Shinka no Mi – Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Unexpected Development

“Because I was born in that establishment, this is the first time I am going outside…… It is quite a lively desune.”

“That is true.”

Taking Rurune along, we walked through the town.

Speaking about the donkey Rurune, she was the donkey I had bought tentatively, Therefore, after that we did not do anything much in particular, For the time being we decided to go around the town, thinking what to do until Saria and co return.

Even so…… what should I do?

The reason I entered the Guild, was because I thought I would be able to get easily information about Kenji and the rest.

However, it seems like Kenji and the rest started going to a school somewhere.

I, for one, want to reunite with them.

I had forgotten the school’s name, but there is much information about the heroes going to school So if you enquire people about it, you will be able to gather information really quick.

The problem is after that.

As for me who was not summoned as a hero, there is no need to subdue the Demon Lord.

Furthermore, after fighting the Black Dragon God and learning the story about the demon lord I do not find him evil.

From the viewpoint of me who had defeated the Black Dragon God, no matter how much I persist on it, I do not think that the demon lord is not a bad person.

For argument sake, after Kenji and the rest defeat the Demon Lord, what will they plan to do after that. Just like what  I had read in the [Forest of Endless Love and Sorrow] the “Hero Abel Chronicle” and just like Zeanosu, after getting used, won’t they be killed?

According to the perpetrator God who sent us to this world, our existence seems to have been erased from the world.

That is why even if we were to return to Earth we do not have a place we belong to anymore.

However, this is another world.

Magic to return our existence(memories) may exist in this world. Even if that is impossible, there might exist a magic which can turn back time to the point before we lose our memories. Something along the lines of magic or items to revive humans. I guess that the existence of that sort of thing is not uncommon in this world.

Even if it is impossible to remember everyone, I might be able to recall a few people. For example, just my parents or something.

However, I want to remain in this world.

Saria and AI are two important people that I had met.

My parents had moved on, and I am certain that I do not have any pleasant memories on Earth. However, being apart from the world that I was born in, I felt somewhat lonely.

However, even so, I do not want to be separated from those who needed me.

With my own hands, I want to protect them.

…… Well, this sort of feelings are embarrassing so I will never talk about it to other people.

Anyway, the short term objective is to reunite with Kenji and the rest. Moreover, after that when we are reunited I will think about the future.

As I walk about thinking optimistically, Rurune suddenly said something earnestly.

“….. If I had not met Master, I probably would’ve spent the rest of my life in that cage.”

“Nonono, If Rurune were to compromise on prospective owners, it would have been easy for you to leave or so I believe.”

That is a really useless way of thinking. What the hell. Following someone who is stronger than you. Seriously what a donkey!

“Well, more importantly than that, I am damn surprised that I can speak donkey language and horse language.”

Animals like Rurune and Dragon horse, humans, are unable to understand their language. Considering in that manner where animals of the same kind speak normally to each other, each of them has their unique language.

…… Then I wonder what kind of meaning is encompassed in “Saria” and “Rurune” names. In their language.

While I was thinking of those things, suddenly Rurune said somehow proudly.

“Master. My name comes from the Donkey’s Hero—– [Rurunerion] or so my mother told me.

Deciding on a single Master throughout its life. Running for the sake of that one Master… I always thought of it that way as well!”

“Mouu I do not get this!” (TL: me too…. I do not get this)

What’s this? Donkey’s hero! What’s more, there is meaning to her name!

Even though the conversation was so short, my mental strength is getting drained gradually.

As a guy, I am getting tired of tsukkomi…..

Although I was exhausted for various reasons, with the existence of the Hero from Rurune’s words, one may consider those other animals may have stories of heroes transmitted down. So I wanted to try enquiring about it.

While I am thinking about inconsequential matters while walking, I look around the streets, and there was a nice smell coming from the stores which made my stomach growl.

“Nn—I am hungry. Rurune, what do you want to eat?”

“Will you buy food for me as well? Even though I am a Donkey?”

“What are you saying now?”

In spite acting unlike a donkey since a while back, she abruptly insisted acting like one now which made me troubled. Well, considering leaving her as is, eating in front of her will make me feel guilty.

I go to the closest stall and buy two [Bakudan] (Arc note: Bomb). The reason I bought this food? I was interested in the name. After all, it is a bomb you know?

