Shinka no Mi – Chapter 28

Chapter 28 – Large Treasure Chest and a great attack

I was thrown away and smashed into the wall.

As I slid feebly down the wall a huge jet black dragon glared down at me

” Hmmm you took that hit quite well for a human…… Should I praise you?”

“Haa……. haaaa…… Damn it!!!!”

I didn’t have any room to rebuttal the dragon’s words.

Every part of my body screams in pain and it seemed ready to fall apart at any time.

Still…. I must not die….

Looking at me who is trying to forcibly move my bloodied body, the dragon opened its eyes in disbelief.

“Oohh the human is more tenacious than I thought.”

“Okay, I’ve changed my mind; I’ll have you for food instead of just killing you.”

Food? What does it mean…

While my mind was muddied, the meaning of what the dragon said couldn’t be understood at all.

“Then, right away…….”

Without any understanding of what the dragon meant, the jet black dragon with sharp fangs and the mouth with hints of flames flickering in its mouth was brought close.

[Food……. Ah, I see. It seems it’s going to eat me.But I had said that I don’t want to die….]

I grasped hold of my fuzzy consciousness and force myself to awaken.

The dragon who sees my fighting spirit widely opens his eyes in surprise

“I don’t like to use this technique but…..”

I powerfully gripped my [Battle axe of the earth] and triggered my technique [Calamity]


It felt like enormous power swelling within me. At the same time, I felt a part of my reason vaguely slipping away.

Of course the skill [Calamity] is definitely closely related to my constitution, But the skill I am forced to use now, the true meaning is due to me causing 『Calamities』.

Although I have developed a skill to cope with the『Calamity』that I had summoned personally,

I will lose all control of myself for a short while and rampage around, causing damage to the surroundings.

As a result, rather than summoning a Calamity, I turn myself into a Calamity. I think with this technique I made the mistake of putting the results over the means.

Well, it’s thanks to this up till now that I’ve overcome many other disasters

Luckily no one is around right now just the dragon so I can rage to my heart’s content

[Calamity Fury Body]

My reason was completely obliterated and a huge power gushed from my body.

”This…….. “

I see nothing.

I hear nothing.

I think nothing.


Rage I am.

But that’s all I am.

Hiiragi Seiichi, also known as me (as I am also known as). after having killed the treasure chest I recovered myself and collected the dropped items.

Well……… This time it appears that the sphere the status was written on and a skill card were both dropped

The [Sandman] skill card was sucked into my body when I picked it up.

My status is displayed this time as well, but some skill cards aren’t absorbed straight away. In this situation, it just stays where it is. I wonder why it wasn’t absorbed straight away, what are the requirements?

Even if I think about it, the answer will not appear, therefore I immediately went back to work.

First of all, let’s see this skill card

[Skill card: All language comprehension]

[Magic card: Spatial Magic-Extreme ]

“It seems to be great in various ways”

HAHAHA! I’m used already used to cheats… But why. Why do I this feel so empty?

I’m becoming dependant on my cheat skills

As they keep automatically absorbing without me being able to check their contents

I decide confirm the skills after meeting up with Altria-san.

Well that’s surprising. I thought I had obtained skills for a moment…

While thinking about it I took the status sphere into my hand and looked at it.





『Magic Attack:50000』

『Magic Defense:0』



“Ahhhhhhhh! I lost to a treasure chest!”

The charm is…… the charm is…..!

Is my charm inferior to a chest??!! Its charm is 50000! Isn’t it too high?!

Leaving aside, its overall status! Isn’t it too biased?! Specialising in magic!? There is no magical or physical defense at all!

However… an athlete who trains as a sprinter is the same.

That speed is really abnormal.

While thinking of such things, I absorb the sphere into my body

It looks like “The life of a Treasure Chest” book dropped.

I pick up the book which had fallen and look at the cover.

[A treasure chest story]

“Even you??!!”

The second part of Zeanos continued!

It also says at the bottom of the cover…

“This is a non-fiction”

“So it’s not a story!”

