Shinka no Mi – Chapter 125

Hyper Power Up and The Fight between Women

Just as the Serpent God said, the lower floor was crawling with strong monsters.

Each and every last of them was at the level of 700, if not higher.

That was why I also wanted to join the battle this time, but Louis softly rejected my idea. In the end, everyone except for me was fighting against monsters.

Yup, Lutia joined the fight with Saria and everyone too.

「…Am I really needed?」 

I spoke it out loud without thinking, but if you saw it from the sidelines, I really had no use in this place. Even I began to question it.

Fortunately, the floor below the grassland was back to cave walls and narrow passages, so there was little to concern a large swarm of monsters swooping on us.

「——Saria, it heading towards you!」  

「Yeah, leave to, me!」 

Al moved around as to lead astray the huge praying mantis monster… 『Crazy Mantis Lv: 711』, and as soon as the chance to deliver a blow was opened, Saria was there to deliver a powerful punch and end its life. 


「…Glutton, try to consider cooperate…」 

「Is that edible!?」 


Rurune and Olga-chan were facing a hideous horse, with its face covered with popped up blood vessels, 『Tyrant Horse Lv: 802』. Yeah, it’s the Donkey vs Horse showdown. 

Rurune, however, would just run around kicking stuff she could kick, big or small, horse or not. Olga-chan then attacked using her flying kunai with pinpoint accuracy, keeping up with Rurune’s movement.


「Un…. 『Demon Lord’s Hand』.」 

「『Water Laser』」

Louis and Lutia were going against a snake monster,『Evil Snake Lv:900』. 

No, rather than going against, it’s more like a one sided massacre.

Even though there should be at least 400 levels gap between them, Lutia grabbed and burnt the Evil Snake’s body with her 『Demon Lord Hand』 , while Louis looped its head with her 『Water Laser』. 


「I knew it, I’m not needed here, right?」 

Why I haven’t fought at all ever since we’re entering here!? Even though I was the one tasked with the investigation!

As I was truly trying to question the meaning of my own existence, Louis who had finished the monster came near me.

「No, Sensei. Precisely because Sensei is here, we can challenge monsters way stronger than we are with a peace of mind.」 

「Is that really so? That being said, isn’t it about time I should join the fight….」 

However, since everyone was up to gear to deal with the current situation, I guess it’s best to respect their will to train.

As I sighed without anything else to do, Lous informed me something she just remembered.

「Ah, Sensei. Come to think of it, I am now level 730.」 


「Ah, I reached level 900, you know~!」  

「You’re kidding me!?」 

To my surprise, Louis’ level wasn’t just a bit above 500 mark, but it went way up to a ridiculous number of 730.

Moreover, Saria was at 900, she said…

「Saria is a monster, so I understand why, but what’s with you Louis!? I thought the level cap for mankind is 500, and it’s a great deal to gain even a single level after that!?」 

「However, I am now level 730.」 

「That doesn’t answer my question!」  

They call people who have gone over level 500 as Transcendent, but hasn’t Louis transcended way too high!? What the hell is happening here!? 

Al reached out to me who was retorting with my all.

「Ah… erm…. Seiichi.」 


「……I, uh… I’m level 687…..」 

「 ……For real?」 

「Y, yeah.」 

Even Al has become one of the Transcendents. This must be a lie, right? 

「Wh, what about you two, Olga-chan and Rurune!?」 

「……Umm, Seiichi-oniichan… I’m, 710」 

「Milord, I have no idea!」 

「Rurune is the most confusing to me!」 

After the three, I wouldn’t be surprised if Olga-chan had become a 【Transcendent】 as well, but that wasn’t really the case for Rurune. 

I mean, she’s a donkey who drinks a whole damn lake to dry, you know!? And guess what’s her comment after? She wasn’t full after all that! What kind of stomach is that!?

Contrary to me who was starting to wear out from all the retorts, Lutia was excited with her tension reaching the cloud.

「Seiichi. I am level 651. Now I am one of the 【Transcendents】.」 

「That’s… well… now you can be more reassured when you got targeted, so isn’t that good?」 

「Yeah. With this, I can reduce Zeros and everyone’s burden… Also, Father can praise me even for a little when he comes home.」 

「I see…」 

It slipped my mind, but Lutia was the 『Demon Lord’s Daughter』, not the 『Demon Lord』 itself. In short, Lutia’s father must be still alive to this day. Although we didn’t know where he was.

I didn’t ask her regarding such a details, also… I still can ask her about it as much as I want after we’re done with this dungeon.

