete surprise to me. I guess everyone has their own baggage to carry, huh? Rei looks at me with a longing expression “Well, can you?” she asked. Still taken aback by her previous statement, I panic and give a flustered answer. “Uhh,

Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 5: Déjà Vu

“SCREW YOU ASSHOLE! REEEEEEEEE!!!!!” I curse at the sky in hopes that god is listening, but to no avail. Woah, déjà vu…I’ve just been in this place before. Missing my chance to roast the ever living hell out of god pissed me off more than a Hanzo main. I sat up and looked in my

Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 4: Back to Square One

“Oh, look who’s back already?” I sit in a familiar white room in front of a familiar assface. Realizing what had just transpired, I fail to give an answer to god. I just died again didn’t I? Shit… I put on a weird, distorted expression filled with frustration, as if I’m struggling to turn super