Shinka no Mi – Chapter 19

Imperial Capital Terviel

Imperial Capital Terviel

To the me who have forgotten the natural thing called a level up, I could not understand the meaning of the voice in my head for a little while.

Because it has been Evolution thus far, I have simply forgotten the concept of leveling up…

But, now that I heard the voice saying Level Up! in my head, I guess my level has increased?

Rather than that, I cannot help but feel that the words Level Up has a disturbing feel to it?

First of all. I called up my status hastily to confirm what has become of it.

<<Hiiragi Seiichi>>

Race: Human (Human)

Gender: Male (M)

Occupation: Unnamed Monster (Magic Swordsman)

Age: 17 (17)

Level: 2 (2)

Magic: 216,030 (21)

Attack: 218,090 (21)

Defense: 213,270 (21)

Agility: 220,270 (21)

Magic Attack: 215,580 (21)

Magic Defense: 216,680 (21)

Luck: 209,040 (20)

Charm: Doki doki heart breaking (20)


Fine quality Shirt. Fine quality trousers. Fine quality underclothes. Fine quality briefs. Chain of clever monkey. Dagger of the water spirits. Bracelets of night. Choker of Black King Stone. Necklace of the love without ends. Sword of swirling hatred. Sword of overflowing affection.

<<Unique Skills>>

Instant Memory. Perfect Memory. Instant learning. Instant recovery. Complete dismantling. Mind’s eye.


[Attack]  Kiashi(Leg Chop).  Shokiba(Twin Fang Attack).  Tsuoyshitsume(Metal claw).

[Resistance] Paralysis resistance. Sleep resistance. Confusion resistance. Charm resistance. Petrification resistance. Inhibition resistance. Poison resistance. Fatigue resistance.

[Movement] Setsuna.

[Special] Advanced appraisal. Super compounding. Tool making: Super first rate. Search. Disguise. Assimilation. Clairvoyance. Absorption. Compression.


Life magic. Water attribute magic: extreme. Dark attribute magic: extreme.


Gale. Flash. Clouds and fog.

<<Martial arts>>

Zefodo style of protection swordsmanship: Founder.


Foul smelling player. The man married to a gorilla. Apex of the top. Self-restraint less. Male king.



“I’m an idiot!”

I collapsed on the spot.

It’s useless…No self-restrain?

The level only went up by one, but 100,000 was added to the status? Nee, why?

Leaving that aside, I defeated a level 87 high slime, so why did my level only raise by 1.

Maa…if my level went up in an instant, I would suffer heavy mental damage now.

Un, I am strange, I am relieved that my level only went up by 1. Are? Why is there sweat coming from my eyes…

I’m…really human?  I’ll definitely not quit being human right?

“What is this, I’m…”

When I was quietly muttering so, Saria squats down next to me.

“Cheer up, Seiichi”


Perhaps Saria did not understand what had happened to have made me feel down, but I am happy she gave such gentle words. I love you very much.

I psyched myself up and stood up.

“There is nothing to be done to things that have already happened. Let’s pull ourselves together and depart!”


In response to Saria’s word, we continued advancing as it is.




5 days have passed since I defeated my first slime.

During these 5 days, I wasn’t attacked by thieves in particular and neither did the “Mufufu” development happen between me and Saria.

I was only forced to attack when a slime swooped down on us…maa, my level is also rising.

Oh, I came to understand that the main nourishment that the slimes eat is something called [Life of Slime].

Although there were many small events, but now the slimes at places where I had been attacked have all vanished. Eventually it’s the same thing in the end.

I threw the scattered drops into the item box.

After doing so, I muttered in a small voice.


The slime that appeared died instantly. It no longer works anymore.

A voice sounded in my head again while my eyes were gazing into the distance. Very unpleasant.

“Level has increased. Skill [Disguise] has reached maximum proficiency level. In effect, it has transformed to [True Disguise]. Skill [Search] effectiveness has increased from the radius of 10m to 500m.

“What am I supposed to do!?”

The level has risen! But, I defeated 107 slimes, including the one just now, in these past 5 days. But even so, my level have only just rose to 10 now.

Although the level of the slimes decreased as I gradually approached town, leveling is slow.

But to me, this is very much welcomed.

Why? If you would just look at my status, it’s a simple thing.

