Shinka no Mi – Chapter 63

Chapter 63 – Devil’s Religion

「Louise・Baruze、has now returned。Shishou」

「A-noー……Louise-san? Why did you come to the inn solely to report that?」

「That is because you are my Shishou, I should report to you before His Majesty……」

「That sequence is totally wrong」

By the way, Saria and the others have already returned to their rooms.

「What? What is Louise’s Shishou?」

「The one absolute being」


What kind of existence is more important than the King!? A God!?

「It’s Shishou」

「Please don’t read my mind!?」

For some reason, there have been many cases of my mind being read.

「Well whatever。Above all, it’s great that you were able to return unharmed」

「My thanks。During this round campaign、keeping Shishou’s teachings in mind while I fought、has allowed me to become  one of the ≪Transcendents≫ like Barna-san」

「How are you able to so calmly say something so outrageous!」

It seems that somehow or other, Louise has, much like Barna-san, broken through the highest possible level for humans …… 500. It really makes me feel like everyone around me is monstrously powerful。Even though I’m probably the most monstrous.

「In any case、thanks to Shishou’s presence in Terveil、I was able to fully focus on suppressing the demons.」

「I see……Well、if someone like me was of help、then that’s great」

「That……Ah、that reminds me、the Capital was under the threat of a Demon invasion、but Shishou annihilated them right? Splendid work」

「A-re!? You weren’t asking me if I did that, instead concluding that it was me!?」

「Was I wrong?」

「……you’re correct」

Though I didn’t want to recognise the fact, I had no choice but to do so.

「Well、in that case I will be going to inform His Majesty of my return」

「The order of events is really messed up but……Got it。I have some business with Barna-san, so I’ll head to the castle after I call Saria and the others out.」

「I see。Well、I shall see you later then」

And like that, I bid farewell to Louise who had recently returned safely, and for the sake of meeting Barna-san later, I went off to call Saria and the others.

In a dark cave, a single man advanced further into its depths.

Even with the torches on the walls, it was hard to see one’s feet, yet despite that the man’s steps were not affected. It just went to show how familiar he was with the cave’s interior

Before long, he reached the inner part, where a space as large as a ballroom was.

At the centre of that space, was eerie altar made of stone.

Even though to normal people this would be considered and ominous place, to the man it was a place of comfort.

「Oi、Kuraisu~! What’s with that stinking smile on ya face?」

Suddenly, from above the man――――Kuraisu’s head, a voice called out.

「Nnfuー……It’s Lester」

「Giyahahahaha! Long time no see!」

And then, the person who had called from above appeared in front of Kuraisu’s eyes.

It had ruffled dark red hair, and it’s reptilian-like eyes were so large it felt like it should have been accompanied by *GYORORI* sounds

(Note : *GYORORI* is the japanese onomatopoeia for the sound of googly eyes)

It was dressed plainly in a short black jack, and light-brown pants. It’s tendency to hunch its back, and lick it’s lips made it look quite eerie.

As there was no sign of it falling down to the ground from above, Kuraisu still could not figure out how it had appeared before his eyes.

……This weird guy……。

Despite his thoughts, Kuraisu still felt that he was still a reliable ally to have around, and that the superficial man in front of his eyes …… Lester was someone that he was quite pleased with.

「You pig who piles on failure after failure、what could you possibly want coming to me now?」

While I was talking with Lester, once again a new voice asserted itself into the conversation.


In the direction where Kuraisu turned his annoyed gaze to, stood a woman with a wide brimmed hat, clad in a gorgeous monochrome gothic dress, and a parasol in her hand that was a similar black to her dress.

On top of that, half of her face was covered with a white mask

「Unsightly, is it not? In spite of that confidence that your plan was so elaborate that it would not fail……Well? How does the disappointment of failure feel?」


Kuraisu’s face flashed red in anger, but as what she had said was fact, there was little he could retort to.