Why is it so dangerous, is why got interested in it.

On the other side, I realized after buying it, aren’t donkeys herbivores?

Well…… it will be fine! (Arc note: it will not donkeys do not eat meat….)

I who thought it would be too troublesome, pass the bakudan to Rurune just like that.

“Master, what’s this?”

“It seems like it is a food named Bakudan . I never ate it myself as well, but there were a surprising number of people queuing for it, isn’t it popular?

While saying so, I took the bakudan in my hand.

The Bakudan looks like an ordinary pure white Manjuu, and it is in bite-size.

I hesitated for a moment, but I resolute myself and threw the bakudan in my mouth……

That is just like what the word says. It is an incredibly dangerous thing!


At that moment, a bomb exploded in my mouth.

However, that bomb certainly wasn’t harmful at all in the slightest.

What overflowed out from within the Bakudan was voluminous meat, and after which the meat juice flowed out.

Also, I do not know what kind of meat juice it is, but it is something that is richer than ordinary meat juice which filled the entirety of my mouth.

The more I chew, the more the meat juice got mixed with the Dashi and the meat gradually swelled in size.

I guess the meat used is from some monster that does not exist on Earth. I do not remember eating meat whereby each time you chew, the meat and the juice get mixed which makes the meat swell.

The juice that is about to overflow from my mouth, I wonder how was it packed inside that bite-size Manjuu? What’s more, without causing the juice to flow out.

Well, if I understood it, the business will be no more.

Thinking this and that, the meat that was swollen slowly began to turn soft. And, I swallowed just like that.

Thinking about it; the swelling meat, mixing with the juice which made it soft and swallowing it like that.

“Aaaaah, it was good.”

After finishing eating it, I was satisfied.

After eating something delicious, one will feel marvelous

While thinking of such things, I got worried for Rurune and turned to her.

“Rurune how wa———“

“Ah, Master, amazing desu! It is so good that it made all the hay I ate till now taste like weed!

“I-I see.”

It seems like somehow or another, Rurune likes this Bakudan.

What the hell, is this fine even though you are a donkey…..?

“if you liked it that much, want me to buy another?”

“Se-seriously!? Then please!”

Moreover, thus, I for the sake of Rurune went to buy another Bakudan again.

As expected, it is so dangerous much like its word’s meaning.


“Master! Next time, let’s eat that!”


“Ahhh, but leaving that food behind is hard…

“Oiii, Rurune-saaan”

“Master, What should I do?”

“Un, first hear me out!”

After Rurune had eaten the Bakudan, she seemed to have gotten entranced by human food. Thus, from a while back, we walked through the streets looking at the stalls. I am full to the point where I do not think I can put anything more in my stomach. However Rurune was far from getting full, her appetite increased.

Furthermore, since I am getting tsukkomi-ed by Rurune the donkey, people are looking at me quizzically. Well, a conversation between a donkey and a human; to the onlookers, that person would certainly be labeled nothing but a weirdo.

Rurune’s appetite is amazing, the people around us are looking at us with strange eyes….. my Luck stats, where did I lose them? As I was thinking about it while walking.

“N? That is……”

Suddenly, a pair of a woman and a man come into sight. If you looked properly, a group of curious onlookers had gathered around them.

I do not have recollections of that man, but for the woman, I clearly remember her.

“Are? Isn’t she the one who sold me the painting?”

Yeah, the painting I bought in this town, was from this woman.

……For what I can see, there seems to be a quarrel.

“Rurune, just a moment?”

“Ah, that food called Bakudan was delicious, but this crepe dessert as well…..”

This ass is hopeless. Let’s leave her here and go over.

I leave Rurune in the middle of the street and head to the girl just like that. The pedestrians are looking at Rurune with weird eyes, but that is none of my concern.

As I get closer to the girl, I was able to hear the contents of the conversation.

“Artists should be more creative. Therefore, one must exceed the imagination of the ordinary man. Based on that, there is nothing great about your art and everything seems so mundane. Therefore, it is boring!”

“I- I only paint what I want! I have no reason to follow your opinion!”

“Such a waste. With that much artistic ability, you could have drawn a much more wonderful painting!”

“….Eto, are you making fun of my art? Alternatively, praising it?”