<<Hiiragi Seiichi>>

Race: Human(Human)

Gender: Male(Male)

Occupation: Unnamed Monster(Magic Swordsman)

Age: 17(17)

Level: 10(10)

Magic: 1,016,030(50)

Attack: 1,018,090(50)

Defense: 1,013,270(50)

Agility: 1,020,270(50)

Magic Attack: 1,015,580(50)

Magic Defense: 1,016,680(50)

Luck: 1,009,040(50)

Charm: Doki doki heart breaking(50)


Fine quality Shirt. Fine quality trousers. Fine quality underclothes. Fine quality briefs. Chain of clever monkey. Dagger of the water spirits. Bracelets of night. Choker of Black King Stone. Necklace of the love without ends. Sword of swirling hatred. Sword of overflowing affection.

<<Unique Skills>>

Instant Memory. Perfect Memory. Instant learning. Instant recovery. Complete dismantling. Mind’s eye.


[Attack]  Kiashi(Leg Chop).  Shokiba(Twin Fang Attack).  Tsuoyshitsume(Metal claw).

[Resistance] Paralysis resistance. Sleep resistance. Confusion resistance. Charm resistance. Petrification resistance. Inhibition resistance. Poison resistance. Fatigue resistance.

[Movement] Setsuna.

[Special] Advanced appraisal. Super compounding. Tool making: Super first rate. Search. Disguise. Assimilation. Clairvoyance. Absorption. Compression.


Life magic. Water attribute magic: extreme. Dark attribute magic: extreme.


Gale. Flash. Clouds and fog.

<<Martial arts>>

Zefodo style of protection swordsmanship: Founder.


Foul smelling player. The man married to a gorilla. Apex of the top. Self-restraint less. Male king.



“Mou, I don’t want this anymoreeeeee!”

Why?!All my status is beyond 1 million?! This is not the status of a level 10 is it?! Or rather, this is not a human’s status?!

I’m afraid if I’m really even a human anymore! Help!”

“What is this?! True Disguise? Explain!”

As I cried out, a semi-transparent board is suddenly displayed in front of me as if it had been prepared beforehand.

“Uo?!…What is this?”

Perplexed at the thing which appeared without warning, I read the content displayed.

[True Disguise]…One of the effect of [Disguise] Skill. Unlike the effect to disguise appearance so far, atmosphere can also be disguised. Numeric value displayed in the status can also be disguised, real ability can be disguised. It also becomes possible to control the strength. However, the disguise of appearance would be released.

“…What does this mean?”

Eh, what? In other words, not only can I disguise the status that other’s see, I can also disguise my atmosphere to that of a strong person like in the manga?

And, the control of strength…Slime, ZUPAN! Is it good with this? It did not vanish?



I unconsciously did a gut pose.

With this…with this! I do not have to deal with being treated like a monster by others!

From now on, I am a human being that is pleased to having my power suppressed! Normal thinking would want to wield this power at its fullest……

Un, when your status flew to such a great height, it’s just unpleasant.

“Wait, effect of [Search] skill…has also risen?”

I went from 10m to 500m instantly. Damn.

Well, search is different from offensive skills, I don’t have to be careful with using it. Moreover, search skill’s effectiveness rising is definitely a positive thing.

As I was alternating between joy and sorrow by myself, Saria came running up to me.

“Saria! I did it, I…can finally deceive others that I’m a human being!”

“?I don’t know what you mean…but good job!”

Saria answered me with a light smile, and my heart lightened.

However, although I can [Deceive] that I am human, I cannot [Show] that I am human.

But, this much is enough for me for now. Any more than this, I would take damage to my spirit

After getting excited with Saria over this and that, suddenly Saria stared at the top of my head with a face full of surprise.

“What is it?”

“Seiichi, headgear…”


I tilted my head in puzzlement at the word of Saria.

What’s wrong with my helmet?

Then, Saria told me of the current state of the helmet.

“Sh, it’s shining……”

“Eh, it shines…..wa?”

I return such words instinctively.

Iya…shining helmet? I don’t understand. What’s with this situation?

However, Saria is right now really looking at my helmet, surprised.

Only Saria was in the vicinity and I thought to take off my helmet so that I can take a look.


I’ll say the conclusion.

“It’s shining……!”

Eh, what is this?! What kind of situation is this?! This is incomprehensible?!

Moreover, it’s the kind of soft and gentle light which does no harm to the eyes whatsoever――――


“Eyes, my eyesssssssssssssssssss?!”

Saria and I covered our eyes and writhed in agony.

At that instant, I let go of the helmet and I fell off my hands onto the ground.

Oi, don’t release strong light at the moment I’m feeling relieved!

Before that, it might have damaged the eyes?! This is the time of Evolution! Is it popular to be shining?!

Though we were unable to open our eyes for a while, as time passes, our visibility recovered.



