My attack stat… – V5 Chap 141 – Betrayal

“You are human, right? To make mistakes and reflect on them is normal.” A sudden voice called out to me from my memories. A gentle singing voice seemed to cut through the fear that had instilled in my heart. A feeling of warmth and calm permeated throughout as another scene flashed in my mind. There

OreMegane – Chapter 41

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy~ Chapter 41. Megane-kun, Going to the Mountain to Check After parting with the coachman uncle, I returned to the inn…dorm? they allocated to us, only to find two girls frolicing around in front of the building, one has blonde hair the other white. They are Cherry and Florentine. Apparently, they’re playing

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 140 – A Dream of a Life Once Lost

“WAKE UP! ENEMY ATTACK!!!” My mind jolted awake as I subconsciously reached for the sword next to my bed. They really weren’t going to give me any rest, were they? Leaping out of bed and sprinting out of my tent, I joined various others who were gathering to repel the sudden assault on our location.

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 139 – A Fateful Reunion

Seconds turned to a minute as Eryn’s form started to weigh down my arm. A knight in armor wasn’t exactly the lightest thing to support one-handed! Especially, if I had to fight off the surrounding crowd of people with the other one. “Hey! Mind letting go? You aren’t making this easy, you know?” When she

OreMegane – Chapter 40

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy~ Chapter 40. Megane-kun, Looking Around the Assassins’ Village The house we are led and loaned to is a bit bigger than the other houses in the vicinity. It’s a two-stories house, it looks like a cheap lodging from the outside. It makes you feel that it’s just a place for nothing

A Tail’s Misfortune — V4 – Chapter Sixteen: The Grand Secret

Note:  More family stuff; keep updated on the Patreon, but things should be easing now that my grandmother is in the care center.  We had less than 4 days to get EVERYTHING set up, including paperwork on multiple facilities, getting new items for her room, bringing things she needs from her home, making sure the

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 138 – The Cavalry Has Arrived!

The return to Sistina had been an uneventful ride. Most of us kept ourselves occupied to avoid dwelling on what we would be encountering upon arrival. In one corner of the cart, Katsys had been ignoring me, likely unsure about how to act after the kiss planted on me. She focused on adjusting her tools

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 137 – Barrier Defense (2)

King Oswald watched as the other side started to make their escape. He was in a precarious position. He had lost nearly a quarter of his army, while the other side had merely suffered some injuries. If he retreated now, his efforts would have been for naught. If he pressed on, he would likely lose

OreMegane – Chapter 39

Mabbo, Fairy, Schwarz, Enjoy~ Chapter 39. Megane-kun, Arriving to the Assassination Training School The last stretch of the trip went smoothly, and by the time the sun is set, the carriage is stopped as scheduled. 「We’re here. Get off.」 Following the old coachman’s words, we get off the carriage and then—We’re struck dumbfounded. —What we

My attack stat… – V5 Chap 136 – Barrier Defense (1)

Though they had started off strong, the vanguard of Eryn’s forces, the Valkyrie’s magic knights, were merely 20 people. Despite easily taking down over 100 of the King’s fighters, that was just a sliver of the forces staring down at them. Especially since they were inexperienced and young, it was difficult for them to continue