Shinka no Mi – Chapter 61

Chapter 61 – Date with Altoria ~Theatre~

The day after my date with Rurune.

I had plans to go on a date with Al, and we decided to meet in front of the Inn.

………… A-re? Don’t those words make me seem like a bad person? No, that really is the case isn’t it!

Why would Al and Saria both fall in love with someone like me? Even though Al would be much better off dating with a more handsome guy. Saria … Is a gorilla though.

As I racked my brains trying to solve this nagging question, Al’s voice sounded out from behind me.

「T-Thanks for waiting……」

「No, I didn’t wait――――」

Just as I started to speak, I suddenly found myself at a loss for words.

And the reason for that, was that Al, who normally wore short sleeved shirts and short pants, was now dressed in a long skirt and a white parka.

Al wearing a different attire from usual didn’t seem like the usual cool beauty, but now was extremely cute, further adding to her charm.

When Al realised I was staring at her in fascination her cheeks turned red and she shouted flustered.

「W-What……Do I look weird dressed like this!?」

「No way! How could I ever think you were weird? It really suits you 。Just now、Was just……A-no……Al was just too cute so……」

My words ended up causing her face to turn even redder, as she turned to stare at the ground

What’s this!? I’m embarrassed! That was totally embarrassing though!?

It was certainly true that Al was really cute, and it goes without mention that I wanted to accurately express that with words but……。

But I didn’t think it’d be this embarrassing to do so!? Youngsters nowadays, can do such highly embarrassing things!? I can’t really think of them as humans like me! Though I’ve already quit being a human!

「A-Anyways! L-Let’s go」


The mood had become awkward, but we started the date immediately.

But, before we walked more than a few steps from the Inn, Al called out again.


「Would it……be alright to……hold hands?」

I turned around to face her, only to see her as red as an octopus, her trembling reaching out towards me.

What should I do?

The sight of Al acting so cute has completely fried my brain.

I grasped Al’s hand, in my half-dazed state.

「Tsu! Ha、Haha tsu」

When I did so, Al’s face lit up with excitement。…… If holding hands makes you this happy, then you can hold as much as you want. Actually, should I just tear my arm off for you? Right now I feel like I could even grow my arm back even if I tore it off! …… It’ll be censored by a mosaic so let’s not.

With that exchange, we once again started walking.

This time’s date because when Rurune asked to have just the two of us walk around and eat, Al also asked for just the two of us to walk around and eat too, and that’s already decided, but we also thought that we’d ought to go to various places other than just to eat.

But, since up till now in the Capital, we’ve only gone about the place we’re familiar with everyday, I wanted to take this chance to explore fully.

「That’s right, this reminds me that I, was the one who acted as an examiner for when all of you took the test to become Adventurers, and guided you around you though not very thoroughly。It’s an odd thing, but this really reminds me of the past」


When me and Saria had just gone to that town, during the time when Al was assigned to us as our examiner and moved together with us, she showed us the Bellfillle Religion’s Church, so even though it was only just one building, she did guide us around.

「Do you remember? When we visited Adriana-san’s house、you said the words『Noble’s District』」

「Aー……I have a feeling that you really did say those words……」

「I didn’t really talk about it in detail that time, but that town is actually separated into Districts。『Commerce District』、『Leisure District』、『Noble’s District』、『Residential District』、The『Commerce District』is made up the various shops、The『Leisure District』consist of many recreational facilities、The『Noble’s District』is where many of the aristocrats dwell、and it’s close to the『Commerce District』and『Leisure District』。The『Residential District』is、well, you can probably understand even without my explanation。In any case、this is the centre of the『Districts』、where the Capital and Plaza are.」

What should I do. I had no idea at all.

A-re!? Even though I haven’t been here for long, why are there so many things I don’t know about!? On top of that, isn’t the separation of the districts is something that I could have learnt about early on!? I’m too outdated!

「By the way、both the Guild and the Inn we’re staying at are in the『Commerce District』so、basically Seiichi’s activities have been around the『Commerce District』’s Plaza、and the Capital」

A country’s capital couldn’t possibly be so small. If I’d thought about it carefully I’d have realised

I had nothing to say in front of the truth that I had just realised.

「Well in any case, the place I’m bringing Seiichi to today 、is the『Leisure District 』」

「I see……」

The Leisure District seems to be the spot to go to have fun, so it may be a good idea to go there.

I’m also interested in what kind of place the Leisure District is.

While I was alone in my sea of thoughts, Al led me by the hand.

「C’mon! Don’t just stand there in a daze、let’s get going!」

「O、Oi! I’ll move so stop pulling me!」

And so I left, like I was being dragged away by Al.

「This is the『Leisure District』!」


Lead by Al, I’ve come to the place called the Leisure District, and there I could see a scene different from the Capital, and I could feel it’s bright yet unique atmosphere.

