New Series Recommendation for our Jobless Smartphone Team

Hi all, We need a new series for our jobless Smartphone team. NOW IT IS YOUR CHANCE TO RECOMMEND US THE STORY YOU WANT US TO TRANSLATE! Rules: Join our discord at Kindly ask our mods the series you wish to recommend to RTD It must be of the format.- Link – Why should we

Stopping of Smartphone Translations

TLDR: We are stopping the translations of Smartphone The people in RTD has always love the Japanese Culture. So we translate these novels to the public so that you readers are able to enjoy them. We feel encouraged when the series become more and more popular. So right now, Smartphone has reached a point where

What Side Didn’t Know – C7. The power of saliva water

“So…  This one… is a ‘power source,’”  I point to another one, “and this one transmits power and can split or route it to other runes…”  The runes themselves were somewhat complicated looking, but their function seemed functionally straight forward.  Over the course of the last… however long it has been… I had a come

Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 2: I F*cked Up

Author’s Note: so I did some reading and it turns out that the mention of character names and brands is fine under US copyright law, so you won’t be getting anymore of th*s sh*t. Anyways, enjoy the chapter! Admin Note: Title is censored only because it’s on the front page.  Sorry.  You may remove this

What Side Didn’t Know – C6. The power of magic runes

Mika seemed in thought while we walked on the way to… her room did she say?  So I didn’t bother with questions or conversation. Instead, I walked quietly and looked around at my surroundings.  Large trees. Fit people. Same outfits. It was odd to me, like this was someone’s contorted idea of perfection? The entire

What Side Didn’t Know – C5. To be insulted

I’m pretty sure I started to sweat.  You don’t think about those thing when they happen though, you just feel the tension in the air, and the racing incoherent thoughts, with the one saying ‘outrage’ quite loud among them, still hardly recognizable among the other thoughts.  “So, uh, uh, what is an offering? And what