Shinka no Mi – Chapter 144

Zakir’s Resolution and a Parting

Through the use of 【Teleportation Jewel】 by Orpheus, Zakir and his army returned to the Kaizer Empire.

Zakir looked at his surroundings and, as he noticed he was no longer in the Barbadora Magic Academy, he sent a glare towards his second-in-command.

「Orpheus, the hell are you——」

「What are you thinking, Zakir-san!?」


Before Zakir could say anything, Orpheus’ sharp punch met his cheek.

「What’s with your attitude!? What happened to you!? It wasn’t you at all!」

「It wasn’t… me…?」

Zakir was more shocked than he thought he would when he received Orpheus’ words.

「You acted like those lots from the First Division Army back there! Why would you do something like that!?」

「I……!? GUUAAAHH!?!?!?」

The moment his mind reached that thought, his head was attacked by a sharp pang of pain.


「I-, it’s fine…. I see… so that’s, how it was……」

Zakir held his head, frantically struggling to endure the pain, as he recalled something.

「……I was under Helio’s technique……!」


——Kaizer Empire’s best Magic User, a man with the title «Illusion Demon», Helio Roban.

He was the right-hand-man of Schelder Wohl Kaizer, the reigning Emperor of the Kaizer Empire, and the only wielder of 『Illusion Attribute Magic』 in the world.  

It was only recently that every soldier of the Kaizer Empire had become 『Transcendents』. Be it the soldiers of the Second Division Army led by Zakir, which was made up of people of commoner origin, or the soldiers of the First Division Army led by Aurius, which was made up of people of noble origin.

The reason why they became 『Transcendents』 was due to a certain item that Helio brought towards the Emperor Schelder.

It was a Magic Tool Helio had found. An extraordinary one that was capable of making anyone easily raise their Levels, and even transcended the limit.

Originally, there should be questions raised about such a dubious Magic Tool and where he had found it.

However, the reason why none of such questions were raised was because by the time Helio brought out the Magic Tool… many people had been subjected to Helio’s 『Illusion Attribute Magic』. 

Nobody realized what actions the Empire’s best Magician had taken, and to varying degrees, everyone had fallen under his magic.

And as Helio had been especially thorough with his magic for Zakir, the one person he was most wary of, Zakir’s personality had been changed into one that was convenient and easy for Helio to manipulate.

——However, the miscalculation on Helio’s part, which was also fortunate for Zakir, was that his magic didn’t really influence Orpheus that much, as well as… Seiichi’s very existence.

However, as it was quite a potent magic in the first place, while Orpheus did notice that Zakir was not in his element, he wouldn’t point it out. 

If all they did was go to Barbadora Magic Academy, hold some conversation with Barnabas, then leave just like so, Zakir’s personality would only continue to worsen as time passed by.

However, Seiichi had, against all expectations, intruded into the scenario to voice his complaints.

If this was any other person, then things would’ve been different.

After all, nobody could stop Zakir and his army as they were 『Transcendents』, and anyone who wished to say their mind to them would be treated no less than a pebble. 

However, the one who came was Seiichi.

In the face of an utterly disastrous conclusion that spoke of how their struggle wasn’t even worthy to be called a fight, as well as the life crisis of his commander Zakir,  the magic that trapped Orpheus became loose.

Any half-hearted mental attack wouldn’t falter Helio’s technique, but the battle against Seiichi attacked his mind like nothing.

And just like so, thanks to Orpheus who had come back to his senses quickly judged to use 【Teleportation Jewel】 that had been granted to him by the Emperor Schelder, they all returned safely.

「Zakir-san… what do we do? It’s pretty dangerous to mess with Helio-sama’s magic……」

「……I know. Now that we’ve come in contact with his magic, we need to proceed with more caution… We should doubt everything before we even act, from things you see to even your own thoughts……」

Even if he said it himself, Zakir couldn’t help but make a bitter expression, knowing how hard it was going to be.

「…Rather than that, let’s get everyone back to their senses.」


Zakir and Orpheus split up and convinced their members to break free from Helio’s magic, one person after another.

Since none of them were induced as deep as Zakir was, the process of returning them back to their senses didn’t take much time.

Even so, when the members of the Second Division Army learned that they had been under Helio’s magic, they could only accept the fact while still lost in a daze.

