Shinka no Mi – Chapter 127

Blue Sky


「Yes? Ah, Seiichi-san. What’s the matter? I thought you would be in the Dungeon by now…」

Leaving a few words behind, I went back to the campus grounds and made a beeline towards Beatrice-san in order to make the tool to solve Zola’s problem.

As expected, Beatrice-san was surprised by my sudden appearance. 

「I’m sorry, I have an urgent business with you…」

「I see… so, what business are you talking about?」

「Um, where are glasses being manufactured?」


She made a face as though it took her a minute to process my question.

「Glasses… is it?」

「Yes. It doesn’t have to be glasses, goggles are fine too… Beatrice-san, you may know it already that I am a Hero from another world. I’m just wondering where should I go to get a pair of glasses in this world…」

Her face told me that she didn’t understand why I asked that to her, even so, Beatrice-san still taught me without a complaint.

「I’m not very sure, but… the Academy’s general store sells them, you know? Of course, their price is quite hefty…」

「I see… If I bring my own raw materials, can they make the glasses out of it?」

「Eeh? Y, your own materials, is it…」

She looked troubled by my questions, but she still answered me seriously.

「…Let me see. If you want to use your own materials, I suggest going to a blacksmith instead. We have our own blacksmith in this academy, why don’t you try there? Ah, I’ll draw the map there.」

「Thank you very much!」

Saying my gratitude for being provided a map, I went straight to where the blacksmith was.

Thanks to Beatrice-san and her kindness, I managed to reach the blacksmith without losing my way.

「Pardon me」

「Come on, come in.」

Once I entered the shop I was greeted by a muscular Oji-san with a splendid beard.

In the shop, there wasn’t just a line of weapons like swords and spears, but also a variety of armors and shields being showcased.

If I had the time, perhaps taking my time going through them would be fun, but I had other business now.

「I’m sorry, can you make me glasses or goggles with the materials I bring?」

Then, I handed him the material I brought—— the 『Mana Isolating Sand』. 

That’s right. The item that could solve Zola’s problem was actually from a monster I defeated in the Black Dragon God’s labyrinth, the 『Sandman』’s drop item 

It was written that once it was heated up and turned into glasswork, it could isolate mana and magic.

But it was also written that it couldn’t withstand attack magic, so I really had no idea how such a thing would be useful… And I never thought it would be used like this.

The Oji-san who received the 『Mana Isolating Sand』 from me gave it a judging look, as though he was observing something unusual.

「This is… a material I’m not familiar with, but appraisal says that it’ll be a glass material if heated up. It’s just, turning this into glasses… is there any meaning to it?」

「Yes. Then, do you think it’s possible?」

「Let me see… With this amount, I can make both… What do you want?」

「Then, can I ask you to make both?」

「Of course, leave that to me. Wait a minute there. It’ll be done soon.」

Having said that and receiving the 『Mana Isolating Sand』, the smith Oji-san retracted to the deeper room of the workshop. 

I had nothing else to do in the meanwhile, so I gave the shop a look before the Oji-san came back not long after.

「It’s done.」

「Wow, you’re fast!」

「Well, it wasn’t that difficult to turn it into glass materials. These are the finished products, but… for the glasses, I use a special material that can adjust its own size,『Sizing Metal』, on it. Well, 『Sizing Metal』 isn’t the only material I splurge on… I used 『Magic Isolating Sand』 generously. I don’t know who’ll be the one wearing it, but the frame will adjust to your face on its own accord.」

Explained him, handing me a simple pair of glasses with a silver frame.

「And, this is the goggles. For this, well… I don’t use any special materials on it. If anything, rubbers I guess…」

Next was a pair of goggles that was likely to be worn by old time pilots of war aircrafts. Just like he said, it was complete with black rubbers as the strap, so it wouldn’t be hard to adjust to it.

I thanked him, as the result ticked all the boxes.

Lastly, I tried to pay him hefty, but he told me to pay it cheap since he gained a chance to work with a strange material, while the 『Sizing Metal』 was taken from scraps. Well, I had no finance trouble to say the least, but cheap things were cheap.

In any event, all things were prepared, so I soon teleported back to the Dungeon where everyone was waiting.


