Shinka no Mi – Chapter 122

Dungeon’s Trap

The inside of the dungeon was, mysteriously bright.

「Hmm… It’s bright inside even though there’s no visible source of light, like torches or something…」 (Seiichi)

「Indeed. It’s just as you said Sensei, even though there are dungeons with torches along the wall, dungeons like this one that is mysteriously lit is the common. However, now that you asked me about it, I realized now that I have never given it a thought.」 (Louis)

Upon receiving my question, Louis nodded.

Now that I thought about it, the Dark Dragon God’s place was pretty much the same.

Well, I wasn’t really in the position to worry about the surroundings back then.

We had to be vigilant about monsters too, but what I really paid attention to was the traps like the one that separated Al from me in the last dungeon.

In the end, what I did was brute forcing through the dungeon walls so there was nothing to worry about, but there should be no fault for being cautious with traps.

In addition, it would be troubling if the Dungeon collapsed because I recklessly destroyed the walls.

「Not only monsters, but keep your eyes open for traps too. Everyone, if you see something unnatural on the floor or the walls, please tell me.」 (Seiichi)

「Ah, Milord! This wall over here has a different color!」 (Rurune)

「Nn? You’re right.」 (Seiichi)

「Can I push it!?」  (Rurune)

「Bloody why?」 (Seiichi)

For reasons outside of me, Rurune was just about to push the segment of the wall that had a different color. Just right after I told her to stay vigilant for traps.

「…Glutton, idiot much?」  (Olga)

「Wh, what did you say!? Isn’t this practically inviting you to push! It’s like, uh.. it might make tons of beefsteaks rain on us!」 (Rurune)

「That’s a no for its own reasons, oi.」 (Seiichi)

People die if they’re showered with that amount of anything, and even if they survived that, they’d be all sticky and greasy.

「Seiichi」 (Lutia)

「Nn? What’s the matter, Lutia?」 (Seiichi)

Lutia suddenly called for me, so I directed my sight to her.

「This tile, different color. Ei.」 (Lutia)

「I see. ………….Wait, why did you step it!?」 (Seiichi)

Since she did it so casually, my mind let it slide.

「No no no! I told you to stay vigilant about traps, didn’t I!? Why did you step on it!?」 (Seiichi)

「? It’s my first time in a dungeon, so… a different colored tile means a trap?」 (Lutia)

「Okay! So that’s where we start!」 (Seiichi)

Apparently, it was Lutia’s first time delving a dungeon so she didn’t know what was dangerous and what wasn’t.

As a part of my common sense, a different colored tile or wall are things to be careful about, but I should’ve known better not to push a common sense I conveniently held onto Lutia.

「F-, for the time being, what kind of traps——Uwohhoi!?」 (Seiichi)

Suddenly, a number of spears stuck out towards me from my left and right.

I twisted my body loosely to avoid those spears skilfully.

Nervously, I took a look at the tip of those spears, only to see that it was smeared with a purple liquid so poisonous that when it dripped on the floor, smoke rose.


「No, don’t admire me, help me, please!?」  (Seiichi)

Everyone clapped their hands as they saw my movement. It’s not the time for that though!

After somehow being freed from the trap, I saw Louis mumbling something with a meek face.

「I see… By putting yourself into the dungeon’ traps, you can train yourself this much…」 (Louis)

「Huh?」  (Seiichi)

「Then… Ei.」 (Louis)

「OOooooiiii!?」 (Seiichi)

Louis, without even a shred of hesitate, put her heels on another different colored tile.

「I can overcome any traps there is! Now… come to me!」 (Louis)

「Avoiding the traps is the correct answer! It’s idiotic to lunge into a trap by yourself!」 (Seiichi)

「No, sensei! I understand now. What the path I need to take is not the safe one, but rather an idiotic and ridiculous path in order to achieve the true strength!」 (Louis)

「Don’t read too much into it!!」 (Seiichi)

With her face serious as it was tight, Louis walked towards the incoming trap.

And the result was——.

「Douhhe!?」 (Seiichi)

A laser beam flashed, aimed at my neck for some reason, and I avoided it by posing a bridge.

At that moment, some strands of my hair was hit by the beam and burnt into nothing.


「I told you, stop admiring me and help me already!」 (Seiichi)

「Then, what about this wall?」 (Lutia)

「You idioabueh!?」(Seiichi)

Next was Lutia again, she pushed the wall segment.

In a fraction of a second the floorings under me opened into a trap door, and I twisted my body in order to avoid falling into it.

「Seiichi, you’re awesome.」 (Al)

「Yeah! As expected of Seiichi!」(Saria)  

「Stop it already, please!?」 (Seiichi)

Al and Saria are saying those out of excitement, but I just wish that they worried about me rather than get excited!

