Here is the link to the Patreon Site.


There will not be any paywalls for the current series. In short, it means that there will not be any early access, unedited chapters of Smartphone, Shinka, Motoyuusha etc. available for cherished donors who donate to us. You are just throwing money at us instead of gacha-ing at FGO or GBF.

We are still looking for ways to reward you, cherished donors. Let us know if you have any ideas. However, we are fan site catered towards fans. Most of us are working/studying and we intend to keep this as a hobby.

Some part of the money will be given to the admins and for the maintenance of the site. The rest will be given to the different translation team.

We have a huge team. We have about 30 members in RTD. Smartphone team has 4 – 5 members and your money will be split up evenly to each smartphone member. While the initial amount we get may be large, once I give out to all deserving members, it will be diluted tremendously.

If you visit our Patreon, you will notice that there are many tabs as shown below.

Example of Patreon

So, if you were to donate to Shinka, the money will be going to the Shinka team only. Likewise for other series.

If there are any enquiries, please do not hesitate to look for Fairy at Discord.