The guy who appears in this book, do you even know what fiction or nonfiction even mean?? Now no one knows whether it is or not. (Fiction)

While I was making a ruckus about the full of continuously tsukkomi-ing item, Saria came and asked me.

“Oh it looks like the one in the forest. Is it the same one?”

“What? Ah no, I think the content is different this time.”

“Then please try reading it to me! I’d like to hear it!”

Because Saria said so with an innocent smile, I, who also had no reason to decline, began reading out loud [A treasure chest story].

“Due to some incident, A treasure chest becomes a Demonised unique monster.”

…ng? What is a unique monster? When looking at it literally, it means it’s a one of a kind demon…. Oh, is it good?

“First it was utilised by parties as a box to insert and carry baggage. At that point in time, it was just a normal tool without consciousness. It was truly just a tool. However, a famous adventurer who bought the tool <> was taken to a high level dungeon and there its meaning of existing changed completely.”

Really? The monster started as an item box? I can’t imagine what that would be like.

But, Altria also normally uses an item box.

“Yeah, the ability of the item box is endless storage, it was a tool to infinitely store items it was such a wonderful tool because you wouldn’t even feel the weight of the items collected in comparison to a treasure chest which has a limited capacity and more so is very heavy and inconvenient. ”

“Still, those parties who owned the treasure chest continue using them. The main reason is that you have no choice but to enter the high difficulty dungeon to collect these item box. However, this problem was later solved by a famous magician. A technique to mass produce the item box was discovered, item box and in a twinkling of an eye became a part of human’s common usage and before one knew it, the meaning of existence for the treasure box diminished.”

I see…… An item box is something I can easily get now. Sooner or later, I will buy it for Saria – it might be useful in many ways

Certainly……. When thinking about the convenience with the item box, the treasure chest becomes unnecessary…….

「Treasure chest………」

When I looked at Saria she was on the verge of crying.

I mean she’s pure. She has only lived in the wild and her sensitivity is stronger than me. Being able to show honestly showing their true feelings is an immensely beautiful thing.

I think that while I continue reading aloud to her.

“ ‘O can still be useful; I can still work’ and as such an ego was born in a treasure chest. However the party had already left and the treasure chest became alone. In order to attract attention, it tried its best in projecting it’s voice. In order to be able to project it’s voice, it became like this. Even that so, no one notice it. Passing through the lonely nights, gazing at the oppressive morning sun, the treasure box continues to wait till the time where it becomes needed by somebody..”

Poor treasure chest oooooooooooooooo!!

As for the treasure chest it is……..! How pure!

The treasure chest had such a past………….! I’m sorry for ignoring you!!

”The treasure chest continued waiting for years and months but during that time, no one approached. The treasure chest became sad in fact. “I am just a person who has been passed by with the times and am not necessary” when it was depressed and despaired at the unreasonableness of the world. Then it hit the treasure chest that if you’re useless then you just need to learn to appeal to people.”

Then the treasure chest has an idea!

”Therefore the treasure chest thought about why it had been left. The point of the item box is that it can store without having to worry about capacity and that the weight is not felt at all by the users. The Treasure chest which thought of these viewpoints was full of space magic which made it possible that the treasure chest could store endlessly without feeling the weight of the items it had stored”

Treasure chest awesome! This treasure chest is awesome and has already completely exceeded the domain of a treasure chest

“The treasure chest tried to fix the point about being bulky but compared to the item box which didn’t even have a form, no matter how hard it worked it wouldn’t be able to compete. But in order to overcome a such a handicap the treasure chest decided to grow hands and feet.”

With what!? Why did you go to hands and feet?! There is no relevance to that at all!

”Because the treasure chest grew hands and feet it would be possible to move itself and because magic could be used it had the option to not be bulky. it had evolved to a high tech treasure chest.”

I get it now…..!! It’s certainly awesome! but the direction of its effort is strange, no?

”The treasure chest which could move and talk decided to go sell itself to someone but any humans that it met attacked it on sight, far from accepting it, it had evolved to an existence that was completely rejected.”

