Shinka no Mi – Chapter 30

Chapter 30 – Human Being

In my hand was the Black Dragon God’s story. Its title was『The Biograph of the Black Dragon God 』and under that was 『 Non-fiction 』.

I understand they are non-fiction already. Stop trying to make a fool of me!

Wait a minute…

『 The Biograph of the Black Dragon God 』…


The title caused me to yell in astonishment.
It’s a Biography, not a story? That’s strange all the titles have been story up until now! If it was me writing them I would want a little more continuity. Well a Biography is about a person’s whole life so there is no mistake in the naming…

With a little dissatisfaction I opened the book and began reading.
『 Once upon a time, in a certain human village, a black dragon was worshipped as a god. 』

Faith was given to that guy?… Well of course faith is placed in a God…

『 Whenever the villagers were in trouble the Dragon God would selflessly protect them. Thus, the villagers worshipped and revered him from the bottom of their hearts. 』

I can’t imagine it at all… Someone that hated Humans to that extent actually protecting them…
『 However, as time passed the villagers’ faith in the Dragon God faded and they even forgot to give thanks to the being that protected them from the various disasters and demons. 』

『 The Dragon God eventually discovered a plot of the Humans to subjugate him and use him as materials for weapons. Enraged by this the Dragon God began no longer desiring their worshipping, nor their faith, nor even their thanks. 』

And… it was so. The humans whom he had been protecting betrayed him, and attacked him.

『For there is only one God whom bears the name Black Dragon God and he is proud of his tremendous combat abilities. To subjugate the Dragon God the villagers sought out a group called the “Dragon Slayers” whom were said to possess a skill called <>. Once the battle started the Dragon God’s movements were easily sealed and they then inflicted a massive amount of damage upon the Dragon God. 』
Dragon Slayers huh… I can’t imagine the Black Dragon God being beat so easily.

『With his life in danger the Dragon God broke free and fled from the group of dragon slayers but he knew before long he would succumb to exhaustion or blood loss, and sooner or later he would be caught. Eventually his body gave out and while succumbing to the black curtains of death, a man by chance passed by and lent the Black Dragon God his hand. That man would later be referred to as Maou.

「Kuh!? 」

Out of nowhere an unintentionally strange voice leaked out.

Maou!? Maou made an appearance here?

『While healing the Dragon God’s wounds Maou proposed that they travel together as a group. In the beginning the Black Dragon God had been cautious of Maou due to his resemblance to the humans but somewhere in their long journey together the Dragon God had become attached to him and deeply wished for more of his attention. 』

I see… the Black Dragon God was saved by Maou.

『During their travels they would save other demon-kin that were oppressed, he would even help humans. Maou would not neglect troubled people and it was because of that it made the Dragon God’s yearning for his attention grow. 』

… H-huh? My image of Maou is a bit different though…

『 Time passed and upon noticing the enormous amount of followers Maou decided to found a country. The Dragon God was a good friend of Maou’s and thus lived in relative harmony and peace. The country was overflowing with happiness. 』

『However, another race had become aware of Maou’s country and was unhappy-. It was the humans. They eventually got into the Demon Nation ravaging the land, enslaving its residents because they were jealous of the nation that was built as like theirs and that there was peace. Once someone becomes a slave their existence was destroyed and they could never come back. The humans began to ruin the beautiful country all for their own desire, their sense of superiority and their greed. 』

『To destroy the Demon Nation the humans would have to face the many strong demons and the Dragon God overwhelming offensive power and they could not afford to mess around. Around that time, they were able to devise a ritual to summon a Hero. 』

This is where the Hero enters… I just can’t believe the origin of the hero summoning was started for such a deplorable reason…

『A hero summoning ritual is classified into two categories. The first way that was used is to summon a Hero from a strange world. This is to ensure the Hero has an aptitude towards fighting and the power to use it effectively. This time it was a brave man who was given the Hero’s power and was thus born. The Hero advanced upon Maou’s country and slaughtered many demons. Even the Black Dragon God and Maou himself stood before the Hero’s attack, but the Black Dragon God was powerless before the hero’s power. And Maou was without any help was before him now. When Maou was defeated in front of the Black Dragon God’s eyes. As if to deny the world, the Black Dragon God rampaged wildly destroying everything completely…. As a result, the Black Dragon God could not defeat the Hero, and was sealed in the labyrinth. The Black Dragon God didn’t want to lose twice and any more important things. The Black Dragon God continued to think about things in the labyrinth, continuing to store power. He wished to spend every day peacefully with Maou. 』