「I’m back!」

「Ah, Seiichi!」

「That was quick… is it done?」

As I returned to the dungeon, Saria and Al welcomed me.

「Yeah. It seemed like the manufacturing itself wasn’t that hard. And… here, these are the thing I said.」

「These are…」

「Indeed, it’s just as you say, mentor. They won’t obstruct her field of view.」

「But, can they really isolate mana?」

「For that, we only need to run the test.」

I approached the sunken Zola.

「Here, Zola. Try putting this on.」

「Eh? B, but…」

「If you’re still entrapped by your fear like that, you won’t be able to move forward no matter how long you wait. Also, your petrification works on inorganic matters as well. Isn’t it fine if you test it on walls or ceilings after after putting on the glasses or goggles I bring?」

「…O, okay…」

Zola, putting on the glasses, timidly opened her eyes.

And then——

「a——aa… aaaaAAH…!!!」

The petrification light was perfectly isolated due to the glasses.

Even more so, the light itself didn’t come out from her eyes for some reason, even though I also prepared a pair of goggles in case it leaked out from the glasses’ sides.

It came as a little surprise to me, but after taking a closer look, I learned why/

To my shock, the 『Mana Isolating Sand』 wasn’t just used on the lenses alone, but also incorporated into the bridge and the temples of the glasses. 

Hence why the mana around her eyes was isolated and the light didn’t come out.

Overwashed with deep emotion, Zola put her hand over her mouth and turned her hidden, emerald eyes onto us.

「I can see… I can, see…!」

「Okay, we resolved it somehow.」

「U… uu…uwaaaaa!!!」

Zola wailed.

Saria stroke her, watching over her gently.

「Isn’t that great, Zola-san.」

「Yeah… Yeah…!!」

「No, it’s still too soon to get surprised, you know?」


Towards Zalia who couldn’t stop her tears of relief, I said so with a smirk.

「I’ll show you something good, open your eyes wide.」 

「Eh? eh?」

「Seiichi? What are you planning?」

Zola looked perplexed while Al looked curious, craning her neck.

「It’s okay, it’s okay. Ah, can you stick to me as close as possible?」

「S, sure.」

Even if their expression basically said they couldn’t understand me, everyone followed what I said without much complaint.

「Yosh, then——」



Brandishing 【BLACK】 and 【WHITE】, I gave the ground a heartful stomp. 

That alone made the ground blew away, with me and everyone at the eye of the storm, rendering them speechless. 

「——Here it goes!」

With the force of the stomp, I applied a certain spell on BLACK and WHITE and thrusted them towards the ceilings right before the world creaked.

And then——.


———The world, was trembling.


——During the time Seiichi handed Zola the glasses, the Dungeon laughed at their figure, thinking they had been completely entrapped.

『Kukuku… what foolish humans. You, who are nothing but dust, can’t ever hope to compete to a dungeon like me, who’s paranormal by nature! Die in that empty room with nothing to feed on.』

Its smile only deepened.

『Other dungeons get captured by humans and destroyed before they even have an ego. But I am different! I shall use the power of those foolish invaders and that garbage to cover the whole world with myself! Who is the ruler of this planet!? Not the humans! it’s me. I, the Dungeon, is the ruler of this whole world! Fufufu… AAHAHAHAHA!!!』

It laughed as though it had lost its mind.

And, it happened.

『Nn? …Ngah!? W, WHAT?!』

A big tremor attacked the dungeon as though it was to interrupt its laughs.

As the dungeon had gained an ego, it was possible to compare its being to a human’s, possessing human organs such as intestines and stomach.

That was precisely why, attacking a dungeon’s wall certainly gave it a damage, but as a paranormal phenomenon in this world, those damage would instantly be repaired by its natural healing ability. Therefore, a continuous damage on the walls would make a dungeon slowly lose its strength and then decay.

And now, the Dungeon just received a terrible impact on a part comparative to a human’s abdomen.

It was the moment when Seiichi stomped on the ground. The Dungeon howled, unable to bear the pain.


But, that stomp didn’t end with just a bit of a stomach pain, it literally ruptured its whole abdomen.