“I do not know!”


…. Are they doing comedy? I think they were arguing at the start…….

Hearing their conversation. I think so instinctively.

The people around them guess that a quarrel will probably not start and left with relieved looks on their face. ……They were all worried as well.

As I, who was baffled about their conversation get closer, the girl notices me.

“Oh, you!”

“N? You are…..”

The man too, after the girl noticed me, turned his line of sight to me.

Taking a close look,  the man has excessively pomp with a little frizzly hair and brown eyes. IKEMEN. (Rumashi’s fav). Age wise, he might be a little younger than me.

After such an analysis, the girl came running towards me.

“Thank you very much for that time! Nothing is selling at all. Just when I was thinking of giving up and stop selling, you came and bought one of them which motivated me!”

“I did not have that kind of intention…… but it is a really good painting. I am also grateful to you as well.”

While I am still alive, the chance to get moved by a painting by chance are scarce. So with that, it is thanks to my high luck stats.

After I have such a conversation with the girl, the boy spoke.

“……I was listening to your conversation, and you had bought her painting?”

“Eh? Ah, it was a good picture.”

“Then, have you bought my pictures before?”

“No, I did not.”

With my answer, the boy’s eyes widened.

“Ba-baka!?”You did not buy the painting painted by me!?”

“Iya, there is no reason to be so surprised……In the first place, I do not know you……”

After answering it honestly, the boy *futto* laughed while sweeping his hair back. He is an Ikemen, so it is cool.

“I am very surprised that you do not know me….This must be fate. Allow me to introduce myself to you. I am Clay Berger. The eldest son of Berger Marquis. Seeker of the Arts! It is a pleasure to meet you.”

“I am Mei Cherry. Etto….. Thank you so much for buying my art!”

Clay who introduced himself with a strange pose, and Mei, who bowed politely, showed several contrasting meaning

When it comes to Mei, when she bowed her dog ears *Piku Piku* twitched, it’s so cute.

“I am Seiichi. Well, I had bought the painting from Mei, I do not know about Clay’s art. I am sorry.”

“ Fumu…… From your name, you are from the East?”

The East came out again. Well, it is convenient, so it is fine.

“Well, from that place.”

Hearing my appropriate reply, Clay nodded once.

“Fine…… Seiichi, why don’t I especially give you one of my paintings!”

“Eh no, I do not especially want it…..”

“Saa, Do not act so reserved and take it!”

My words were ignored, and Clay forcibly passed me a painting.

I reluctantly received the painting. Seeing what was painted there, I became speechless.

…… What is this? This weird Deja Vu feeling……

“I will ask just in case…… What’s this?”

The painting I received from Clay, was just a triangle drawn on a big canvas. There is no color at all; Just a triangle. When Mei peeped at the painting that I received, her face cramped.

“Can’t you tell by looking? This paint is, [at sunset, looking at the setting sun, the maiden thinking about him]”

“I cannot see that at all!”

No matter how you look at it, isn’t this just a triangle!? Besides, I will be able to agree more if you tell me it’s an Oden’s fishcake!?

Furthermore, now that I think about it I feel like I’ve seen this painting style somewhere… when Mei bought this in the plaza, it was the art sold in the plaza didn’t really change! During the time as well, I couldn’t understand what was drawn on it!?

“I lost to this kind of painting…”

Mei, who was beside me, was stricken with the cruel truth…!

We-Well. Mei’s art is certainly excellent, and I am deeply moved by it. However, if you say it’s common, there are certainly some aspect of it being common..

As though he heard Mei’s murmur, Clay suddenly pose a question.

“Mei, How long since have you started painting art?

“Eh? Etto… About 1 year.”

Considering from the point where she has 1 year of drawing experience, I think it’s really fabulous.

But hearing Mei’s words, Clay started laughing loudly.

“Hahaha! It can’t be helped even if you lose to me!. You are a novice. Certainly, I have my eyes set on your drawing ability. But, I am a genius that surpasses your ability!”

“Then, how long did Clay started painting?”

“3 months!”

“Aren’t you more of a novice than her!”

But this is certainly crazy! Can he really draw a sellable art in 3 months? I do not want to admit it, but he is definitely a genius…!

As I was pondering of such things, Clay seems discontented with my tsukkomi and frowned.