While frowning from the pain that has yet to pass, a funny thing jumped into my sight.

“…What’s that?”

The thing that was in the field of vision was a strange robe.

Moreover, if I think well about it, the position of the robe is the position at where the helmet which fell out of my hands landed on.

I approached the robe and picked it up.

“… it’s a robe”

I picked up the robe which was completely black without a single hint of embroidery.

“Iyaiyaiyaiya, where did the helmet disappear to?”

While unfolding the robe and while looking for the helmet, something that seemed like white paper fell out from the robe.

“Seiichi, something fell?”

Saria picked up the fallen paper and passed it to me.

“What the heck is this?”

The opening the paper passed to me, written on the paper was content like a letter.

[Hi, I’m sheep-san]

“It’s you?!”

I retorted with all my strength to the letter.

“Oi, this letter is from the sheep?!”

I don’t understand, but I decided I shall continue reading for the time being.

[First, congratulation on the Level Up. You are steadily getting further and further away from being human.]

“Leave me alone!”

Wait, why do you know I Leveled up?!

[Now then, I think you are confused because the helmet shined suddenly. Therefore, please try to remember. I have explained that at some point the helmet would come off. The helmet has converted to the robe, and that is reality. In other words, this light emission shows that the helmet has [Evolve] into a new stage.]

“What is a new stage?!”

So the helmet evolved? I have no idea where am I retorting to!

[So, the conditions for the evolution of the helmet is that Seiichi have to raise his level and skill [Disguise] to a certain definite numerical value. When the level rose, I became aware that the effect of disguise have changed.]

I see…therefore, you know that I had Leveled Up.

[Because the disguise effect have changed, it is no longer necessary to cover Seiichi’s appearance with a helmet anymore as he can return to his original figure.]

“I think that’s not necessary in the first place.”

Half of the time the sheep is wasting time no? I’m tired of this.

[It is fine to return to the original form, but a problem would arise. Therefore, I have prepared a robe that would not particularly attract attention in this world. Also because a robe is the proof of a wizard, it is possible to receive favors from solider-sans.]

I see. If it’s fantasy then it’s a robe isn’t it…it’s certainly more credible then a helmet.

[It is possible to conceal the appearance, but the effect isn’t given to the robe in particular. As for that, I hope you can completely understand that.]

Oi. It’s not an evolution if no effects have been granted, it’s more of a degeneration. Maa, the robe is certainly more pleasant to the eyes…


“The condition is out of order, this sheep”

What did you say…I am being polite, baka.

Besides, there’s a gentle feeling. Why is that?

[Because half of the sheep is made of gentleness]

“Are?! This is a letter isn’t it?!”

A letter is retorting to what I am thinking of?! This is a surprise!

[Maa, there is many things which leads to many things but with the evolved robe, I pray for your safety By lovely Sheep.]

“It’s useless, I can’t follow…!”

What is lovely sheep? Disgusting!

“Nee, what’s the content about?”

Seeing me standing with goosebumps while reading the sheep’s letter, Saria ask in wonder.

“Well…something like, the helmet has evolved into a robe, work hard in various ways.”

“…what do you mean?”

Un, even I myself did not understand what I just said.

“Well anyway! Let’s set out for the city once more!”

I immediately donned the robe and put up the hood.

“Seiichi, cool!”

“Thank you!”

What’s with this? Before this, Saria always say that I’m cool no matter what I do. Though I would think Saria is cute no matter what she does too…..unless she changes to a gorilla while wearing clothes.

With such, we once again set out for the capital.



“It’s a town. A town is visible!”

After a day has passed since the helmet has changed into the robe, we had travelled to a position which is a distance away from where a big town is visible.

“So the knowledge of Zeanosu was correct after all?”

Honestly, I was suspicious about the knowledge acquired from Zeanosu. After all, it’s information dating 1,500 years back. It wouldn’t usually be reliable.

However, it seems to have ended as imaginary fears. We have safely arrived at this place where a town is visible.

“However…it’s amazing.”

“Hm? What is it?”

“Iya…I came here with the help of Zeanosu’s knowledge.”

“Un, come to think of it, it is so.”

“And it’s that…though the knowledge of Zeanosu is 1,500 years old, it’s great that a town still exist here in the same location…”

The town name might have changed or it might be the territory of other countries, but I’m impressed by the fact that people lives this way even now on the same lane.

“Is that so…Seiichi is a human. We demons particularly likes to live in comfortable and cozy places.”

Saria said so while smiling wryly.