『A… aagh… w, why…  just what is… happening to me——』

It tried to figure out the cause of its pain, but its attempt ended in vain.


With a stupid shriek, the Dungeon was blown away.

No resistance was allowed, no time to even think was given.

It simply had its stomach blown, followed by a horrifying burst of energy traveling vertically to its throat, reaching its brain, and obliterated its existence.

It couldn’t have predicted this

Pitifully, there was nobody to witness its death, as it was silently, and perfectly, erased from existence.

Just with the aftermath of Seiichi’s attack, the insides of the dungeon were swept away.

Walls, ceilings, floors, monsters.

Each and every bit of it was wiped out, with nothing could hinder the annihilation wave.

However, for some odd reason, the Serpent God, Anakong, and all the monsters who were acquainted with them suffered no effect.

A special veil enveloped them. Anakong, her underlings, and the Serpent God. They were protected from the shockwave.

『T, this is…』

For the Serpent God, the sudden appearance of the veil that wrapped his body, and the disappearance of the power that bound him to the Dungeon that came next to next left him wide eyed.

On the other hand, Anakong and her group were heading towards the exit after they parted with Seiichi, but they were caught surprised by the appearance of the mysterious veil and the collapse of the dungeon.

『Are you lot okay!?』

『W, we’re okay, Ane-san!』

『This is terrific! What’s happenin’!?』

『Like hell I know! Anyway, we’re holding fine because of this mysterious veil, but don’t ever lower your guard!』

『Yes! We don’t wanna die, after all!』

『He’s right! Ane-san still has to get prettier before she can meet Aniki again, after all!』

『『『Hyu hyu! Getting hot in here!』』』

『…You lot wish to get your veils removed?』


It was as if the world itself had a will… No, in fact, the World was trying to be considerate with Seiichi by protecting the Serpent God and Anakong along with her underlings, but none was aware of its act.

However, Seiichi’s attack that blew the whole Dungeon away refused to stop there.

Rather, the unleashed flying slash continued to soar on its path without losing any of its force, as if saying that the Dungeon was just a small pebble that happened to be on its trajectory.

First was the trees right above the dungeon, a whole vicinity of it vanished without a trace, along with all the monsters that resided there.

The adjacent 『Barbadora Magic Academy』 should’ve suffered an inevitable grim fate, had the World wasn’t in favor of Seiichi and dampened the mere shockwave of his attack to its utmost minimum.

Of course, the World couldn’t stop Seiichi’s attack head on.

However, it could at least hamper it down after pushing itself through its limits. 

Thanks to the World’s lengthy effort, the forest where Demiolos of the 【Demon God Cult】 hid only suffered with just a bit of bald patch. That being said, the force behind that flying slash just wouldn’t settle down that easily.

As for the reason why the World went on so much effort; it was rare for Seiichi who could singlehandedly destroy the whole world to unleash an end-of-the-world class magical and/or physical attack, and further pented up stress from his side might occur an irreversible injury to the world, hence the World thought of using this event as a way for Seiichi to relieve some of his stress. However, none was aware of its intention.

As the World itself was busy putting effort, the 【Dragon God Emperor】, the world’s number one threat had it not for the Demon God’s existence, just happened to be flying over the sky above, finding a good country to destroy to kill time. And, as it flew through Seiichi’s slash trajectory, it vanished without even knowing what happened to it.

The slash that just obliterated the 【Dragon God Emperor】 easily escaped the atmosphere, advancing straight across the galaxy.

As it shot through inhabitable planets and star systems, bulldozing them all the while, it met with a single starship on its path.

Unlike Earth’s bulky rockets, the starship was more akin to a futuristic battleship, sharp and ingenious. 

Within that starship, Aliens with silvery skin and unproportionally big jet-black eyes were having a conversation.

『Captain. There appears to be a planet with intelligent life near this section.』 

The aliens were manipulating a 3D hologram console within the battleship’s cockpit.

What was shown there was the planet where Seiichi lived.

『Hou? So life can grow in such a remote place like this, after all. …Hmph. They don’t even notice us at this distance, must be a primitive civilization full of cavemans. Very well, we shall put them under our colon——』 

Those words were left forever unfinished.

As for why, the whole starship was swallowed by Seiichi’s flying slash in just a fraction of a second.