I guess you reap what you sow but even still that’s just heart breaking…..!

“The treasure chest was starting to lose hope, however he still goes around requesting to be used and wandering. The party which once used the treasure chest and the days when he could feel a person’s warmth and listened to them speak and laugh at each other……”

The end of “The Treasure Chest Story” From now on it will be “The Life of the Treasure Chest”


“That dark past………..”

I muttered so while having far-off eyes. Although I was bullied and tormented I don’t think I had a bad life here in this world.” (still treasure chest)

”Mr. Treasure chest was great.”

Saria seems to have gotten quiet and mutters

Though I had not thought about the feeling of things I had thrown away either, as for some of the things abandoned in the world they might have been something that helped someone.

Even if I don’t need it anymore it’s necessary to devise a makeover for it

Oh dear, though it’s better to not save up on the one thing I don’t need to much

After making a decision I turned my attention to the treasure chest which should include an item.

In the treasure chest… another treasure chest…….. is it a Russian nesting doll?

I instinctively tsukkomied

When I opened the treasure chest a bag of gold and one ring came out of it

”The money can be put in as it is an item box….is this a ring?”

A clean purple jewel was buried in the ring which I had picked up.

For now let’s use appraisal to confirm its effect

『Ring of unhappiness』……… Legendary Grade Equipment. The ring that the unhappiness of the treasure chest was transferred to. The wearer of this ring gets a -2 million correction to luck.

What is legendary?!

That’s not at all a good effect. the correction is a minus to luck! If I wear it do, I become super unlucky!?

Why was this accessory made a legendary class, I don’t understand at all?

However, because I know of the sad past of the treasure chest that was thrown away I don’t get rid of the ring.

Because it shouldn’t be equipped should I put it in the item box?

The ring that might not be used at all in one’s life is put away to rest.

“Fuuu….. For the time being I’ve finished collecting everything.”(Seiichi)

Though I’ve looked in the vicinity there does not appear to be anything left.

“If the break isnt over yet.” Oh we need to go meet up with Altria

“But Seiichi don’t we have to go back the way we came cause it’s a dead end?”

As Saria said there seems to be no way to advance from here and we would need to go back to the place where we had first encountered the treasure chest.

“It appears so. Do we know the way to where Altria is?”

You should go the way the guidestone tells you when you reach a fork in the path

I took the guidestone that Altria gave to me out of my item box


“……..Hey Saria was the guidestone red?”

“Oh? I think it was silver…..”


The guidestone I had taken out wasn’t the same color as when Altria handed it to me and was for some reason blinking red.

Saria also noticed that the guidestone I had taken out was unusual and took out the stone which Altria had handed to her

「Oh mine is also flashing red…….」

Both the guidestones given to us were blinking repeatedly

“What’s going on here…?”

The guidestone had started out silver for sure and now it was flashing red as if it was a warning somehow

With Saria it doesn’t appear she will understand it no matter how long she thinks

And then suddenly it hit me

Wait! If I appraise the guidestone I might be able to learn something.

Originally the effect of the stone had been briefly explained by Altria so it wouldn’t be weird if there was another effect i didn’t know about.

I then immediately used the appraisal skill to see the reason it was flashing.

[Guide stone] by passing to others a guide stone that had one’s magic poured in the direction to where the owner’s location is shown and when danger approaches the owner’s body the stone will shine red to inform others of danger


It’s dangerous? Altria is in a pinch? And we were just spending our time relaxing!!!

Which direction should we go?! Which way should we go?

I dont know!

I told Saria that Altria is in a pinch and we need to hurry

Is it so! Then use the guide stone now!

I use the guide stone to know which direction Altria is in immediatly

And the guide stone points towards the wall and I immediately hit it.



It’s not going to lead us to Altria it’s just going to show us what direction she is!

I made the same mistake as before just because I was too impatient

Fuck! This wall……. this wall is aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I hit the wall at which the guide stone was point with full force


Saria and I were both dumbstruck because of what just happened

Because the wall broke when I hit it with full strength



Though it broke easily…… no even if it broke, it would be better to say it……. vanished?

eeeee…….. I’m a monster……

I move past the surprise and am slightly disgusted by the excessive power

Even the wall which was behind the other one was blown away by my fist.