“In truth they move around searching for feeding ground, struggling to stay or be chased away by monsters stronger, but I think it was good to have remained.”


“Certainly, there were many dangers, I have fought monsters many times, and also ran away too? But, other than that, living in that place was comfortable…”

As expected, that forest is a place of various memories for Saria.

“If so, is it really good? To be with me…”

To be leaving a place of comfort, would following me make her feel uneasy.

But Saria erased such a thought from my mind in an instant.

“Unn. Didn’t I tell you? My place is where Seiichi is! Besides, the reason why I stayed in that place and thought it was good was because I met Seiichi.”


Ugh embarrassing. Damn, it really is.

Saria, who said such an embarrassing speech unabashedly, floated a smile across her entire face.

Uwa…to speak so fondly of one’s loved one, I…

I give my thanks to the helmet which changed to a robe as my face is hidden. My face has absolutely flushed bright red.

“We, we well then, let’s, let’s go!”


Although my voice was nervous, Saria pay no heed to it and gave an especially spirited nod.

While traveling the last stretch of distance to the town, there wasn’t any particular demon attack or any template development of thieves appearing, and thus we arrived at the gate of the town.

“It’s big!”

“Un, it’s big!”

And Saria and I arrived before the gate, it involuntarily spilled out from the mouth.

Perhaps the town is encircled with city walls, and the gate is thick and heavy boasting 10m in size.

How is such a large gate constructed? In the first place, is there such a large gate?

Maa, there must be some reasons for it.

“Well then…what should I do now?”

I looked around the vicinity while saying so.

Thereupon, I saw a person like a gatekeeper stand at the gate and the people passing the gate gives something to the guard one by one.

“Is that…an inspection?”

“Is that not so?”

Saria also seemed to have thought about it in the same way. Wait, you know what an inspection is. You are a demon right?

My though processes lapsed to such a thought at that time.

…this is bad.

I have complete forgotten one matter without noticing it until now.


“Saria, what’s your race?”


This is bad isn’t it?! Inspection would surely inspect the status no?!

Fortunately for me I have [Disguise] skill to disguise my status…!

Wait, I wonder if there is some sort of identification now. Or is there some guild which issues this sort of stuff?

“Leaving that aside…! Saria!”


“What’s your race?!”


Saria also seemed to have noticed.

If Saria’s race is Kaizer-Kong or demon, it would surely cause a ruckus! Soldiers would come flying!

“…That’s it! Advanced appraisal can identify your race!”

…iya, wait a sec? If I’m not mistaken, I had tried checking Aoyama’s status in the classroom and because the ability difference was too big, I couldn’t see anything other than the name?

…it’s, it’s alright right? I mean, now I am a monster. Ah, I somehow feel a little sad when I say that.

So without further ado let’s try it.

“Advanced appraisal!”

There is no reason to cry it out loud in particular. But don’t worry about it!


Race: Gorilla(Beastkin)

Gender: Female(Woman)

Occupation: Boxer(Boxer)

Age: 17(17)

Level: 775 (7)

Magic: 10000 (30)

Attack: 30000 (300

Defense: 20000 (30)

Agility: 300000 (30)

Magic attack: 5000 (50)

Magic defense: 5000 (50)

Luck: 100000 (100)

Charm: Immeasurable (100)


Somehow it’s amazing!

Or rather, the status is high no?! High specs no?! Charm is impossible to measure?! Enviable!

The race! It’s gorilla?!…Iya, it is so!

But, I dare say that when a human check the status, the numbers and character displayed would be those in the brackets. Maa, though it feels like the status is unbalanced in various ways…

However…Saria is a boxer eh. Well it’s probably because she fights with her bare hands when she was a gorilla, it is quite suitable…

Apart from that, I found out that it is not possible to see the skill of the partner with [Advanced Appraisal]. Maa, it doesn’t matter.

“Thank goodness…Saria, you seem to be more or less a beastkin for the time being.”

“Beastkin? What’s, with that”

“If I’m not mistaken, it’s a kind of demi-human.”

By the knowledge I’ve gotten from god, it seems to be so.

“Therefore you may go for the inspection without worries.”

“I see! Then, let’s get going!”

“Wa, wait!”

Saria took me by the hand and led me to and inspection queue.

After waiting for a while, it’s finally our turn.

“Hai, the next person~”


“Nice to meet you.”

While I was hesitant, Saria said so properly. I’m, completely useless…

“Uo?! It’s a super beauty…”

The soldier doing the inspection uttered as such in a loud voice.

The soldier is dressed in silver armor and has a sword at the lower west side of his waist.

