Shinka no Mi – Chapter 152

Destra’s personal belongings

『Your level has risen』

The moment I defeated Destra, I heard such an announcement in my brain. What, I gained another level? Are you kidding me?

But this time, I didn’t even do much, to be able to say that I beat him..

「Hey, my level has just gone up.. What is the meaning of this?……」

Apparently, I’m not the only one who has leveled up..

「Did you level up once?」

「Eh? Erm… This is weird.. It says that my level is 609…」

Helen checked her status and rubbed her eyes a few times, while Saria tilted her head and asked.

It seems like we have defeated Destra? It seems to have made Helen a 『Transcendent』as she had always wanted to. I’m not sure what really made her level go up so much, though.

「We..well. It’s alright isn’t it? Helen has achieved her goal, hasn’t she?」

「………… Yes. Right now,, I know that if I stay with Seiichi-sensei, I will escape from common sense on my own.」

「What do you mean by escape from common sense?!」

「That’s what it means, isn’t it? Even the dangerous looking bastard Destra couldn’t understand what had happened, are we also superhuman? In addition, he did not even notice that it had changed.」

I collapsed on the spot when Al said that to me with half an eye.

Such foolish … common sense has escaped me…

However, with disregard to my depression, Saria opened her mouth cheerfully as usual.

「But thank goodness! Thanks to Mr. Common Sense  escaping from Seiichi, we’re safe, right? So thank you!」

「Oh, yeah? Really? Then ……」

If Saria and her friends are safe as a result, even if common sense escapes me, it’s fine! …… Huh? Are you sure?

「”Well, it looks like Helen’s level has gone up, so while he is unconscious we can check our status.」

「Ah, since I have leveled up as well,  I will confirm my status as you said.」

「Just how much more nonsense can I truly take?」

It’s not like I want to be a bullshitter or something!. When I open the status, somewhat unconvinced, I see

「Ahh, My status has run away from home..……」

「What do you mean, your status has run away?!」

Helen, who had no idea of my status, widened her eyes at my statement. No, I have no idea what’s going on with my status as well.  However, since I was not able to see my status, I am not able to check my skills… When I was having that train of thoughts, the announcer, who is very active today, suddenly spoke to me.

『Would you like me to display your newly acquired skills?』

「Oh, you can do that?」

『Yes, here are your newly acquired skills.』

The problem was solved much more quickly than I had expected, and I was feeling a bit out of sorts when I suddenly felt eyes on me. Then Al and Helen looked at me with a suspicious expression.

「…… Seiichi. Who are you talking to?」

「Eh?… The announcer in my brain?」

「There’s something wrong with you.」

「I don’t understand.」

Helen nodded at Al’s words and then looked away from me, as if to say,『Oh, just another insane move by Seiichi-sensei』As I was struggling to come to terms with the unexpected treatment, a semi-transparent window appeared in my field of vision.

『This is the tribal skill you’ve acquired this time, 【Everyone is different, everyone is good】』

「What the hell?」

Wh..What did you just say? I thought I heard a statement popping out that I didn’t think was a skill name no matter how I heard it.

『【Everyone is different, everyone is good】is activated.』

「I’m not mistaken?!」

That’s not a normal skill name anymore, It’s a verse of a poem! But I like that verse though!

Or rather.. What’s the point? I have no idea at all….

【Everyone is different, everyone is good】You will be able to acquire all kinds of skills, including those unique to your race, genetic skills, skills acquired as a result of mutation, and skills that are imprinted in your soul. The scope of these abilities is not limited to the planet where Seiichi currently resides, but extends to other stars, worlds, dimensions and gods. If Seiichi thinks「that sounds good, I like it.」, he will acquire the same or greater ability in a sublimated form.

My body is really not restraining itself…!

I mean, when did the skill naming system even stop appearing as a proper noun?!

What? So, right now, you are telling me that I’ve only been able to use skills from this world, and now that restriction is suddenly lifted? But the way it is lifted is just too crazy!. Why can’t they just unlock it bit by bit?!

More important, the fact that the skill is so far removed from the name of the skill itself..!

I think it’s a good thing that I’m not the only one who thinks that everyone is different, but I do have a problem taking away all their individuality!

Without anyone noticing, I tweaked my skills.

「Now, what am I going to do with this?」

I’m not sure what to make of this,” Al says with a puzzled look on her face in front of the unconscious Destra.