“Seiichi… From awhile back you seemed to have said quite a bit to ridicule me…. Do you know how to draw.”

“Un. Well, if it’s the same as Clay’s art, I certainly believe that I am able to draw as well.”

First of all, that art that I felt are well painted, done by famous people I know are definitely an art that cannot be painted by novices.

However, as for Clay’s art, even I believe I am able to paint it.

With that, Clay suddenly passed me a brush and a piece of paper.

“If you say to this extent, show me your painting! Saa, draw it for me!”

While I thought of it being troublesome, leaving as it is certainly will result in my comments being lip service, so I can’t help but take the brush and paper and start painting.

Well, even though I am painting, I just changed Clay’s art a little and just painted a square.

“Hora, it’s done.”

Clay, who received the painting from me, looks at it with a serious expression. Behind him, Mei was peeking at the art and after confirming the square drawn on the paper, she frowned.

But, Clay was the only one that is different.

“W-we just have to do it right….”

Are you kidding me!?

I thought so too, but isn’t this just horrible!? Because it is a square? There is no colour or anything attached to it! Not to mention, the lines are not even drawn using a ruler, it is so messed up!?

“Seiichi… do you want to become my disciple?”

「Stop! Any more of this, my HP will be shaved!」

Although it’s a half-hearted painted art, I didn’t expect it to be evaluated to this extent! For this reason, it’s too embarrassing!”

When I concealed my unintentional reading face with my hands, Clay gave a single cough.

“Kohon. We-Well, I just want to evaluate your art. It’s a regret, but it seems like you have the ability as well.”

“….. Please stop it…”

“Nevertheless! The one who will win the 【Kyarasuti art competition】this time, the round will go to me! Mei, Seiichi, You two are certainly strong, but nevertheless, I am a genius!”


“Art Competition?”

Mei, who does not seem to know the words that Clay talked about, tilts her head in puzzlement just like me.

When we do that, Clay who looks at our expression become surprised.

“Oya? You two don’t know about it? There is this race the 【Royal Capital Cup】being held at the Royal Capital this time, isn’t it? After the race, it will be exhibited, and it’s the largest art competition in Einberg kingdom. The art pieces being exhibited at Einberg kingdom. Suppose that you win the competition, it will have a great influence to the extent where you will be famous throughout the whole world as a famous artist. This competition is a place where throughout the world, only ingenious artists like me will gather and attend it.  If one is to be an artist, it is a dream to try participating in it even just once.

“ I see.”

Seiichi does not seem to be an artist so it’s probably a related conversation to you. …. But, Mei isn’t participating no?

“… Such an awesome competition, it does seem likely for amateurs like me to take part in it.”

“There is no need to worry about things like “experience.” There is no particular requirement for participating. As long as you have the ability, one will be able to participate in the competition.

I see. Therefore, someone like Clay who is more amateur than Mei is participating in it.


Understanding on his own accord; Clay, with a nod, enquire me.

“This is my guess but isn’t Seiichi, in front of the one who is participating in the Karasuti Competition, planning to take part in the Royal Capital Cup? I believe that artistic ability of yours is regrettable but judging from your appearances, you are an adventurer?”

“Ahh…Certainly, I am an adventurer. But there are no plans to participate in the Royal Capital Cup, I guess.”

When I answered in that matter, a surprised expression floated on Clay’s face.

“Really?  Every year, the overall champion’s rewards are wonderful. Also, even if it’s the 2nd place or the 3rd place, if one were to be an adventurer, they will obtain weapons or items where anyone will wish for it. Therefore, I believe it’s beyond doubt that you will participate in it.”

“Ehh… But even so, I don’t think I wish for weapons as for now.”

“Seriously? ( Lies?) …Ahh, speaking of which, the content of the rewards has already been released for the 5th price to the 10th price. Do you know?”

“No, I do not know.”

“Not me as well.”

When Mei and I as well, meekly inform that we do not know, with a single nod, Clay explains it to us. Adriana is also someone of the same impression, but Clay is a nice lad. However being a noble, he had that image where he will look down on others unconditionally.

“From the 10th place to the 6th place, the necessary superior recovery medicines, difficult to obtain 【Elixir of Life】which replenished your strength, magical power and heal your injuries which are necessary for adventurers. If you wish to buy them, they require a huge sum of money…. As for the 5th place Prize, it seems like you will receive a huge phantom fish……【Bahamut】.


