Shinka No Mi – Chapter 77

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Gorilla and Donkey vs The Monstrosity


After parting with Kannazuki-senpai, just as you had known, the cafeteria became chaotic. Allow me to explain it in a clearer manner. Students were collapsed on the desks and the floors, and meals were spilled and scattered about.

See? Isn’t it terrible?

I couldn’t fathom how Kannazuki-senpai could have left the area calmly in that situation.

Well, it’s all my fault! Yes, I have remorsed!

At any rate, the people in the cafeteria which is in a terrible condition, gradually began to wake up and were bewildered by the situation around them. At the same time, they started to clean up their mess. The most cruel cases are the people whose faces got dunked into their soup bowls. They aren’t dead, are they?

All of the other students were left all in the dark, for the only ones who knew what happened were my group and Kannazuki-senpai alone. Therefore, the cause of this situation remained mystery. …Thank goodness, just save me from any investigation. Well, not even doing one is a problem by itself.

After we waited for Beatrice-san to wake up who became the only victim of collapse in our group, we went back to the stadium for the mock battle against Saria and Rurune later this afternoon.  When we arrived at the stadium, unlike in the morning, other than us, there were no one else occupying the arena. Other classmates arrived together in time.


「Ouchie … For real, I have no damn idea what the hell just happened … When I came to, my face was already plunged into the sink…」

「…No, in your case, wasn’t it due to that weird hairstyle of yours that your face was couldn’t touch the sink? …?」

「My stylish regent, ye said? You idiot, this regent has both the perfect balance of softness and stiffness y’know? Of course it would bent splendidly!」

「……Your hair is too obscure to exist……」


Listening such conversation between Blued and Agnos, in my heart, I apologized to them. I’m sorry.


「It’s been so loong~, since I last fought against Seiichi!」  


Saria said so with smiles while doing her warm-up exercises.

Me too. I was the one who got really desperate at that time. Right now, I wonder what kind of fight I could put up against Saria. However what worries me even more is the fight against Rurune who possesses unknown amount of fighting prowess. During the incident in Telbert, one kick is all she needs to create a shockwave that blasted all the monsters away.

As I glanced at Rurune with such thoughts, she gave an unexpected flustered look.


「N, no way … To think that I have to lay my hands on milord … I, I can’t do it!」

「No, even if you say that … Rather, you didn’t listen to what I said, did you? …」

「But I’m a knight who protects her lord, aren’t I!? My raison d’etre is not to fight him!」  

「If that’s the case, I’ll treat you to delicious foods once this mock battle over. So, do your best.」

「I shall fight you with all my might!」  

「Your loyalty is too shallow! I knew it though!」


In actual fact, apparently this Barbadora Magic Academy is more like a small town than anything, so I might as well take a stroll around.

While thinking of such things, we stood across each other face-to-face. Saria puffed her chest and declared.


「Seiichi! I have also become stronger ever since then! Be prepared, okay!」

「Milord … Likewise, this is for the sake of meals … Please ready yourself.」


Ignoring Rurune, I was strongly interested in Saria’s growth. Certainly, the monsters that invaded Telbert were either as strong as or even stronger than her. But since she had defeated them, it wouldn’t be a wonder if Saria’s level rose.


「I see … I’m looking forward to it, then.」


In order to make myself more relaxed, I dared myself to smile widely. As we were scattering sparks from each other, this time it was Beatrice-san who gave the starting signal.


「Are you ready? Get set … begin!」

「Let’s go? Seiichi!」  


With the starting signal, Saria immediately called out cheerfully and crossed her arms in front of her face. I unconsciously raised my alert to that mysterious behavior of hers.


「This is my new power you know!」

「New power, you said!?」


Did she get a special skill or something? As I placed my awareness on Rurune as well, Saria unfolded her crossed arms. And then――.


「Face only, HENSHIN」



Saria, became a gorilla only on her face. Only her face turned into a gorilla.

I’ll say it again. Only her face, became that of a gorilla.




Okay, no one wants a gorilla in white shirt! But who would ever want someone with a gorilla face and gorgeous body !? It’s no longer a face-stamp is it now!? What is it then? Gorilla-stamp? It’s so out of place! (ED: I think Saria broke Seiichi) (TL: She already did, way back when he kissed her)


「Until now, full body transformation, was necessary. But, from here on, only the face, always at peak.」

「Appearances! Mind your own appearances won’t you! You’re a girl, aren’t you!?」

「? Is it weird?」

「In a lot of ways! It is so wrong on many levels!」

「I see … I, too attractive, Seiichi, troubled … If so,  is fine, to say from, the start … Really, you, Mr Shy 」



The gorilla version of Saria――in short, Goria, was just as usual.

What a really incredible interpretation! I really want to learn that way of positive thinking! Even though my selling point is being an optimist! My hat’s off to you! Or rather, didn’t her personality changed too much compared to her human form!? She knows no refrain when she’s in Goria form though!?


「And, I shall commence. 『Instantaneous Arms』 」

「Isn’t that skill… !?」


The technique Saria unleashed was the one she used when we fought back then at the 【Forest of Endless Sorrow】. In an instant, Saria disappeared from my field of view and appear before my very eyes before I noticed it. My reflexes should had been in the monstrous class as well, but just as always, Saria’s movements were too fast for naked eyes. However, the current me had the confidence that I could handle it even if she suddenly appeared like that. In fact, regarding Saria who appeared in of front, I handled the situation as planned.




I avoided the right fist that was approaching me at high speed by sidestepping. Using that momentum, I lightly… veeeery lightly threw a kick towards her back. However, Saria, not only was able to deal with the counter one way or another by performing a spin in the air. Since she is wearing a skirt, I’d like her to restrain from using that type of movement. No, losing due to the outfit will be unthinkable. In the first place, it is not even about wearing a skirt or not….

