Shinka no Mi – Chapter 29

Chapter 29 – Fierce Fight and Growth?



The dragon and I charge at the same moment and I swing [The Black Sword of Hatred] and [The White Sword of Love/Affection] at full force.

However, the dragon repels those attack with its fingernail, diverting them. What a hard nail.

[Humans…! You are always such an annoying race…!]

The dragon seemed really hateful, it swings its huge tail to mow me down.

This dragon… Is very strong?

I began to cry when I asked myself, is my offensive power beyond one million? It’s to defend our peace..

Though it’s natural now, I haven’t understood the dragon’s name and level.

As the dragon swept with its tail, I moved to create some distance, while moving I used the skill [Advance Appraisal].

[Black Dragon God Level: 5000]

[The level is too high!]

That’s two or more times Zeanosu, isn’t it!

In the presence of the dragon—- While I was surprised with the level and the name of Black Dragon, it moved its aim and lowered its sharp fingernails.

[Take this!]

[Uo!? So dangerous!]

[Ku… Don’t avoid it!]

[The attack will miss!]

[That’s the point!?]

What is with it being necessary to purposely receive the other party’s attack.

I evaded the Black Dragon God attack in a flash.

In each aftermath of the Black Dragon God’s attacks, there is a small gap .

[Nuu! Then… What about this!?]

When the Black Dragon God shouts that, there is a bright red and sharp glint from its eyes, aiming at me.

Though I don’t understand what he will do, at the next moment, I understand it.

[Ku! My, my body…!?]

I stared toward the Black Dragon God, it’s giving off a terrifying pressure – my body can’t move at all.

There is no obstruction, but why is it my body cannot move? Why?

While my body can’t be moved without a reason, the Black Dragon God didn’t miss his chance and attacked me.

The tail approaching while tearing through the air, I let down my guard a bit.

If I said goodbye to my status as a human, it’ll be safe when I receive the attack from the Black Dragon God right? But…

Furthermore, I have the skill [Absorption] too. This tail attack damage was most likely gonna be absorbed

But, such carelessness brought me into crisis.

Meki meki meki

The tail was thrown into my immoveable body.

When I received the attack to my side I got blown to the wall.

[Gaha! Goho!]

A large amount of blood was vomited from my mouth.

Wh, what happened?

Although without me saying it, my defense and offensive power should exceed one million.

My level is so much higher than Zeanosu’s. The offensive power of the Black Dragon God didn’t seem to exceed one million at all.

Moreover, when I receive damage, the skill [Absorption] should be activated.

But, I still received this large amount of damage.

In other words, the attack from Black Dragon God was not absorbable.

To think I got blown away, it’s been awhile since I’ve been blown away in Saria’s Forest.


Saria – the person in question who blew me away, is screaming.

I wipe the blood streaming from my mouth with my hand. I take out the superlative recovery potion from my bag at once, and drink it up..

Then, the wound on my body recovers instantaneously.

[Fun. Like, I didn’t expect to be blown away – such expression]


While I am seen through, the Black Dragon God continues.

[Even after receiving the strike from my energy, you’re still young after all… The result from your overconfidence in power – you’ve experienced it just now]

Though it’s frustrating, I can’t answer him back.

After all, I have always unconsciously relying on my own OP strength.

As I removed my status as a human, I am relieved and grieved at the same time.

First, I never lost…

But, I was blown away by the Black Dragon God just now.

Why did I receive the damage? Was it because the skill [Absorption] is not effective?… I’m thinking of various questions.

But, I understand one thing, the method to give me damage, it’s to surpass the monster status.

That’s it, but I still don’t understand.

Even if I don’t understand… I can’t do anything except keep fighting. Everyone is waiting for me.

I am not relaxing my guard anymore. If you get damage because you received a hit, it’s best to avoid the attack no matter what.

When the Black Dragon God see my face change, it was squinting.

[… The crucial moment starts from now]

When I muttered small voice, the Black Dragon God open his large mouth, facing towards me.

[That’s good. Then, receive my strongest magic. Go vanish…!]

After that, the surrounding of the Black Dragon God was surrounded with the flame, opening his large mouth and looking at me.

From the inside of the mouth, I can see the flames converge little by little..

In this state, pointing at me, it speaks with its mouth with dexterity.