「Seiichi might not know, but there’s a famous theatre in this Capital」

「Is that so?」

「Ou。It holds a show everyday, so I thought I would come and watch it with Seiichi today」

「But doesn’t that require you to buy a ticket the day before?」

When I said that, Al pulled out 2 straight pieces of paper

「The ticket for today’s performance, for two.」

It seems that for today’s date, Al likely went off to buy the tickets during the time I spent outside with Rurune yesterday.

…… I’m really pathetic, aren’t I…… 。

No matter how many amazing powers I obtain, I’m totally useless when it comes to these kinds of things……。I feel even more miserable after saying that

「I-Is that so。Well then, could you guide me to the place?」

「Ou! Leave it to me!」

Al-san. Forget about me, you’re way more manly.

With the enthusiastic Al strolling on one side, and the gloomy me dragging my feet beside her, we were quite a strange combination as we headed to the theatre.

After a while, my emotions began to calm down, giving me the chance to look at my surroundings, where the lively atmosphere cheered my up again.

「Ah! What’s that!?」

On our way there, on the street side, there was a clown, with seven balls of fire floating in the air above him.

Furthermore, the balls of fire were gradually fusing together, and at the end when it turned into a large fireball, when the clown blew onto it, the beautiful multi-coloured spark fizzled into nothingness.

「Ah, it’s pretty common to see street performance in the Leisure District」

「It’s not at the level of a mere street performance though!?」

It’s only possible to perform such tricks because of magic but, it is really alright to just group this under street performances? Even though I even felt a moment of artistry from them……。

Well, either ways, I can’t possibly do――――。

『Skill【Street Performance】acquired』

「Nn? What happened? Seiichi。You have a really miserable look on your face you know?」

「……Un……No problems here……」

Pulling myself together, and advancing onwards, this time was the beautiful sound of a lady’s singing voice ringing through the air, coming from the street side.

The song was really fun and catchy, matching the atmosphere of the Leisure District.

「Somehow this song makes me feel better!」

Said Al, her face all smiles.

Thanks to the song、I was able to enjoy、this side of Al――――。


My feelings were ruined instantly.

Behind the singing lady, there was a group of people cheerily playing their instruments

Ah……Their music really has the power to warm people’s hearts、even my restless heart was quietened in a moment――――。


Or not. In fact, it just got worse.

Please, anyone is fine, please just do something about this body!? The guilt I felt from snatching away the results of someone’s hard work is nothing small.

In just a few metres, I’ve already acquired 3 skills! I’m so sorry!

Depressed over the things only I knew, I was trudging along, when suddenly a woman in a risqué dress called out to me.

「The Onii-san over there、why not come over to my store? I’ll give you lots of service alright?」

「Of course。Do you see anyone else around?」

What is this? An invitation to a store full of beautiful Onee-sans?

Due to my inexperience with these sorts of things, I couldn’t hide my embarrassment at all, and the girl took the opportunity to grab my arm.

「It’s fine isn’t it? So let’s go」


I-It’s striking straight at my heart! Could this be what is called an Adult’s Charm!? It’s still too early for me! On top on that, I’m still a minor!

「T-That person is……M-My Boyfriend! Get your hands away from him!」

Al, as if to compete with the girl, grabbed my other hand and pulled it into her chest.

T-There’s a soft sensation there too ……!

Because of what Al did, my face flushed red. Even more so than a boiled octopus.

My face turning red, I could only stay frozen in place. Seeing that, the woman whose eyes had opened in shock at Al’s actions left, giggling to herself.

「A-ra, I’m sorry~。If you have a girlfriend, then it can’t be helped~。Don’t worry, I won’t do anything anymore~」

Saying that, the girl left in front of us.

「The Leisure District、is really mature huh」

「What are you even saying……」

Replied Al wearily, after hearing what I said.

And then, she turned her eyes up to me in a glare.

「E-Even though you have me, for you to follow her is……something that I won’t allow got it!?」

Why is this person so cute?

Even though she doesn’t speak fondly of me, each and every one of Al’s action carry her care for me.

「It’s fine……well, even if I said that、you still probably won’t believe me、but as along as I have you all、that’s enough for me.」

Even though it can’t really be helped, that I couldn’t say that 『Just』Al was enough, I can’t help but feel that my current situation was really pathetic.

In the end, even though my physical body has evolved, what’s on the inside hasn’t matured at all ……。


Once again, my body has evolved in a strange way that only it does.

That aside, in the end Al lead me over to our destination not hand in hand, but arm in arm.

The theatre we arrived at was one that looked like a shrine from the outside, and I could feel the solemn and noble atmosphere from it.

As we went towards the entrance, there was an official there, so we had to hand over our tickets before we went in.

When I entered the theatre, I was struck speechless by its magnificence

A pale orange light shone from the unbelievably expensive-looking chandelier on the ceiling, and that very ceiling had the images of various people and plants painted onto it by famous artists.

A large flight of stairs was positioned in the centre, flanked by large support pillars adorned by gold and silver ornaments.

Looking around, I saw ladies and gentlemen in well-set clothes everywhere, with dignified smiles and their faces as they chatted.

