Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 6: Making the Plan

I stare at Rei with a stunned expression. Her words came as a complete surprise to me.

I guess everyone has their own baggage to carry, huh?

Rei looks at me with a longing expression

“Well, can you?” she asked.

Still taken aback by her previous statement, I panic and give a flustered answer.

“Uhh, oh, right, y-yeah, I can do that, sure!”

It wasn’t a complete lie. The Stone of Spirits could probably bring back the dead if I leveled it up high enough…I hope.

“Okay, then…I guess I’ll help”, said Rei.

“T-thanks”, I replied.

I sigh a breath of relief. While I was glad things turned out the way they did, I couldn’t believe how easily she believed me. I figured she was either really trusting, or really stupid.

Well she did explain what <Heal> does, so…

We walk towards the carriage she was guarding when the bandits attacked. The scene was like a battlefield. Her allies were butchered, and the 2 bandits even more so.

So that guy who shot me ran and left his friends for dead, huh?

I stare at the grotesque scene before me.

“Holy crap, did you do this Rei?” I asked nervously.

“Of course. They were threatening my life, so killing them was a necessary action to take”, she replied.


I guess this means killing out of self defense is the norm here, even for someone as kind and gentle (and stupid) as Rei.

We got on the carriage and started riding towards the city, leaving behind the carcasses. The trip to the city was long, tedious, and awkward. Due to the heavy subject matter she brought up beforehand, we didn’t say a word to each other. I thought about asking her about who she wanted to bring back, but I knew it was a touchy subject, so I decided against it. After what felt like an eternity, Rei decided to speak up.

“Just so you know, I didn’t agree to this because I trust you. I agreed because I’m desperate too.”

“I…I understand.”

I didn’t know how I should respond, so that was all I could muster up.

Of course she wouldn’t trust me…I look sketchy as fuck.

Rei’s cheeks flush red and she became flustered.

“B-b-but it’s not like I think you’re lying or anything! Y-you seem like a very nice person, haha…” she said while panicking.

“T-thanks…but I do have one question”, I replied.

“What is it?”

“I can’t imagine that you believed what I said solely because of your current situation. What else about me made you think I was trustworthy?”

It was a reasonable question. No matter how desperate she was, it’s unlikely that she’d believe in a complete stranger who says they could bring back the dead.

It’s possible she assumed the validity of my claim based on my previous situation. Someone as weak as me shouldn’t have been able to survive in this forest on my own, let alone fight off 3 bandits. If an artifact could keep me alive in that situation, then raising the dead (reference intended) wouldn’t be too far-fetched. However, Rei giggled a little and gave a straightforward response that caught me completely off guard.

“It’s because you seemed very determined.”


How the hell did I look determined? I acted like a pussy ass bitch when begging for help.

Her response baffled me, so I let her continue her explanation.

“You just came back from a near death experience, and now you’re willing to confront the people responsible. If you’re willing to go that far, then it must mean a lot to you. What would you call that other than determination?”

“Desperation?” I replied.

“Hehe, I suppose”, she said while giggling.

So that’s how she sees the situation.

It seems she thinks we’d be facing the danger together, but I was counting on her to be my ADC through this ordeal.

Seriously, her naivety, or should I say stupidity, knows no bounds…Oh well, hopefully this doesn’t bite me in the butt later.

“Still, it’s very admirable of you to do something like that. I could never be so persevering”, said Rei.

“Come on, don’t say that. You’ve been surviving in this dangerous environment for far longer than I have. That’s not something many people can do”, I replied reassuringly.

I didn’t know anything about her past, but I tried to cheer her up anyways. I gotta get on her good side, after all. And besides, what I said technically was true.

“Hehe, thanks”, she said while smiling.

The mood seemed to have lightened up after that conversation, as Rei and I casually banter amongst ourselves. Seeing the way she laughed combined with the way she spoke made my heart skip a beat. I almost feel bad about pushing my responsibilities on her. Her charm washed away all the salt in my system in an instant. It was like the meeting with god never even happened. She was the ideal woman, except her boobs were on the small side. But as soothing as her presence was, sitting next to a girl still made me very nervous.

Calm down boner, I refuse to stick my dick in stupid.

We finally arrived in the city of Geto Cona around midday. The view wasn’t anything spectacular. It’s what I imagined it would look like for a city in an isekai. Cobblestone pavement, wooden buildings, a bunch of vendors on the street, same old same old.

I was getting bored with our trip through the city when suddenly we come across a statue of a swole man with a unicorn head, angel wings, and a merman’s tail. It was the most bizarre sight I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen Boku no Pico with no subs.

“Dafuq is that?” I exclaimed.

“You haven’t heard of the religion of Georgianity? It’s a pretty widespread religion, I’m surprised you don’t know”, replied Rei.

“Their deity looks like a furry’s wet dream.”

I realize she won’t understand this, but I say it anyways.

“This statue wasn’t here the last time I came. I wonder why they decided to build one?” said Rei.

“Probably to foreshadow the plot of the next arc”, I replied.

We traveled along the cobblestone road to a nearby inn. I didn’t have any money, so Rei reluctantly paid for my rent. After we parked our carriage and settled into our rooms, we met up in the inn’s lobby to discuss our future plans.

“So, any idea where the bandits went off to?”

Rei pulls out a map of the area from her bag. She laid it out on the table in front of us and circled a part of the map with her finger.

“The place we were attacked was around here, and the direction they ran off to was this way”, said Rei.

She drew a line east of the circle.

“There aren’t any municipalities near that area except for Geto Cona, so they must have met up in the outskirts of the city to resupply”, she continued.

She looped their trail back towards the city and circled the outskirts.

“If we look around the city, we should be able to find them sooner or later.”

“But the city is huge, how will we track down their group in such a large area?” I inquired.

Rei pulls out a pendant from her bag. It has an image of what seems to be of a frog.

Is that Pepe? What’s he doing in this world?

“I found this on the bodies of the 2 bandits I killed. It seems they were part of an organized group of people”, said Rei.

Shit, I’m in deep trouble now.

If their group is that powerful, there’s almost no way we could steal the glove back with just the 2 of us.

“We’ll ask an info broker more about their group. Then we’ll execute our attack tonight.”

Rei sounds extremely confident in her plan. She either has exceptional abilities, or she’s underestimating our opponent.

“Are you sure we can pull this off?” I said nervously.

“Don’t worry, I’ve dealt with people like them before”, she replied.

I didn’t have any reason to doubt her skill, so I just sigh.

Tonight, we take back the Finite Glove.


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