Shinka No Mi – Chapter 86

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In-School Tournament ~Royalty of Noble Blued vs Royalty of Impure Blued~

『W, woah … what a terrific fight that was! I couldn’t follow the movements of the participants… 』

『That is my opinion as well. First of all, I believe the participant Bead was knocking down the participant Fauner’s magic, gradually closing in on him. After which, he then took an ultra-fast side step on the spot, misleading participant Fauner and went around him, and throwing a brilliant blow to his crown … it was a move unimaginable for a student.』

Who the heck are you!? Are you really Michael!? You couldn’t even explain properly up until now, could you!? Why did you start explaining in full detail all of a sudden!? Also, if you look at the level of the matches so far, Bead’s match was overwhelmingly higher in level, wasn’t it!?

I could follow it from the beginning, but I really didn’t expect Michael being able to actually follow that high-speed match with his eyes!

『Michael-san, you can keep up with that!?』

『It’s not that much of a big deal. In addition, if compared to my beloved horse… 【Meteor Horse】, any speed is as slow as a snail.』

『I see. Well then, let’s move to the next match!』

『She changed gears so fast!?』

You don’t feel as if that was slow at all do you! But now I remembered, but isn’t he the previous winner of Royal Capital Cup!? He said 【Meteor Horse】 after all!

Maybe he was in one of the peanut gallery when I won the cup. I didn’t get to climb the podium as Rurune was in shock for not getting that Bahamut. I only checked with the person who won the Bahamut to ask if we could change our prize with it. Putting that aside, who are you really!? Michael!

An adventurer, perhaps …? Even if that was the case, Barna-san didn’t seem to recognize him, so either his rank wasn’t that high, or he probably didn’t accept difficult quests and so on.

….Because if you’re from that town, ranks and such means nothing at all!

『Continuing on, it’s a pair of participant Theobolt from class S versus participant Blued from class F! I can’t take my eyes off from this one!』

『Would you care to elaborate?』

『Actually, participant Theobolt is Kaizer Empire’s first prince, and participant Blued is the second prince! However, just between us, participant Blued’s esteemed mother is a commoner, so as step-brothers, their relationship can’t be said as a good one.』

『I see. However it isn’t just between us now, is it.』  

『 … Everyone, forget what I said!』

Isn’t that a tad too impossible!?

『Well, at any rate, doesn’t this feel as though the darkness of a country will overflow in this single match!? Bringing a national conflict to the academy, damn!!』

『I’m more surprised of how much of a blabber-mouthed you are.』

Michael, you’re in the right now!

Lily-san, will you be okay … you’re picking a fight with the Kaizer Empire that almost has no good reputation in my opinion….

While I was brooding over it, Blued and the boy with blonde hair were facing each other. He was Theobolt, Blued’s big brother. Their weapons were the same; longswords. …Come to think of it, Al said she’d make Theobolt’s normal grade will be zero, didn’t she….

「Elder brother… 」  

「Don’t get conceited, you hear? You dropouts. He’s the weakest amongst us class S.」  

Woah! Never thought the day I’d hear the line 『He’s the weakest amongst us, ○○』 in real life will come!

「I … will beat you.」

「Hah? Bastard, since when you become that cocky? You lowly mud blooded peasant.」


「I really can’t stomach that face. Makes me want to make a mess out of it…Nn? Oh, that’s right! I’ve just thought a good idea. If I remember it correctly, there’s a maid in your mother’s place… the name is…Lilian, isn’t it?」


「Be honoured. Once I return to the country, I’ll hire her as my personal maid. Fufufu… I only saw her once, but at least her face was good. I’ll make her serve me plenty.」


Blued changed his attitude from a little while ago then glared at Theobolt so hard to the extent he could kill people with his gaze. I don’t know the surrounding circumstances… but he’s sure quite the lowlife. As I involuntarily frowned, Saria, who had been watching over him opened her mouth.

「Uun …won’t it be impossible.」


「I mean, that person is completely no good as a male. He’s about the same, if not lower than the people who came to us back then!」

「 … What about Blued?」

「Eh? He’s okay you know!」

Wild instinct is scary. While I trembled by my own, Agnos shouted.

「You idiot! Don’t lend an ear to what he says! Where’s your usual unlikeable attitude!?」

「Agnos… 」

「Don’t worry! Just go beat him into pulp to the extent that he won’t think to do anything strange!」

That cheering is wrong on so many levels. No, in a sense, that may be correct.

Receiving Agnos’ cheering, Blued widened his eyes for a moment but soon returned to his usual leeway smile.

「You’re right … It’s like you have said.」  

He agreed to it! Can’t you do it a little bit more peacefully!?

As I was grandly retorted in my heart, Agnos called on me.

「Big bro! A word or two from you too please, Big bro!」

「Eh? Ah, then … 」

Firmly, I uttered it to Blued.

「Crush him.」

 Did I say the same thing? I don’t understand why I’m saying that.

Blued became surprised upon hearing my words, but then he deepened his smile.

「Pfft … as an educator, isn’t telling me to finish it peacefully the normal advice?」

「You agreed to the same thing a moment ago, didn’t you?!」

What an outrageous false accusation. At any rate, I don’t have to worry about him. I decided to watch the match with a peace of mind.

『Now, although both sides has already scattered their sparks … lets us begin at once! Participant Theobolt versus participant Blued … start!』

Along with Lily-san’s signal, Blued brandished his sword.


At that instant, a slash flew out and rushed towards Theobolt.