Conspicuous unshaven stubble, messy hair, though he has eyes filled with ambition so he shouldn’t be a useless man.

It’s rude to look like that when meeting someone for the first time!

“Eto, idle chat is bad…So, first of all, present your identifications please?”

It’s hereeeee! It was asked for as expected! But I don’t have it!

However, no matter how much ruckus I make, I don’t have it means I don’t have it.

So I decided to honestly talk about it.

“I’m sorry…neither this fellow nor I have any identification card…”

“Haa? You don’t have it? That’s, impossible isn’t it? Normally the ID card is issued at birth? Even a slave would have an ID card…”

“That is so indeed…but, I’ve lost mine.”

“Lost it…maa it’s fine. Sometimes there is always people who say so.”

Are you serious! I thought it means our social position!

While being secretly glad, the soldier before us called for another soldier nearby and asked for something.

“Wait a moment, Now, please bring the [Jewel of Truth].”

“[Jewel of Truth]?”

I look puzzled at the word told to me suddenly which I do not know of.

Then, the soldier heaved a sigh and said with eyes half-closed.

“You…are you serious?”

“I am seriously serious, so what kind of food is it?”

“It’s not a food!”

Un, yes yes I know. I was only joking.

“To briefly explain it, it’s the tool to find out if a guy has any criminal records.”

“That’s amazing.”

“Maaa. The guy who made it is a genius…”

“It was made?!”

Eeh, such amazing things can be made?

“Ou. Maaa, it’s an ancient person…here it comes”

When the ossan said thus, the soldier asked to get the thing earlier brought with him what looked like a crystal about the size of a basketball.

“Ja, the two of you. For the time being, put your hands on this?”

“I understand. Well then, start with me?”


After getting Saria’s approval, I placed my hands on the crystal.

Then, after a little time passed, pale blue lights spilled out of the crystal.

“Alright, you are fine. Now then, the beauty’s turn.”


When Saria placed her hand on the crystal, pale blue lights spilled out of the crystal in the same manner as mine.

“Alright, you two are both fine. However, you have to pay 2 silver coins as payment to me for the entrance fee, is that fine?”

“It’s good…just 2 pieces for you alone?”

“Iya, its two pieces for two person. In order words, one for each person.”

“I see…hai, here you go.”

I quickly took out two pieces of silver and handed it to the ossan as it is.

“Ou, certainly. Wait, you do fit the appearance a little?”


When it was pointed out so abruptly, I returned a quick reply without thinking.

“Although it’s in a different meaning as compared to Ms Beauty over there, you are obviously a suspicious person. While spending time in this city, pay attention to your behavior.”


Erm…sheep…! This thing is standing out a lot!

…Maa, its better than the full-faced helmet isn’t it. Un un.

However, I think it’s good that the status wasn’t verified. Maa, it’s always good to be careful.

“Come to think of it, it would be better if you two had went and get a new ID card.”

“Etto, once I register in the adventurer guild, I would like to get an identification card but…”

I will probably get it if I register myself. Please let it be so. Please!

However, at the moment at which I told the ossan thus, his face twitched magnificently.


A, are? Did I do anything?”

“Y, you…did you say you want to register in the guild of this town?”

“E, ehh…”

For some reason, the atmosphere started becoming bad and the ossan grabed my shoulders suddenly when I timidly nodded.

“Okay stop it right there. You, are you normal?”

“Iya, where did this come from?!”

What is normal?! I don’t understand the meaning of it!

“Why of all things did you choose the guild of this town?”

“Be, because…”

“No because!”


What’s the problem, this ossan…

But well the reason is that this is the nearest town, there’s no helping isn’t there? Or rather, why is the ossan so desperate?

“Shit. Again…again the number of victims in that place will increase again…?!”

“Wait a moment. Did you not just say something disturbing just now?!”

Victim?! What on earth?!

While holding tremendous uneasiness at what we would be facing from the guild from now on, the ossan looked at me and Saria with a serious expression.

“Listen well? If anything happens, come to my place! I will give you consultation! Absolutely do not hastily imitate other!”


“Heard me?!”

“”Ha, hai!””

My voice and Saria’s overlapped as we answered together.

“Alright!…otto, the essential self-introduction has yet to pass. MY Name is Claude Shuraizer. Feel free to call me Claude. I also don’t need honorific.”

“Well then, do not be reserved…I’m Makoto Seiichi. Best regards.”

“I am Saria! Best regards!”

“Ou! Well then, once again ――――”

After having said till there, Claude declared again in a loud voice.

“Welcome! Imperial Capital, Terviel!”

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