「Isn’t the best choice to pass Destra over to Ranze-san? He is a king and I am sure he will want some information on the 【Demon God Cult】」

「Well, that’s fair enough. But before we hand him over, we don’t want him behaving strangely, so we’ll just confiscate his belongings.」

「Oh, I’ll take care of that. I don’t want anything to happen to Al or Saria.」

「Oh, yeah? Then .. please」

Al blushed at my words and backed off.

Now, let’s search Destra as soon as possible.Considering that Destra is empty-handed, there’s a good chance he’s got it in his item box.

If it’s stored in the item box, there’s nothing I can do about it…. While I was in the midst of stumbling through my belongings, I heard a familiar announcement in my brain.

『The skill 【Evolution】 has been activated. This will allow you to interfere with the target item box.』

I am tired of berating my body hence, I will ignore it. I’m not sure how I feel about the quick fix, but I’m going to check it out. …… How do I interfere with the target item box?

As I turn my neck, a semi-transparent window suddenly appears in front of me, and upon closer inspection, I see a list of items in Destra’s item box.

I pressed 『Flame Knife』 in the list, and a knife with a bright red blade appeared out of nothing. Oh, wow. It is really interfering with the Item Box.

Speaking of which, are these items on this list the ones you got in the dungeon, by any chance?

It’s true that most of the treasure chests we found along the way were empty and we hadn’t had much success so far, but the one we obtained today… makes it look like Destra was a bonus character that drops tons of items in game. The experience that he gives is a lot as well. Won’t someone like him turn up again?

With these feeling in my heart while looking at the various items in the box, I notice that there are suitable weapons and items for Helen.

「Oh, Helen, Isn’t this suitable for you?」


I passed her 2 daggers, one of them called 『Wind Blade of God』while the other『Thunder Blade of God』

For some reason, there are some Japanese elements in the design and the  『Wind Blade』is a beautiful green blade while the 『Thunder Blade』 is a beautiful yellow blade , each with a thin layer of wind and thunder clinging to them.

The『Wind Blade』increases the agility of the bearer and automatically deflects flying projectile and lesser magic while the 『Thunder Blade』likewise increase the agility of the bearer and paralyze the opponent making them mythological weapons 

This dungeon is at a “Mythology Level”, so it seems that this dungeon was still a very difficult dungeon. When Helen receives the two daggers from me, she looks at them with an admiring expression.

「So pretty」

「This would make a good weapon for Helen, wouldn’t it?」

「Are you sure about ……? It looks super overpowered…」

But for some reason, Helen suddenly said that.

「I have used appraisal on this item but a mythical weapon is something you don’t normally see, and it can make anyone stronger if they use it, you know?」

「Eh? But I’m not the only one here you know? 」

「Ahh, you are right.……」

I said it as a bit of a joke, but on second thought, I really don’t want it.

「B..But if you sell it, you will have enough money to live on for the rest of your life, you know?」

「Well, I have more money than I can spend right now….」

「Just what are you? Seiichi-sensei…」

I don’t know what to do with such a philosophical question. I don’t even know who I am anymore.

「Anyway, don’t hesitate to take it. We’re here to train Helen, that’s all.」


「Don’t worry, Helen! I, myself, have a weapon as well.! 」

「Yes, he is right. I am not sure why you are being so hesitant. I don’t really understand the reasons but you need power, don’t you. Then take it. 」

Helen, who had been told this not only by me but also by Saria and Al, received both knives in the end.

I tried to find something else that could be used for Helen, but I couldn’t find anything better than this.

Besides, the rarity level is just at mythical level. It is not of dream fantasy level. 

However, I’m really glad that I was able to defeat Destra here, as I found a weapon with some very disturbing effects. What’s that, it makes the wound of the person you slash unable to be closed? That’s too scary.

It’s not funny at all to think that if these had been passed on to the 【Demon God Cult】 guys. No, Destra looked down on the demon god, and I don’t believe he would actually pass it to them.

As I was taking out the items from Destra’ s item box like a certain blue racoon, something caught my eye. 

It looked like a plain transparent crystal and for some reason, it was in Destra’s pocket rather than in his item box.

「Huh? This is …..」

I tilted my head upon inspecting the crystal which seems somewhat familiar.

I wasn’t able to tell anything by looking at it so I was about to check it out in the 『Advanced Appraisal』 as soon as I could and Saria spoke to me.

「Seiichi, what’s wrong?」

「What? Oh,――――」

The crystal slipped out of my hand just as I was about to turn around in response to it, and I rushed to grab it, but even with my supposedly monster-like status, I’m a dullard at heart, so I missed and eventually dropped it.

 Then the crystal cracked and smoke came out of it and enveloped my body. —-!




—- I was standing there in a strange forest.

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