「N-, no way, Helio-sama……」

「What have we done……」

「We weren’t that different than those First Army lots like this……!」

「How many countries have fallen by our hands……」

The soldiers were swamped with intense regrets for their actions, as they recalled everything they had done the moment they regained their lucidity.

This was because there were many nations that had been invaded by the members of the Second Division Army, Zakir included.

After Zakir ordered his army to retreat to the barrack immediately, the soldiers staggeringly trotted back to rest.

Orpheus gazed sadly at their slumped figure.

「…At any rate, I’m just glad that these guys have come back to their senses……」

「……Yeah. However, this solves nothing. In fact, it’ll only make things worse.」


「First of all, the fact that Helio put us under magic means… It’s very probable that His Majesty is also under his magic.」

「That means… he wants to usurp the throne!?」

「No, I don’t know if he does. However, if His Majesty is under his magic, then… His Majesty must be Helio’s allies too. That means His Majesty is under that guy’s magic as intense as I was, or even more so.」*

Said Zakir with a bitter look.

「……And, if Helio really schemes to usurp the throne… is he working alone or is he working with some kind of organization, we still need to figure that out.」

「Zakir-san, are you thinking that someone is backing up Helio-sama?」

「It’s all still a speculation, but it’s hard to say that there isn’t. With how things currently are, it’s not weird that somebody is behind him.」

「No way……」

Letting out a heavy sigh, Zakir spoke more of his thoughts.

「……And, other than Helio’s matter, there is another big problem we have at hand. 」

「Eh? Another problem as precarious as Helio-sama’s matter…? 」

「It’s about His Majesty. With His Majesty’s…. no, with the 『Thing』 that passes down the Imperial Family’s blood, His Majesty is unstoppable by anyone.」

「That is……」

Zakir’s statements reminded Orpheus of the current figure of the Emperor Schelder, leaving his words hanging unfinished.

「The current His Majesty has acquired strength that even us 『Transcendents』 couldn’t rival. …If things go poorly, His Majesty could conquer the world all by himself. That’s how powerful he is.」


「That is why, we should be the one to act.」


「Unfortunately… No, good thing is, there are still countries that haven’t fallen under His Majesty’s control.」

「If I recall correctly… The Wimburg Kingdom, the Varshal Empire, the Demon Kingdom, and then… the Country of the East, right?」

「Correct. Wimburg is a small nation, but they have 『Sword Knight』, 『Black Paladin』, as well as 『Graceful Ice Devil』 among their ranks. And the Adventurers’ Guild HQ is also located… Nn? Come to think of it, I feel like I saw 『Sword Knight』 back in the arena……」

「Eh? Sure it wasn’t just you? Royal Guards like her wouldn’t leave their king’s side that easily.」

「…You have a point. Either way, the Wimburg Kingdom is a huge powerhouse despite being a small nation. While the Varshal Empire, ruled by the 『Crimson Empress』, possessed equal strength with us before we became 『Transcendents』. It’s true that our current army is all composed of 『Transcendents』, but their army is already strong since the beginning. In addition, we can’t underestimate the Empress’ own power. The Demon Kingdom doesn’t need to be questioned. The Demons have their powerful abilities, so we don’t need to worry for them.  Lastly, the Country of the East…that place is shrouded with mystery. In the first place, not only His Majesty isn’t really interested in that nation, rumors about how that nation is under a fierce civil war are everywhere. I’m sure they don’t concern themselves about the situation here.そ」

「……When I think about it again, they’re like a place better be left alone, aren’t they?」

「You’re right. However, if His Majesty were to step in… then the outcome would be clear in an instant. But, as long as they still have us, His Majesty wouldn’t intervene. Indeed, as long as we move as Helio’s puppet… we can inform those countries of our circumstances under the guise of invasion.」

「In other words… we will deceive Helio-sama and his associates?」

Zakir nodded silently. 

「We don’t know what action Helio will take if he knew that his magic on us was dispelled. I wanted to break the magic he put on those soldiers, but we don’t know where he lays his magic. It’s more than possible that they would get deceived by his 『Illusion Attribute Magic』 again.」

「No way……」

「However, my eyes were opened by you, Orpheus. It’s hard to say for sure, but… for so long I knew that if Helio uses his Magic, I have a chance to avoid it.」

「But… Zakir-san, even if we’re still on our senses and informed the Wimburg Kingdom about His Majesty’s current condition, would that have any meaning? His Majesty is already unstoppable……」

「If it’s the previous Emperor——If it’s Alph-sama, maybe he knows how to stop His Majesty」

「Alph-sama!? B-, but, Alph-sama is……」

Even when his expression was pulled tight, Zakir assented to what was implied.

