Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 11: You Guys Are So Screwed Now

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My face was inches from the ground. The activation of the Stone of Ages could not have been closer than this. My near death experience was still weighing on my mind, but I knew that there was no time to waste. The time freeze would only last a short while so I had to make this quick. I focused all my mental power into willing the Stone of Matter to decelerate my fall, hoping to god that this would be enough to avoid a broken neck.

Roughly 5 seconds passed and, to my surprise, the time freeze still hasn’t worn off yet.

That’s weird, I don’t remember the Stone of Ages being this powe-

The time freeze wore off during my thought, and I began to fall again. Luckily, my efforts weren’t in vain, as the Stone of Matter did in fact activate, and I avoided injury.

Usage quota reached. Stone of Matter output capacity has increased to level 3.

Hell yeah! Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about!

Usage quota reached. Stone of Energy output capacity has increased to level 2.

Wait, dafuq? I didn’t use that. Why did it level up?

Two mysteries regarding the Finite Glove popped up consecutively, but I had no time to think about either one of them. I stood up and focused my attention to the situation at hand. Chaos still surrounded me, as the giant looked like he was at his limit. He was kneeling on one knee, panting heavily. His wounds were even worse than before and I thought he was going to pass out. The bandits reluctantly moved in on the weakened giant.

Thanks for the distraction, bro. I finally got my glove back.

I started to sneak away. I felt bad for leaving my saviour behind, but at the moment, my glove is still too weak to do anything against this many opponents. Running was my only hope for survival.


The giant’s vigor suddenly returned. Again, the bandits’ forward momentum had been reversed, and now they are back on the defensive. It seems he’s going for one last push before he bites the dust.


The giant’s movements became unorthodox, as he rampaged around the area, knocking down the buildings and chucking debris everywhere. Bandits were crushed by the flying debris, causing the survivors to completely lose hope and flee. The damage was indiscriminate, so many flying pieces almost crushed me as well.

“Woah dude, what the fuck? I thought you were on my side?!” I screamed.

The giant was too hysterical to hear what I had to say, and kept on rampaging. Some bandits were still trying to fire arrows at the giant while retreating, but to no avail. The retreating ones soon caught up to and passed me, pushing me down and trampling over me. I face planted onto the muddy ground as they left me in the dust.

I slowly got up, salt building up within me. Bandits continued to pass me one by one while debris still rained from the sky. I turned towards the fleeing bandits and yelled.


As I was raising my gauntlet to pound the ever living crap out of them, a stray arrow from one of the bandits still fighting shot me in my glove arm. The arrow was lodged in my forearm, so I could no longer close my fist.


The pain was just as bad as the first time I was shot. It was so bad that even if I could close my fist, I wouldn’t have been able to focus enough to use the glove.


My perception slowed as I watched the numerous bandits in slow motion fleeing from the scene, discerning every bit of terror on their faces. That along with the raining debris made the scene look like a warzone. The giant was still behind me lashing out in anger and pain that most likely far surpassed my own.

I have to get away…I have to survive…

I slowly stumbled away while clutching my bleeding forearm. By some miracle, none of the flying debris hit me as I staggered away from the disaster area. The giant eventually calmed down and the debris stopped flying. I had no idea how much time passed since then, but it was enough time for all the bandits to either flee or die.

The moon was high up in the sky, illuminating the carnage before me. Wrecked buildings and corpses were all I could see around me. I felt lightheaded and it was getting hard for me to continue walking, most likely due to blood loss. Eventually, I collapsed right where I stood, taking slow, shallow breaths.

My glove..I finally got my glove back…my precious glove…

I clutched my gauntlet arm close to my chest as I curled up in fetal position. Today was long, hard, and painful, but I thought it would all be worth it in the end if I could live my power fantasy. Instead, all this grief was for naught.

“*Sniff, Rei…giant bandit…where are you? I need help”, I whispered while crying.

Not a single soul was around to hear my pathetic cries.

“Someone…please…save me…”

I feel my consciousness drifting. My eyes were heavy.

I passed out on the cold hard ground and the world fades.


Editor: Doge-kun

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