What should I do? I feel so out of place here.

「Et-to……Al-san? Aren’t we a little out of place here……After all, I even have my hood on……」

「A-nn? Don’t worry about it。You can only see nobles right now、but normal people also come to see the performances。Besides, this isn’t as strict of a theatre as it seems, so just the bare minimum amount of clothing is fine」

「I don’t see that “minimum amount” anywhere around though!? And who would wear a hood and come!? Only me!」

「Let’s say that it’s fine alright to take it off、but even if you don’t take it off, none of this country’s nobles will take offense to something so trivial。……so if you feel so bothered that you must take off the hood, it’s fine to do that……」

Somehow, when Al said that, it sounded like she didn’t really want me to take off my hood

…… Well, if you say it’s fine then alright, plus I’m also grateful not to have to take the trouble to take each piece off……

「Then let’s not bother about the clothes anymore……It’s troublesome to take it off anyways……」

「That so? Then、let’s quickly head towards our seats!」

Walking up the grand staircase in the hall, and down a lengthy aisle, we reached our seats on the second floor.

Looking at the seats that Al picked out, even a first-time viewer like me could tell that these were good seats to view the performance from.

The drink and snacks like popcorn which are normally sold in cinemas on Earth were not available here

「That reminds me, what play are we watching today?」

Suddenly realising that I didn’t know what today’s programme was, I asked Al.

「Nn? Today’s play is called……『Little Mermaid』、and is supposed to be a play brought by Heros from the other world.」

Show a little restraint, Heroes. I’m not really one to talk though.

Still, I never thought that one of the familiar stories from Earth would be brought over to this world. Well, I haven’t exactly seen Little Mermaid as a play though. But, I do know the story very so……

But the most important thing is that the fact that Earth’s plays are being performed here, just goes to show how well written Earth’s famous stories are.

I spent the few moments lefts having a nice chat with Al, before finally the show began.

All the lights in the hall went out, leaving only the stage full lit.

From then on, I honestly just kept being impressed.

Unlike on Earth, the actors playing the roles in the Little Mermaid were genuine water-users, and even real mermaids.

Besides, all the males and females acting were all good looking, and they used their amazing acting abilities to draw the audience into the story.

It seemed like they were really going all out using their water magic, but at the scene where the Ship the prince was riding on met with the storm, they had a real ship floating in the air get tossed about, and the sight left me wide-eyed in shock.

All of this, were things that could not happen on Earth, creating a play that could only happen because it was in another world.

Of course, in term of the stage equipment, and detailed things, Earth might have an advantage in term of its technological advancement, but such things did not matter at all as they were solved using Magic. Science is no longer alive here.

Ever since the start of the movie, I was continually moved by the play, but even more so when the 『Little Mermaid』 finished with a happy end.

Di○ey’s 『Little・Mermaid』also had a happy end, but unlike that, it didn’t have an epic adventure, and yet it was still a nice story that where the two of them get married in the end.

By the end of the movie, the combination of its brilliant actors, well directed used of magic, and moving story had left me crying unknowingly.

「I-It was……a good story……」

「Haha。Was it so good that you cried?」

In spite of seeing me, a man, crying like a bumbling fool, Al’s gaze at me was warm, and not at all condescending.

No, sometimes my body just gets rid of its waste like this! …… That’s a bad excuse isn’t it.

But, rather than crying because of sad things, it’s better to cry because of something that touched you. Lately, because of my body rapidly growing in weird ways, I’ve been unable to stop crying!

To finally put that aside, and actually talk about heart-warming makes me feel glad!



Even though I felt so inspired a moment ago, it was changed to sorrow in a mere moment.

Is my body actually trying to bully my mind!? What if, my body is sick and tired of me? Even though I trusted you …… My body!

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that I’ve stolen away all of my body’s human rights.

「Hey, besides the『Little Mermaid』today, are there any other plays?」

「Of course。There’s、『Cinderalla』and『Snow White』for example……」

No, seriously, control yourselves Heroes. How far did you intend on spread Earth’s culture.

Since it’s being spread by the hero from the country overflowing with subculture, Japan, it seems like eventually even manga and anime will be developed here. It’s kind of scary to think about

「What I just named, just like the『Little Mermaid』that we watched today, are stories that have been brought over to this world by the Heroes、but this world also has it’s own self-produced works that are currently being performed, like『Wife and Lover~A Mad Love Story~』and『A Paramour’s Activities』」

Couldn’t you have made a better story!? Isn’t the title horrible!?

On the other hand I’d like to find out what kind of contents they hold though!

I thought that this place was one that accurately turned Earth’s stories into great plays. What is this 『A Paramour’s Activities』. What kind of play would that be to use magic in it.

This world was, more so than my body, going above and beyond my imagination.

「Well whatever。Let’s come over some other day, and see a different show.」

Honestly telling Al that I thought today’s play was good, for a moment her eyes were wide open, as she nodded happily.

And so, after that Al and I had lunch together, and our date ended as we returned to the Inn.

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