At the end of the day, when it comes to their levels, everyone excluding me had joined the ranks of 【Transcendents】. …Rurune? That thing must be a Transcendent as well. Otherwise, how could there be such an incomprehensible being of a donkey!?

Due to the robe’s effects, it was hard to me to gain a level. Well, taking it off was a good option to consider, but I had been wearing it all this time, and it would be troubling if I went even farther off from the definition of 『Human』 that I knew.

I never even imagined my group would turn into one full of 【Transcendents】, but as long as they had enough strength to protect themselves, I wouldn’t have anything else to say and move on.

After a while, Olga-chan suddenly stopped on her track.

「 …Seiichi-oniichan.」 

「What’s the matter?」 

「…This wall, perhaps it’s collapsible.」 


The wall Olga-chan pointed was just like any other wall, from its appearance at least. Or, rather, collapsible or not, I bulldozed even unbreakable walls back at the Black Dragon God’s dungeon. Yeah, let’s forget that.

Whilst I was making up my mind to seal that memory deep, Olga-chan attacked the wall with her kunai.


As a result, the wall collapsed just like Olga-chan stated, revealing a small compartment hiding behind it.

There was a treasure chest decorated ravishly sitting in the middle of the compartment. …That treasure chest isn’t a monster right?

As the image of Treasure Chest that was currently with my parents floated in my mind, Olga-chan raised her vigilant as she stepped into the compartment.

「…Nn. There’s no trap in this room or on the chest.」 

「Heeh. Olga-chan, so you have a trap sensing skill?」  

「…Yeah. I was made to learn it along with the assassination techniques back at the Kaizer Empire.」 

「 …I see. I asked something I shouldn’t. However, I want you to know that such an ability is heavily appreciated for adventurers who delve into dungeons.」 

「 …Un. It’s okay, Altoria-oneechan. I no longer mind it. Rather than that, I’m just happy that I can be of help for Seiichi-oniichan and everyone else.」 

Al looked remorseful for asking it, but Olga-chan shook her head to it and puffed her chest.

My hand was pulled in by her cuteness, petting her head without me even noticing it. After then, we came into the compartment.

「Now then… Olga-chan said that this treasure chest, in particular, isn’t riddled with traps. So, let’s open it.」 

Then, when I opened the chest without hesitation, what revealed inside was a Kunai not much different than the one Olga-chan used in shape.

「…This is, a Kunai.」 

「Yeah, it is… Now, what kind of power does it have?」 

『Kunai of the Cursed Serpent (Juju)』 … A kunai that housed the effect of the cursed serpent. Legendary Class Weapon. When poured mana into it, it can afflict three debuffs of paralysis, poison, and petrification. By its owners’ will, it can increase its number, vanishes after thrown. 

「…This is one fiendish weapon, isn’t it?」 

「It is indeed… It has a performance fitting for a legendary class weapon. That being said, for a legendary class to show up here just tells us how high this dungeon’s difficulty is…」  

Al and Louis, the combo who were well versed with dungeons, gave us their evaluation.

Indeed, I also think that kunai is quite the powerful one.

It’s strong enough to have an ability to inflict three debuffs of paralysis, poison, and petrification as is, but added with the fact that it can increase its number to the owner’s will is a danger to its own right.

In other words, it could be doubled indefinitely.

On top of being able to be thrown infinitely, the thrown kunais can just vanish without needing to be collected back…

I was more surprised by it than I thought I would, and Olga-chan had her glittering eyes glued on it.

「Here, Olga-chan.」 

「……? Why hand it to me?」

「Why, you ask… Olga-chan, you’re the one who found it, so you should be the one who uses it, right?」

「B, but…」

「Olga-chan, you use a Kunai too after all, you have to be the one to use it!」

Olga-chan seemed like she was being reserved with us for some reason, so not only I, but Saria too, pressed it on her.

Perhaps she didn’t know what should she do with it, Olga-chan looked at Al and the other two to seek help, but they also gave her a nod decorated with a smile. 

「…Can I?」  

「We said it before, but not only were you the one who found this hidden room, the weapon inside it is also the same kind that you use, Olga-chan.」 

「 …Nn. Understood. ….Thank you.」

After Olga-chan received the Kunai, she smiled delightfully.

Looking at her like that, Lutia commented something with a bit of jealous undertone.

「How envious… I fundamentally use only magic in battles, so strong weapons like that is rare to come by…」

「Is that so? My big brother is also a magician, and he possesses a lot of wands that amplify his spells’ output and items that make him better governs mana. I don’t know if we can get some in this dungeon, but there should be strong items for magicians as well.」

「Really? If so… maybe it’s better if I start looking for treasure chests.」 

Receiving a piece of advice from Louis, it seemed like Lutia had gained yet another goal.

