Ascension – 8 Chapter 4: Slumbering Ancients 1

Chapter 4: Slumbering Ancients   Snap!   Snap!   Snap!   The sounds of bones snapping and cracking grew louder and more frequent. Whatever it was that’s hiding in the shadows, it was definitely getting closer.   The pure terror and horror of the unknown that I was experiencing, I thought it couldn’t get any

Takami no Kago ch.97

Sorry for the long wait, here is your new chapter of TnK. Wow, we’re almost reaching chapter 100. Anyway, enjoy~ Translator: Raizu TLC/Editor: Darknari

I Have Unlimited Wives Slots – Chapter 6

Author’s Note:  I SWEAR I’M NOT DEAD GUYS. After spending a small amount of time at the bar, their hangover’s miraculously disappeared. It seems the water that the bartender had given them was effective. Perhaps, it was too effective to be simply water. “I’ll go home alone first”, Mimi said to Taki. “Are you sure? Shouldn’t

The Search for Knowledge – Chapter 5

To Rox, it appeared as if the men were moving in slow motion. More than likely, he did not even need to intervene to protect the girls. However, it was his watch, so he figured he may as well take care of it and let them get their beauty sleep. He stepped in, towards the

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C13. A Farewell to Friends

My answer came from an unlikely place.   “Mika Food is a very sad food.  She broke. She needs to put down her roots, lift up her leaves, and let the light heal her.”   I… don’t think I’ve ever heard something quite so profound from this dryad’s mouth.  While I choose an appropriate response,

What Side Didn’t Know – A4,C12. Subjugated

The Arbitrator gestures for Dubhe to come forward, and explains the situation.  “Regardless of what I’ve said, you first have a prior engagement to fulfill, as dictated by Gaia.  To that end, Dubhe will be taking you to the bearfolk’s Central Library. On this trip, you’ll need to learn about their culture.”  The Arbitrator pauses