Shinka no Mi – Chapter 31

Chapter 31 – In each place

「Altria-san, Where are you?」
I had left the guild to follow Altria-san and even though I was outside there was no trace of her.
「… Maybe there are too many people around here to see her… 」
There are a surprising amount of people in the capital city of Telbel.
「That’s right! I can use the 『Search』 skill in this situation」

In the “acquired” section of the skills menu I have a skill called 『Search』. It can search for any living thing within a 500 meter radius.
It should activate immediately.
I activated 『Search』 and — my shoulders drooped.
I… Why didn’t I realize it already.
It certainly did find every living thing but…

「I can’t identify an individual person…! 」
Once I activated 『Search』 every living thing’s position within a 500 meter radius rushed into my head and made me a little dizzy.
「I won’t be able to tell where she went with this.」
Meh, it would be better to ask around.
I was reminded of the Black Dragon God’s story… Communication is important!
I called out to a few ladies that were passing by.

「Excuse me! Do you have a moment? I’m looking for someone…」
「I don’t mind in particul… ar, ara? Aren’t you Seiichi-san? 」
「Eh? … A-Adriana-san!?」
What a coincidence. What are the chances that the lady I called out to happens to be the Countess that owned the white “dog”. What a small world.

「What happened? You’re looking for someone…」
「That is… I’m searching for Altria-san… have you seen her?」
「What? Altria-chan? Ya… I haven’t seen her.」
「Is that so…」
「I’m sorry that I can’t be of any help…」
「Ah no! I mean… thank you very much.」
「You’re welcome.」
After saying my thanks I began to move away from Adriana-san.
Judging by Adriana-san’s reaction she suddenly remembered something.

「Ah, that’s right. Seiichi-san」
「Would you happen to be aware of Altria-chan’s… predisposition?」
「Well, yeah…」
「In that case, can I ask a favor of you?」
The sudden request caused me to respond with a goofy sound which caused Adriana-san to smile.

「Will you be able to get along with Altria-san? Even though she doesn’t look to be delicate, she is on the inside.」
「I am already well aware of that.」
「That’s why just a little is fine. I want you to snuggle with her a little.」
I tilted my head as I didn’t fully understand what Adriana-san wanted.
Adriana-san laughed a bit then continued.

「Even if you don’t fully understand it’ll be fine. Just stay the same Seiichi-san that will diligently search for Altria-chan.」
「…I don’t really understand but Altria-san is a very important person to me. That’s why… 」
Up until now Adriana-san has been just smiling and halting my search.
「In that case it’s fine. So, shall I let you continue searching for Altria-chan? Oji-sama ♪ (old man) 」
「She called me Oji-sama… 」

I unintentionally released a bitter smile at Adriana-san’s words.
Soon after I parted with Adriana-san and continued the search for Altria-san.
「Should I start asking around again…」
I was beginning to think so but switched to wondering if I had a convenient item for this situation.

I took out a silver stone shaped like a compass needle. (TL: I will henceforth call this item the silver needle)
I couldn’t use it in the Black Dragon God’s Labyrinth because it was a closed off space. …well I did just end up destroying all the walls that were in my way.
Well, I’m outside this time.
I could track her from the roofs if I knew her direction!
The Silver Needle began to float and pointed across the street.
Progress has been made.

「I see… This direction huh. 」
The Silver Needle was spinning in the item box and I looked the way it pointed. (TL: honestly I don’t understand what she’s talking about I thought he took it out… it actually say dancing at the item box… IDK goodluck)
「 …That? …That direction is…」
Then, to catch up to Altria-san, I began running in the direction the Silver Needle had pointed to.

「Of course…」
Following the Silver Needle’s guidance I arrived at a familiar place.
「This is… Isn’t this where my first request was?」
That’s right, this is where I completed my first test to join the guild… 『Dismantle the Ruins』 is what the request said.
I felt I could complete it without any skill because no one was around then.
However, I destroyed it without thinking and there was only rubble left.

I activated 『Search』.
Then, because no one was around, immediately a reaction from Altria-san was displayed.
Without any hesitation I walked over there and — found.

Altria-san was hidden in the shade of some rubble sitting on her knees.
Upon hearing my voice her shoulders fluttered a bit along with some other movement but remained silent.
I sat down near her but because her back was facing me I couldn’t see her facial expression.
Silence was all that was heard for a while and in that silence I made no attempt to start a conversation.

