Shinka no Mi – Chapter 64

Chapter 64 – Departure

Because we had to meet the Guest of Honour staying in the castle, Barna-san, in order for our immediate departure, we had moved to entrance to the castle.

Because all our baggage can be placed into my item box, there was no need to even think about them.

From what I heard about getting to the academy, if it was Barna-san himself then he could just use teleportation magic, but as expected, since we’re going as well, it would cause the magic used to take quite a toll on him, so instead we were taking the carriage that periodically leaves the capital that head towards Barbador Academy

……It’s too late to mention it at this point but、Rurune whom we bought to pull the carriage、has now ended up riding it instead……。

While I was feeling slightly dizzy from thinking about that, a voice suddenly called out from behind

「Take care、Seiichi」

Shockingly, when I turned around, I found Ranze-san standing there with a smile on his face.

It wasn’t just him. Alongside were the many people who had gathered at the gate to see us off.

「Seiichi-kun。About the magic that you taught me、I’ll work hard to practise it alright? That’s why、you have to work hard too」

「Shishou。I、take pride in the fact that you are my Shishou。Later, when you return, I ask that you continue to instruct me again.」

「Hahaha。If it’s Seiichi-kun、then he’ll probably be fine」

「Ku-chan! It’s bad to say things like that so non-commitally! Well, enough about that, after this, let’s go shopping! Ah、Seiichi-san and the others、goodbye!」

「……Lorna。Aren’t you the most non-commital one here?」

Starting from the King Ranze-san, to Florio-san and Louise who lead everyone in the 【Sword Saints of the Holy Maiden – Valkyrie】, including Lorna-san and Claudia-san.

「Seiichi-kun! From now on、no matter what hardships you face、you must not betray your muscles! Let your muscles grow to your heart’s content! I will look forward to seeing your growth the next time we meet!」

「Everyone、please take care。We’ll be alright。Even if we face hardships、it’s only a matter of turning it into something happy after all。Well then、everyone! Let us open a door to something new!」

The Guild Master Gassur and Eris-san also came from the guild. Walter-san also said he wanted to see us off, but unfortunately is currently occupied thanks to the country’s soldier.

「Seiichi-san。I’ll leave Altria-chan to you, alright? Milk-chan too、I’ll be looking forward to the next time we meet」

「Saria-chaaaaaan! I’m going to miserable with you gone、but your cuteness cannot be allowed to end here! Go out, and let the world know what you’re an angel!」

Beside them, there was also Adriana-san who I owe for helping me pass the entrance test to the adventurer’s guild, and the orphanage’s director Claire-san

「Thank you, for being a regular customer of our inn up till now。Everyone、be careful as you leave」

「Be careful of getting injured or catching a cold okay? Your health is the most important thing after all」

「In the end, I wasn’t able to hear anything about their love lives……But this isn’t the last time we meet, so next time, make sure to properly tell me!」

They were, Fina, Lyle and Mary, who were the owners of the inn we lodged at , the ≪Tree of Tranquillity≫

「……Seiichi-san。Take care。You’re welcome visit to my store at any time」

That was Noado-san from the cafe Akkoriente, who had listened to my trouble about my relationship with Al.

「Somehow……I have this really deep feeling 。You guys have already grown to become a common sight in this town, so seeing you move away suddenly, really makes me sad。Well……be careful out there。And remember that we’ll always waiting for your return」

And then, the first friend we made when we arrived, Claude

All them, came here in order to see us off

「Everyone……Thank you!」

I felt so moved and so thankful to them, to the extent that I couldn’t say anything else.

The fact that Earth’s Japan is my birthplace will never change.

It was monochrome world in my eyes, and a place where the days simply passed me by.

But how was the time I spent in this town?

This town, where I first visited when I came this to world knowing nothing.

Meeting various people, experiencing all sorts of things …… The days I spent in this world, in my eyes, were filled with striking colours, things that would have been impossible on Earth.

I learnt that this world, could be so full of colour, and overflowing with emotions.

This town, is the place that is the most precious to me, to the point where even my hometown could never even compare.

From the bottom of my heart, I was glad that this town was the first that I visited after leaving the【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】

Even though we felt reluctant to do so, we couldn’t be like this forever, and so we got onto the carriage.

And so, the carriage slowly began to depart.

Spontaneously, I leaned out of the carriage window, waving my hands as I shouted.

「Everyone、Thank you! And――――We’re going now!」

『Have a good trip!』

「See yaー!」

「Take care!」

「Let us swear that we will once again have a meal here!」

Not just me, but even Saria and the others also leaned out of the carriage, and waved their hands back at everyone.

I had realised that it was a good thing that coincidentally only Barna-san and us were on the carriage, as normally we would be totally bothering the other passengers, but right now we didn’t care about such small things, as we continued waving our hands until we could no longer see them.

「Ranze-san’ town、is a good town.」

Said Barna-san, with a smile on his face as he looked at us from within the same carriage, right after we lost sight of everyone.

「Are you lonely?」

To Barna-san, who asked that in a gentle tone, I replied.

「Of course、I do feel very lonely。Because it was a kind and cosy town, which had warmly welcomed even someone like me――――but、this isn’t our final farewell 。I guess I want to meet them again when I’m grown up and healthy  。That’s why, I have to shape up before I reunite with them」

As I grinned wryly、Barna-san simply answered「That’s right」、in his gentle voice。

「……Now、in that case Seiichi-kun。I think that this would be a good opportunity to answer any queries you may have about the school.」

I corrected my sitting posture, before Barna-san began to talk.

「Speaking of which、I have yet to explain what exactly you should be doing.」

While it was true that Barna-san did ask me to go the academy as a teacher, he never did give an explanation as to what I was to do specifically.