[My strongest magic… [Hell Inferno]! This magic has the effect to nullify the magic, swallowing it….In the hell fire, you bastard, you’re gonna be burned away!]

In other words, when the Black Dragon God finishes his magic, at the same time I’ll burn away in an instant.

I spread my robe, to think my skill [Absorption] is unable to cancel this flame. This magic cannot be absorbed.

And also, being unable to negate the magic, the dark magic [Magic Hall] doesn’t make sense.

What should I do…!

In front of the flustered me, the flame is gathering fast.

If it’s by direct attack, let’s not do it – the surrounding flame is in the way; it’s not possible to approach him.

The water magic too, I don’t know if it’s capable to extinguish such a big fireball. The power and the effect itself, I still don’t know.

If I tried to use skill [Zanashi/Beheading leg], it’ll be thwarted and erased by the flame.

At this rate…

For better or worse, I was thinking of using a huge amount of water magic with a lot of consumption.


In the back, Saria who looked after Altria, is shouting something to me.

[Use the magic than you used when fighting me!]

Saria… Magic when we were fighting?

Incidentally, when I met Saria for the first time – I recalled our fight.

And then, I recalled the magic at that time.

Nope, I don’t want to remember it, but I have to remember it.

That’s the magic that I used for the first time.

In addition, I’d say, the magic failed.

… Mou, I don’t want the error to be repeated.

Although I was a little bit traumatized, I still need to use this magic.

I’m different than the previous me.

I shut my eyes and raise my right arm quietly towards the heaven.

To my appearance, the Black Dragon God shows a questioning face.

I exhale deeply.

I’m nervous in case the magic fails

[It’s useless now. My magic already can’t be stopped…!]

The mass of the flame is already the same size as the Black Dragon God.

However, It doesn’t matter. Because I have decided, I must do it.

And then, when I opened my eyes, I shout a spell/magic word.

[[Fall Disaster]!]

This is the magic that I used for the first time against Saria.

At the same time, it’s the magic from the bitter memory that I tried to forget.

But, this time, I must use it.

This time, the trigger is on the place—-

[Fufufufu… Hahahaha! What do you think you’re do… There is nothing happening? It’s regrettable, human! You can clench down your own powerlessness and decay—–


The sound of disaster is coming.

[Mu? … Na!? Wh, what’s happening!?……. Water? Does the water fall down!?]

The sound heard from above, the Black Dragon God who noticed the sound of the disaster, was surprised and opened its eyes wide while looking up.

[Cho! It will fall down in here!? It will hit! Uuuuu…. It’ll hit my magic!]

The shout of the Black Dragon God is helpless. The water of disaster is mercilessly dropped from above.

[Gaaaaaaa! My magic… My magic… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Gababababababa!]

I’m also… in the same condition.

I see the appearance of the Black Dragon God, I’m looking from far away.

The gigantic mass of flame from the Black Dragon God, because the volume of water is overwhelming, is able to extinguish the fire without any difficulty.

The intense spray, it scatters on me.

… This, we will likely be drowned if it’s like this….

I become uneasy at once, I use [Magic Hall] at the feet of the Black Dragon God. All of the magic was absorbed by me. There is no worry if the magic is gonna fill the room.

Right, when I fought Seria, I jumped up greatly. This one also, the improvement of absorption is probably because the level-up status enhancing my magic attack.

[I, the breath…! Deki…. Abababababa!]

I know that feeling well.

I glanced a pity to the Black Dragon God. Moreover, the Black Dragon God received the volume of water (TN: the mass of water torrent looks more cool). It doesn’t compared with me at that time..

[S,stop it! This water stoooooooooooooop! Gobobobobo!]

The Black Dragon God was swallowed by the water in an instant.

Apparently, the Black Dragon God is misunderstanding one thing.

——- I, don’t know the method to stop this magic.

When I say it in my mind,I in turn give a refreshing smile to the Black Dragon God.

[Oi, What kind of smile is that!? Please! I beg you to stopppppppppppp!]

The shout of the Black Dragon God is in vain. It received the vigorous water attack from me, around five minutes later.

The Black Dragon God who was able to separate from the water, is gasping.

I was blamed about the water for a long time…

Once again, water is scary. No matter what.