While brooding over such a thing, I heard Rurune’s voice full of spirit.

「Milord … The meal!」

「What’s with that shout!」

As soon as I turned my eyes on Rurune, she was right in front of me, unleashing a kick towards me with the same unthinkable speeds as Saria’s… wait, in the first place, Saria was originally a monster. How could the attacks of Rurune, who originally was a donkey, be so fast that I could narrowly react!? Are donkeys stronger than Humans in this world!? Well, she certainly had kicked the shopkeeper, Barzas, like a rug when I met her back in the Monster Sales Outlet though!

But, no matter how fast she moved, I was confident that the current me could handle it.  Once again, I moved my body as I had envisioned and dealt with Rurune’s attack. To deal against Rurune’s kick that looked like it was about to gouge my face out, similarly to the actions that I had taken against Saria, I did a half step to get out of her attack range and grabbed her by her attacking feet and threw her lightly upwards.




Rurune gave out a rare pitiful voice and fell with her back to facing the ground. … As I said, the skirts … Wait, this one is my fault. I’m sorry.

As I apologized to Rurune who had fallen extravagantly in my heart, I unexpectedly caught sight of Saria in the edge of my vision.


「Negligence, no good. 『Fist War Boisterous Dance (Touken Ranbu)』 」



Although I am unsure if that was a skill or a hidden technique, Saria enveloped her two fists with a crimson aura, she thrusted them fiercely. Then, as though she wanted to beat me into a pulp, she sent them to me one after another.


「Hn! Hn! Hn! Hn!」


ZUDOoooOOON! ZUDOoooOOON! ZUDOoooOOON! ZUDOoooOOON!  Each time I avoided them, a huge crater were carved on the grounds. Even when I stare it with amazement, I didn’t stop dodging. 

I mean … I’d die once it hits,you know!? That fist! Dangerous I tell you, it has enough power to pulverize that certain overlord! On top of that, the stadium got really tattered. Is it really okay?!

I glanced towards Beatrice-san and the students who were watching our fight. They were baffled by our nonsensical fight, but even so I still caught Beatrice-san murmured something.


「……Just how high, the repair costs will be… …」



Nowaynowaynoway! It’s no good after all! Just how much the cost repair would be!? Don’t tell me, I’m the one who have to pay!? No, I do have a lot of cash, okay! But it’s not really good for my mental health, isn’t it!

When I called on Saria to stop, she stopped temporarily and her head tilted.


「What now? Obediently, get beaten up?」

「Yosh, I am restarting!」


Why should I obediently get beaten!? That’s the least thing I want! I’d rather pay with money instead! Rather, how come just with her face transformed into gorilla a glimpse of her darkness from 【Forest of Endless Sorrow】 is showing up?! Wild instinct is too terrifying…! Or rather, was it due to the fact where her face transformed into that of a gorilla, we are able to catch a glimpse of her cruelty/darkness back at the 【Forest of Endless Sorrow】?! Her wild instincts is too terrifying…!

As I was stunned by Saria’s sudden change, I .. how do I say…sixth sense? Something alarmed me and I almost reflexively jump back from my position. The place that I stood a moment ago got penetrated by a shockwave. Tracing back to its source, I saw Rurune in a posture as though she had kicked something.


「Kuh! As expected of milord … and here I thought it was a perfect surprise attack …」

「No, even I didn’t notice it you know.」


I certainly was not able to notice it, but my sixth sense that had never worked up until now worked, so I was able to avoid it. All of this must be thanks to the perfect harmony between my mind and body. Once again, Saria and Rurune took a distance away from me. But this time, both of them  attacked me at the same time.


「『Instantaneous Arm』 !」  



Each one of them came close to me with tremendous momentum. Saria was certainly getting stronger, and Rurune showed a battle prowess that was unlikely for a donkey.

Even more than that, I believe I am not at the mercy of my body and was able to control my body calmly.

Thinking about it, in my own opinion, this mock battle had been a very good battle experience for me. However …… shall we put an end to this? As I was completely in sync with my body, I felt a new sense of composure and margin that I had never had before, and so I gently caught their punches and kicks with my both hands.





Ignoring the two’s surprise, I grabbed their arm and leg and began to swing them around.


「Aa~ Ree~」



While listening to the voices of Saria which missed something and Rurune who was in panic, I gradually increased the speed. Despite trying my best to hold back on my rotation, I found myself in a tornado that was centered on me. Let alone the dust in the arena, even the ground in the arene was lifted. When I realized what was happening, I hastily decelerated my spin, slowly stopping myself, then put the two back to the ground.


「Me eyeees … are spinniiiiing … 」

「Uu … I, I can see tasty looking birds flying about over my heads …」


To each one of them who had their eyes spun and got rendered immobile, I pulled the 【Compassionate Sword (White)】 from my hips and gently pressed it onto their neck.


「There, it’s my win.」


Finally, from the joy of taking out my revenge to Saria, I said so with a smile. Beatrice-san whose mind was on the clouds snapped back and raised her voice.


「Wi, winner … Seiichi-sensei!」

「Phew … I’m sorry, I got too enthusiastic and――」


I sighed, then as I turned my heel towards Beatrice-san to apologize, cold sweat poured down my back. Because before my eyes, everyone who watched our fight, Al included, had their hairs disheveled and been soiled with dusts. Even Agnos’ regent was clustered. A cold wind blew through between us. Al was staring at me blank, while Beatrice-san and the students were dumbfounded. Looking at their states, I――.


Apologized with everything I had.


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