Shinka no Mi – Chapter 62

Chapter 62 – Date with Saria and Olga – Orphanage

「Seiichi! Let’s go out together with Olga-chan today!」

The next morning, when Saria told me that, I couldn’t help but react like a dunce

「Why would you want that so suddenly?」

「Because, I feel sorry for Olga-chan, having to look after the house all the time!That’s why, rather than just the two of us, I want Olga-chan to come along too!」

When Saria said that, I finally realised that I hadn’t considered the feelings of Olga-chan, who was made to stay home all alone.

Even though I said we would be together, look what a pathetic statement it turned out to be ……

Of course, we do have meals together, but even then, the time I spend with her is lacking.

At my irresponsible and fleeting words, I fell into self-loathing.

Unlike someone like me, Saria is properly paying attention to people around her.

However, if I just sit here forever wallowing in regret, then, in the end, nothing will change

I couldn’t get rid of my self-loathing, but even if I had to force myself, I had to think about the future, and so I told Saria.

「That’s right……Okay! Well then, let’s go with the three of us this time!」

I can regret that later. Right now, stopping Olga-chan from feeling lonely is the most important thing.

Like that, after we invited Olga-chan along, the three of us left the Inn.

Today, at Saria’s suggestion, we’ve decided to go see everyone at the Orphanage.

As I had never visited the Orphanage’s Children, I thought that this was just the right time, and above all, there were plenty of children that were Olga-chan’s age.

「……Going out with Saria-Oneechan and the others。Fun」

「Really? I’m glad!」

Beside me, Olga-chan and Saria were getting along really well and holding hands as they walked.

Saria was in her usual dress, but Olga-chan was not in the Shinobi-like attire that she had the first time we met, but rather a cute one piece with floral patterns. Those were clothes that I had asked Al to purchase for her.

Saria was grinning from ear to ear, and Olga-chan was expressionless, but her eyes were sparkling.

When I was feeling happy staring at the two of them like that, Olga-chan turned her face up to look at me.


「Nnn? What’s up?」

Only saying that Olga-chan held out her other hand to me.

As expected, even someone as dense as me can tell what Olga-chan’s intentions were, so I amenably grasped her hand.

「……Nn。Everyone together。Happy」

For the first time, though slight as it might be, a smile appeared on Olga-chan’s face.

As we walked on while the uplifting conversation continued, I suddenly noticed something.

…………Looking at it closely、isn’t this just like a family?

N-No, technically Saria and I are something that’s like being engaged? And Olga-chan is like a younger sister to me, so in a way, it is like family, but ……

But, with Olga-chan in the middle, and all three of us happily chatting as we walked along, it can hardly be seen as anything but a family!

Except, only if I were to take off my hood as to not look like a pervert that is!

Realising that, I was feeling all embarrassed by myself when suddenly I realised.

……If、Saria and I were to be married、and gave birth to a child……what kind of child would they be?

As we walked, I began to imagine how the child would look like.

If it were a boy, then his arms and chest would be like Saria’s, and his face…… yeah, he would probably resemble Saria’s too.

His mouth would have large tusks poking out and …… he’d probably be born yelling 『Uho!』

I couldn’t imagine anything other than a gorilla being born.

N-No, wait! If I unconsciously imagine the boy to be a bulky gorilla, then if a girl were to be born, then she should have Saria’s beautiful human appearance!

Yeah, yeah, with muscles that look like they’re about to burst, with biceps even more defined than mountains. And her face would be just like Saria’s, obvious with two tusks jutting out from the sides of her mouth…… she’d probably be born yelling 『Uho!』

No matter how hard I try, I can’t help but imagine that the child born would be a gorilla.

How!? Why!? My imagination is normally so lacking, so why is it so active this time!?

Is it even possible for a child to be born similar to Saria’s human form!? No, I mean she’s was originally a gorilla but …… actually, she’s a magical beast, isn’t she!