[You… Human…! I won’t forgive you even if you ask for forgiveness!]

That’s a really amazing rage… The reason is clear.

[I’ll tear you apart!]

When the Black Dragon God says it, it fiercely attacks me.

[[Spherical Claw]!]

From the fingernails in the hand, there is three claws flying at me.

…….It’s similar to my skill [Goutsume].

When I am thinking about it, my [Shingan/Mind’s Eyes] is activated.

However, when I avoided the slash attack from the Black Dragon God, it began to pursue me.

[My skill [Spherical Claw] is gonna keep chasing until the target is torn apart!]

[Hard nail] is strong… The offensive power is also high.

Even though I worked hard to shake it off, I think the slashing power is not dropping when it’s approaching me.

Maybe this is really effective; it’s a very troublesome skill.

It can’t be helped, I stop to avoid it and began to attack it.

In this case, I obtained it from Zeanosu, I used [The self-defense Style of Zefudo].

[[Skill Break!]]

As the name suggested, this technique destroy another skill. However, this technique seems to be unable to demonstrate its effect except against skills. I heard if it’s aimed at person, it won’t cause any damage. I wonder what the principle of this skill is?

While I am wondering about it, all of the slashing attack that approached me, was cut in pieces in the black and white sword.

And then, I continue to invoke skill [Instant]; I move approaching at a dash.

Again, I can’t control the power, I pulled out the power of [Instant] a little.

But, because the speed was far exceeding the recognition speed of the other party, I who has suddenly appeared in front of its eyes, the Black Dragon God opens its eyes widely, surprised.

[[Storm Slash]! ]

While watching the reaction from the Black Dragon God, I twist my body and do a rotation slash attack with my black and white sword.

[I am… I am determined to never lose again against a human…! Never lose!]

When the Black Dragon God sees my attack, it’s struggling to repulse it.

The Black Dragon God’s word, I felt something like deep obsession, even though I don’t understand it.

Afterwards, the Black Dragon God spits the fire that cannot be absorbed, followed by the attack one by one from its tail and the fingernail.

I am able to avoid those attack and I succeed in landing counter attack. The body of the Black Dragon God was covered in blood.

The Black Dragon God seems as though it’s gonna fall at any moment, but its eyes are not dead yet.

The fire breath that he was breathing became rough, slowly changing into dark smoke.

Toward the sharp glinted eyes, the Black Dragon God’s ambition is scattered.

From its appearance, I imagined it, the feeling of personality of a Dragon.

[I am…. I am not done yeeeeeeet!]

The Black Dragon God was enraged and a huge fireball is shot from its mouth.

That speed, it’s far different from all of the earlier attacks.

Even with the skill Mind’s Eye, I who took pride in my speed , is feeling threatened.

When the huge fireball come closer, I invoke my skill [Instant], as I am on this momentum, I invoked the mysterious [Gale] that defeated Zeanosu.

My black and white sword were approaching the Black Dragon God at abnormal speed.


That moment, it roared, I who moved in the speed that cannot be recognized, is being stared with sharp eyes by the Black Dragon God.

Then, the Black Dragon God begins to attack; I already released mysterious [Gale] so I can’t move at all.

[Ku! Again…!]


The entire area intensely vibrated. The Black Dragon God which raised a war cry, with its sharp claw came to tear my body.

If this attack hits me, my defense power for some reason won’t function – I might die too soon.

That is, I absolutely refused.

I forcibly moved my body and I command my body with all my strength.

If I don’t move from here, I will die.

Like that, it’s really more simple than I imagined. The survival instinct awakes my body in an instant. I begin to move my body.

Toward the impending fear of death, my body has evolved again.

Nope, it might be not only my body. My mentality too, this fight against the Black Dragon God has made me grow.

I still have a long way to grow-up. I am satisfied with the current situation, no matter what I will still remain a monster.

Someday, to get past this monster, I want to reach a point which I can control it well.

A strong desire exploded inside me. My body was completely freed from the bind.

Following that, I heard a voice inside my head.

<<You have mastered Overpower Resistance>>

I, who’s moving fast, am not capable to think of the meaning of those words.

When the Black Dragon God sees my appearance, it doesn’t stop attacking.

I counter attack.