I’m so sorry! I didn’t think about the Black Dragon God’s circumstances at all! I couldn’t forgive him for harming Altria but after reading this I can’t help but wonder how much of that fight was caused by my short temper…! Also that time with the walking treasure box… if only we could have talked it out… Anyways, if this is story true, the human race is garbag-ummm… I mean there is no salvation for them.

Well I’m basically a human. I’m a creature based on desires. I have desires like them… well not like the perverts at the guild. It’s not like you should deny your beliefs but you should abandon your desires in a sense. Noble desires are a great thing and thanks to the Dragon God’s story I won’t suffer the same fate as the Demon Nation and the Hero. Even so I only empathize with the Hero’s side because I am human.

From the time I was a child my parents always told me to look at things from the another person’s perspective. If you can do that then you will not be able to hold onto any prejudices and your awkwardness when around them will lessen. This will cause the other party to be more relaxed as well. If everyone was like that there would be no crime, only room for mutual compromise… again I think communication is extremely important.

I earnestly felt, that I knew the importance of communication. Once I closed the book it turned into a ball of light and entered my body. The Black Dragon God’s experiences were the most I’ve gotten so far. The experiences with the humans and all his combat experience thanks to that I have understood many new ways to fight.

I then turned to the treasure chest.

「 Now then… other than gold what’s in here? 」

Overwhelmed with pure curiosity I opened the box. There was a bag of money and what seemed to be a hooded coat. First I grabbed the bag of cash, there was a staggering amount of white gold in there…

What I mean is there was enough to cause an inflation…

It wouldn’t be strange to get slightly dizzy from the amount there was, I thought as I slipped it into my item box. Lastly I took out the coat to look it over. The coat was actually a long pure black coat with a hood that had some white fur on it. On the back was golden embroidery that gave off a strangely wonderful feeling.

… It had an unreal chunnibyou feeling to it…

But I needed something to hide my hair in town thanks to the robe that the sheep had given me being burned to a crisp.

The long coat had a little chunnibyou feel to it but it wasn’t uncool.

While thinking that I analyzed the long coat.

『 Long Coat of the Black Champion 』

「 Fantasy class equipment. The symbol of power bestowed from the Black Dragon God 」

「 Heat Resistant 」「 Cold Resistant 」

「 The wearer will always be at a comfortable temperature 」

「 Stab Resistant 」「 Impact Resistant 」

「 The average weapon will not so much as leave a scratch 」

「 Enhancement to all magic power 」

「 Dirt resistant 」

「 Experience acquisition usually drops significantly 」

I don’t understand it all but it seems pretty amazing. What’s that last sentence? Does that mean with this equipped it will be extremely hard to raise my level? Well I’m not really worried about my level because of the performance of the coat but…

Anyways I’ll wear it for now even if my level is unlikely to raise it still protects me from the elements and the rise in my defense and magic powers are nothing to scoff at. Before I go raising my level and becoming stronger I should work on controlling what I already have.

I immediately try to put it on and surprisingly it fitted well.

Recently I have found a lot of amazing things, is this because of my luck?

While thinking those things I finished putting away all the loot and went over to Saria who has been looking after Altria this whole time.

「 Ah, Seiichi! You’re already finished? 」

「 Well for once there wasn’t that much 」

「 Oh that’s right… Sheep-san didn’t show up this time huh. 」

「 Wha? 」

Saria reminded me of what happened last time we cleared a dungeon. Yeah wouldn’t be strange if the sheep appeared this time too but he said he only shows up if you clear the true meaning of a labyrinth. In that case is the condition for truly clearing this one for the Dragon God to live in peace with Maou?

…How much more difficult than that can it get?

If I were to accomplish that I would need to pull on my cheeks to make sure I’m still awake.

Pop! Suddenly there was a small explosion in a space where there was nothing.