Levelling up certainly was a crucial method to get stronger, but, at the same time, owning a strong weapon or item would pose us no fault.

「If that’s so, maybe I should look for one too. I want to get one that I can wear on my hands…」 

「You’re right… I, too, wish to have one that can be worn on my feet…」 

Perhaps they were infected by Lutia, now Saria and Rurune also showed their interest in weapons.

If they each acquired their own weapon, Saria would definitely get a lot stronger, but for Rurune’s case, I actually shudder to even think about it. Just where is that girl heading to? Even though I originally bought her to be my mount.

So not only Lutia, but also Saria and Rurune want to have a weapon or an item, huh…

If I joined the fight, drop items would definitely shower us, but… either way, I want to prepare a suitable weapon for the three.

That being said, even the weapon handed to Olga-chan has the Snake element in it.

It’s already an established fact then, that this dungeon has something to do with Snake, and their relation is not a small one.  

However, that something is what we don’t know…

As we no longer have any other business to linger in the compartment, we continued on.

Then we were met with a monster again on our path, but Olga-chan and her newly obtained weapon played a big role in the fight.

「……Secret Arts『Jail of Anguish』」

After she indefinitely doubled the newly obtained 『Kunai of the Cursed Serpent』, she launched all of them at once towards the crawling ashen scaled red eyed snake monster, 『Pythonsopher Lv: 855』 .(*See TN)

At first, the pythonsopher hindered the flying kunai by releasing water, fire, and lightning elements from its mouth, but as the attack prolonged with the kunai’s amount just kept increasing instead of decreasing, the pythonsopher finally folded in and a swarm of kunai lodged themselves in its body.

「Kissshaaaaa…aaa… aa…… 」 

After raising its shriek, what came out of its mouth next was a bubble in the color of purple. The pythonsopher then gradually, but visibly, morphing into grey stone from its tail——until it was all but a single, perfect stone statue.

It was just as good as dead, but since it hadn’t turned into particles of light, Al used her ax to split it open.

「And here it goes.」 

Soon enough, its body was smashed into pebbles, and turned into particles of light shortly after.

After which, there were scales and a single treasure chest laid in its place.

「…it dropped items.」 

「It did. And it’s not just raw materials, too… right after we got Olga her weapon, this is a good omen.」 

Al looked impressed as she picked up the treasure box along with the scales.

By the way, the scales were displayed as this through the 『Advanced Appraisal』  

『Pythonsopher’s Scale』 …the pythonsopher’s scale. Excels as armour as it is highly resistant to magic and very light. 

I didn’t really concern armour since I already had my robe, but when I read this explanation, I really felt it was a useful material.

Then, after we opened the most intriguing treasure chest… 

「It’s a… necklace」 

It was an elegant necklace with a red jewel embedded on it. Similarly, I appraised it as well.

『Pythonsopher’s Necklace』 …Legendary Class Ornament. Significantly raises the wearer’s magic resistance and spells output. Better governs mana and reduces the amount of mana consumed when using magic.

What a super convenient item.

We would never expect to find an item perfect for Lutia this soon.

Not only me, but Saria and everyone else too were surprised by its functions.

「…At this point of event, we can’t even call it a good omen. Why does something we want just falls into our hand this easily…」 

「…..Super Lucky?」  

Al said so in the middle of her daze, while Olga-chan craned her neck in confusion.

「Aah… Lutia-san. The thing you wanted has appeared.」 

「Eh? But… can I? It’s a monster the two of you defeated…」 

「Sure. I mainly deal with close quarter combats rather than magic, after all…」 

「…I already have one.」 

「Is that so… if that’s so, then…」  

As It was an item that performed just as Lutia wanted to begin with, it became hers without further conflicts.

Lutia was wearing a black dress, and the shining red jewel on the necklace really showed its brilliance on her dress.

Thus, not only Olga-chan, but Lutia too has obtained a new item, and the two became more active in battles.

The 『Demon Lord Hand』 Lutia performed while using her new necklace packed a power incomparable to the previous one that rendered everyone, Lutia herself included, speechless to witness. Equipment is important, after all.

However, as expected, drop items didn’t just fall in rapid succession, and we eventually reached a wide room without getting another.

「Now, what is this place…」 

「There’s a big door over there Seiichi, so isn’t this another Boss fight?」   

Just as Saria said, there was a thick door deep into the room.

「Boss, huh… perhaps it’s another snake type boss monster again.」 

『——-Exactly as you said.』 


The sound that suddenly resonated took us by surprise.

After which, a black vortex of mysterious nature appeared in the heart of the room, and from within, a monster made its appearance.