I had no idea what to say… because I had no idea why she had suddenly run.
More than that I wanted to wait for Altria-san to explain it to me.
I was thinking this when a small voice came from Altria-san.

「…What is it?」
「Is someone… Like me actually… needed?」
「Even though someone like me will always cause problems?」
「 Something like that is definitely not true.」
「 …You really don’t dislike the idea…?」
「…Really. Everyone loves Altria-san. Sarria, Gassul, and even Ellis… Everyone considers you important. Even I love you.」

I never thought as Altria-san as someone that shouldn’t exist.
Explaining my love is extremely embarrassing but they are my true feelings so it can’t be helped.
I mean, if you don’t say it no one will know.
Upon hearing my words, Altria-san was facing down with her shoulders trembling.
「Is that… so?」
「…Everyone around me… considers me important… I too… everyone important…」
「…Uu… gu~tsu…(gulping sound)」

Altria-san buried her face in her lap muffling her now frantic weeping.
What should I do at times like this?
Kenji or Shota would have been in this setting before. Unfortunately, I have always been traveling on the unpopular person’s road. I don’t know how to comfort women.
Isn’t there something I can do for Altria-san who is crying right in front of me?
I squeezed my hand. I can’t save her heart.
I am not a pure militaristic power. I was reminded of the very important fact that there are some things I am powerless against.
At that time, suddenly Adriana’s words popped into my head.

『I want you to snuggle with her a little』
How do I… Snuggle? Physically? Or emotionally?
…Physically would probably be a little strange.
In that case, emotionally…
As I became more and more confused I began to think of how Sarria had cheered up Altria-san.
『Altria-san! Gyu~tsu! 』
From the moment I remembered Saria’s actions my body was already moving on its own as if it was prompted from Saria.

I hugged Altria-san from behind.
When Saria hugged Altria-san like this I was in wonder as to her insight into Altria-san’s anxiety filled heart. It was not like that this time. Altria-san was happy from being freed of that anxiety but was also confused. She had thought of herself as a calamity but instead she was rather liked by everyone. Contrary to earlier, how should I have contact with everyone… I think that kind of anxiety was swirling around.

だけど今、そのサリアはいない。(I know I added words in this one… It’s due to not having an equal expression in English…)
It’s too late once a child becomes insecure, regardless of the foundation a parent lays in the heart with what they say, a new understanding happens. If a parent thinks a child has insecurities they will handle them gently as if there are a fragile package. It was the same with Saria when we talked about the orphanage. Apparently she is naturally displaying her maternal instincts. Saria had also seen through Altria-san’s anxiety earlier and had handled her gently hugging her from behind to give her peace of mind… but Saria isn’t here this time.

There is no one else here that can become Altria-san’s foundation. It may be a completely unreliable foundation but a little should be fine…
「It’s ok. If Altria-san is uneasy then I’ll stay right here. For as long as it takes for you to calm down.」

I thought it would be good to calm Altria-san down even if it was just a little so I imitated Saria’s hug…
Somehow the crying had stopped and even though I couldn’t see her face her ears were visibly red as they peeked through her beautiful silver hair.
…No, if you thoroughly think about it, haven’t I… done something extremely daring?
The moment my head reached the conclusion my face became hot. Oh… my face is definitely bright red…!

No, calm down! No matter how much patience it requires! I think Altria-san’s heart should have relaxed a little.
Aah… Altria-san smells good.
… That’s not the point?! Why should I relax!?
Ah, wait a minute! I don’t smell right!? I’m okay right!?
I know the title 『smell player』 once perfectly cut though… Ah my own insecure side has come out. That’s why someone gently hugged me!
Interrupting me, my arm was lightly patted as I hugged Altria-san.

「Alright… I’m fine already」
「Eh? Ah, ok!」
Separating really is embarrassing.
Then Altria-san’s face was deep red and she began fidgeting.
「T-that… is. Um… was embarrassing…」
I was also embarrassed! …I wanted to shout. I held it in.
「For hugging… thank… you…」

With her cheeks dyed red and while looking slightly upward Altria-san had said so.
…I thought I was more or less resistant to beautiful girls because of Saria.
But… I couldn’t do it. The destructive power we horrible. My resistance won’t come out.
As a result of Altria-san’s cute gestures I could do nothing but dote on her.
Once again an indescribably air subtly flows around us.
…More than that, I think it’s good that Altria-san had the opportunity to face the person she had been avoiding eye contact with until now.

