Takami no Kago ch.106

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Chapter 106

[Eat thisーーー!!]

My full power attack pierced Vallark’s monstrous body.
It’s as if the struggle I had trying to take down this monster was but a lie.

[Amazing, is that the power of the holy sword?]

Gina looked on with an astonished face.
I was equally surprised as well. The tide of battle changed thanks to just this single weapon.

Actually, the sword’s power wasn’t any stronger than my 『Fierce Sword』.
That’s why despite the rest of my equipment were first-class gear, my sword was just regular sword bought from streetside shops.
I had met no problem so far fighting against various opponents.

This holy sword was different from what I usually wielded.
My 『Fierce Sword』 destroyed anything that it came in contact with through sheer force.
But when I apply it to this holy sword, I was amazed.
I could sense that the power was stronger by more than half.
Of course, it’s more than enough to shatter Vallark’s body, though it’ll regenerate back.


[This is the end!!]

Yes, I sensed that Vallark’s regeneration rate had become slower.
Even without 『Fierce Sword』 power, my sword can cut deep into its body.

[We have to finish this quickly so that we can assist Hibiki just as according to the echo]

Of course, Zir-san mentioned Hibiki-san too. There is no way Hibiki would remain inactive with how the situation is going.
He must be in a more difficult state than I do at the moment.
The echo regarding the monster stampede also made me worried..
I…don’t think she’d be so easily get done considering how strong she is, but nothing is absolute in the battlefield.

[Finishing, strike!!]

The sword broke through the four arms and reached Vallark’s head.
I swung the sword once more, aiming for its neck.

[This is!? No, don’t do that!! Lux!!]

Right after Kuesu’s scream, my eyes were covered by flashing light.

[So we did some talk, and in summary, it’s 『I want to go home, but I can’t because I still have unfinished job here』, am I correct?]

It was Zir who broke the silence.
The short summary Zir put together was correct, despite the low amount of information.

[That’s right. The job itself was forced upon me, and it’s currently progressing badly.]

[Even so, I’d be able to go home if senpai took over the job from me.]

Yuki once again looked at me with dark sadness.

[Shame on you to actually think to shove your job to milord. You can still go home all the same if you simply finish your job.]

Zir promptly rejected Yuki’s proposal.
By the way, can I still get the tutorial from the church,

So it’s possible.
But I don’t want to.

[Well then, what will you do!?]

[No idea]

Zir rounded it down.

[No one can live their life having all their wishes always fulfilled. Well, I guess I’m quite lucky on my part.]

Zir said so while throwing a smile at me.

[If you missed your hometown that much, why not working under milord? As long as you feel at home, will different neighbors or environment make any big difference?]

[But I am the Demon King.]

[And aren’t I a vampire lord myself? There are also half-demon living in the village, in fact, pure humans are fewer in number there.]

Zir tried to persuade Yuki.
Ignoring his powers, Yuki is after all still a human. With that kind of bargain, even I found it hard to not go along with it.

[Or perhaps Yuki hates my lord?]

[It, it’s not like that.]

[Then isn’t that settles it? Milord can live happily here. So why don’t you follow milord’s footsteps and live happily in this country?]

[I am, ]

[Yuki, I]

Yuki’s and my voice overlapped.
And then,

[Hibiki, are you alright!?]

It was Lux who abruptly opened the door. Behind him were the town soldiers.
Lux looked relieved when he saw me, but quickly became alerted when he noticed Yuki.
Lux’ eyes turned bloodshot, different from his usual self.

[Hibiki, stay away from him!!]

Lux immediately brandished his holy sword at Yuki.
The tension had become so heavy.

[I see, so Hibiki was actually busy with keeping this guy here.]

That was some misunderstanding, Lux.
But perhaps it was because he already knew of Yuki’s identity.

[I knew it, those monsters are all your doings. Demon King!!]

A small scream came out from among the town soldiers.
Still, the fact that they didn’t even break their line is commendable.

What should we do now? Suddenly Yuki let out a loud laugh.

[Kuhahahaha, yes I am the leader of the demons, the very demon king himself. Did you enjoy the show?]

Black magic was released from Yuki’s body as he said so.

[Damn you, demon king!!]

Lux dispersed the black magic with the holy sword and advanced toward Yuki.
However, Yuki was no longer there.

[What a coward to escape like that!! I swear I’ll defeat you one day!!]

I asked the nearby Kuesu about Lux’s unusual action.

[Shisho, what is happening with Lux?]

[When he killed the monster back at the arena, he was caught in the monster’s suicide explosion.]

[Then, did he get hurt somewhere?]

[No. The holy sword protected him from the suicide explosion. But it appears that the【Holy Magic】of the holy sword is too stimulating for Lux who is not an official hero yet.]

In other words, he’s intoxicated by the 【Holy magic】?
I guess it’ll be like how some people were brainwashed by the 【Holy magic】 at the beginning of the tournament qualifier.
That’s probably also how Lux immediately recognized Yuki.

[Can we remedy it?]

[It’s fine. The effect of 【Holy magic】 should taper off shortly.]

Relieved by that info, I turned my eyes towards where Yuki originally stood before he disappeared.

[I don’t want to become the demon king, Yuki.]

And then, the final match of the tournament unceremoniously came to a close due to my absence.
That’s because I didn’t get the opportunity to use echo to explain the situation properly to Lux.
When I left with the venue with Zir in such haste, I merely echoed out an excuse that I need to meet my master. That’s how.

The audience was almost awake when I finally got to the venue.
I felt relieved to see Ayla joined with Amy and the others among the audiences.

Apparently, the accident happened when Ayla was on her way to the audience seat.
After Lux defeated Vallark, she had immediately woke up, and proceed to treat Amy and the others.

Nobody suffered any harm that is life-threatening, but all of them complained about the fatigue. Thus the award ceremony was held as briefly as possible.
As expected, a member of the royal family was there to award the holy sword to the champion, but the prize for the third place such as me was given without any ceremony.

Well, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not noticeable.

And now, it’s time to scout out more staff member.

It has been decided beforehand with Amy that Leelan will come with us, so there is nothing much to tell here.
Next is Gina the slave warrior.
I talked with her now former master and bought her for 15 gold.
By the way, I was able to put forth 15 gold because the prize for fourth place, which was vacant, was passed to the winner Lux and me as the third place for my assistance during the monster stampede.
We split the 30 gold prize between the two of us. When Lux asked me of what I’ll be using those coins for, I simply said that I’ll buy Gina. That amount was required to avoid more price negotiations.
Apparently, her master had heard about the prize money beforehand, and proceed to raise her price to the limit.
Gina was thankful, but I immediately told her that I already had a job in mind for her and she should stay silent for now.

Next is the centaur couple.
I didn’t intend to leave them on their own.
Although they got some money from participating in the tournament, they still decided to follow me to the village, albeit skeptical, after I promised them with a job, living place, and daily necessity.

The last is the elven minstrel Brigit.
I didn’t actually invite her, she was the one who tagged along on her own accord.

After preparing for our return with Sai, I realized that our group had grown even larger than before.
Lux and the others tried to make me stay longer, but I politely say thank you and leave because I don’t want to get caught in more debacles.

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