[Ooooooooo! [Claw of The Dragon God]! ]

A shining huge fingernail approaches me.

It seems that claw is not able to be destroyed by Zeanosu’s technique [Skill Break]. When I was thinking about it, the claw approached, it’s powerful… It was beautiful.

However, I am facing it, wielding my sword single-mindedly.

It’s approaching, this gigantic slash attack.

I didn’t see anything.

I heard nothing.

I said nothing.

Nothing in my mind.

However, I wield the sword in daze.

Obtained from the sect/school from Zeanosu, I don’t have any idea on how to learn skills and Hidden Skills.

That moment, I heard a familiar voice in my head.

[Hidden Skill <Profusely Flower Sword> was acquired. Hidden Skill <Hurting Sword Blade> was acquired.]

At the same time I heard that voice, my sword collided with the Black Dragon God…

—- I cut the slash in instant and I am reaching the Black Dragon God.

And then, without giving a chance for the Black Dragon God to counterattack, I kept slashing with my black and white sword.


The Black Dragon God, as it’s the same effect when defeating the body of a monster, falls into the ground.

[I am… defeated again….! Again, I cannot win against humans….!]

From the eyes of the Black Dragon God that fallen down, there is a stream of tears.

I just want, to laugh together again with that person….]

Shed tears, the Black Dragon God said it in regret.


This the end, when the Black Dragon God raised a sorrowful roar, it disappeared completely.

The only one left, is an item drop/loot.

More than that, in my mind, the word of the Black Dragon God strongly attached.

[…. In the end, I wonder why the Black Dragon God hates humans so much…]

Like usual, the air in the surrounding has become quiet.

<<<Level-up. Level-up. Level-up. Level-up>>

I heard the voice reporting my level is increased, its sounding several times. So far my level up was only one by one but the level-up is increased in flash. Was the Black Dragon God so strong?

But, I don’t think I’m feeling good atm.

Saria is running, to me.

[Seiichi! Are you okay?]

[E? Y,yeah. I don’t have any injury]

Though I answered her, Saria didn’t change her worried looks.

[But… Seiichi, you look sad somehow?]

I am, showing a sad expression?

Though I don’t understand well, I shake my head.

And then, we rushed to the side of the fainted Altria.

[… Again, she seems to have fainted]

[Yes, maybe, I believe she will wake-up soon]

I am relieved to hear Saria’s word.

Anyway, we’re safe now, it’s possible to return.

So, those hentai in the guild…

… Eh?

The hentai in the guild seems to also got a big trouble in the home, moreover I have overlooked some unexpected things…

When I think about it, I notice something.

After I notice it, I want to escape the reality in full force.

[….. How can we escape?]

On my word, Sarria showing blank expression.

And, we’re looking at each other….


The way back to homeeeeee! To begin with, what is this place!? I Just realized it now!

[This is bad! We must think of the way back home! Oh boy, how can we be blown off so suddenly!?]

[W-what should we do, Seiichi!]

[Don’t panic! At such a time… Such a time!?]

I’m such a fool to be blown to this place and unable to get back home.

During this sudden situation, I went in hurry for Saria too. The serious atmosphere is ruined!

Because Altria is still unconscious, it’s impossible to discuss what to do next.

I realize that there is no use rushing, I exhale deeply and my mind settles down at once.

[Fuu… Let’s calm down. First, let’s confirm if it’s possible to escape from this labyrinth with our items in possession]

[Yes! I didn’t bring anything!]

Yes of course! Then please look after Altria for awhile!]


Because Saria doesn’t have item box, the items was not carried over.

Saria went to return to the side of Altria.

For the time being, when I checked my item box, there is no items that’s capable of letting us escape from this cave.

[Oh yeah! From the drop item’s of the Black Dragon God, there might be something useful]

In the worst case, I will destroy this labyrinth, even though it’s closed space which could destroy the surrounding when carelessly destroyed, if we are caught and damaged, it’ll be embarrassing for sure…. When we were in a rush to Altria, it was an emergency…. Sorry I was joking, I didn’t think carefully during that time.

With the excuse described well in my mind, I approached the drop item from the Black Dragon God.

First of all, because it dropped the scales and fangs, I collected them all.