「Umu。First off、Saria-kun、is going to be transferring in a as a student、so it’ll be fine to leave the small details to the school」


「Next, the adventurer……Altria-kun was it? For Altria-kun, I would like you to be a teacher in the academy like Seiichi-kun。But, rather than being a homeroom teacher、I’d like you to be in charge of a subject called【Adventuring Class】。Previously、there were other Adventurers who had took on the role, but being Adventurers, they were unable to remain in the academy for long……。So, I would like you to take charge in place of the Adventurers.」

「I see……I have a general idea of what you want me to do。So, what specifically am I to teach?」

「Nothing too complicated。Just the attitude an adventurer requires, some useful tips, and basic combat training.」

「I get it。……Well, I’ve never really taught people before, so I’m not sure how much I can do ……So I guess I’ll just keep going at it in my own way.」

「Umu。And as for Rurune-kun……Well、you may do as you please」

「Why!? Why is it that at moments like this, I’m always treated so poorly!?」

Hearing Barna-san words, Rurune immediately retorted.

Well, I definitely don’t mind letting her do whatever she wants……。

「If so、then how about attending as a student like Saria-kun?」

「Is there even any merit for me in choosing that?」

「Well as for merits……it would be things like eating as much of the school food as you want and ――――」

「I’ll enroll as a student」

「An immediate answer!?」

Rurune-san. Your obsession with food is almost to the point where it’s something to be respected. Amazing

Barna-san, after a quick cough, continued his explanation.

「Cough! ……Ehー、As for Olga-kun……I would like Olga-kun, to act as Seiichi-kun’s helper, and accompany him around.」

「……Nn。If it’s with Seiichi Onii-chan……Okay」

「I see。Well then……Last of it is to tell Seichii-kun of his role……」

In the middle of his speech、Barna-san expression turned sour。

「……But first、I would like to inform you of the current situation of the academy」

「Situation of the academy?」

「That’s right。Right now、at my『Barbador Magic Academy』、the Heroes summoned by the Kaizer Empire are present。Unlike me、as they were summoned to defeat the Demon King、their latent potential is absolutely monstrous。And so, as a result of study in the academy, a part of their latent potential has blossomed, allowing them to quickly gain power。As a result, they have started to look down on the other students, and a tendency to discriminate against others has been born.」

「My Academy boasts of its Neutrality、but being complete neutral is difficult、as punishing the Heroes may result in retaliation by the Kaizer Empire on the other students。Because of that reason, I am unable to speak strongly against the Heroes。It is truly pathetic ……」

「And now is the main problem at hand。As I mentioned beforehand, as the Heroes are right now, they account for the strongest members in my Academy。While there have been students that can stand up to the Heroes power since the start, their number is too overwhelming small。And so, Seiichi-kun, I would like to have you as the teacher in charge of a small class」

Eh, seriously? The I who was just a bully victim on Earth, suddenly becoming a teacher in charge?  …… No, I don’t really feel like I can do this though?

「H、Hold on a second! Even if you suddenly tell me to be a form teacher, I’ve never gotten used to teaching people before……」

「You’ll be fine。There will be a assistant teacher attached to you, and above all, you seemed to have managed to teach that Louise-kun and Florio-kun Magic and close-combat haven’t you。On further questioning, I’ve heard that you were able to use Magic that people have never had the aptitude to use …… You’ll be fine」

I can’t help but feel – ANXIOUS!

As my mouth was gaping as wide as a goldfish, Barna-san smiled as he said.

「Well、whatever happens, happens! Aim to defeat the Heroes!」

「Am I raising the Demon King or something!?」

Isn’t it bad to defeat them!? They’re Heroes you know!?

「Hohoho! There’s no use worrying about the details. Anyhow, I will be betting on Seiichi-kun’s strength」

I don’t really have any basis for doing so but, hearing what he said, somehow made me feel like I had to answer his call somehow……。

But at the end, Barna-san bluntly said something outrageous.

「Oh yes、speaking of which、while Seiichi-kun may be handling a small class、they’re kids who are treated like the『Dropouts』of the school。Good luck with that.」


I unconsciously reverted to an accent as I retorted.

I mean, isn’t it strange!? Normally, you’d pick the best students to oppose the Heroes right!? Why is it the reverse instead!?

In spite of my retort, Barna’s smile never left his face. ……. Does this guy really want an existence in order to stand up against the Heroes?

Well, I’m a person that’s so far down the bottom of the barrel that I couldn’t go any further down, so I’m not exactly one to talk.

Above all、If I used my skill『Instruct』、it’s possible that something might change。

Watching the overly relaxed Barna-san made me decide to stop thinking about troubling things like opposing the Heroes, and instead focus on strengthening the class that would be assigned to me.

While we were having the conversation, the carriage was suddenly jolted by something, and Barna-san unconsciously looked out of the window.

「……Some uninvited guests have shown up」

Not understanding the meaning behind his words, I asked him to repeat, only to have him reply with a sigh.

「There are some thieves lying the area around here、」

Hearing what Barna-san said, I activated my skill『World’s Eye』, and was shocked to find a bunch of red dots representing enemies appearing in my brain’s radar, maintaining a fixed distance from the carriage as they surrounded it.

And then, all at once the red dots rushed towards the carriage we were riding.

It was then that the driver noticed the existence of the thieves, as he pulled the carriage to a stop, urgently calling to us sitting inside.

「C、Clients! Thieves have appeared!」

「Wh、Wha should we do?」

「There is nothing we can do、other than to fight……」

Barna-san cut off mid-way as he was speaking, his eyes shot wide open, and a smile appearing on his face

「It seems that there is no need for us to act」

The moment I let out a dumb cry, not understanding the meaning behind his words, my brain’s radar registered a green dot representing an ally to me suddenly rushing to our carriage at a breakneck pace.

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