Shinka no Mi – Chapter 65

Chapter 65 – Hero of Justice?

“The ones riding in the carriage, come down immediately and leave your belongings. “

Glancing at probably his allies, who are coming our way. the bandits shouted at us.

Looking through the window, on first glance there were guys with unpleasant smile that were like they came from some manga licking their knifes or swords. That’s dangerous, they should stop…

“Ts, AAhhhhhhhhhhh! It hurts….!”

As I was going to say.

One of the thieves, got cut by a knife and fainted in agony… Is he perhaps an idiot?

And, is there a meaning in licking the knife… like maybe is the knife delicious?

“…. Is that knife delicious?”

Rurune seems to have thought of the same thing, however, in case of Rurune, she was focusing on the knife and was drooling. It’s dangerous so cut it out.

Leaving that aside, they have the appearance that gives the impression of real thieves, they have some horses to surround us completely, also if I look closely, the weapons that they are using are of good quality, so maybe they are extremely famous bandits.

“What shall we do?”

Thereupon, the coachman, even in this situation, he was calming down, and asking for our answer.

Maybe it’s because he knows about Barna-san, even so after this situation, with him calming down made me realize about his experiences in the field.

While I was thinking that, Barna-san told him with a relaxed attitude.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be solved by that young man coming here.”


My awareness was away from the radar inside my head, however as I focus one more time, I realized that suddenly there was a man, indicated in green as an ally, among the thieves signalled as red dots.

“! Le- leader! An enemy attack!”


I looked through the window, and there was a man with a red bandana wrapped around his head that was called the leader, and his subordinate that was explaining the situation.

“How many!”

“Th- that’s the thing, just o-one gugyaa!”


Suddenly, a man appeared between the leader and the subordinate, and was able to witness him hitting the subordinate with all his might.

Even though I could recognize the situation, the leader with Saria and the others couldn’t understand it.

It was too sudden that, for a moment the leader was dumbfounded, and later he realized what happened and distance himself to prepare for what’s coming.

“Who are you, you bastard!”


The man’s attire, I don’t know why, but it was golden tights, with a red scarf around his neck, and black gloves on his hands.

Lightly, the man returned from his hitting to natural position, and broadly grinned shouted loudly.

“You don’t know me? Then, I shall teach you! I’m the hero of justice, 【Sure Strike】Gargand! Remember it well!”

Saying that, the man –Gargand, shaki-n! poses exaggeratedly like if sound is heard… Who’s that guy.

I showed surprise and amazement with my look, and don’t know why but Al shouted surprised.

“Yo-you did you say 【Sure Strike Gargand】 right now!?”

“Ah? Ye-yeah. I heard it that way… is he your acquaintance?”

“Why are you showing me that pitiable look!”

That’s because… To think that Al is an acquaintance of this pervert… Wait, I also know about a muscle idiot and a SM queen too.

As I thought of something meaningless, Al was surprised because I didn’t know about him.

“Wait a minute. Don’t tell me, you… don’t know about that Gargand!?”

“No… I don’t know a thing. Ah, but I know that he’s a weirdo.”

He also wears a full-length tights, and also takes a really weird pose.

Then, Barna-san laughed pleasantly.

“Ho-ho-ho. Well, that just mean that the young man only has that level of popularity.”

“No- no, it’s just that Seichi is a special one.”

“Well, you make me blush.”

“I’m not praising you!?”

As I blushed, Al interjected without a moment of delay.

Seeing the situation, just made Barna-san laugh harder, and then he taught me through.

“Seichi-kun, that man… Gargand, is one of the few people that is an active S-rank adventurer.”

S-rank!? That guy!?

“Well, I understand the sentiment of wanting to doubt, did you realize? Other than the leader, there is no one else standing.”


I realized for the first time after he told me, that every other thief was defeated. When did it happen?

Then, at around the same time, the leader of the thieves also realized too, and shouted extremely loudly.

“That’s impossible!? With this many people, how!?”

“Huhahahaha! In front of justice, there is no meaning in quantity! Justice wins! That’s the never unchanging truth!”


I don’t know why, but as he sticked out his chest, I heard that sound effect…. Maybe I’m reaching my final years after hearing that auditory hallucination.

“Would you believe me now?”


To tell me to that extent, there is no other choice than believing him.

“All S-rank adventurers, are really perverts…”

“That!? You aren’t questioning his ability but about that!?”

To my mutter, Al retorted again.

That’s because, from the time I registered at the guild headquarters, Gutz and Eris told me that all S-rank adventurers came from the headquarters… So from that moment, I was having doubts that maybe all the S-rank adventurers are perhaps just perverts. In reality, Gutz and Eris, who were previously s-rank adventurers, came from guild’s headquarters. I don’t know where they registered but I believe without a doubt that they registered there.