Ba-Bahamut?! Although I do not know the details, that sort of prize can be easily obtained ?!

The name of this Phantom even exists on Earth!? Perhaps, the Earth’s Bahamut and this world’s Bahamut are totally different things?

No, Clay certainly said that it’s a phantom huge/gigantic huge as well.  Considering that, what are the rewards for the 4th place and above?! Although I don’t think that I particularly want them, it does not mean I am curious about what are the rewards for the overall champion!

Furthermore, in the 6th place and so on, the 【Elixir of Life】seems like it has excellent effectiveness as well!?

I who made light of the horse race is shocked by the level of prize one could get in the race.

After which, Mei, who is also surprised as well, raise her doubts to Clay.

“Etto…. How was the Bahamut being obtained? According to what I know, even if it’s A class adventurers, it is being classified as a dangerous monster….”

Although I do not know the details, when the king of this country went for discussion with other countries, they discovered it by chance swimming in the huge lake. One of the 2 great knights that the country boasts,≪Sword Knight Knight・Obu・Sword≫ Ruiesu sama subjugated it. In addition to that, in an instant.

“I don’t quite understand but it’ so cool.”

Gassur has also said it as well.  It seems like the 2 great knights are a cheat existence. What about me? I am what the humans call, a monster. My tears are flowing but don’t worry about it.

“Well, in any case, I heard that you can receive that Bahamut.”

“No, even if I received it, I will be troubled?”

After receiving that huge fish, what shall I do with it? Take care of it?

Clay gave an answer that was different from what I had imagined.

“What are you talking about? Eat it.”

“Ahh, Eat it!”

I had not thought about it…!

I do not have the choice of eating the monster that even I do know the name. If it is that great of that animal, I guess there is naturally no way to raise it. That kind of aquarium fishes like Arowana. Are those eatable as well?

Suddenly realizing that I was worried about trivial stuff, Clay closes his eyes as though he was trying to recall things and said.

“ I had tasted Bahamut just once…. It is in at the pinnacle of the fine arts. Honestly speaking, I have not tasted any fish that tastes better than that.”

Hee… Since it is coming from Clay who is a noble, it must be tasty. It seems like nobles usually eat lots of delicious food. I probably want to try eating it.

During the moment when I thought of that.

“Master. Let’s eat it! Bahamut!”

“Uwoh?! Since when?!”

Rurune, who was left there till now, draws close to me when I did not notice it.

“Hmm? Seiichi, this donkey is?”

“Eh? Ahh. This is Rurune. I had just bought her today, but I guess she is a friend that will travel with me from now on?”

“Ehh! Rurune chan? Comparative to a donkey, she has superb looks.

Mei, who is a beast man, seemingly have an interest in Rurune and approach her to caress her.

At first, I was worried if she will be kicked just like Baruzasu in the Monster’s store. But it seems like females are fine.

That is nothing to be worried about, but I who noticed Rurune’s previous words quietly inquired her to prevent Clay and Mei from noticing it.

“Rurune. Did you say that you want to eat Bahamut?”

“Yeah! If there exist such delicious food, there is no reason not to eat it, is there.”

“No, I guess I want to eat it as well….”

“Also, I do not have my first group work with Master yet! I believe that’s appropriate for us?”

“Yeah. The word Group work is somewhat wrong?”

While having such a Tsukkomi, I guess I will try to participate in it a little. Since it’s a fact that I as well have that interest in the Bahamut.

“Clay. I am interested in the taste of that Bahamut, so I guess I will try participating in it.”

“Really? I don’t quite understand but, if that’s the case, isn’t it better to quickly do your registration? If you go back to the Monster Store where you bought the donkey earlier, I believe you will be able to register.  However, I understand that today is the deadline for the registration.”

“Is that so? Then I will return now quickly to do the registration.”

“But, I believe getting 5th place is difficult with a  donkey….”

With a bitter smile, Clay commented.

On the other hand, Rurune in words where only I can understand declared proudly.

“ Fun! That dude doesn’t know my strength so he is saying in the manner. Master, please do not worry. This Rurune has confidence in her legs. I will  definitely not lag behind other horses!”