The aliens aiming for the planet where Seiichi resided vanished without knowing any reason.

Ultimately, it was thanks to Seiichi that the planet had avoided a great crisis.

However, even so, the flying slash still wouldn’t stop.

Rather, it absorbed some of the mysterious energy of the universe and continued to increase its latent power.

As the slash kept advancing, it happened to pass by a single, lackluster planet. A so-called 【Dead Planet】 on its wake. The planet received an astronomical amount of energy from it, ignited into blazes, and revived.

Perhaps due to it, the planet then played the same role as the Sun to Earth for the surrounding planets, and the intelligent life living on its neighborhood broke into tears as warmth had returned to their lives.

As his attack kept changing the shape of the universe in places Seiichi himself never even heard of, it finally encountered the most unthinkable of scenes.

It was the scene of a grotesque eldritch being several hundreds… several thousands bigger than the sun, and a myriad of space battleships facing against it.

Furthermore, on the spearhead of that armada of battleships, stood a humanoid alien donning futuristic armor on its body, brandishing a weapon to the abomination’s face.

『Space Great King! We shall never surrender the universe to you!』 

『HAHAHAHA!! How spirited you are, O Space Heroes! What pray tell can mere small insects like you do?』 

『Powerless alone that I am, however I have all my companions with me! And all of those whose mother planets have been destroyed by you! In order to never allow yet another tragedy, we… the 【Great Space Allied Force】 shall defeat you, here and now!』 

Listening to the words of those it called as Space Heroes, the Space Great King answered with humor.

『Nothing, that is what you shall achieve. You are but mere toys to my muse. Weak existences like you are but a sin. Destroyed your mother planets, have I? That be nothing more than the natural order of things. In this universe, the strongest of all is only I. For I am the absolute. All your faults lie with you, you weak fools.』  

『You fiend……!!』  

『Weaklings shall die like weaklings always do, simply being my to——』 

In the midst of the Great Space King’s leisure chat with the Space Heroes, Seiichi’s slash arrived from below.

The current size of that slash was just as big as the sun, but for the Space Great King whose sheer size overwhelmed even stars, it was just as big as a flea to a human.

But, even though the slash was miniscule in comparison, when the Great Space King received it——he was decimated.


Neither the Space Heroes nor the 【Great Space Allied Force】 could understand what had happened.

No, perhaps the one that understood the least was the Great Space King himself.

After all, of all the things that could happen, he was randomly destroyed for some unknown reason in the middle of his preach about the strong and the weak.

The Great Space King didn’t know.

That there was an existence that invalidated the very concept of strong and weak by his mere presence.

As it clashed into the Great Space King, Seiichi’s ungodly slash finally met its end.

Meanwhile, the Space Heroes stood by, shocked into silence.

Once they finally got it into their heads that the Great Space King, an evil being who had up till just a few moments ago exerted enough influence to control the entirety of the Space itself, had vanished, they shouted in joy.


『We did it, we have done it!』 

『We shall live under his terror for no longer!』 

『I have not the faintest idea of what has happened…. however, the fiend who had destroyed our home planets, how I desired it to be done by our own hands. …However, I also am fully aware how impossible such a feat that would be. On the contrary, it would have been us that would be annihilated instead… U, uu… Thank the heavens…. For now, I’m just happy that… we all came out safely…!』 

Their little circles of hugs, gratitudes, and tears of joy continued for a bit.

Who in the universe could have possibly destroyed the Great Space King?

That was something, not even Seiichi who unleashed the attack himself, could know.

Thus, Seiichi unknowingly saved, not just his own planet, but the entire universe.


「Wh… wha….!?」 

With me as the center, the dungeon’s ceilings, as well as everything on the upper floors, were blown into oblivions.

And what’s more, the resulting shockwave from that killed all of the monsters across every floors of the Dungeon.

…Well, the Serpent God and Anakong are still in this dungeon, and I used Seiichi Magic Judgement on BLACK and WHITE, so they shouldn’t receive my attacks. …No, I hope they don’t. 

