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Shinka no Mi Chapter 110

Hi guys, as you may know there is a machine translator trying to take over the series. HOWEVER, we WILL NOT drop this series, unless we specifically announce that. So until that time, please support us. To receive timely updates on the chapters join us on discord https://discord.gg/uSsjT5r To give you guys an insight into

Shinka no Mi Chapter 108

Hi everyone, to ease your boredom 3 chapters of shinka are coming out over the next 9 days, so enjoy your quarantine and remember to follow best practices in dealing with this Covid-19 situation.CluelessTimmy The Brewing Storm in Terveil and The Other Scheme

Shinka no Mi – Chapter 106

Hi everyone sorry for such the delayed uploaded, i have been away on holiday, then I got sick, and i just started my new job so it been really tiring, but in return expect 4 chapters to be released this week!CluelessTimmy~ The Assembly of S Class Adventurers, and Those who Act Under the Shadow