The lower half of the supermassive snake monster had metallic blue and partly black scales, speckled in pattern.


『Just as you predicted——-I am a snake type monster!』 

——-it’s upper half was a buffy muscular gorilla.

「No, you sure you didn’t misspell Gorilla there!?」  

I had no choice but to retort to that appearance.

I mean, yeah, she has a snake lower half! But the impact of her upper half stole all the attention!

Different to Saria’s race, 『Kaiser Kong』, that gorilla felt refreshing to look with her light blue fur. 

However, her body making was comparable to Saria in her gorilla form… Goria.

On both of her hands, there was a pair of metallic blue gauntlets with the same speckled design as her lower half.

The gorilla disregarded us who were washed over with shock, she shook her fingers and appeared some more black vortex in the surrounding, from which a great number of snake type monsters slithered out.

With the appearance of those monsters, a thick, heavy door also appeared behind us.

『Now you can’t escape anymore. Also, I’m this room’s boss. I can’t have you lot go further in. …Men, have at them!』 

『Yes, Ane-san!』 

At the command of the gorilla in front of us, the snake monsters attacked all at once.

Al and the girls were already combat ready and they wouldn’t let those snakes inched any closer.

Especially Olga-chan and Lutia, who had powered up with the items they received along the way, their attacks were powerful and had a wide area of effect, and thus they played a big role in the current battle.

I who still couldn’t snap out of the Gorilla impact finally returned to my mind to use 『Advanced Appraisal』 on her.

『Giant AnaKong Lv: 1800』 


What the hell with that!? Is every gorilla in this world strong!? Or rather, her level is way higher than Saria! Heck, even higher than Zeanos!

And the name! It’s mixed so well I can’t fucking tell she’s a snake or a gorilla!

As my mind was captured by the result of the appraisal, the gorilla monster——Anakong noticed of my presence and was wide eyed.

『Nn?! Y, you…』 

「Eh? M, me?」 

 I turned my neck without knowing what surprised her so much, and was met with Anakong blushing hard on me.

『 ……Quite the excellent male aren’t you. Good, I’m interested! You, become my mate!』 

「 ………….Heh?」 


Apart from me who was shocked so much I became a statue, Al and Rurune attacked Anakong with a fierce look on their face.

However, Anakong easily took Al’s axe and Rurune’s kick with just one hand.


「My kick is!?」 

『——-Don’t stand in my way!』 

And then, with just a shake of her hand, the two were blown far into the air.

However, as they two turned their body midair to prepare a landing, they mostly suffered no damage.

The rest was still stuck in their own fierce battle, and here I was as rigid as a stone.

——Why am I courted by another Gorilla?

『Now, let’s wrap this up already and start the ceremony!』 


I finally retorted.

「Why! Must I! Wed! An enemy! And a gorilla, to boot!?」 

『You sure said something weird. Isn’t it the common sense to look for a strong male?』 

「Oh here it is, the wild animal reasoning! What!? Is my body exuding some kind of pheromone that attracts gorillas or something!?」  

『That’s right.』  


What a limited edition pheromone that is! Isn’t that meaningless!? Change it with another pheromone!

Anakong gradually closed the distance between her and me who’s gripping my head so hard.

Isn’t this weird? So it’s not just Saria!? Just what is happening here, Mr-my-body!?

Louis and the other girls was desperately trying to stop Anakong, but the other snake monsters were getting in their way.

No, I can join the fight too now, right!? I mean, she’s completely locked on me! I’m fine with just Saria as my Gorilla bride! Rather, I want Saria! I’m not accepting another!

Since it was no longer the occasion to train Louis and the girls, I was about to join the fray, but then it happened.

「——-Won’t give Seiichi」 


With a tremendous speed, Saria struck Anakong.

However, Anakong received her blow with an open hand and returned it with her own fist.

After Saria stopped that punch too, She and Anakong were now locked with each other as their hands were grappling one another.


『Guh! Wh, who are you!?』 

Even though there should be a wide gap in their level difference, but instead of losing to Anakong, Saria was overwhelming her instead.

「….Am… Seiichi’s…. bride……!」 


Cried Anakong right before she was pushed to the ground, and immediately after, her face tightened.

『Kh… if so… I just need to steal him from you….!』 


As expected, with her level being over 1000, Anakong managed to regain her previous place even from such a disadvantageous body position.

However, Saria wouldn’t let herself lose, she butted her head to Anakong’s.

「Won’t give!」 


Anakong released her grip due to that, and in retaliation, she took a few steps back and deliver a punch to Saria’s face.