Still, Altria-san’s curse had not been solved.
It seemed like Altria-san’s acquaintances had been searching for ways to break the curse…
But… the luck status was -2 million huh… Thinking about it again, that value is tremendous.
As long as Altria-san has the 「The person who is burdened with disaster」 title, she won’t be able to stop thinking about painful things.
Is there nothing that can be done? Something I can do…
…Damn it… Not one thing comes to mind…
If only Altria-san’s luck value didn’t have the negative…

…The negative… didn’t exist…?
Suddenly I realized.
The way to solve Altria-san’s curse…!
「Altria-san! Hand! Give me your hand please!」
「I beg of you!」
In response to my appeal Altria-san held out her left hand with a dubious expression.
I immediately took out the equipment from the item box.
「H-hey. Just what are you doing?」

Altria-san raised a voice in confusion.
But her voice didn’t reach my ears at that moment.
I took out the equipment I had received from the treasure box, 『The Ring of Misfortune』.
Altria-san noticed the intent to put the ring that was taken out on her finger.
…Which finger should I put it on?
Come to think of it…. It wasn’t mentioned if the ring will resize itself automatically for the wearer…

It’s possible that it may not fit on any of Altria-san’s fingers.
…Eei! My luck in finding this ring will cancel the negative on Altria-san’s luck!
Now all that remains is for the ring to cancel the negative!
With that I checked Altria-san’s fingers one by one.

I caught a glimpse of Altria-san’s appearance who was bright red in the face and a little misty in the eyes!
…Due to the cuteness that could likely cause me to fall in love I consciously moved back to Altria-san’s left hand.
「…Thumb… no good. Index… no good. In that case middle… ku~tsu! 」

The remaining ones are the ring finger and the pinky…
The pinky is obviously too small even if it is Altria-san.
In that case it can’t be helped.
Coming to that conclusion I slid it on her ring finger.
Oh! Perfect!

As luck would have it the ring perfectly fit Altria-san’s finger and I unintentionally smiled under the hood.
Suddenly the ring began to emit a divine light!
「Wh-what the!?」
Altria-san and I were dumbfounded.
Despite the ring shining right in front of my face there was no damage to my eyes. Instead Altria-san and I were wrapped in a soft light.
Eventually the soft light faded and the ring continuously emitted a small violet glow.

With exception of the light its appearance didn’t really change.
Somehow I couldn’t see the ring in front of me as the same.
Spontaneously I used my appraisal skill.
『The Ring of Happiness』 …Dream class equipment. A blessing from two people’s feelings for each other— By treasure chest. The curse on the wearer is cancelled and luck is doubled.

Treasure cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeest!
You were that kind of guy…! How long are you going to keep helping me!
I don’t really understand the part about two peoples feelings but thanks to you Altria-san was saved!
I should tell her that her curse was solved.

「Altria-san! Your curse is solved!」
「Aaaah! I’ll explain later. For now just check your status!」
As I excitedly say that Altria-san begins to confirm her status with a little bit of a low atmosphere.
As Altria-san looks at her status her eyes open wide.

「N-no way… that’s right?」
「It’s true.」
「T-that’s a lie. Th-this happiness continues. I received that from everyone… everything, it has to be a dream…!
Altria-san was in a tizzy due to the sudden situation.
To help Altria-san calm down I firmly took her hand.

「You may not believe it but this isn’t a dream! You are no longer a calamity! 」
「Please look at this ring! This is what solved your curse!」
I showed her the ring of misfortune — the ring of happiness on her finger.
Altria-san looked dumbfounded as I was speaking.
「That’s why… I think you’ve had your share of unhappiness already, from now on be happy. I—- will support you with everything I have. 」

Let’s look back at the situation.
First, I comforted Altria-san
Then, remembering the existence of the ring I got from the Treasure Chest I put it on her left ring finger.
Finally, melting away the curse and promising to support Altria-san with everything I have from now on.
「Isn’t that a proposal!? 」

The fuck did I do!? This kind of a ridiculous mistake!?
Isn’t the left ring finger where the wedding ring goes! Why didn’t I notice earlier!
… Huh? But… It could only be like that on Earth. Isn’t this a different world?
Now that I think about it, in the first place a ring may not even be proof of marriage…
「but then Altria-san’s reaction… aaaaaaaah! I don’t understand! 」

There’s no point in escaping reality; while feeling that I chased down Altria-san.
Damn it~tsu! After this whole Altria-san uproar we’ll thoroughly examine this whole hero thing and everything else in this world!
…Ah but…
「 If Altria-san is better now then… that’s good enough for now. 」
Finishing up to now, we’re on top a mountain of rubble.
Under the clear blue sky; it feels like an image of a Treasure box giving a thumbs up should be floating there.

