Shinka no Mi Chapter 88

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In-School Tournament ~The Showdown of The Siblings’ Destiny~

While Leon’s sudden course of action dumbfounded everyone, Leon headed to the stadium.

Looking at that spectacle, Blued who regained his sense first from the batch reached out to him.

「Oi, Leon! Just what are you——」 (Blued)

「Take it back!」 (Leon)

Leon, unbefitting of him, shouted.

「Aah~? I can’t hear it?」

「I told you to retract your words!」 (Leon)

Facing off against the student on the arena, Leon once again declared vehemently.

「Bastard … when the fuck did you start getting cocky? Haah!? You’re not even watching your words in front of your older brother, huh!?」 


「!」 (Leon)

Intimidatingly, that student said so to Leon while wearing a smile that despised others.

Leon faltered for a moment after he heard it before he once again he turned a sharp glance to his opponent.

「I don’t care about any of that! Take back the words you used to make fun of everyone right now!」  (Leon)

「What’s wrong calling incompetents as incompetents? You mad I hit the bullseye? Aren’t you just another dunce who can’t even use magic?」

「So what! I don’t care if you make fun of me. But … you don’t have any right to deny everyone’s effort, you bastard!」 (Leon)

「… Calling your brother a bastard? …You sure have become impudent … Fine then, I will make you regret opposing your older brother … 」

「I won’t regret it. I, can’t forgive you.」 (Leon)

The two scattered sparks with their gazes.

…It was so sudden that I couldn’t wrap my head around it, but apparently, the other student was Leon’s older brother and the very root of Leon’s trauma.

『Wh, what happening here? Michael-san … 』  (Lily)

『No idea, but my guess as an outsider is just as good as yours… However, it seemed like there is an uncommon cause behind this.』 (Michael)

『That seems so … at any rate, because they’re facing against each other on the arena, we’ll proceed with a battle! Rather, people sure are bringing family matters here!』 (Lily)

『Agreed.』 (Michael)


Their families dark side is too visible; it’s bothersome!

『But, well … it seems like they’re fired up, so let’s turn it into a match!』 (Lily)

 And the host is too easy-going!

Can’t you read the atmosphere a little bit more!? No, I also don’t want a gloomy atmosphere though!

『Well then! Since both of them looks motivated enough, so I judge we should advance just like this! Participant Freed from class S versus participant Leon from class F! Match … start!』 (Lily)

As the match started along with Lily-san’s signal, I suddenly saw five coloured balls of light appear around Leon; then I was petrified.

「H, hey … Aren’t there something flying about around Leon?」 (Seiichi)

「Nn? I don’t see anything though … 」 (Blued)

『Do you seeing something?』  (Bead)

「I don’t think there isn’t anything~」 (Rachel)

Blued and the rest answered my question, and to my surprise, it looked like I was the only one who could see the flying balls of light around Leon, not even Saria nor Rurune could see it.

Due to how sudden it was, I even thought my eyes had deceived me, and as I looked over the audience seats and so on to check if I was the only one who noticed the change that had occurred around Leon, I saw Barna-san was the only one whose eyes were wide opened.

…Something that only Barna-san and I can see, and remained invisible for others … this becomes more mysterious as it goes on.

As I was tilting my head puzzled, the red, blue, yellow, green, and the orange lights were joyfully flying around Leon.

Those balls of light were visible for Leon as well, and on the contrary, he even talked with them.

As that went on, this Freed fellow who had been ignored, or rather, neglected got his face steaming red.

「T, to think you’re looking away when facing against me … I absolutely won’t forgive you …!」 (Freed)

 Don’t get mad over such a thing … do you lack calcium? Drink milk.

Ignoring Freed who was trembling in vexation, I also tried to eavesdrop what kind of conversation Leon had with them by relying on my monstrous hearing.

『We’re finally able to speak with you!』

『We’re glad!』

『We were worried, it would be no good if you were left as is~!』

『But we’re glad you could recover like this!』

『It’s all thanks to Nakama power isn’t it!』(Tl’s note: Nakama = friendship)

The lights’ voices were all of a young child, and they sounded elated to be able to speak with Leon.

「W, who are you guys…?」 (Leon)

『We are Fairies!』

『And not normal fairies at that, you know? We’re Great Fairies!』

『The Great Fairies of Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, and Lightning!』

「F, Fairies!?」  (Leon)

To my surprise, the identity of the balls of light that talked to Leon were Fairies, it seemed.

Rather, the reason why everyone but Barna-san could see it because he’s an elf, and they’re visible for me because I have the skill 『World’s Eye』. It’s written in the skill’s description that it lets me see invisible things, after all.

『We have been waiting, you know!』

『For the time you want to use magic, that is!』

『We’re sorry, aren’t we? We couldn’t save you when you were in pain … 』

『We can’t save you if we weren’t in a contract.』

『When you were a child, our power was too immense.』

『But now it’s different!』

『That’s right! We can establish a contract with you now!』

「W, with someone like me…? Why…?」 (Leon)

『It’s because it’s you! It has to be you!』

『That’s right!』

『We all want to make a contract with you!』

The fairies were desperately appealing to Leon.

In favor of that, Leon murmured as he put his face down.

「 …Honestly, I’m still scared of magic. No … I’m scared of big brother.」 (Leon)


「Even though I talked that big, I can’t win against him… my heart is already losing…」 (Leon)


「But … even so … I, I can’t forgive him for making fun of everyone.」 (Leon)


「If I make a contract with you … can I defeat my older brother…? Even for someone like me … can I face forward once again…?」 (Leon)

To Leon’s earnest feeling, the fairies nodded strongly.