I immediately raised my guard but seeing Saria leisurely look on made me feel like an idiot. While I was staring at the space the explosion took place in a small piece of paper fell.


I warily picked it up and noticed there was some writing on it.

「 Seiichi, what’s on it? 」

「 I don’t know but it has some writing on it. 」

However, I wonder why I feel like something similar has happened before…

I read the paper out loud

『 Hello, it’s Sheep-san. 』

「 Haa (sigh), just as I thought! 」

I kind of had the same feeling when I received the Full Face Helmet!

My face contorted unintentionally as Saria smiled.

「 Eh!? Is that a letter from Sheep-san!? 」

「 Eh? W-well in this place… 」

「 Read it! Read it! 」




With Saria’s eyes brightly shining I began to read it aloud again.

『 For now, congratulations for traversing the dungeons. It seems nothing can stop a favoured human! 』

Shut up!

『 I think you already know this but I am unable to meet with you this time since you did not clear the true meaning of this dungeon. …Aww, please don’t make such a sad face. I know you wanted to see me no matter what but… 』

What should I do? I’m being tempted to beat a sheep.

『 Ugh… Your dangerous way of thinking hasn’t changed at all but please be at ease. I welcome your tsun tsun attitude Seiichi-sama because I can properly understand your heart. …Now it’s embarrassment right? 』


More importantly, I was wondering how he could read my feelings without even meeting!?

『 Because I am a sheep. 』

“That can’t be the reason!”

『 Well, anyways, what I wanted to say is it’s been a blessing that you cleared two dungeons. Good luck on clearing more from now on. I look forward to seeing how Seiichi-sama returns to anything that’s living, let alone humans. Well then, Sarria-ojousama I bid you good day. From everyone’s favorite idol sheep. 』

「 From beginning to end it was that sheep’s pace… 」

「Sheep-san take care of yourself! 」

Un, I think he’s staying healthy but, just once, I’d like him to die. If you think such a thing…

There was more at the bottom of the paper.

『 PS: I will be taking a vacation for a while due to your clearing abilities. Please exercise caution when truly clearing dungeons for a while. 』

「 Do your joooooob! 」

For some reason the image of a sheep wearing a Hawaiian shirt while surfing popped into my head.

「 We hope your vacation is enjoyable Sheep-san. 」

「 No! No! No! 」

Saria that sheep is saying because of us lessening his work load he’s going off to play and ignore his work. That shouldn’t happen!

That was a terrible tsukko I thought while adjusting my breathing.

「 Haa… Whatever. The sheep won’t show up next time then. 」

「 That’s too bad huh. 」

Never come back. Ah wait, then I won’t be able to beat…

「 Alright, I stored all the things that needed storing… All that’s left now is to go home! Let’s go! 」

「 Un! Let’s hurry home! 」

While listening to Saria’s reply I began to prepare space magic.

「Saria, hold on to me so that you move with the space magic. 」

「 Ok! 」

While listening to Sarria’s overly enthusiastic reply she grabbed my robe.

Ok… Now then, that’s Altria-san’s…

「 Ok. Now for Altria… 」 (Sarria)

It’s the first time I’ve used this magic so I’m not sure exactly what effect it’ll have so I wanted both of them touching me directly just like when we came here to begin with. It wasn’t my intention to have these women hang all over me, maybe, but I figured since it worked when we came here it should work when the same going back.

It would be surprising if I suddenly appeared in the middle of a street with a woman riding on me piggy back and me carrying another that is passed out. To avoid that kind of embarrassment I should transfer us somewhere void of judgmental eyes. So I decided to transfer somewhere a little away from the Imperial City and will be forced to suffer carrying Altria-san back to the city in this kind of embrace. Of course it was a princess carry…

「 …No way, I didn’t think the day would ever come when I have to perform a piggyback and a princess carry in the same day. 」

Saria was happily riding piggy back. This is something I never thought possible, normally this becomes a hug with various things touching. It’s mainly a problem for my mental health…

「 Well then, let’s go! 」

「 Un! 」

I didn’t do anything special. Just like that I activated the space magic 『 Transition 』 and teleported to somewhere close to the Imperial City.



I unintentionally shut my eyes when I activated the transfer magic, once I opened them I leaked a confused voice.