[Scale of the Black Dragon God]…. A solid scale which covers the gigantic figure of the Black Dragon God. It will nullify the damage from normal weapon. It is an excellent heatproof. An overwhelming thermal power is necessary to process it. It’s weak against cold.

[The Black Dragon God’s Wrath]…. It’s rare, among the thousand scales of the Black Dragon God. It’s harder than the scale, but has the same elasticity. It has resistance against magic. The power of the received magic attack is reduced. Other effects are the same as the scale.

[Fingernail of the Black Dragon God]…. The strong fingernail of the Black Dragon God. It’s very sharp, even a thick iron plate can be easily torn-up. It’s very hard. The same as orichalcum, it can only be processed with special metals.

[Fang of the Black Dragon God]……. A brutal fang equipped/owned by the Black Dragon God. When it’s pierced, it will not miss anything.

[The bone of the Black Dragon God]…. It’s very hard, thick bone. Depending on how it’s processed it boasts the same strength as orichalcum – the performance is able to surpass the legendary weapon class.

[Gem of the Black Dragon God]…. A gem which existed inside the body of the Black Dragon God. It stored an overwhelming magic power. If equipped into a weapon, it can destroy anything easily with normal attack, even against the ethereal body of Demons. If you eat it, the magic will spread to the whole body and your physical strength will increase. Moreover, the power of all magics will increase.

[As expected from a God!]

The effect is great! Even though there is no weapon, but the drop materials are so awesome.

This, gem of the Black Dragon God! It’s possible to eat it? This is a gem, you know!?

I am throwing the black scale and fangs that scattered around into the item box. I picked-up the beautiful black gem.

[This… Is edible? Seriously?]

Ee… I want to process it as weapon, but my curiosity was piqued.

[This is a challenge]

In the end, I submit to my curiosity. I throw the gem into my mouth.

When I put it inside my mouth… I’m surprised, it’s taste is cola.

It’s amazing.

While I’m thinking of such things, the gem, before I know it, it has melted like a candy in my mouth.

[Iya~, this is delicious….]

However, I expect my physical power to be strengthened. I felt nothing happen.

Ma, I will understand it sooner or later.

When I said it optimistically, I moved the items.

[The following item… There is no status written]

It gave me a big damage. It most likely takes pride in the stats.

When I made a selfish guess, everything gets confirmed.

[Magic: 100000]

[Offensive power: 200000]

[Defense power: 200000]

[Agility power: 10000]

[Magic attack: 200000]

[Magic defense: 200000]

[Luck: 3]

[Charm: 100000]


So, I was defeated by charm!

O-oh dear? The other party is a dragon, it’s certainly a cool creature….!

Moreover, it has luck! It’s not different from Zeanosu’s story!? The other status’ exceeded more than 100000.

When I retort it so much, I notice something.

[… However, how was offensive power of 200,000 able to exceed my defensive power and give me damage?]

When I thought about it, it might be impossible.

In this case, there is a method to damage me, it might not be status, but a skill.

When I checked the sphere status in my body, I shifted to check the skill confirmation.

[Skill card <<Penetration>>… Skill [Penetration] was learned.

[Skill card <<Overpowering>>… Skill [Overpowering] was learned.

[Skill card <<Claw Supremacy>>… Skill [Claw Supremacy] was learned.

[Skill card <<Dragon God Nails>>… Skill [Dragon God Nails] was learned.

[Magic card <<Extreme Fire Attribute>>… Able to use magic from fire attribute.

[Magic card <<Purgatory>>… Able to use Ancient magic attribute <Purgatory>

[Wait a moment! There are various things followed-up in this atmosphere!?]

All of these things seems strong, I falter.

These skill cards, everything is absorbed inside my body.

When I finished acquiring all the skills, I check to confirm it – the status displayed at once.

<<Hiiragi Seiichi>>

Race: Man (Human)

Sex: Male (Male)

Job/class: Mysterious (Magic Swordman)

Age: 17 (17)

Level: 15 (15)

Offensive power:1644000(100【Fixed】)

Defense power:1667000(100【Fixed】)

Magic attack:1674000(100【Fixed】)

Magic defense:1632000(100【Fixed】)

Charm:Displayed as a foolish person(100【Fixed】)


Fine quality Shirt. Fine quality trousers. Fine quality underclothes. Fine quality briefs. Chain of clever monkey. Dagger of the water spirits. Bracelets of night. Choker of Black King Stone. Necklace of the love without ends. Sword of swirling hatred. Sword of overflowing affection.