「1.. 2.. 3.. Oh, it looks like I get some money for helping people.」
「What? How much?」
「10,000 G 」
「That much!? 」
「My turn next… Oh. I also got a 3」
「Ok then move your piece」
「Ok. Um… Oh it looks like I get 50,000 G in baby gifts from the next person to roll」
「So much!? K the next person is… It’s me!」

I —- Bell Giselle, the fat Terry Hemuto, and the overly skinny Bosco Dan were playing.
「Well… Humans sure think of interesting things huh.」
「Ya I think so too. What was the name of this game again?」
「Wasn’t it… 『The Game of Life』 at least that’s what I thought it was called.」

That’s right. In front of us were a lot of little game pieces and the board which had a little road with instructions written on it. On the top of the board were instructions on how to move your pieces and the dice decide how many places those pieces can move.
「but the hero came from such a nice world where you can play this game?」
「Ho~o. That’s a nice world… that kind of place.」

Bosco said he went to a nice world before and I was thinking of enjoying something like that.
Even though we watch humans fight I don’t really like war.
To begin I’ve fought magicians to protect myself not too long ago.
「It would be nice to have a world without war.」
That unintentionally leaked from my mouth.
Somehow the atmosphere became serious so Teri changed the topic to a more tolerable one.

「Oh next time can’t we play『Trump』?」
「Trump? What’s that? 」
「Well… let’s see… you have 4 suits on these cards; Hearts, Diamonds, Spades, and Clubs. Each one has a number on it 1-13.」
「Ho. And then… what kind of game can you play? 」
I was unintentionally attracted to the explanation. Bosco answered my question

「I heard this from my friend… 『Poker』and 『Old Maid』or… Ah, and there is also 『Doubt』. Anyways, this torump (intentionally misspelled) can be played in all sorts of ways.」
「Poo-keer-? Also Tired Maid… or Old Lady was it? Those seem ok…」
「Ah it doesn’t really mean the Old Maid got a divorce though… 」
「I don’t really understand it. Wha? What do you do? 」

There were a lot of words with unknown meanings flying around and unless I played it I wouldn’t know if it was fun or not.
Anyways… Humans are incredible. Thinking of all these ways to play with one thing.
「That’s right… I don’t remember much of the rules of Doubt… 」
「Meh that’s ok let try it anyways. 」

Just give me a simplified version of the rules.
In short you hide your cards from your opponents and place cards face down on the table. If no one doubts your card is the said card then it stays on the table but if someone thinks you’re lying they shout “Doubt” and if you lied you have to pick up all the cards if it’s true then that person gets them all.

What a harsh set of rules those humans made…!
If you’re scared then 『doubt』 would never be shouted!? That’s a huge risk! …What!? That’s how it’s played!? Doesn’t the thrill seem like it would be fun!? …It seems that layers are liked. Well enough talking about it let’s start.
Fu~tsu… In short lying is good in this game. This game is composure!

[Nooooooooo!?] (TN: Yeh, no idea about this sorry. It think it’s just an expression of surprise)

Result——-I suffered a disastrous defeat.
Though i found out later, it seems like this is a play done by at least 4 people…. Son of a bitch! [TN: I think he’s being cheated? No, he states 4 people, but the below line says 3? ] [ED: Game is meant to be played with 4+ people. ]
To we three people, who were non chalantly enjoying our everyday life, the door was suddenly bashed open.

[Re, Reiya-sama?]
The expression of Reiya-sama who had entered the room was surprisingly serious.
Without answering my call, she walks straight in our direction.
While playing games in the sitting posture, we stop to look at Reiya-sama.
Then Reiya-sama who had been quiet up until now, slowly opens her mouth.