On top of that, if you were to combined the genes of a Kaizer Kong, and I who had already stopped being human, what exactly would be born? An evil god? Oh…… Cthulhu!

In the first place, is it even possible for a child to be born of a magical beast and a human? I haven’t personally encountered it before, but it’s often written in stories that goblins would have children with females of other races……。

I’ve never taken biology before, so there’s no way I could ever know no matter how hard I think about it though!

「……? ……Seiichi Onii-chan、what’s wrong?」

「……Somehow、you have a tired look」

「Is、Is that so? It’s just your imagination、your imagination! Haha、Hahahaha」

I don’t really want Olga-chan to be worried about me, and the main reason why I look so tired is that of my own nonsensical delusions, so it was fine not to have them worry about me.

Once again the mood calmed down, and we reached the Orphanage.

Immediately, we went in to seeing how the children were doing and――――。

「Haaa、Haa……T-That unripe body……J-Just unbearable! No、but、the boy who has recently grown little looks delicious too……however、I will never touch them! I will only admire with my eyes! For that is what a gentleman――――」

「Who’s that!」

「I’ve been expos-!?」


I sent the man conducting himself suspicious in front of me a dropkick with all my strength.

「What!? W、What have I……Ku! It seems I have finally killed someone……!」

「Hahahahaha! A gentleman would hardly die of something of this extent! Glaargh!」

What should I even say?

Taking the strike from me, who has an offensive power that even the world fears, the pervert in front of my eyes was in tatters but was still somehow alive。……He’s vomiting blood though。

Well, my skill『Endless Hell』probably activated unconsciously. Even so, he still has abnormally durable……。

I stared at the middle-aged man who, despite having wounds all over, still had his smile.

――――【Protector of Lolis】Walter・Berat

During the invasion of the demons, he had used his elegant sword techniques to cut down the demons one after the other, but not even a trace of that he was here. All that could be seen was just a pervert.

「Well then……you were……If I’m not wrong、you are Seiichi-kun and Saria-kun right?」

For some reason, the Walter who seemingly recovered in an instant introduced himself to us with a dandy/genuinely gentlemanly-like smile.

「This is the first time I have properly introduced myself。I am、Walter・Bratt。As you may know, I am currently in a party and performing tasks with Slan-shi, 」

「Ha……a、sorry、I unconsciously just attacked you……」

「Ot-to、your apology was unnecessary。You were in the right。Well、I was to the right as well though!」

「That’s wrong」

There’s no way it’s alright to start panting in excitement at the sight of small children.

In contrast to me who took up the chance to retort, Walter-san once again had a mature smile on his face, but before I knew it, he had noticed the figure of Olga-chan behind me, and his eyes turned bloodshot.

「T、This is……!?」

「A、A-no……Walter-san? Your eyes are scary……」

「Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat an Angeeeeeeeeeeeel! Please、stay by my side! No、Marry me! No No、even a manservant is fine so――――Buhea!?」

I swung my fist down onto Walter-san’s head as hard as I could.

Then, Walter-san immediately sank down into the earth feet first, such that nothing below his waist could be seen, transforming him into a pitiful object

「Olga-chan、are you alright?」

「……T、That man……was scary……」

Olga-chan looked as though she was completely spooked, clinging onto me with teary eyes.

I hugged Olga-chan, stroking her head as I told her that it was alright.

「Everything will be okay。Onii-chan will send him flying off no matter how many timesー」

「No! No matter how many times I am defeat, I will not lose heart!」

「Soldier-san、please arrest this man」


I reported the situation to a nearby soldier who just so happened to be on patrol, and with a silent nod, he tied up Walter-san.

「N-Not like this! I……I! Still want to admire little girls moooooooooooooooooore!」

「Shut up, pervert!」

Bothered by the rope wound around him, Walter-san’s sorrow hung in the air around him as the soldier dragged him away. Actually, to think that Walter-san would be dragged away even without much of an explanation…… just like that exhibitionist, they’re most likely repeat offenders.

