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Shinka no Mi – Chapter 106

Hi everyone sorry for such the delayed uploaded, i have been away on holiday, then I got sick, and i just started my new job so it been really tiring, but in return expect 4 chapters to be released this week!CluelessTimmy~ The Assembly of S Class Adventurers, and Those who Act Under the Shadow

Shinka no Mi – Chapter 104

This Chapter is a character summary chapter and therefore we have decided not to translate it, if you want to see this translated please leave a comment below.

Shinka no Mi – Chapter 103

Hi Everyone another day another chapter, just to let you guys know we will be skipping the next chapter as it is a character review sheet. See you guys later~CluelessTimmy The Intruder is the Student Council President

Shinka no Mi – Chapter 101

Hello Everyone, sorry for the major delay in this release, I was stuck with Uni stuff, but now I have pretty much graduated from uni(only my ceremony to go!~) so expect more chapters!CluelessTimmy Invitation to Meeting

Shinka no Mi Chapter 98

Hi Everyone actually on time for once, and no dont let the title fool you this isnt the end of shinka. Otherwise enjoy, CluelessTimmy Conclusion