『Don’t get cocky!』 



「Don’t come!」  

I was rushing to help her, but Saria stopped me with her hand.

「This is… a fight between women…!」 

「Fight between women!?」  

「Yes… I must be one, to win…!」 


Saria hit Anakong in the face as though to return her favor.

——The battle from there was on another level.

Both sides deliriously unleashed blow after blow without pulling themselves back.

「Why you are aiming for Seiichi! You can find other males!」  

『What do you even know, you came from the outside! There will be no encounter for me who’s trapped in this dungeon! Do you even understand a 30 years old woman’s feeling who’s too late for marriage…!? 』 

What’s with that dungeon circumstances. Or rather, she’s over 30?

「Indeed I don’t understand your feelings… but I won’t give Seiichi, absolutely not!」 

『You fucking lass…! I’ll make that male mine!』 

I who no longer had idea what was what could only watch the two fighting with empty eyes.

Then Al, the girls, and the snake monsters, who should be in the middle of killing each other, were watching their fight unfolding.

「Saria! Don’t ever lose to her!」 

「Do your best, Saria-sama!」 

「There, deliver a punch right there.」 

「…Saria-oneechan, do your best.」 

「Amazing… I never knew a fight between monsters can be this fierce…」 

『Don’t lose, ANE-SAAANN!!!』 

『That jou-chan is quite strong!』  

『Oi fucker, why are your praising the opponent! She’s strong yeah, but… Even more so, Ane-san is desperate! She’s at that age and hasn’t met a single man……sobs………』 

『She’s too old to consider marriage after all… Ane-san! Make sure to win and get the man!』 

『……Oi you lot, I’ll remember this.』 


Am I watching a comedy sketch right now?

Eh, what? I’m the strange one here? I’m the strange one for not being able to understand this situation?

Since I was the only one feeling left out, I had no choice but to feel it that way.

That is why, once again, I directed my sight to the fight between Saria and Anakong.



A fierce exchange of blows was unveiling.

Its impacts were tremendous, the walls cracked just from its wind pressure, and the ground was already tattered.

However, as they were dungeon’s walls, they would be repaired soon enough.

While I was gazing at such a sight, one of the snake monster approached me and put its tail on my shoulder.

『Sonny, you sure are popular! ……with gorillas though.』 


It’s weird after all!? Right, no matter how you think about it!? No, you didn’t even need to think to know that it’s fucking weird!

In the first place, you guys are enemies, right!? Why are you this friendly!?

『Nono, be happy! Ane-san is a good woman! …a gorilla though.』 

『That’s right, despite her looks, she’s devoted! …a gorilla though.』 

『She’s really dependable, like her commandership over us! …a gorilla though.』 

『Her cooking is good, and her fingers are surprisingly dexterous——-』 


No matter how you’ll explain it, there’s always gorilla in that!

No, it’s not like Gorillas are bad. But that’s beside the point…!



Normally, some people will be happy if he’s being fought over by women. After all, it just shows how much he’s wanted by them.


At least humans! Please, make it humans! I mean, it’s not even interracial love at this point, right!? I already have Saria in the first place!

While I was deep into grieves, the two had already covered with wounds before I noticed it.

「Haa… haa…」 

『Huu… huu…』 

They both stared into each other without lowering their guard even a bit.

However, everyone present shared the same thought.

——The next blow would be the decider.

They were already at their last of breaths, mustering one last blow would take everything.

Then, Anakong laughed amusedly.

『Kukuku… Aahahaha!』 

「? What so funny?」 

『Ah, my bad…. I never thought this fight would be such a joyful one… I was bad for taking you lightly for being a young lass. You’ve managed to compete with me this far, someone far stronger than you, for the male you like. I’ll praise you from the bottom of my heart. But, you see——-』 


『——-I’ll be the one who wins this!』 

Anakong approached Saria with the fastest speed she ever was and unleashed a blow to her abdomen with all of her might.



『Now, it’s my win!』 

I screamed, convinced that Anakong was the victor.

——-But Saria, didn’t lose just yet.

「——Got ya.」 

『Wha!? Cra——』 

「Seiichi is…. MIIIINEEEEEE!!!!!!」 



Saria’s sharp uppercut met Anakong’s chin.

Saria was rock solid, her hand thrusting to the heavens.

And Anakong was——collapsed on the ground.

Mabbo Note

賢蛇 (kenja) literally translates as Wise Snake. It’s a play on the word 賢者 (kenja) that translates to: Wiseman, Philosopher, Sage. This is just my pun sense tingling and I had to do it no matter what. So, I translate it as Pythonsopher as a play on the world Philosopher.

Why not philoserpent, you may ask? Well.

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