「Kuraisu。You’re too half-hearted。Kill、Kill、Kill……and Kill。Rather than relying on something like demons, would you not find more pleasure in stealing away their lives with your hands?」

「Giyahahahaha! Angelia’s line of thought is the same as ever! But I’m only here for the sake of reviving the Demon God!」

「A-re、have you done anything Lester?」

「Ou! I swapped the position of the male and female public toilets!」

「So insignificant!? Was there no way to create even more despair!?」

Kuraisu retorted reflexively to what Lester said.

But Angelia was different, instead shuddering where she stood.

「If a man were to think they were entering the male toilet、but instead enter the female toilet……then that man, would be treated as a pervert……Lester…… What a terrifying child!」

「Nnfuー! Angelia too, get a hold of yourself!」

「Oi Oi、No need to be so angry right? Ain’ it like that saying? 『Even if it’s garbage, when stacked together it can reached the Gods』!」

「Don’t say that!? Your blasphemer!」

The mood in that space was more peaceful than it was eerie, when suddenly above the altar, a purple flame was lit.

When the three of them saw the flame, they hurried rushed under the altar, and bowed their heads.

When they did so, a mysterious voice that did not sound like any human was heard.

『Is my revival still yet to be? My dear【disciples】』

When he heard that voice, Kuraisu was both trembling and delight, and greatly irritated at his inability to revive his master.

「Nnfu! M-My apologies! Right now, us disciples are scattered about the world, in the process of gathering the despair that is needed for the Demon God’s revival……!」

Saying that, Kuraisu bowed down so low his head was touching the ground.

Then, the purple flame spoke again.

『Good。I、trust you disciples。Moreover、before I have yet to revive、I have the need to gain the power to slaughter the【Other Gods of This World】』

「That is……」

『Just how many years have I been sealed in this ground I wonder……Those Gods that exiled me, in fear of my revival, has long abandoned the management of this star。But, that allowed me to gather my power, in order for my revival! Those foolish Gods, far from just letting me revive, will have their very existence consigned into the depths of oblivion。That is why、I will once again remind them of my power, and let them learn that there only needs to be one【God】!』

As it’s words continued, the flame also burned more intensely

The three people could only stare at it’s form, entranced.

『Well now、my dear disciple。I am Despair。Death。Offer me chaos。All the【Darkness】、shall become my flesh、and lead to my revival――――』

「「「Yes! All is for the sake of the Demon God……!」」」

The purple flame then vanished from that place.

But even so, the three of them were unable to move from their spot for a while after that.

And, when they could finally move again, the determination that could be seen in their eyes was even stronger than before.

「Nihi Nihi Nihi。In order for the Demon God’s revival, even more despair is needed……」

「Even if ya say that、it ain’t any different from what we’ve done til now right?」

「Nnfu……No, if it was just despair, then killing them would be fine。But, in order to create greater despair, there is no choice but to crush their very hopes in front of their eyes.」

「I see! Then、when people go to public toilets to poop、it’ll be fine if I just lock all of the doors as if there were already people inside right!?」

「Like I said、why are all your plans so insignificant!」

「Is that bad? I think they’ll feel despair though……when their stomach hurts, and arrive in desperation only to find all the cubicles have people inside! Well? Hopeless ain’t it?」

「No、that’s right but……」

While Kuraisu and Lester were having their meaningless conversation, Angelia was thinking of all the disciples scattered about the world.

And then, among them, when she tried to remember a place where disciples were collecting especially large amounts of despair, she recalled one location.

「That is right……」

「Nnfuー? What’’s wrong?」

「I , feel that gathering despair separately, is a mistake。Kuraisu was more or less prepared to cooperate with others, but that’s not enough。From the start to the end, if two people cooperate in their gathering, then they would likely be able to collect despair more reliably」

「Nnfuー……that’s fine and all、but so what?」

「Kuraisu。Do you、remember where Demiolos is situated?」

「Demiolos? ……Don’t tell me it’s!?」

Remembering the person that Angelia mentioned, Kuraisu started to smile creepily.

Urged on by that smile, Angelia also had a bewitching smile on her face.

「That is correct――――nearby the『Barbador Magic Academy』」

――――【Devil’s Religion】。

That was the organisation that those in at the top who called【Discples】were affiliated to, and it’s role was to gather Despair from around the world in order for the Demon God’s Revival

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