[…..the Black Dragon God….has been defeated]

Together we raise a stupid voice.
The black dragon god….has been defeated?
I thought it was impossible. That person, if you exclude the demon king, has the highest war potential in all of *** (TN: Again another name, this time of a country). He cannot be defeated.
I thought the same thing. Terry and Bosco are also stunned.
While looking down on us, Reiya-sama spoke once again.

“The black dragon god, it was defeated”
“………..” x3

The expression of Reiya-sama is too serious, her words must be true.
We never thought the black dragon god would be defeated.
For this reason, i am surprised and completely dumbstruck.

“For now, to regain the Black dragon god’s power I must travel to [The labyrinth of the black dragon god]”
“If that’s the case, then we also……!”
“During my absence, you must protect this place.”

Even if you ask with a serious expression, we have no choice but to shut up. Besides if we follow Reiya-sama, we will certainly be a burden to Reiya-sama. But, in the first place, to imagine Black Dragon God being defeated by humans, we wouldn’t have such thoughts. Because of that, it was troubling for Black Dragon God and Reiya-sama. 1111
“Somehow I expected what I imagined you guys are doing upon arriving here…. But, even I wouldn’t have thought Black Dragon God be defeated. That’s why, you guys shouldn’t worry about it. Besides, although the idea was good, it was still naive. Fortunately, thanks to the dungeon, Black Dragon God should have recovered…. That said, it shouldn’t be a complete recovery, I’ll be heading over to make sure he completely recovers.”

We were impressed by the words and actions of Reiya-sama. This guy’s various action… He’s quite amazing…. She still doesn’t have a boyfriend. Besides, if it is Reiya-sama, he will certainly be able regain the power of Black Dragon. We looked at Reiya-sama with shining eyes, as Reiya-sama grumbled slightly.

“Well…. the Demon King will be able to regain his powers”
“That is….”
“Anyways! While I am not here, make sure to properly guard this castle”
” ” ” Roger! ” ” ”
Hearing our replies, Reiya-sama nodded gratefully and used teleportation magic, disappearing from the spot. When Reiya-sama was sure to have left, Terry and Bosco called out to me.

“What’s wrong?”
“Somehow, you seem to have a serious look”

The both of them seems to be worried about me. I have such good friends! While I was thinking of such things, I honestly spoke what was troubling me.
“What if… I entrust it to him”
” ” Bell-san….” ”
It was painful looking at their cold gaze.

“Pull back your weapon! In combat, a single opportunity is fatal!”
I…Takamiya Shota, am in the royal palace, receiving combat training with a wooden sword in the training field. Of course, I am not the only one being trained. All the students who had been summoned as heroes, received this training.
“100 more times!”

The one who had been teaching us, is the knight commander of this country, Zakir Gilford-san.
After the first meeting with the king, Zakir was the person who had his arms folded behind the spear-wielding soldiers.
The dull silver armor carved with many scratches, giving an atmosphere of a veteran, was clearly different from the ordinary soldiers.
With wooden swords in our hand, Zakir-san ordered us to practice 1000 swings.
We the summoned heroes, practiced in order to master the “Holy Sword” which will inevitably be placed in our hands.

Unlike the time with Zakir, following the instruction of someone with the common sense of this world, all of us were able to safely make the holy sword appear.
According to that person, the sacred sword is effective against demons and the demon lord, it appears to withhold the『Holy Attribute』
The so called 『Holy Attribute』, when used against demon folk, in order to have maximum effectiveness, surprisingly, all of us are undergoing training to skillfully handle it, under Zakir’s guidance.

“5 more! …4! 3! 2! 1! … Okay, that’s it!”

In sync with Zakir’s instructions, we held down our wooden swords.
Although it’s been half a year since coming to this world, there’s still a lot of people who are unable to follow through the training.
Senior Kanazuki and I were originally Kendo club members, so it wasn’t that much of a hurdle, Kenji also passed through sheer will power.
As everyone catches their breath, while resting their aching bodies, Zakia said.

“Today’s training ends here. Each of you make sure to get enough rest.]

After giving out minimal required instructions, Zakir takes leave.
Normally this is where everyone disbands, but this time it’s different

“Please wait up a bit!”

The one who called Zakir to wait was, Seiichi’s class representative, Aoyama.

“When is it that we’ll stop swinging and get some real battle experience? Our status is increasing but our level is still the same.”
“For now, it’s more important to get used to your weapon.”
“Isn’t that what you’ve said before? I .. still think that defeating weak monsters and leveling up is still the best way to get stronger.”