『Of course!』

 At that moment, my eyes saw a strong connection established between Leon and the fairies.

The connection made a form then appeared on the back of Leon’s hand.

On it was a crest depicted the silhouettes of the fairies materialised.

「Th, this is…? 」  (Leon)

『That is the evidence of the contract between us!』

『Come now, show him!』

『The power you acquired to protect your friends!』

『Our feelings when we couldn’t protect you until now!』

『Let your brother know the power of the great fairies!』

 While such a conversation happened, as I glanced towards Freed once again, his face was the red itself.

「Unforgiveable…! Ignoring me to this extent…! You lowly small fry … DON’T IGNORE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!」  (Freed)

 He’s, like, furious huh.

 「Say, why is he getting mad that far?」 (Seiichi)

「Hah? No, it’s probably because Leon was Leon ignoring him while Freed was busy showering him with curses.」 (Blued)

 After I reflexively asked Blued who was near me, I learned that Freed didn’t launch even a single attack, and kept spewing out slanders. Wait, I feel like Leon was having a conversation for quite a long time, and thinking he spent all those time spewing out slanders, that in itself is amazing. I’m envious of his abundant of vocabularies. No, I don’t need a vocab dictionary of slanders though.

Having finally reached the limit of his patience, Freed spread out his both arms then roused his magic.

「Let me remind you of your trauma…! Do your best shivering in tears!」 (Freed)

Freed made several spears of flame appeared.

「I used to play and bake you using only 【Fireball】, but now it’s different! I’ll make your internal organs bake with this 【Fire Lance】…! Go!」 (Freed)

That train of thought is dangerous, oi.

As I was inadvertently retorted in my head, the spears of flame were shot vigorously and flew towards Leon.


「U, uwaaaaaah!!」 (Leon)

『It’s okay, fear not!』

『We will definitely protect you!』

 The fairies flew out to protect Leon from the incoming magic, then used their magic.

『You lowly human, there’s no way you can win against us in term of magic!』

『Doing something so terrible to Leon .. we won’t forgive you!』

『Eat this, 【True Fire Lance】!』

『【True Earth Wall】!』

『【True Water Ball】!』

『【True Lightning】!』

『【True Storm】!』

 The moment the fairies tried to exercise their magic, their appearance seemed to be visible for everyone other than me, as it was proved from how Blued and his classmates next to me were astonished.

「Wh … what light, is that … 」 (Helen, I think?)

「It’s beautiful isn’t it~!」 (Rachel)

「Oooh! Is it finally time for Leon-kun’s awakening!?」 (Flora)

Flora’s words were not necessarily wrong.

I dare say, Leon had obtained a really strong power with this.

Regardless of that, surpassing 『Fire Lance』 that Freed used in size, this『True Fire Lance』 that the fairies had produced erased, rather, swallowed Freed’s magic, got even bigger, then approached him.

「Haheh!?」 (Freed)

 Freed who showed a deformed face at that spectacle, and as though it was to enclose his perimeter, an enormous wall of earth emerged this time, he lost his escape path.

「Hah? Hah? Hah? Why? WHY!? WHY THE MAGIC … GYAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!」 (Freed)

 Just as he was baffled to the events that occurred one after another, the huge 『True Fire Lance』 finally arrived then attacked his body.


He struggled frantically to get rid of the fire that clung to his body, but the flame instead continued to blaze and not diffuse.

…Uwaah… .

As I was spontaneously repulsed by Freed’s current state, a gigantic mass of water came and doused him from atop of his head this time.


Assaulted by that gigantic mass of water, Freed stuck to the ground like a trampled frog.

But the flame was extinguished after it made contact with that mass of water.

「Gah, kah…」 (Freed)

 However, the final blow didn’t stop.

To his surprise, thunderbolt dropped upon him who had befallen.


 Freed who, just like the characters from manga, electrocuted to the point where his bones were visible.

By the time the thunderbolt dissipated, Freed’s appearance which was convulsing was tumbling in vain.

His current state was fully charred with his hairs were standing in spikes as if he had faced an explosion.

No matter who saw him, no one could deny that he was losing.

——Upon him, as if saying that his usual behaviour was bad, the final hammer was swung down.

To our surprise, aiming at the immobilized him, a tornado that could gouge out the stadium’s ground even though it was small in scale, mercilessly rotated his body that couldn’t even put any means of resistance.

「Ah——」 (Freed)

And then, his hair which was stirred by the strong current, burned by the flame and electrocuted by the thunderbolt, and lastly, the wind that plucked it all off, his head now shined brightly.

However, as though it was saying he couldn’t be forgiven even after all that, his head was pierced deep into the ground, making his shining scalp soon died out.

The silent atmosphere wrapped the whole stadium.

Meanwhile, the fairies declared thus with a triumph.

『Not even a problem!』

『Learn from this and never bully Leon ever again!』

『Next time it’ll be more terrible!』

『That’s right that’s right!』

『We’re Leon’s allies, Leon’s power, after all!』

Un, well … I believe everyone got what are you trying to say.

It was that much of a one-sidedly cruel match after all.

Lily-san who snapped out first from the impactful scene announced the outcome, as confused as she was.

『Hah!? E, etto … winner, participant Leon from class F…?』 (Lily)

While even the hosts were shocked, but the one who was shocked the most was Leon who should be the winner.

Leon who seemed befuddled for a while suddenly lost his consciousness then fell on the spot.

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