「Are we here?」
I heard Saria’s voice behind me and in my hands I held Altria.

And the place we transferred to was the same place we had transferred from, in front of Terveil the Imperial city’s wall.

「We made it home safely」

I involuntarily muttered. While it seems I used the transfer magic well, honestly I was scared and shut my eyes. That’s why I don’t know exactly what transporting looked like. It’s rather unfortunate.
「Well then… truthfully our original mission was to subjugate slimes, which we haven’t completed, Altria has fainted, maybe we should just obediently go home. 」

「You’re right. Even if we did that … Somehow I get the feeling it could take a long time. 」

「Eh? What would? 」

「 Yeah… We were in the labyrinth for such a long time I feels like I haven’t been to the guild in forever.」

「Yeah, you said it…」

That’s true a single day hasn’t passed but it sure feels like it took longer than that. Maybe it was the dark atmosphere in the Labyrinth?

「Well whatever. Let’s go. 」

Thus, we began walking toward Terveil.

Along the way, so that we did not get transferred again, we moved carefully.

Eventually, Saria and I began talking a little while we walked.

「…n. …n? 」

「Oh, Altria-san!」

「Thank goodness. You woke up! 」

Altria whom was unconscious in my arms, woke up.

Altria-san didn’t seem to understand the situation as she was floating a hazy expression.

「Where are we…?」

「At the Imperial City Terveil. We came back safely. 」

While smiling under my hood , Altria-san murmured 「I see」, after a while, I saw a wonderful sight.

「Tte… ha!? You said we’re back!?」

「Yeah. See, please look at what is in front of your eyes」

Altria had a surprised expression as she looked out at the distance to the Imperial city Terveil.

「Well, we seriously came back you know…」

While muttering to herself with a surprised face, Altria finally noticed.

「N?… Hey, what do you think you’re doing being so close while staring at me like that?

「Eh? That’s… because I’m carrying you. 」


At first she didn’t seem to understand and tilted her head to the side. Gradually she began to understand the meaning of what was said.

「L-let go!」

「Uwa~tsu! Cho~ts! Please calm down! 」

「Just put me down already! First off, I’m heavy right!?」

「E~e~tsu? You are completely light, and I don’t mind it? 」

「~~~~tsu! It’s not about you, I’m the one that has to worry about it! 」

Altria was extremely red in the face as she rampaged about in my arms.

No, in fact she was pretty light… Well she was certainly being held by me, I didn’t know if she was embarrassed but she fought to the point of exhaustion against the Black Dragon God… and that’s how it turned into a princess carry.

「A-a-a-anyways put me down ~tsu! If y-you d-don’t I may hit you ya know! 」

「Please don’t say that while beating on me!」

Altria was really rampaging about when I placed her on the ground.

It wasn’t really because getting hit hurt but as expected of my monstrously idiotic luck.

「Haa… Haa…!」

Altria breathed on my shoulder.

She repeatedly let out heavy breaths and tried to walk on her own.


As I thought, her body hadn’t fully regained its strength yet. It seemed like she was going to collapse again. I was supporting her shoulder.

Looking at the state Altria was in Saria said…

「It’s no good? Altria-san’s wounds have healed but your physical strength isn’t getting any better. Let Seiichi carry you! 」

「Ha!? A-as if I could do something so embarrassing! 」

「But didn’t you know he’s been carrying you this whole time?」

「Ugaaaaa! That’s because I had fainted…! 」

「A-T A-N-Y R-A-T-E! Let Seiichi carry you! 」

「That’s wh—–」


Altria-san was being stubborn and adamantly refused Saria’s suggestion to be carried by me. Saria’s atmosphere was becoming unusually serious with protests and for the time being the I could only voice a large sigh
「U-uua… Waaa… I get it… I get it! All I need to do is let him carry me right!?」


Satisfied with Altria’s answer, Saria was smiling and nodding.

「Well then Seiichi. Like a while ago…」

「ooh, that’s good…」

Suddenly staring at me Altria-san points at me, with her cheeks dyed red, as she glared she said with a voice of superiority.

「It’s because it can’t be helped-tsu! Don’t misunderstand that Seiichi!?」

Eh? Wa-a…」
Well I don’t really understand but if don’t carry her the mood won’t be able to change.