<<Character Skills>>

Instant Memory. Perfect Memory. Instant learning. Instant recovery. Complete dismantling. Mind’s eye., Evolution/evolve, Skill/Art Steal, Arrangement.


[Attack] Kiashi(Leg Chop). Shokiba(Twin Fang Attack). Tsuoyshitsume(Metal claw). Strong nail. Supreme Nail. Dragon God’s nail.

[Resistance] Paralysis resistance. Sleep resistance. Confusion resistance. Charm resistance. Petrification resistance. Inhibition resistance. Poison resistance. Fatigue resistance. Overpowering resistance.

[Movement] Setsuna.

[Special] Advanced appraisal. Super compounding. Tool making: Super first rate. Search. Disguise. Assimilation. Clairvoyance. Absorption. Compression. All-speech understanding. Transmission. Coercion.


Life magic, Water magic, Dark magic, Earth magic, Space magic, Fire magic, Unique/Ancient magic: Purgatory.

<<Secret/Hidden skill>>

Gale, Flash, Cloud, Profusely Flower Sword, Hurting Blade Sword.

<<Military Arts>>

Self-defense of Zefodo style: Founder.


Stink player, A man who has gorilla as bride, The top of everything, Doesn’t know the self-respect, Male King, Dragon Samurai, God Killer.


2500304060 G

[It become too much!]

The status changed too much in a dramatic way! Takumi is surprised! (TN: Takumi is person name or not? I’m not sure)

The class/job changed from monster into mysterious! What, what is a Mystery? Am I mysterious!?

The charm is more cruel!? Besides, comparing the treatment, it’s too hard to handle.

Moreover, the new skills was added to the column of the Unique/Ancient magic before I know it.

I am bit hesitant, but I want to confirm this unique skill.

[Evolution] …. After reaching certain level in the race of <Human>, this skill will be released. Every time the user is in battle, the user body will adjusting/adapting the battle. Always activated.

[Skill/Art Steal] ….. After reaching a certain level in the race <Human>, this skill will be released. This skill able to acquired the skill that be used by the other party as their own. However, if the other party is a monster, the skill that can be acquired is limited to those that can be used as a human. Always activated.

[Arrangement]…. After reaching a certain level in the race <Human>, this skill can be released.

Learning skills from Skill/Art Steal, it can be done by the most extreme form that suits themselves. Always activated. (TN: Maybe this is kinda like support skill for Theft Work so he can steal his opponent skill in any battlefields](Yami:I’ve change all Theft Work to [Skill/Art Steal] cause it seems more appropriate)

[Humans are scary!]

These skills are so cheating!

Moreover, Evolution!? I haven’t ate Seeds of Evolution any longer but I can still evolve!? (TN: I don’t know about this evolution things so i made a wild guess](Yami:From my guess,his body or something can adapt or adjust itself to fit the battle or enemy)

How should I say it, that I completed the condition to liberate the skills, from now on, what kind of skill might be released?

…… What is a Human? To be a cheating existence like this?

I have harbored distrust on my race. Next, I’m gonna move on to confirm the ordinary skills.

[All language comprehensions]…. The skill for human race to understand all the languages. The monster language might be understood, it’s not absolute. Always activated.

[Penetration]….. The skill that gives a direct attack, disregarding the opponent’s defense power. Because of the effect of this skill, it is impossible to prevent this skill. It’s not effective against spiritual body..

[Overpowering]….. This skill can be used against low-leveled enemy, it can temporarily seal their movement. In order to give pressure to the other party’s spirit/mental to stop the enemy movement, it’s ineffective against the obstruction resistance. However, the effect is not triggered if the other party level is higher than the user..

[Overpowering Resistance]….. Nullify Overpowering.

[Claw Supremacy]….. The skill that fires three slashing attack. It’s possible to fire it from weapons. It will keep chasing down until in contact with the other party. The more the other party avoids it, the more the power will rise.

[God Dragon Nails]…… The skill that is able to fire a terrifying slashing power. It has Light/Holy element. It’s effective against the Undead monsters. However, it can only go forward in straight line.