If a wall could be broken so easily was there no reason to have gotten seperated from Altria in the first place though the damage might have hurt Altria if we used this tactic back then

My cheek is twitching as I start falling into self loathing but then Saria pats my back

“Seiichi is wonderful. now we can get to Altria using this!”

What?……… oh

That’s right. I want to cry because I don’t seem to have the power of the human race, is it possible to get to Altria now with this power? Cheats Hurrah!

“Saria because I can run with my full strength hold on for a moment”


Between Saria’s and my agility, mine is overwhelmingly higher

So I decided to hold onto Saria and use my [instant] skill to move to where Altria was at.

There are plenty of methods to carry Saria but she immediately jumps into a princess carry.

…… The princess carry though, I thought I would never get the chance to do it………. I don’t know what happens in a normal life but I don’t think they do this often

“Hold on tightly……. because it’s my first time running at full speed so I don’t know what kind of speed will come out”


I recieved the answer from Saria and used the skill [instant]

At that moment Saria and I disappeared——


I, Altria Grim died and fell weakly bleeding to the ground

『…….. it was a frightening lass…….』

The dragon looks down at me

It was…….. useless…….

My full strength wasn’t even able to hit the dragon in front of me

As if to prove it the dragon didn’t have even one wound.

『Even though I have lived a long time there are still people who can surprise me in this time…….. I still don’t know enough』

Though the dragon said something it doesn’t enter my ears

I’m already in a state where my consciousness is barely there

My bones are breaking and seeing as how I’m spitting up blood my internal organs are damaged.

I ran wildly at full strength and intended to have Seiichi leave safely by all means but…..


While noticing the blurred sight while breathing roughly, I was shedding tears

After I was born I was very unlucky for a long time, I had made an effort to overcome my bad luck with my constitution

To accommodate my own disaster I gained power

Yet my power was insufficient……..

While thinking about it how many times did I laugh in the short time i spent with Seiichi and the others

I who had continued to be unlucky for a long time had almost forgotten how to smile.

To be the one to undertake the exam and supervision of those two was really good I think.

Feelings that had been forgotten were surfacing cause now it was possible to recall them

Therefore I was annoyed that I couldn’t let those two leave safely. I had tears of frustration flowing

I can’t involve others without being able to save them.

After all I am a [calamity] what—–

『Anyway it finally became quiet now I can eat it without holding back.』

The huge dragon slowly approached me.

Already, my body can’t move at all?


I involved y’all……… my misfortune——-

The words involuntarily fell out of my mouth

I gave up on everything and closed my eyes to shed tears





『………Hmm? What………?』

Suddenly a sound similar to an earthquake is gradually getting louder from one side of the room

And then I realised it the room is beginning to shake and many pieces are falling from the ceiling.

『Na, What?! What is happening?!』

The dragon also seemed surprised by the unexpected shaking

Listening to the dragon’s voice I try and see with my blurredview



The door which I came through………


Burst into pieces

Huh? The door vanished?! What the heck?!

The dragon’s words did not last long

Because from the direction of the door came one spark……. something was thrown against the dragon

The dragon gigantic figure was forcefully thrown against the wall.

And the identity of the thing that had clashed with the dragon……..

“I increased the speed to much and I couldn’t stop……. it was only possible to stop thanks to hitting something

「Hey Seiichi the thing that you hit wasn’t it a creature I heard a voice?」

“Seriously?! I get it I’m sorry…… I apologised, I tried to stop.”

There stood Seiichi who was holding Saria in his arms

I, Seiichi Hiragi was impatiently running.

No, because I didn’t think about the speed except that i had to get there fast.

Because it was in a place that I did not know at all I just ran. Oh Mystery

No, But i was serious and would have freaked out without the joke.

When you measure it how fast am I going right now?

