Reincarnated With (In)Finite Power Chapter 10: Comeback

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The ground shook fiercely as the giant took a step forward. The forward charge of the bandits immediately turned into a full speed retreat, while I was still standing dumbfounded. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was like something straight outta Attack on Titan. The sudden development was so jarring compared to the previous circumstances that I subconsciously filled in the details with my own assumptions.

Waitwaitwaitwaitwait…calm down…this is fine…it must be perfectly normal for someone to just grow to 10 meters in this world…and not rip their clothes…

I make excuses in my head as I try to comprehend the sheer absurdity of the situation. This was the first supernatural event I’ve seen from this world, considering the fact that my glove was from god, and I didn’t get to see the <Heal>. It was so overwhelming I almost passed out on the spot, but a sudden tightness around my torso brought back my alertness.

“This is my apology. Use it to get out of her as quickly as possible”, said a loud booming voice.

I look down at my torso and see a large hand wrapped around it. The grip hurt like hell, but it was tight enough to lift me. The giant dropped me at the edge of the ASS hole, and I landed awkwardly, then stumbled forward to keep my balance. The giant emerged from the pit, then slowly sped up his pace to chase after the fleeing bandits.

A few seconds passed as I began to process everything that just occured. Eventually, I snapped out of my trance and remembered the purpose of my infiltration in the first place.

Right…gotta get back the glove.

In the distance I see the giant chasing the bandits.

They must know where my glove is…

My mind was now completely focused on getting my glove back. I’ve gone through too much shit today to deal with any other distractions. I’m dead serious now.


I hear a muffled noise coming from my left. I turn and see Rei on the floor. This time, her legs were tied up as well, and she was gagged. It seems that her early outburst forced the bandits to restrain her further, and after the giant incident, they just left her here.

I hesitate for a moment. Rei was the only person who helped me since I got here. I couldn’t just leave her here alone. But on the other hand…my glove.

“Sorry, but the glove comes first”, I said to Rei.


Rei cried out in desperation but I ignored her. I felt bad for leaving her there, but I would feel worse if I never got my glove back. I turned my back to Rei and sprinted in the opposite direction, towards the fleeing bandits.




I ran for a few minutes then stopped to catch my breath. They made quite some distance, so catching up was very difficult for me. I looked forward and noticed that the giant has stopped in his tracks. The bandits were finally fighting back, firing ballista arrows and hurling boulders at the giant. Archers were standing on the buildings also firing their arrows hoping to drive back the giant. Corpses were scattered beneath the feet of the giant, horribly mutilated from being stepped on. I try my hardest not to vomit and walk down the path of destruction the giant left in his wake.


A command was issued by the boss man, who was safe behind the front lines.

“What do you think you’re doing?! I thought we were comrades!” shouted one bandit standing on the rooftop.

The giant turned towards the voice and swatted his hand towards that general direction. The bandit standing on the rooftop was sent flying, probably dead by the time he lands.

“I’VE NEVER ONCE CONSIDERED ANY ONE OF YOU MY FRIENDS!” shouted the giant in a loud booming voice.

The morale of the bandits were at an all time low as they dealt with the impossible enemy. I was able to to walk around the carnage and make my way to the back in the midst of all this chaos.

Glove…glove…gotta get my glove…where’s my glove…

The giant was bleeding from many open wounds caused by the bandits’ continuous assault. He stumbled around, but managed to stand his ground. His movements were sluggish, but he still managed to deal massive damage to the bandits. Their ballistas were crushed and the buildings knocked down. It was like I was standing in the middle of a natural disaster.

The boss man cowered in fear as he realized the severity of his situation. He turned around and ran as fast as he could, leaving behind is men.

Jeez, what a coward…although I’m one to talk.

The rubble from the destruction rained from the sky as I clumsily avoided the danger.

I had neither the time nor the energy to fear my current situation, so I powered through the disaster as I continued on with my ad libbed plan. I grabbed a knife from one of the corpses on the floor and approached their fleeing leader.