「……Yeah. We have to save Alph-sama. For that, what we should do… is to find a method to help him, and then——whilst still acting as puppets, we inform the incoming danger to the Wimburg Kingdom, without being found out by Helio and his associate.」


Seeing how Orpheus looked at him anxiously, Zakir replied with a tone full of self-ridicule sarcasm.

「……What, I’m used to being a 『puppet』 ——We’ll do it, Orpheus. In order to change the current situation…… even for a little.」


As Zakir nodded satisfiedly at Orpheus’ answer, he suddenly recalled the figure of Seiichi, the person who had effortlessly beaten him down.

「Just what was that man……」

There was not a single soul that answered his question.


「 ——Seiichi-san. It was just for a short while, but… thank you for everything you’ve done.」


In front of me——Hiiragi Seiichi, there was the figure of Beatrice-san bowing her head, her belongings packed tight.

「Thanks to Seiichi-san, everyone of the Class F has become able to use magic. Something I could never do… That I thought was just a dream, you made it real, Seiichi-san. You have my deepest gratitude.」

「No, I didn’t……」

In the end, I only received my power through streaks of luck.

……The first time I defeated a monster wasn’t even by my own power, but by my overwhelming body stench that made my opponent just straight up dead.   

Even so, I was here now all thanks to the skill 【Complete Dismantling】 a God gave me before I came to this world as well as the 『Fruit of Evolution』.  

Well, sometimes the ridiculous effect of the Fruit of Evolution gave me quite a hardship, but I was grateful for all it had done to me.

My power just happened to be useful for the members of the Class F, and without that power, I would be nothing but just a powerless human being.

Despite that, Beatrice-san shook her head.

「No, Seiichi-san. Regardless of the process, at the end of the day, it’s unquestionable that you’re the one who enabled them to use their Magic. Seiichi-san. That’s why, please be proud of it.」


I wasn’t that remarkable of a man, really.

Even so, if Beatrice-san gave me those words… then I had to do my best so I could lift my chest in pride.

Beatrice-san smiled after she looked at my face, then she picked her bags and started to stride away just like that.



When I called out to her reflexively, Beatrice-san turned her head to me with a questioned look.

「If I’m the one who made them able to use magic, then you’re the one who supported them till now! It’s not just me… no, more than me! You should be more proud of yourself for it, Beatrice-san! You’re the best teacher I’ve ever known, Beatrice-san!」


Beatrice-san’s eyes widened as she received my words.

I  had never seen anyone who cared so much about their students and was delighted by their development more than Beatrice-san. No, I believe I wouldn’t meet a better teacher than her even in the future.

Beatrice-san had been more supportive and close to everyone of the Class F than I ever could be.

After which, not only me, Agnos and the other students who were gathering there shouted at Beatrice-san.

「Beatrice-neesan! I will never forget how you wouldn’t give up on us, Ane-san!」

「……You have taught me the most important of things. My honor and gratitude for you」

「……Be well」

「B-, Beatrice-san! Thank you… thank you very much!」

「……Thank you. You have my deepest gratitude, Beatrice-sensei.」

「I want to get your class again, Sensei~」

「The reason why this perfect me can achieve an even higher perfection is… all thanks to you, Beatrice-sensei. Thank you very much.」


……One of them was a crying mess, but that only spoke how much gratitude they felt towards Beatrice-san. In addition, when I looked at them closely, Flora wasn’t the only student who shed their tears.

…Now I’m feeling like crying too, damn it. What do I do… I’m really weak at things like this, you know!

Stopped in her track by the surprise, Beatrice-san smiled at her with tears of happiness, bowed, and left.

After her figure vanished in the distance, this time Agnos and the boys began to start moving.

「Now… Aniki. Time for me to leave.」

「……Me too. I have to go to my home as soon as possible and grasp the situation, even for a little.」

「I have been under your care too, Seiichi-sensei.」

「Th-, Thank you very much!」

「……Yeah. Everyone, take care of yourselves.」


Until the end, Agnos waved full of spirit while Blued just walked away in his cool yet graceful manner.

Bead and Leon-kun seemed to go to the same direction for a while, and so they left together.