And at that the speed to which my brakes couldn’t do the anything by itself I seemed to have been stopped by a creature or so Saria says

I hit it at a terribly fast speed, I wonder if it is still alive. No though I understand it, I start to escape from reality

While thinking of such a thing Saria seems to notice something and utters a suprised cry

“What is it?”

「Is that Altria!?」

When I turned to look in the direction Saria pointed at the ground was bloody and Altria who was lying there was seen


I ran up to Altria quickly

Then Altria says in a feeble voice.

“Sorry…. Seiichi……Saria….. Return…. Safely”

To Altria whom speaks without any power Saria and I don’t know what to say

This person…… how far does her kindness extend

「Seiichi! First tend to her wounds!」


When i hold Altria I took out the first-class recovery medicine from my item box

and then I tried to make Altria drink it

「Seiichi! Behind!」


I heard the yell from Saria and immediately turned around, a scorching flame was approaching

Suddenly my inherent skill[Mind’s Eye] activated and though I didn’t turn my head around I knew how to deal with the flame

Saria, did you think that I would avoid it and I opened my eyes wide in astonishment because I saw myself at a place where the flames wouldn’t hit


Though a sad voice is heard from Saria, I turned my back towards the flames reflexively in order to protect Altria

And the hell fire showered upon my back

A dreadfully hot air wraps around me and Altria

While trying to soften the burden on Altria even by a bit I tried to take on as much of the unusual heat on my back while feeding the recovery medicine to her

When Altria finished drinking she could speak a little bit stronger than before however it was still very weak

「Stupid…………….why did you not avoid it?」

The inevitable was avoided

Because the skill [Mind’s Eye] was activated my mind became blank

The main reason my mind went blank was because I didn’t have a lot of experience which can handle a sudden attack

This only shows that I’m too inexperienced

Still my body moved by reflex when Altria must be protected

i had no choice but to force a smile at the words of Altria under my hood

But there is no intention to stay under the fire forever

an immediate judgement wont happen yet, it’s after i take care of Altria that actions can be taken without limit

Even though Altria’s wound has healed her energy hasn’t

I then moved to Saria’s location in one step while holding onto Altria


Saria runs up while crying

Altria was handed over to Saria so that she could rest away from the battle

「Seiichi is ok? You’re burning!」

“I’m Hot?”(tl:Saria uses moe lol)

「No the heat!」


oh dear it might be so.

Though I was only in the hellfire a short time only the robe was on fire and the clothes were untouched. It seems the robe the sheep prepared had an effect that wasn’t mentioned

Anyway i think the robe isn’t useful anyway. It must have been enjoyable to see my reaction

But the robe seems to have been ruined now

Bits and pieces of the robe were spreading and being reduced to ashes

I tried to activate the skill[Absorption] and draw in the flame on the robe but it wasn’t possible to draw in for some reason

And I can’t use water magic to put it out because I can’t control my power and I don’t want it to become another case of self-destruction as a joke

However since it was just the robe burning I took it off and was finally freed from the flame


Behind me i hear Altria’s stunned voice

Maybe by having taken off the robe she sees my black hair is what I thought

When I turned around to see A’tria she seems to have muttered those words and then fainted

“Saria will you look after Altria?”

「Yup! Seiichi good luck!」


The rooting from Saria was received and I turned towards the party that had shot the flames

A huge dragon, clad in jet-black scales was there

It stared in this direction with red eyes with fire lightly burning in its mouth

『It is a human being…… Moreover you got in my way……….!』

It seems angry at us. Why is it? Did I do anything? Moreover? Is it the second time we bothered it? Never mind.

I think it’s the dragon that harmed Altria

Though we can speak the same language discussion would be meaningless

『It’s not allowed………absolutely…. Do not think it is possible to return alive human……..!』


While secretly sighing i pulled out the[sword of revolting hate(Black)] and sword overwhelming with benevolence(white)]

“Is that so…..? then I just need to beat you and we can all go home…..!”

and I dashed out at the same time as I declared it

As Altria fought for us its now my turn to fight for Altria

To return with everyone——–

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