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Shinka No Mi – Chapter 87

Mabbo Fairy Tim In-School Tournament ~The School’s Strongest vs Muscle-headed Delinquent~ Sorry for making you people wait. I am truly sorry for this. Since University has entered the vacation phase, I believe I am able to post more once again. 『Maan, what a surprising turn of events! Class S is being pushed back by class

Shinka No Mi – Chapter 86

Mabbo Fairy Tim. The next one will come out tmr~ In-School Tournament ~Royalty of Noble Blued vs Royalty of Impure Blued~ 『W, woah … what a terrific fight that was! I couldn’t follow the movements of the participants… 』 『That is my opinion as well. First of all, I believe the participant Bead was knocking

Shinka No Mi – Chapter 78

忍び寄る魔の手 The Creeping Hand of Demons Author Notes: For some reasons, I am freaking productive today cus it is mah rest day. TL: Maboo, TLC: Fairy, Editor: Timmy