Shinka No Mi – Chapter 148

The fleeing 『Normalcy』 and Those with Evil in their Heart

「All done with no hitch.」

「Honestly, that ended too quick.」

「I-, it was fun!」

After getting lodgings at the 『Tree of Peace』, we were chatting for a while until Al and the other two came back.

It seemed that the exam ended without problem.

「I see, I’m glad that nothing happened.」

「No, it’s normal that nothing happened, okay? ……That time with you went terrible, though.」

「A, ahahaha……」

She’s right. It was supposed to be requests for beginners, and yet Al was mad at me for demolishing the building, I couldn’t find a single herb to collect, and we even entered the Black Dragon God’s Dungeon. That wasn’t normal, no matter how you look at it.

「……What actually happened, Seiichi-sensei? For such menial tasks to turn into terrible things?」

「I mean, normalcy just fled from me, so……」

「What do you mean normalcy fled from you!?」

I have never had a normal moment in my life since I came to this world. It’s all nothing but a series of surprises and fresh experiences.

「W-, well, let’s not talk about me! Rather than that, Helen.」

「……You’re going to make me strong, aren’t you?」

Helen looked at me with a serious expression.

「Honestly, I don’t know just how much stronger you will be, but…… Gassur had provided us a piece of information.」

「Ah? Info? Did something happen?」

「Yeah. Apparently, there’s a new Dungeon that appeared near the city.」

「Haah? Dungeon?」

Al showed a quizzical look, but I couldn’t blame her for that.

Dungeons didn’t appear very often in the world in general, but we had been hearing about them all the time.

…While there was no proof or anything, but maybe the activities of those guys called the 【Demon God Cult】 were having an impact.

「So? Is that Dungeon hard? Let me say this beforehand, but normal Dungeons won’t cut it, okay? I have to get strong no matter what……」

「Ah, then that’s fine. It seems like the monsters there are around level 500, after all.」

「No, isn’t that not fine then!?」

Eh? I-, is… that so?

My confusion from Al’s retort was visible, so I turned to Saria and the others.

「Eh? I’m not really sure~. The Black Dragon God’s Dungeon and the 【Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow】 are around the same level, too, you know!」

「It doesn’t particularly interest me either.……」

「……Altoria-oneechan. You used to think those level as absurd, but if you think about Zola-oneechan’s Dungeon, it’s not that surprising of a level.」

「She has a point. The monsters in Zola’s Dungeon were strong. To be honest, not even the Demon Kingdom has much monsters at that level.」

「T-, that Dungeon was what normal to me, so I don’t really know much……」

Even Saria and the others didn’t see what the big deal was.

Al, then, held her head the further she heard everyone’s opinion.

「Aaah……The me back then would’ve said that it was impossible and not normal, but…… Since when did I become not normal myself……」

「D-, don’t mind it?」

「……There’ll be less chance of me dragging your feet thanks to that, Seiichi, so it’s ultimately a good thing and all.」

I was no match to Al when her cheeks were slightly reddish like that. I”m sorry, it seems like I’ve been pushing everyone further and further from humanity. Well, we do have a gorilla and a donkey in the mix, though.

As we were conversing, Helen, who had been frozen since the moment I mentioned level 500, drew closer to me in panic.

「W-, wait a minute! 500!? That’s not normal at all!」

「Eh? But, didn’t you just say normal Dungeons won’t cut it?」

「There’s a thing called limit!」

Is that how it is? H-, how complicated.

「Well, isn’t it fine? The higher your opponent’s level is, the stronger you get. Let’s think positively!」

「Normally, you would say “prepare to lose your life” instead of “let’s think positively” in this context……」

Oh no. Normalcy has really fled from me. My senses have gone numb.

「Can I ask something?」


Still holding her head, Helen further asked.

「Seiichi-sensei, you……how strong do you want to make me……?」

「For the time being, I’ll get you to at least 『Transcendent』, I think.」

「『Transcendent』 as your “for the time being”!?」

Everyone in my immediate vicinity are all 『Transcendents』, so that was the minimum requirement for me.

I mean, she decided to get strong, so I want to get her at least to 『Transcendent』 level.

「O-, oh no……The common sense in my is slowly getting destroyed……」

「……Nn. When you’re with Seiichi-oniichan, you don’t think. You feel.」

Olga-chan? Since when did I become such a conceptual being?

As a cramped smile found its way to my lips, I saw Helen suddenly smacked her own cheeks hard.

「H-, Helen?」

「Phew……I was just working my nerves back up. I have the need to get stronger, no matter the cost……And yet, I got cold feet with with just the monsters’ level or the word 『Transcendent』, I would go nowhere with that. Besides, you’re right Seiichi-sensei. If our opponents are 『Transcendents』 …… Then I have to get on that stage too……!」

Well, I’m sure she has a lot to think about, but this seems to be a good opportunity for Helen to finally make up her mind.