That’s what I thought as I lightly picked Altria-san up in a princess carry.


You could tell that Altria’s face was dyed a deep red even with her face buried in my chest. This person is extremely beautiful and is cute in times like this. I’m sure I’d get beaten if I said that. While I quietly and pathetically think that we again begin shuffling our feet towards Terveil in complete silence. It wasn’t really awkward or anything even with Altria hiding her face completely avoiding me. It was so quiet I eventually started wanting to hear a nice voice. …This might be somewhat awkward.

The only one smiling was Saria, while looking at the state that Altria and I were in, while watching butterflies and other things scurry around.

In this way, we continued in silence until as if making an effort to destroy it Altria-san suddenly said something.

「…I’m at fault」

Due to the sudden apology I wasn’t able to say anything back. Anyways, why was she apologizing to me? In a small voice Altria-san continued.

「…That is… for involving you in my misfortune…」

「Eh? O-oh. That type of thing—」

「That type of thing is why I’m sorry~tsu」
Suddenly Altria raised her voice and I unintentionally put more strength into my carry.

Saria was the only one able to move around and was running here and there so she did not hear Altria’s voice.

「I…! I involve you guys in situations where you could possibly die!? And yet. Why are you letting me accompany you!?


This is… Yeah. I replied in a light tone. Although I am not sure exactly how Altria-san feels, what she had just said didn’t seem negotiable.

Altria-san murmured something quietly and a transparent plate appeared in the air.

「…This is my status. You can look if you like. 」

「Eh, but…」

「Come on already. …Well you might already have an idea. 」
While Altria-san was imposing her status on me I was somehow able to verify it while still holding on to her. Then, there was some ridiculous stats written there.

<< Altria Guremu>>

Race: Human

Sex: Female

Occupation: Warrior

Age: 19

Level: 123

Magic: 100

ATK: 5000

DEF: 3824

AGL: 4200

Magic ATK: 345

Magic DEF: 2221

Luck: -2,000,000 [The person who is burdened with disaster]

Charm: Unmeasurable


I was speechless at the contents of her status.

Her charm is unmeasurable, well that can already be understood because of how gorgeous she is.

Her level of 123, while a far cry from my own, is still within an acceptable range.

But… What’s with this luck value?

My luck is beyond light compared to this negative number. Moreover, …to have had it so long that there is a title associated with it.

While I had a lot of things floating around in my head Altria-san began describing what happened in a lonely voice.

「My luck… is it unexpected? I’m the type of person that has [The person who is burdened with disaster] written next to it. 」

「[The person who is burdened with disaster]?」

「I’ve had that curse since I was born. Its effect is simple. It just adds a negative to the value… that’s it. 」
In other words, Altria-san’s luck becomes negative…

If she didn’t have this curse she’d have higher luck than me.

Why is it…

Now that I think about it, Altria probably guessed my feelings and that must have been why she told me.

「Well, I have no idea why I have this curse but it has caused countless deaths… So much that it would be fine for it to cause my own. I can’t endure everyone around me getting hurt because of this curse anymore. 」


「In Terveil, everyone knows of my situation and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that thanks to those guys it whole town has become a special place to me. Thanks to that the whole town has been preventing people from getting into trouble I have been able to live happily. That’s why I cannot be separated from it. If I were to go to a different town there would be misfortune just from being around me. 」

For Altria-san it seems we are people the curse has no effect on and thus is not unhappy being around us…

Upon noticing this anger began to well up inside of me.

Why should someone so kind go through something like this and not become bitter.

「That’s why I avoid everyone. It certainly is sad but more than that I am the cause of everyone around me misfortunes… That’s even worse. 」


「I once thought maybe there was a way to stop the curse. I had someone put up a barrier and many other things but they all failed. That’s why, from now on too, I will continue to be surrounded by unhappiness. For the sake of this world I am an unnecessary person. That’s why involving my misfortune with you guys… really… bad… really… 」
Altria-san paused with a downcast face. I was really an idiot. I thought I was the one suffering up until now. Without even being aware of it I ended up hurting her. I had answered with a light heart and would like to skip the beating this time. I don’t know if it was unscrupulous to think this but hearing about Altria-san made me happy. When I responded to the request, the atmosphere seemed heavy and made it a difficult topic to approach without even knowing the reason why. Thus it’s possible to understand the kind of time that Altria-san was having. And so to Altria-san, whom has confided in me, I want to explain my own circumstances.