I turned to face the Saria who was completely dumbfounded.

「Come on、since the perverted nuisance is gone、let’s hurry and go」

Finally entering the Orphanage safely, the sight of the Director, Claire-san, playing with the children, entered my view.

Though Clare-san had a shocked expression for a moment when she noticed us, it quickly turned into a smile.

「Ara! Isn’t it Saria-chan!, And it’s been a long time Seiichi-san!」


「It’s been a while。Glad to see that you’re fine」

「Why、thank you」

Truly, the first time I met Clare-san was when I first when to be an adventurer, so it has been a long time since we’ve last met.

「Ara? And who might be hiding behind Seiichi-san’s back?」

「Ah、this child is、for certain reasons she’s become my sibling of sorts? Well in any case、this is Olga-chan who’s become part of my family」


From behind me, Olga-chan pokes her head just a bit out as she said that, making me really want to just shelter her.

When Olga-chan’s gaze returned from the ground, back to Claire-san, for some reason Claire turned to look at the ground.


「――do it」

「An Angel equal to Saria-chan has coooooooome!」

Claire-san、loudly yelled。

「What is this!? Are you trying to kill me!? To think that there was such an adorable child in existence……!」

「Rightー? Olga-chan、is really cuteー」

「……Saria Onee-chan、embarrassing……」

Saria, completely ignoring Claire-san’s eccentric behaviour, hugged Olga-chan.

「I can’t resist it……! Where is the magic camera!? I can’t let the sight of these two angels go unrecorded can I !?」


「Seiichi-san shut up!」

「So Cruel!?」

Haha……I’m any case、I’m just a nuisance aren’t I……。

Even though I’ve gotten thinner after evolving、The fact that I’m plain and gross hasn’t changed……。

As Claire-san carried on taking pictures of Saria and Olga-chan with tears of joy, I simply silently sobbed in a corner.

Once Claire-san recovered from her fever like state、she apologised countless times、and we finally got to the main objective of playing with the kids。……It’s fine either way。After all、I’m just a ……。

But forget my inconsequential feelings, Olga-chan was quite bewildered meeting other children of her age for the first time, but because all the kids at the orphanage were good children, they immediately welcomed Olga-chan in as a friend.

Saria and I had joined in to play with the children earlier, but now the two of us were just watching Olga-chan and the others play.

「Olga-chan、looks like she has funー」

While I’m not Claire-san, it really does feel like Saria, currently grinning ear to ear in a display of her enjoyment, is a real angel. Or so I delude myself. She isn’t really an angel, she’s a gorilla

And so, once again I have felt Saria’s greatness.

She was the textbook copy of a mother or older sister, taking care of the children.

No matter which child it was, Saria treated them with a face full of affection, as though she was enjoying it as well. Claire-san who was looking at the scene, had her nose spluttering out blood, and was taking photographs though.

Even though I might beat Saria regarding status, I felt that as a whole person, I would never be able to beat her.

It’s the same even with Olga-chan earlier.

Unlike me, who could only focus on one thing, Saria was able to carefully observe those around her, so she’s really wasted on someone like me

And so, I told her what I genuinely thought.


「Thank you」

「Thank you、for liking someone like me」

「I、really love you too」

Hearing my words, Saria looked shocked for a moment, but after that, her expression softened to a smile, with tears in her eyes.

「You’re Welcome!」

To an outsider, it might look like a weird conversation, but to us, it was a very important one.

「A-noー! Seiichi Onii-chan made Saria Onee-chan cryー!」

「That’s badー!」

「Whaっ! T、This is different!?」

Noticing Saria’s tears, the children decided to use that to tease me.

As I ran after them trying to explain the misunderstanding, the children laughed as they ran away, and when I finally realised why the reason for me chasing them changed.

「The atmosphere around them and the way they converse is completely like that of a couple that has been married for many years……」

The muttering of Claire-san who had coincidentally heard of conversation was something that I would never notice.

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