「Then, we’re off too~」

「Thanks to you Sensei, this perfect me can now use magic, and thus my beauty has been polished further. Ah, you can’t fall for me, you know?」


Rachel and the girls each said their farewell as well, getting into their carriages that would take them to their home.

Though it wasn’t as severe as Flora, when I gazed at them leaving like so, I felt like a hole opened in my chest. 

……Ever since I came to this Academy, spending my time together with everyone became my daily life, so it was pretty lonely to part with them.

Perhaps she sensed my feelings, Saria snuggled up to me full of affection.

「It’s okay. We’ll meet again, after all!」

「……Will we」

「We will! I mean, we’re still alive, after all!」

「……Well, death is our end, after all.」

Towards the words that came out of Saria’s mouth, I floated a bitter smile. …Eh? Come to think of it, I went to the Netherworld, so… even if we die, I still can meet them?

……Yup. Let’s stop talking about it. It’ll ruin the emotional parting we just have.

As I was seeing off the students, Barna-san came up to me.

「Seiichi-kun.  Even though I called you to this Academy, having it ended like this… I’m terribly sorry. 」

「Oh no…. I’m just grateful I could come to here.」

I was able to meet Kannazuki-senpai and the rest, the people I couldn’t meet ever since I came to this world. And, most importantly, I also met with the people of the class F.

The time spent with them had become a very important part of my life. I was grateful to Barna-san for making it happen, and not the slightest I was angry at him for what had happened.

Following suit, Al also told what she felt to Barna-san.

「Me too… with my own constitution at hand, I rarely had any opportunity to teach young people. But, now that I could teach them all about adventuring, I’m really glad I did. Thank you very much.」

「Umu. The cafeteria is full of delicious things too. I’ll praise you for that.」

「……Glutton. Now’s not the time to mess around.」

「Hm? I’m being very serious though?」

「……She’s beyond save.」

She always has been beyond save, Olga-chan.

As Barna-san gave a peaceful smile, his gaze fell on Zola and the other two.

「……I’m sorry for what we’ve done to you, Zola-kun. Even though you’ve finally grown accustomed to school life……」

「N-, no, it’s okay! While I do find it’s regrettable, I’m grateful to you for letting someone like me enroll, headmaster!」

「I appreciate it if you say so… Louis-kun and Lutia-kun too, I’m terribly sorry of what had happened.」

「Never. I’m a person who shouldn’t be here, in the first place. I’m only allowed to be here out of your goodwill. All I have for you is gratitude.」

「I feel the same. I only came after Seiichi out of my own selfishness, so I really appreciate it that you let me stay. Thank you.」

「……Umu. When you think of it, it is weird that the main force of the Wimburg Kingdom, Louis-kun, and the daughter of the Demon lord, Lutia-kun, to be in this place. Dear me, being with Seiichi-kun too long makes me abandon common sense!!」

I’m also having a hard time here since my own common sense is breaking down.

「On a related note… what is your plan ahead, Seiichi-kun?」

「Let me see… I haven’t decided on any plan yet, so I’m thinking to spend some time in Terveil while sending Louis back.」

「I see… that means Wimburg will be safe for a while. After all, Seiichi-kun is heading there.」

「Ahahahaha… I-, I wonder.

I didn’t know just how big the influence my presence would bring, but at least the former Hero party and the First Demon Lord were there, so it would be fine even if something did happen.

As Barna-san laughed at my reply, he shifted his gaze to yet another direction.

「Now then…. We know what Seiichi-kun and his group will do after this, but… what about you———Helen-kun?」


When I followed his line of sight, I saw the figure of Helen deep in thought at the end of it.

E-, eh? Didn’t she leave along with Rachel and the other girls… No, come to think of it, I didn’t see Helen leaving.

It seemed like I was the only one who didn’t realize she was here, as Saria and the girls weren’t that shocked to see her. E-, eeh—?

Just when I was lost thinking why did Helen stay——


「Y-, yes?」

「Please… please make me strong!」

「———Y-, yess!?」

Saying so, Helen bowed to me.


*Zakir actually says:

「However, if His Majesty is under his magic, then… Schelder must be His Majesty’s ally too. I guess he’s under that guy’s magic as intense as I was, or even more so.」

Which is weird since Schelder is the current reigning emperor. Unless Zakir means the previous emperor, Alph, whomst he pledged his loyalty to. Alph is currently bedridden, most probably under a curse.

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