I don’t know if it would help her hear at all. Perhaps it could help somewhere or it could cause pain again.

Even so I still want to tell her.

「Altria-san. I never thought of you as unfortunate since I’ve met you. 」

「Eh? 」

「Not just me, Saria feels the same.」


「Certainly this time we were caught in a situation where we could die from any misstep this time but… we survived. Saria and I were… safe. 」


「Even though it was dangerous we were safe. Moreover, even though Altria-san gave us an overabundance of time to complete the test we still had to cancel it. Even though it’s pretty serious we still had fun. 」

「Altria-san. You said we would become unhappy? 」


As I speak Altria-san’s head begins to hang a bit.

「Fortunate or unfortunate, eventually that kind of thing doesn’t matter. The person that thinks they are unfortunate will become unfortunate just as someone that lets off a happy feeling will become so. The time Saria and I spent with you was— by no means unfortunate.

That is, your confidence doesn’t matter, your misfortune won’t be transferred to us. 」

「… tsu」

「Altria-san never became an unneeded person. So… please don’t speak poorly of yourself. 」

Up until that point Altria-san’s head was hanging so low that I could not see her face.

Did I upset her? Did I hurt her? Even so those were my true feelings. I had to say them no matter what.

Silence once again took command between us. Saria, who had not heard any of the conversation between the two of us, gleefully rushed towards us.

「Altria-san! Gyu-tsu! 」


Sarria tightly hugged Altria-san in my arms.

「If Altria-san thinks she’s so unlucky I’ll give her some of mine! You’re wrong because you are surrounded by all those kind people! 」

「… ha-ha」

I unintentionally smiled due to Saria’s words. It must be because she isn’t human, her wild instincts were picking up on it?

Why is it even though she was just gleefully running around until a little while ago she can have such insight?

Her ability to heal people without knowing they need healing is amazing.

Altria who was being held, had still not lifted her face.

After that there wasn’t any conversation in particular.

The silence was different than the original silence it was more loose.

While walking silent, we reached the gate of the Imperial capital Teruveil at last.

「… Hmm?」

Even though we arrived in silence, there was something noisy happening at the gate.

「What happened?」

Saria had noticed the disturbance and had asked.

Since I was also curious I tilted my neck a little. Then we noticed a familiar face and while we showed a look of surprise they rushed over to us with a smile.

「Hey, Seiichi! Oh and also Sarria-jo even Altria! 」

「Oh, Claude」

Claude and a soldier ran up to us.

I thought Claude had a frantic look as he was approaching then they started talking at once.

「Where have you guys been!? We were worried you know! 」


Due to the threatening tone I responded in a goofy voice.

「You guys went to kill the slimes three days ago… we really thought you guys weren’t coming back!」

「W-wait a minute!」

I stood still as my brain tried to work out what Claude said.

What did Claude say?

Did he say we haven’t come back for three days?

「H-hey Claude. We didn’t leave yesterday to kill slimes? 」

It was too incredible to fully believe so I unintentionally asked.

Claude’s raised eyebrows gave me the answer.

「No matter what is said three days have passed.」


The three of us couldn’t reply upon hearing Claude’s words.

In other words, three days passed here while we searched inside that Labyrinth…

Looking at us standing there dumbfounded Claude knew something was strange. His face changed from a sense of urgency to a face of relief.

「I don’t really understand what’s going on … anyways I’m glad you guys are safe. Just now I was on my way to investigate your disappearance. 」



「Claude. Do you mean it’s for only the three of us that went missing that you gather these people to search for us? 」

Even while asking this Claud’s appearance alone screamed that was the case.

「That’s kind of obvious isn’t it? If someone you know goes missing, you go search for them. 」

Again the three of us were dumbfounded.

Normally, you would not gather this amount of people to go search for an acquaintance that has gone missing.

This group of people had gathered to search for us.