I was vomiting blood for the remaining skills.

The number of the cheating skills….! It’s no different than a God!

Nope, the treasure box’s skill [All language comprehension] is mixed with it. Though this skill has a width to be extended. When arranged with the mind-blowing skills, I became greatly hazy.. Thus, in these skills, the most practical and high skills.

More of it, being able to give me the damage, it’s the skill [Penetration]…?

The obstruction resistance, though the body can’t be moved, probably because the overpowering. However even if I learned, but my level is low, it’s not very useful, although I can use it.

All of them are very strong. Although to handle them is difficult, but I believe I can try to master them somehow.

[Next is magic, eh?]

In the case of this, I checked the column of magic.

[Earth Magic: Limit/Max]…. The Earth element can be studied thoroughly. Is also able to handle all of the Earth magics.

[Space Magic: Limit/Max]…. The Space element can be studied thoroughly. Is also able to handle all of the Space magics.

[Fire Magic: Limit/Max]…. The Fire element can be studied thoroughly. Is also able to handle all of the Fire magics.

[Unique Magic: Purgatory]…. The magic from Fire element, the forced magic granted. When the fire magic was clashed with the other fire magic attack. The fire attribute/element magic moved by the forced magic bestowal/granted of the Purgatory element. Other party fire magic is swallowed. Skill extinction is impossible. Is it possible to nullify it using an overwhelming amount of water? It’s possible to nullify it by the intention/will of person who triggered it..

[Hahaha, it’s full of cheats]

It’s not good, I have no confidence to master all of them. It’ll take too much time.

However, not being able to absorb the flame of Black Dragon God, it’s because of the effect of Purgatory. This property is really awesome.

Aside that, The shrewd Sandman magic….Akurufu, level exceeding 300., I learned his magics thoroughly somehow.

There is space magic to learn storage box by myself.

[Space magic….? Huh!?]

The impact shocked my body.

Yes this is…. Yes this is!

[Is this not a space magic!]

I input in my head, to remember of the name of the space magic.

[I got it!]

And then, the name is, [Teleport] and [Transfer Magic], the name of magic certainly really exists.

[Seria! We will be able to return!]

[Really!? Yay!]

I wish to express my gratitude to Altria-san who is near Saria, because of the storage box.

Treasure box… Your effort won’t be useless…..! Our crisis, this amazing fellow gonna save us…!

I gave my salute to the treasure box which scattered silently…. I killed it.

[I confirmed the status to ease my mind]

I mutter so, the column of Hidden Skill is confirmed on it this time.

[Profusely Flower Sword…. Release an innumerable slash. The hidden move to cut the other party in pieces. The skill and magic can be cut too.

[Hurting Blade Sword]… It’s combined with the sword. The Hidden move will improve the user’s concentration to the utmost limit. After the hidden skill used, the skill power and the speed of the movement of the sword will double.

[Oo, Hidden move]

Do you feel admired in this situation? Because I obtained the secrets by myself.

Especially, there is no viewpoint either. It moved to the last column of the last title.

[Dragon Samurai]…. The title given to person who defeated the highest rank of dragon alone. The battle against dragon, it will correct the existing status to maximum.

[God Killer]….. The title given by God to the person who killed it. When battle against God, it will correct the existing status to maximum.

[At last, finally….]

I looked with cruel eyes.

Nope, right now, the God who sent us to this world said, the God exists.

Well, if you watch it from the God’s side, the Black Dragon God might not be a God.

Anyway, I have gone and become God Killer. Uwaaah-! I am clueless!

By becoming a God Killer, Doesn’t it mean I will incur Divine punishment? When I consider it, I felt so scared. No, I give up.

[Now then… The confirmation for the skills has ended, the return method is found. Eh…]

When I said so, I delimited my word. A treasure chest falls to ground and took the attention of everyone..

[The content of the treasure box, though the cheat equipment might be in it, it’s bit anxious because of the past of the Black Dragon God.

The extreme attachment toward a Human. Somehow, it might have been in the past.

The fierce battle is concluded. I who took down the Black Dragon God, I want to know about it.

When I noticed, I was directing myself to the direction of the books.

And then, After this, I am, made to think about various things.

Shinka no Mi - Chapter 28
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