「Yosh. Then, let’s call it the day now so we can delve right into it tomorrow.」

And with that, we retreated to our respective rooms to prepare for tomorrow.

By the way, I shared a three-person room with Al and Saria, but……Nothing out of normal happened just so you know!


「——Hmph. So this is the new Dungeon, eh……」

While Seiichi and his group were resting to prepare for the Dungeon, a white-haired, blue-eyed man was standing in front of the new Dungeon they were going to take on.

The man wasn’t armed at all, not even a single blade on his person, and his outfit was as casual as any common townsman.

However, the aura he exuded was evil, and there was a sense of dread that signified that he would kill anything he touched.

「Once I’m done with this, I could go and kill Terveil, but……I feel some troublesome presences there.」

Despite his heavy words, the man’s expression was so lax that he even tried to stifle a yawn.

「Well, rather than that……Let’s just get into this Dungeon and retrieve all the treasures. Honestly, I alone will be enough, but……That «Omnipresence» bastard’s been buzzing since we’re preparing for a great war. Should I kill him?」

「——That would be troubling.」

「What? You’re here?」

Then, without even a sound, a new person appeared by the man’s side——It was 【Demon God Cult】’s  『Divine Apostle』, Eutice.

「What is it? Don’t tell me, you want to help me capturing this Dungeon?」

「No, I am currently working on a different business. Regretfully, I can’t help with yours.」

「Eh, boring. So why are you here?」

「Of course, to give you a warning.」


Ignoring the man’s scowling eyebrows, Eutice continued.

「Should I remind you that, regardless of how powerful we 『Divine Apostles』 are, as long as this uncertain element exists, we need to be prepared. And that preparation is to increase the military prowess of the 【Demon God Cult】. For that, we need a powerful weapons that are simple but strong.」

「Eh, isn’t it enough that we have Demon God-sama’s Divine Protection?」

「We can’t say that for sure. In fact, three 『Apostles』 have been defeated here in Terveil before.」

「And that’s what I’d say irrelevant to me. That’s them to blame for being weak, isn it?」

Eutice smiled bitterly at the man who seemed to grow sulky.

「Well, don’t be so cynical. You’re not the only one who has captured Dungeons and brought back many equipment from within. Besides, the monsters in this Dungeon seem to be much stronger, so we can expect the weapons it produced. That’s why you were chosen for this, because you will surely capture this Dungeon.」

「Well, that’s enough of that. As long as this ultimately will benefit Demon God-sama.」

The man heaved a sigh, before he asked one thing that haunted his mind.

「Oh yeah, you said uncertain element, but what happened?」

「……Honestly. That’s why I keep telling you to attend the gathering when Demon God-sama summoned us……」

Uncharastical of him, Eutice’ smile disappeared as his face showed exasperation.

「Listen. It’s about the 『Apostles』 that were defeated that I said before……I am unable to learn who is the perpetrator.」

「……What did you say?」

The man who knew well what Eutice was capable of opened his eyes wide in disbelief.

「In addition, the 『Apostle』 who attacked Barbadora Magic Academy was also captured, and he was even stripped off the Demon God-sama’s Blessing that should have been granted onto him. When I peeped into «Saint of Magic» Barnabas’ memory to look for the cause……It was as if all the clues I needed didn’t exist.」


「However, considering that I managed to retrieve the 「Apostle」 and plant a 「Seed」 within Barnabas, our military strength will surely be immensely increased.」

「You’re just as shrewd and cunning as ever……」

「You mean cautious.」

「I don’t think there’s much to worry about, though? I mean, I’m here, you see? So are you and the other 『Divine Apostles』, so no matter how much they struggled, Demon God–sama’s revival is certain.」

The man shrugged his shoulders at Eutice’ comment and continued.

「Well, whatever. It’s annoying, but I’ll go and capture this Dungeon like you asked. Once I’m done, I’ll go back to regular tasks.」

「What’s your target this time?」

「Isn’t that obvious? There’s a place full of people nearby. I’m sure I’ll get to see a lot of desperate faces there.」

The man smiled wicked, unable to contain the evil in his heart.

「Dear me, now I pity this country you’re targeting, «Absolute Death». Which country is it?」

「Varshal Empire. There’s also the clash they have with Kaizer Empire, so it’s going to be interesting. Well, you can count on it. I’ll collect a lot of negative emotions again.」

The man called «Absolute Death» only said as much before he left Eutice to step into the Dungeon while waving his hand to his back.

After seeing him off, Eutice muttered to himself.

「……Perhaps «Absolute Death» is right, maybe I was thinking too much. Well, there is no doubt that this Dungeon will be captured, so I should go and do my own job.」

Eutice then disappeared from the scene, once again without a sound.

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