 If that’s the case, then you might think it’d be better to use Judgement directly, but… well.. there are days for Muscles over Magic, right!? …Eh, there aren’t? Ah, I see… 

Not just stopping at breaking through the ceilings, my attack continued to flatten every tree on the surface, and even scattered away all the clouds in the sky, leaving Al standing at the side, slack-jawed.

「Ooh, it’s a good weather outside!」 

「Aren’t you way too carefree with it!?」 

As I felt refreshed looking at the wide, gaping hole overhead, Al slapped me a retort.

「The hell’s going on with you!? There were trees before, right!? I can’t believe you freaking yeeted the whole dungeon, walls and ceilings and all…!」 

Well, I understand her feelings. Rather it also came as a surprise to me.

I had already thought that I’ve become quite the monstrosity, but it was outside of me that I would be this much of a monstrosity. Or maybe it was just too fragile? The ceilings, I meant.

After gazing up with my hands shading my eyes, feeling satisfied with my work, I turned to Zola.

「Look, this is the blue sky.」 


Zora was dazed at the great blue sky peeking through from the hole.

And, silently, tears began to river on her cheek.

「So this is… sky…」 

「That’s right. Pretty, isn’t it?」 

「 …Yes. Very…」 

With a dreamy feeling, Zola murmured as her eyes locked to the sky.

「 …Perhaps, I had seen it once when I was young. But, I don’t think the sky back then was this brilliant by any means. This must be my first time seeing the sky being this pretty…」 

Zola looked down once, but it was to wipe her tears before the sky stole her attention again.

「The world is… such a huge place.」 

「That’s right. The world is huge. Beyond these gloomy walls is a world reaching to places not even I have ever seen. …And we are allowed to see it. After all, the world is no one to own.」 

「 …yes.」 

Towards Zola who quietly nodded, I floated a smile.

「Then, wanna come together?」 


「Ultimately, It’s up to you, Zola, but I’m asking you to come and see the unknown of this world together with us.」 

「Seeing the world… together…」 

Saria embraced Zola in her quiet murmur.

「Un, let’s go together! Seeing it on your own is fun too, but seeing it and sharing those feelings with a lot of people is even more fun!」 

「That’s true… it’s exactly as what Saria said. I was living as an adventurer just a while ago, but due to my own constitutions, I couldn’t go far…. however, thanks to Seiichi, now I can go anywhere as much I wanted. Even so, rather than doing it alone, I’m more happy doing it with Seiichi and everyone」 

Al, following after Saria’s words, told so gently.

「Zola-san. You should enjoy this world from now and on. With sensei here, it is very much possible.」 

「That’s right. Precisely because you live in this world, I don’t want to see you be despaired of it. The world is even more pretty and wonderful than you ever imagine. 」 

「They’re right, child of snake. This world is filled with tasty treats! Living on without knowing them is the biggest waste in life!」 

「…You sure said something good for a change, Rurune.」 

「Ah, Milord!?」 

No, putting aside if it’s the biggest waste in life or not, good foods play a big part of enjoying the world, after all. Then, as Olga-chan approached Zola, she looked up to her face and reached out her hand.

「 …Let’s go, together?」 

「 …Yes!」 

Timid as she was, Zola accepted her hand.

As I was soothed on my own by such a sight, suddenly a voice flowed within my head.

『You have leveled up』 


Mab Note: Special Thanks to Kanzaki for helping me writing the SPACE OPERA part as well as clarifying a lot of things! Go check his originals. They’re awesome.

Okay, this is just me being curious. Just how big is the Great Space King, in size? Well. The narration said it’s at least thousand times bigger than the sun, but that’s too vague to grasp. So, I’m using Seiichi’s ungodly flying slash as a comparison point. 

At one point, it’s said that the slash is now as big as the Sun (695,000 KM), but it’s just as small as a flea to human compared to the Great Space King. Now, a flea’s size ranges from 1.5 mm to 3.3 mm depends on the gender and the species. I’m using the smallest one, compare it to the average human of 180 cm. The calculator said there is at least 1 to 1200 ratio. Apply that to the Sun and kablamo!

835,608,000 KM

At least, he’s as big as Mu Cephei (876,600,00 KM). If you want to see how big it is, here’s the star sizes chart.

And Seiichi decimated that without even trying.

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