My attack stat… – V11 Chap 335 – This World (1)

God built the world in seven days. But how long did it take for it to be destroyed? The answer was, “Not very long at all.” By the time word spread to the rest of the otherworlders and they returned, everyone was staring up at a planet that was no longer blue. Thick blankets of

My attack stat… – V11 Chap 334 – The Architect

‘Architect Claude.’ It did not take long for people to start calling him that. Sistina could clearly see it from his actions. He was a thinker and a planner. Hearing of the troubles of this world’s people, Claude went right to work addressing them. Unlike her, he seemed willing to do anything. When given the

My attack stat… – V11 Chap 333 – To Find One’s Purpose

The young lady named Sistina fidgeted listlessly as she sat upon a fancy throne. It had been crafted solely for her purpose. And as the magicians lined up before her, she felt all the more uncertain. She was never the type of person that craved attention, so such a scene only served to make her

My attack stat… – V11 Chap 332 – The Origin Goddess

When I opened my eyes next, a dull haze surrounded me. I turned my head to grasp my surroundings, but nothing was recognizable. Like a dreamscape that I saw in the company of Lady Kaguya, it felt like another out-of-body experience. I recalled being in the fake city built for me and taking the first

My attack stat… – V11 Chap 331 – Stay or Go

A rush of memories flooded me as I saw what I had done previously. Every one of my friends, slain by my own hand. Or rather, it was the God of Critical controlling me. The ‘Claude’ that I came face to face with at certain times. He had been helping me all along to fulfill

My attack stat… – V11 Chap 330 – I Will Chase After You

“That lecture is soooo boring!” I cried out as Katalina and I walked away from the classroom, after making sure that the professor was out of earshot. “I could tell. I lost count of how many times I had to poke you.” The smile of the ever-studious girl held a hint of annoyance, but in

My attack stat… – V11 Chap 329 – A Lazy Sunday

I rolled around, the sun’s glare invading the darkness I was in. My eyes popped open to see an empty bed. It felt late, but then, I remembered that it was Sunday. “Ah… Katalina has her lab studies today.” Ever the aspiring genius, she had secured an opportunity in a research lab early on. Simply

My attack stat… – V11 Chap 328 – A Certain Time Once Again (2)

“Welcome to ‘World Fusion’- Oh, it’s just you, Claude.” A waitress smiled as she saw Katalina and I enter the restaurant. She pointed to the kitchen where my father was usually at. Opening the swinging door to it, the sounds of activity buzzed throughout. Knives chopping, ingredients mixing, and the hissing and bubbling of heated

My attack stat… – V10 Chap 326 – Cycle Re:Start

“Thanks to you, for bringing it all together for me…” That was the voice that echoed in my head as my vision faded to black. It was at that moment that I knew that our lives had been a lie. Crafted by the Gods to do their bidding, we were their ‘Apostles’. A face exactly