After somehow escaping from the activated traps, I suddenly recalled my meeting with Sally-san. (TN: in chapter 113, Saria’s mom is introduced as (サニー) Sunny, but in here, her name is (サリー) Sally)

「Ah, Saria. Now I remember, I met with your parents.」 (Seiichi)

「Eh!? Really!?」 (Saria)

「Yeah. When I went to Ranze-san’s place, I saw a pair of Gorilla that oddly looked familiar, which turned out to be your parents.」(Seiichi) 

Hearing my words, Saria broke into a wide smile.

「I see… Were they healthy?」 (Saria)

「They’re lively. Also, from what I heard, they’re living with my parents, so we can visit them whenever we want to.」 (Seiichi)

I also heard this from when Louis was trying to convince Ranze-san, but apparently they were going to live with my parents and Zeanos and his group.

For their job, they said that they would become adventurers like Zeanos’ group, so it was fine on that front.

Al, when she overheard what I said, nodded as though she just recalled of something.

「Aah… It completely slipped my mind, but Saria is a monster, huh. She’s been a good girl, and she doesn’t look like a monster now at all, after all.」 (Al)

「Really? I mean, yeah, I’ll have to be in my monster form when fighting, but now I can use my full power even if I just transform my head, you know?」 (Saria)

「And you should stop doing that. Seiichi’s been making a complicated face when he sees you like that, and I’m on his side in this one.」 (Al)

「Eeeh?」  (Saria)

Apparently, Al felt the same way I did, she wasn’t a big fan of Saria with gorilla head aka Goria. The only reason we couldn’t completely refute Goria’s existence was because it was a method to unleash Saria’s full power.

I strongly reprimanded them this time, so the girls, especially Louis, stopped actively pushing the traps. No, this is what we should do from the very beginning. Louis, you’re much more experienced at Dungeons than I am, aren’t you?

「…Nn, Seiichi-oniichan. Something is coming from the front.」 

「Oh? You’re right.」 

At the same time Olga-chan told me so, I also noticed the presence that was coming from the front.

The current me didn’t just look for enemies with the skill 【World Eye】, but also using the Life Force sensing technique I learned in the Netherworld.

「Sensei. Please leave this one to me.」 

As Louis came with me with the intention to get stronger to begin with, she wanted to handle battles like this.

As we were holding a conversation, the presence finally reached a place close enough to be seen by the eye.

What appeared before us was a three meter tall light brown bear.

However, the bear’s eyes were completely round, which reminded me of Bead’s headgear somewhere.

The bear for some odd reason wore a pot as a hat, while its claws were as sharp they could be.

The bear noticed of our presence and, oddly enough, gleamed its eyes.

『Ah! It’s Human-san!』 


The bear’s response to us was different from what I expected that I unconsciously let out an idiotic sound.

Somehow, rather than a ferocious bear, it felt more like a Mr. Bear from the happy forest. Here in the dungeon, though.

For the time being, I activated 【Advanced Appraisal】 to check on its level and name.

『Dungeon Bear Lv: 488』 

That’s too frank! Rather, Mr. Bear from the happy dungeon, isn’t your level too high!?

Putting aside its name, taking account of its level, it must be at least as strong as the monsters from the Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow and the Black Dragon God’s dungeon. Yup, why do I always end up in high level dungeons, really?

Come to think of it, I naturally let it slide about the fact that I could understand Mr. Bear’s words, but I forgot I have All Language Comprehension so I can understand monsters.

That being said, the one who can understand monsters here is me and Saria… as well as Rurune, I take? From what I feel, perhaps Lutia too can communicate with monsters, although maybe she doesn’t understand their words.

While I was cooped up in that headspace in the presence of Mr. Bear, it ran to us full throttle.

『Human-saan! Let’s plaay!』 

How innocent! It’s so pure heartedly come over us! Is it really a monster!?

But if Mr. Bear plays with a human with its usual vigore, the human will die, right!?

As our enemy held no animosity to us, I was at loss at how to deal with it, but then Louis took her move.




The moment Louis got closer to Mr. Bear, she looped its head off.

At the same time Mr. Bear’s head hit the ground, Louis gave me an eye full of expectation.

「Sensei, sensei. How was that? Do you think I can get stronger?」 

『Wh… whhyyyyy!?!? I… I just wanted to plaaay!』 



The bear glared at us with its eyes crying blood, and then it dissipated into particles of light.

ScaryscaryscarySCARY!! Being able to understand monsters make me feel like I’m doing evil deeds, and I don’t like it one bit!

「? Erm… did I make a mistake…?」  

I was unresponsive… or should I say, I didn’t feel like it was the right time for that, but I could see Louis was anxious when she looked at my face.

When I noticed her, I snapped back.

「Hah?! So, sorry. H, hmm… isn’t it good enough? Yeah.」 

「Really? If so… here」 

「 ……Yes?」 

For some reason, Louis stuck her head to me.

「Hm? Don’t you reward good kids with a head pat?」  

「Where did you hear that!」 

That kind of reward is for little kids, right!? Like Olga-chan, specifically!

「Is it no good…」 


Her face didn’t show any changes, but I could feel the notion of Louis became despaired.

「Haa… You did great.」  


Louis looked delighted, somehow.

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