“Hey, asshole. If you value your life, tell me where you keep your stolen goods right now”, I said menacingly.

The boss man was unarmed. It seems he threw away everything he was carrying in order to run faster. Our meeting was probably the worst thing that could’ve happened to him in this situation.

“Are you crazy?! That THING is gonna kill us all! How could you think of money at a time like this?!” exclaimed the boss man.

I take a step closer to him while brandishing the knife.

“I’m not looking for the money. Your men stole something very important to me, and I want it back”, I replied with irritation in my voice.

The boss man was sweating bullets. In any other situation he would’ve just brushed me aside, considering he’s a lot bigger than I am. But his mind was in a mess. The threat of death from in front and behind was too much for him to handle, not to mention the loss of his wealth and subordinates.

“I-I’ll give you as much as you want as an apology, please just let me-”

“Look. I died twice, had my stuff stolen, and was forced to fight in a deathmatch all in one day. I don’t want any of your bullshit, you got that? Just give me back what your men stole, and we can move on.”

“I know, but-”


“T-The stolen goods are on the second floor of the pub, first door on your right! Take whatever you want, just let me go!”

I immediately start dashing towards the pub the bandits were celebrating in. It wasn’t like me to be this forceful, but drastic times call for drastic measures, I guess.

The pub wasn’t too far from where the interrogation happened, so I made it there quite quickly. There’s the chance that the boss man lied, but with his lack of finesse, I highly doubt that. I followed his instructions and made it to the second floor. The room was filled with tons of chests filled to the brim with various coins, jewels, and other expensive looking metals. There was also a giant golden statue of that weird horse merman thing, for whatever reason. I sifted through the chests one by one, looking for my glove. I found well crafted vases, paintings, weapons, and even some books on what I assumed was magic, but my glove was nowhere to be found.

‘FUCK, that asshole better not be lying to me!” I cursed.

I continued to search with all my energy. Eventually the room was completely disorganized, and the valuables were scattered everywhere. I sit down and sulk in frustration.

Dammit…what am I supposed to do now?

I thought if I got my glove back, I could escape, but now I’ve completely run out of options. With the situation outside, death could strike at any moment, and here I am without a single clue as to what I should be doing.

Is this my punishment? Because I didn’t appreciate what I had until it was gone? *sigh

As I was sulking, the sound of wood cracking and the building shaking drew my attention back to the present. The sound was loud enough to make my ears ring. I looked up to see that the roof of the pub had been completely torn off, and before my very eyes was the giant, covered in lacerations, bruises, and stab wounds. The efforts of the bandits did quite a number on him. Terror returned to my mind as I froze in place, not knowing what to do.

“KEEP ‘EM COMIN’! HE’LL FALL EVENTUALLY!” shouted one of the bandits.

The boss man was nowhere to be seen, leaving only the competent bandits to take charge.

The giant staggered from blood loss while their siege continued. The ground shook with his every step, and that made it difficult for me to keep my footing. He put his hand on the pub for balance, which shook the building even more fiercely. The ground of the second floor tilted as I slid to the edge of the building, about to fall off. The chests tumbled to the ground one by one while I hung on to the edge for dear life. Already, my grip was about to give out, and the fall was definitely high enough for me to break something important. My mind was in a frenzy due to the sudden escalation of danger, but one sight managed to bring me back from the brink of confusion and despair: my Finite Glove hanging from the edge of an inconspicuous wooden crate a few inches from me.


The crate was too insignificant, so I missed it when I was searching. I was ecstatic to see my cheat item after so long without it, but I acted too rashly. I reached out for my glove as I was hanging onto the edge, which made me lose my grip right as I touched my glove for the first time in a while. My glove and I fell to the ground. In hindsight, the fall was probably less than a two seconds, but it felt like an eternity in the moment. I barely managed to put my glove on before I hit the ground. There was no time to think about what to do, so I just did whatever came to mind first.


Time freezes.

Usage quota reached. Stone of Ages output capacity has increased to level 2.


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