『W, what the! Participant Blued is launching flying slashes! From what I can see, it’s not even a Skill… 』

『At last it’s becoming more doubtful whether they’re students or not.』  

What surprised me is that releasing a flying slash is not normal after all. Louis has unleashed that kind of slash so many times, though….

「You lowly small fry… Don’t get carried away!」

However, Theobolt evaded that slash easily. The slash lightly gouged the empty ground then finished. Theobolt who had evaded the slash pointed his right hand towards Blued.

「『Thunder Lance』!」

The spear-shaped thunder set forth to Blued at a high speed.


After he somehow avoided it, Blued once again unleashed a flying strike.

However, that strike flew away in the wrong direction, not even close to Theobolt.

「Ahahaha! You can’t even aim properly? You small fry! 『Electric Circle』!」

This time, Theobolt raised a fast-rotating circle of lightning and launched it to Blued in large quantities.

『Uh-oh! Participant Theobolt! What a great amount of magic!』

『Electric Circle … if I remember it correctly, it’s an intermediate lightning attribute magic.』

You didn’t comment live in the middle of the match up until now, did you!? Really, what’s with the rapid change of heart!? Well, it’s your job so I can’t complain much!

Blued continued avoiding the circles of electric shock that were coming against him by the skin of his teeth, and the ones that he couldn’t evade, he cut it with his sword and unleashed another flying slash to counterattack. However, the slash flew in the wrong direction yet again.

「What’s wrong what’s wrong what’s wrong!? It won’t be fun if you’re only running away you know? Do your best being my magic experiment marmot!」

Everyone from class S wants to do magic experimentation on someone else. They’re too mad.

While I was involuntary thinking over it, the match was stalled, as none of Theobolt’s attack connected, and Blued kept slashing a weird direction.

「You impure blooded bastard, you dare to oppose this me, the next Emperor!? A commoner like you should crawl and bath in the mud like how commoners would!」

Theobolt launched different kinds of magic, in a bid to try to change the situation even a little, but Blued handled them skillfully. In addition, perhaps Blued planned to seize a winning condition and tried to take the gamble, little by little, he covered his distance with Theobolt.

「Standing in front of me… DROP DEAD YOU PEASAAAAANTT!!」

Maybe because he was scared by Blued who gradually closing in, Theobolt raised a cry then extended both of his arms to him.

「Be thankful, this is my present for you! 『Triple Chase』!」


Then, a ball of flame, a ball of wind, and a ball of thunder, three of them rushed towards Blued at a high speed. Blued was surprised at the sudden occurrence, but regained his composure and tried to evade it.



「You fool! This magic will keep chasing you until it hits you!」

The magic Theobolt had launched was a homing type magic that would relentlessly follow him.

As soon as Blued realized it, he immediately changed his aim and charged towards Theobolt.

『Uh-oh, participant Blued! Is he giving up on coping up with the magic and charging into attack participant Theobolt now!?』

『No, isn’t it more like he’s trying to make participant Theobolt taste his own magic? Originally, in a fight between magic users, you only need to raise a wall and make that magic hit it … but apparently, he seems like unable to wield magic.』

I see, so Blued may be thinking like that….

However, Blued could use magic now. If he used it, he could easily get through this situation.

But … for some reason, Blued didn’t even try to use magic.

For a moment, I suspected that Blued taking his opponent lightly, but that didn’t seem to be the case. There should be a reason for it, but I didn’t know what it was.

「What a stupid fellow you are!? You have no way to escape that magic! If you obediently surrender, I might forgive you, you know?」  


Blued was unmoved by Theobold’s provocation and simply kept on pursuing him. And thus, maybe because the time to gamble had come, Blued jumped to Theobold with all of his strength. However——.

「To think you’d jump into the air … With this you can’t escape any longer, do you!? Now, fall! 『Triple Chase』!」

Again, the homing three attribute balls chased down Blued who had no place to escape in the air. In addition, Theobolt had firmly leapt back from that place as to not get caught by the explosion. No one doubted Theobolt’s win over the match.

Yes, except us that is——.


Blued calmly… yet so ferociously, smiled. To my surprise, as Blued twisted his body in the air, he trampled the magic that came towards him with a single wind attribute magic which he mustered his all into. As that magic collided the soles of his feet, a tremendous shock occurred. At the same time, however, Blued made a rush out of it, and thus the distance between him and Theobolt was reduced at once.


Aided by the sudden turn of events, Blued who advanced with a terrific speed sent Theobolt into a complete panic and made him try to run away in haste.



Raising a miserable cry, Theobolt fell down on the spot. For there was a big hole opened due to Blued’s continued flying slash this whole time. Theobolt had been indulging himself on pursuing Blued and was completely forgot to check his own footings.

With his foot taken, Blued easily approached the fallen Theobolt, turned around him, holding on his uniform’s collar, he made him a shield for the upcoming magic.

「Older brother, your present was too crude, so I’m giving it back to you.」


Theobolt’s howl ended in vain, and all the magic bullets hit him spot on.

When the smoke cleared, there was the uninjured Blued and the charred Theobolt.

No matter who saw it, the outcome was obvious.

『Wi, winner … participant Blued from class F!』

Lily-san said so with an excitement she couldn’t hide. And then Blued glanced at the charred Theobolt, frowned his eyebrows, then cast him aside. He then took out his handkerchief and wiped his hand as though saying it was dirty.

「Older brother. A man of royalty with noble blued like you is covered in mud you know? This may be nothing but a consolation, but please cleanse yourself with this.」

He threw the handkerchief he used to wipe his hand to Theobolt, Blued then turned his heels gracefully.

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