“First of all, Donkeys don’t talk.”

“Well, I can understand Seiichi is not participating in the Arts Competition and participating in the Royal Cup. And? Mei. What will you do?”

Mei, who was being questioned by Clay, answered seemingly dejected ( lack of confidence).

Even if someone like me were to enter the competition, the result is certain. Clay-san is a genius unlike me, so you will probably win….”

“I do not deny that I am a genius but I think you are over underestimating yourself too much. There are people who also started challenging the Royal Cup recklessly. Isn’t there meaning in trying to participate in it ?”

“Oi Kora”

What’s reckless. Reckless. It’s a brave challenge. Don’t make such a mistake.

Even after receiving words of encouragement from Clay,  Mei’s expressions darken.

“But even so…”

Well, Certainly if one were to just sell that piece of art in the plaza, one will lose their confidence.

Even if you draw as you like, if those arts aren’t bought by anyone, it is the same as not getting acknowledged at all.

Looking at Mei whose is casting her eyes down, Clay let out a sigh.

“Well, if you were not to participate in the competition, it is also one of your choices. It’s just that my rivals will decrease by one. Well, the only winning will only be me!

Where the hell did he obtain his confidence from? In spite of drawing at the same level as me.

While being amazed by Clay’s words, I inquired the downcasted Mei.

“Although I am unsure how does Mei views her own art, I really like your art. Therefore, I bought it. Also, I believe getting more recognised/evaluated is fine as well. Therefore, if you have such a chance, why not try challenging it once?”

“… I understand that as well, but…”

“As expected, you do not have any confidence…”

To my enquiry, Mei gave a small nod.

I had thought of it as well during the time I bought the art. But, she is a timid girl. Since that’s their personality, I guess it would end up like that.

However, as for me who really like Mei’s painting, I wish to give her confidence.

What can I do…

When I am troubled by the method to let Mei regain her self-confidence, I hit upon an ingenious idea.

“OH! Clay. Regarding the Kyarasuti Art Competition, when is the deadline for the registration?

“Ng? It’s about 1 week after the closure of the Royal Cup. Art that is drawn till now is fine as well as new pieces. The competition will start 1 month after the deadline for the registration has passed.”

“If that’s the case, I will definitely obtain my objective Bahamut in the Royal Cup.”


“Clay had mentioned earlier, but he had clearly said that it’s impossible for a donkey to obtain the 5th prize. Obtaining the 5th prize under such extreme circumstances, don’t you think it’s cool?”

“That’s definitely cool.”

“For that reason, I will definitely show results and obtain the 5th prize. If I do so, won’t Mei have more confidence in herself?”


Even though Mei tends to create well-appraised paintings, she just doesn’t have the self-confidence.

If that’s the case, “If I were to do things that are thought to be impossible, won’t Mei have more self-confidence in herself” or so the proposal is.

It is a plan to push Mei’s back a little from the back. Even if it’s a little, it’s fine for I wish to have more confidence in herself.

When I was thinking about it, Clay *futto* smile.

“This is interesting. Mei, I, as well wish to see your painting at the competition. I request from you. The art that you had freely drawn. Prove to me that your painting is definitely not boring!”


I don’t quite understand but somewhat or another Clay is saying that he recognises Mei’s painting. Although Clay’s paintings are so original that I can’t keep up with them.

Mei who was being pushed forward by Clay and my words hung her head in shame for a short while but before long she showed a determined look.

“…I understand. I am not sure where I stand now but …. I will try challenging it!”

“I see! As one would expect, you are an artist that I recognised!”

“Master, I don’t quite understand but, we will definitely get the Bahamut!”

Clay and Mei mutually as an artist will bring each other to greater heights. Setting the Bahamut, the delicacy fish that Rurune have not tasted as a goal.

After this, both Clay and Mei will paint paintings for the competition. I sent both of them off respectively and returned back to the Monster shop and did the registration for the Royal Cup.

During that time, Baruzasu with a shocked look surfacing on his face, and next laughing at the impossible feat of Rurune getting the 5th prize got a kick in the stomach and flew. That is a story for another day.

And, the rapid development leading to the Royal Cup tomorrow is trivial…. Or not.

… I, will be able to obtain the prize peacefully? I suddenly felt uneasy.

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