In front of us, who were at a loss for words, Claude said in a loud voice to everyone that had gathered.

「Everyone! All three have returned! Thank you for gathering! 」

The people seemed to calm down then came to speak with us one by one.

「Oh! That’s good! 」

「Didn’t you know we were worried?」

「Don’t suddenly disappear again!」

Surrounded by all those smiling faces we went through the gate into town.

「Now that you guys are back safely I should get to work.」

Claude said while straightening his back.

Then while showing us this appearance we left.

「Oh, yeah that’s right. You know everyone at the guild was worried too? Hurry up and show your faces there. 」

Claude said as he walked towards the gate guard.

It was too late, I tsukkomi’d that everyone had already seen me princess carrying Altria-san.

Even though they were stunned we still finished the procedures for entering the town.

On the way to the Guild, every person we passed showed a relieved face upon seeing Altria-san.

Some people also wore an expression of wonder that I was carrying Altria-san as well.

「Are you ok!? Seiichi-san is carrying her but …」

「Y-yes. I’m fine. 」

Altria-san had been completely silent while we were returning, giving Eris-san peace of mind.

「Th-that’s great, you all were safe…」

Ellis-san said as a tear welled up in the corner of her eye.

It-t’s really a relief. You really worried all of us.

Gusser announced everyone’s wellbeing to the Guild.

「Everyone! Altria’s group has returned! Ha-ha My muscles are enraptured…!

Upon hearing Gusser’s words everyone cheered loudly.

「That’s a relief! With this you can participate in voyeurism to your heart’s content! 」

「Yup, the most important thing is that you’re fine! Today I will bless you by bearing my naked body before your eyes! 」

「Now share this joy between yourselves!」

「The celebration of your guys return will break the Guild!」

「「「Stop it you idiot!」」」

In a moment chaos dominated the guild once again.

Eris-san began whipping a dirty old man as Gusser climbed up on his desk and began taking muscle poses one after another.

Stunned, I looked at the chaotic guild and understood one thing.

As with the Black Dragon God’s past Human beings will do anything to satisfy their desires.

Conversely I’m not sure if it would be human to be without desire.

In, particular, the guy’s that were faithfully displaying their desires to us at that moment.

Human beings may be disgusting, dirty, and ugly creatures but more than that they live passionately.

I rejected that passion, even that time with Kenji and Shota, and because of that rejection I lived a very lonely life.

It’s not that humans can’t live a lonely life. It’s that humans don’t live while they are alone.

I lived a painful life because I rejected the warmth of people. I don’t want Altria-san to have the same experience.

Still in my arms Altria-san stared dumbfounded.

「Altria-san. Everyone is happy… the people around you whom are supposed to be unhappy are seemingly happy. 」


「They may be more important to you than you know, Altria.」

「Surrounded by all these warm people I would feel an honest desire too…」


「Please show yourself more, rely on others, and don’t keep to yourself all the time. Look around… all these people are happy just because you returned. 」


「You’re not unlucky. It’s a little embarrassing to say… but you are loved. 」


「I’ll say it again. You are not unlucky and —– not a <>. 」


「Kind, meddlesome, and wearing the skin of an older sister is the only kind of trouble I’ve seen you cause. Even to Saria and me… and most likely to this guild as well, no one worries about your condition. Everyone loves all of you. 」

People may have thought you will cause unluckiness but all we caught from you —– was happiness


Somehow conveying what I wanted to say has been really hard.

I never thought conveying your feelings was that hard…

While thinking about Altria’s feelings she suddenly jumped out of my arms and ran out of the guild.


「Wai! Why!? Did she run!?」

It was so sudden that all I could do is be surprised.

What, why!? Did I hurt her feelings!?

Saria flashed a look that said anyone would be flustered.

「Seiichi! Chase after Altria-san! 」

「Eetsu? B-but」

「It’s ok! Seiichi’s feelings were transmitted. Right? 」

How are women so strong. I feel pathetic as a man when compared.

It was thanks to Saria my brain was a mess.

No matter what I tried I couldn’t think straight. Chase Altria-san.

Not just that.

「I understand! I’ll be out for a bit! 」

「Ya! Have a nice trip! 」

Having Saria see me off, I left the guild in order to search for Altria.

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