As Aoyama said so, the others who’ve kept quiet up till now started stirring up unanimously.

“Yeah, thats right isn’t it !”
[If we just keep swinging the wooden sword , we’ll never ever get strong]
[The original spec of our body was high to begin with, so it’s definitely better to be strong via leveling up ]
[Zakir-san, please let us fight monsters already]

Voices of complaint slowly rise.
When the line of sight suddenly lands on Kannazuki senpai, he faced the students with a bitter face.
Indeed, leveling up will definitely make us stronger by now.
But, for some reason i feel that something’s not right
Then, Zakir who was listening to the student’s complaints in silence, said.

“……The policy will remain unchanged. tomorrow you’ll continue the swings, and perform simple combat exercise. And that’s that”

After saying that, Zakir turned and left.
When the figure of Zakir’s back disappears, the student’s throw out complaints one after the other.

[Whats with that guy!]
[I really don’t get this guy]
[What’s the point of doing something so meaningless?]
[Is there something wrong with his head?]

Everyone is just saying what they want
Though it’s true that the efficiency is bad but seems like he has something in mind
Though it’s true that i practiced kendo, but when its comes to real combat i’m just an amature. its best to leave things to pros.
As i concluded so, I continued to watch the scene as students kept spewing ugly epithets in front of my eyes.


Upon the balcony where the beautiful moonlight shines, I…… Zakir Gilford lets out a sigh

[…This isn’t going to be easy is it… …]
[What isn’t…..?]

Unexpectedly, a voice came from behind.
I wasn’t startled by the voice that came from behind. As i’ve already sense that there was a presence nearby.

[Oh it’s you, Orpheus……]
[Mind if I take a seat next to you?]
[….Do as you please]

The one who replied my with a gentle smile was the gentle mannered man with brown curly hair, Orpheus Almond the knight leader assistant
The subordinate that i have confidence in the most, whose ability is by far the best amongst the knights
Like me orpheus looked up at the moon silently
Then, slowly he started to speak.

[Zakir, the training today was harsh]
[Why’s that ?]
(everything below here still in yellow highlight, I’m not entirely sure about)<-Lonjest
While showing a wry smile, the core of my worries is Orpheus.
While , I’m not trying to hide it in particularly, I tell Orpheus.
「…… It’s because I don’t want them to die.」
Orpheus had a shocked expression on his face, was my answer that unexpected.

「They are…… a people not use to war. And yet, saying that they will be relied upon for the subjugation of the Demon King, it’s something that can’t be understood」
「Moreover. ……I’m telling you now, I don’t want to fight a war against demons. I hope to coexist」

Orpheus’s eyes, opened really wide.
「……Zakir. That remark, is the opposite ideal of the King’s. If somebody else heard you…….」
「No problem…. That’s because there is… only you, here」
When I said so, Orpheus showed a sign of relief.
「It will not be alright if the [King Sword] is like that」
「…… I don’t like that name. In addition, while I obey the orders of the existing King, my mind is always with the King’s predecessor」
「…… Is that Alph」
Alph Dear Kaiser. He is the benefactor who saved my life, and is a person who’s was a wonderful King.
He is gentle to the people, will immediately help those in trouble no matter their race…… That’s the kind of person he is.
However, Alph, because the effects of aging, has had an increase in the amount of time he sleeps in a day, and the throne was passed over to the present King the King’s son.
From that day, there was never any peace.
As Orpheus says, I have a grim expression.
「……Certainly, the present King…… Although the story has wandered off, I understand you don’t want them to die. But, why don’t you let them gain actual fighting experience?」
「…… They, seem to come from a peaceful world more than we had thought. They don’t know how to hold a sword, and don’t even know the methods to easily take a person’s life. Therefore, I’m teaching them how to use weapons first」
「Certainly, I will be hated for thoroughly having them do the basics. However, they have never touched a weapon before. I know that’s superficial. However, the outcome is better than if they do not do that」
「I know that I am selfish. However, they do not want to die just as much as us. If I came from a peaceful world, I’d want to live in that wonderful world. …… It’s simply that」
Saying that, I leave the balcony.
「Zakir…… You are too cowardly……」(it’s either awkward or cowardly I’m not sure here. I’m thinking cowardly)

I didn’t hear the mutter of Orpheus, and just disappear into the night.

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