As I was thinking of such a thing by myself, on Gargand’s side, there was an air of starting a battle at any moment.

“You bastard…… Don’t think that you will get unscathed if you touch us, the 【Fang of the Hungry Wolf】!?”

“Huhahaha! You idiot! You are going to yield before my fist of justice! So then, why is there a necessity of being scared?”

Gargand with that arrogant pride that doesn’t budge at all. If his attire was a decent one, he may be quite cool.

“Well, it doesn’t matter… Well then, conversation is meaningless in the first place. You will fall victim of my 【Dirty knuckle】!”

To think that a justice punch could be dirty.

Immediately, Gargand approached the bandit leader in an instant.

The leader, immediately drew his sword hanging in his waist, and prepared for the attack from Gargand.

However, Gargand didn’t do a thing to the thieves leader, and he goes to the other side as it is.


Instinctively the bandid leader leaks a foolish voice, but immediately he tighten his guard to prevent him from showing his weak point to Gargand-

And watching the situation, Barna-san says.

“Hmph, I thought that it was a big bandit group, but to think that it was 【The Fang of the Hungry Wolf】. Then, it’s understandable about those leader’s movements.”

“Mmm, are they a famous thieves’ band?”

“Well, lately they became famous in an brink of an eye. and grew exponentially. I believe that in the guild there was a prize for them either dead or alive.”

I see… It’s understandable that they, who are a famous thieves group, to have that many horses.

While we were doing such conversation inside the wagon, on the outside, the bandit leader was still cautious, however, Gargand was grinning broadly and told him.

“Huhuhu… Your days are already over.”


He didn’t understand Gargand’s words, and knitted his brows. No, he is not the only one that doesn’t understand him. I’m also clueless.

Inside the carriage, it seems that only Barna-san is the one who understand, but everyone else had a question mark above their head.

“Let me teach you. Look that way.”

The thieves leader, though he was cautious, looked at the direction of what Gargand’s finger pointed.

We also got lured by that and looked at that direction, however, there was nothing there.

Without knowing what he planned to tell us we looked back, and it was at that moment.

I looked at it.

The moment when Gargand came close to the leader, and gave him an uppercut.

“【Dirty Knuckle】”

“Gagapeh” (TN: just a sfx of being hit)

That’s dirtyyyy!!

I can’t believe my eyes that saw how he defeated him in a surprise attack.

Well there is no cheating in the battle field, but you who claims to be an ally of justice, shouldn’t do it!?

And also, dirty knuckles … is referring to this!? I was thinking that maybe it was a blood bathed knuckles, but wasn’t such a cool meaning, was it!?

Such a cruel attack, and while I was retorting extravagantly, the poor thief was knocked out with that punch, and while looking at him Gargand was saying with a bland face.

“It still isn’t there. The true 【dirty knuckle】true form lies with a pantie under the gloves that hasn’t been washed over 20 years.”

“That’s the absolute true meaning of dirty!?”

A pantie that hasn’t been washed for over 20 years is horrendous! Before that, I want to plead that you wash your hands, please!

Are you really an ally of justice!? If you really appear in a tv program at 7:00 AM, I will sue the TV station for real!?

However, it seems that Saria and the others hadn’t seen Gargand’s dirty move, so they were amazed to realize that the thief was already down.


“That’s a S-rank active duty for real…”

That’s not true! Don’t praise him! But I don’t think that they would believe me if I say so.

However, it seems that Barna-san knows Gargand’s fighting style, so he was killing his smile with all his might and complimented.

“Kukuku, well that young lad is a really special s-rank adventurer. He doesn’t specialized in hunting magical beast but in human … Meaning, he specializes in bounty hunting and thieves gangs. And because he accomplishes without a miss, he was starting to be called as 【Sure Strike】.”

“It’s also because I don’t beat magic beasts but thieves with this justice fists that I was starting to be called too.”

Without realizing, all the thieves were being roped by Gargand, and he approached the wagon, and was talking by the window.

“Barnabas-sama, it’s been a while.”

“Yes, I’m glad that you are healthy. However, I haven’t asked you yet of why do you seek only bounty heads? Why is that?”

“It’s easy. I wanted to legally beat some people.”

“Just stop being an ally of justice already!”

I don’t think that it is bad that I retorted.

Because, I mean that he prefers to hit thieves over monsters since it’s legal, isn’t that really awful!? Are all S-rank adventurers like this guy?

Then, Gargand-san looked at me, and grinned broadly shouting.

“Such words like dirty or cheater are praise words for me. Whatever the means, if you win, you’re the justice. And also there is the law supporting me, so I can beat down people proudly. There’s no way that I quit this nice position.”

And that’s the first conversation that I had with an active S-rank adventurer.

… I was hoping for a better conversation.

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