Takami no Kago ch.104

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Chapter 104

After the demon shouted, a thick arm burst out of its chest.

“Haa!?” (Dodras)

The insect demon’s face was filled with astonishment, as this was beyond its expectation.

“No way. How!? Why did it attack my body!?” (Dodras)

The arm deftly moved about, tearing the insect demon apart.

“St-stop! Vallark!!” (Dodras)

The insect demon had lost both of its arms and legs, but it was somehow still alive.
Perhaps it was because of the demon’s immense vitality, but that also meant the pain would be prolonged.
A second arm burst out of the crack. The arms then began to attempt to widen the crack.
The sound of tearing as well as the insect demon’s scream echoed.

Finally, the insect demon’s body was torn in two.
What appeared from the tear, was a comically huge upper body if compared to the still intact lower body.

Its total height was about 8 meters tall. Since the insect demon was of a similar height to a human, then the upper body alone was as tall as 7 meters.
It had 2 pairs of arms just like the insect demon. Since its body was so big compared to the lower body, the arms could actually extend to the floor.
However, despite being the same length, the arms had different skin texture and number of joints, as if they were someone else’s arms that were stuck to the huge body.

The head resembled that of a dog or a lizard. It had a pronounced snout, and rows of jagged teeth jutting out at random spots.
Its eyes glowed, as if searching for prey.

“Uaaaa” (Dodras)

The upper part of the insect demon seemed to be still breathing, barely dangling around Vallark’s waist.
I suppose it was because its head survived from being torn apart.
Even so, it appeared that the lower body was currently under Vallark’s control.
It walked in a gorilla-like gait.

When I tried to read the status, what happened was the same as when I tried to see Leelan’s.
In other words…

“It’s a chimera?” (Hibiki)

I muttered inside my armor to no one in particular.
Those in the spectator seats were deprived of their magic power by this abomination.

“Grrr, graa—” (Vallark)

Vallark bellowed. Its voice was loud enough to even shake the stadium.
The next moment, Vallark began moving towards the audience.

“Is it going to attack the audience!?” (Lux)

Lux rushed in and immediately stood before Vallark.
Vallark stopped its pace, looking down at the obstacle that was Lux.
Lux already brandished his sword.
At the same time, Vallark arm was bearing down on Lux without any prior sign.

“Haaaa!!” (Lux)

Lux shifted his sword into a reverse grip, and charged towards Vallark’s attack.
A dull sound could be heard, and Vallark’s arm had been lopped off around the wrist. (EN: I know that doesn’t make sense but that’s what it says.)
Meanwhile, Lux was also pushed backwards away from his original position.

“Kuh, that was quite heavy.” (Lux)

Apparently he had used “Fierce Sword”, but despite that he was still pushed back.
And the arm that was severed had already begun regenerating.

“Hyaaaa!!” (Gina)

Gina cut the demon’s right arm with the Demon Slaying Sword (Replica) to halt its movement.
The wound let out white smoke for a short while, but it also quickly regenerated.

“Spread out a little!!” (Brigitte)

Gina and Lux backed out at Brigitte’s call.
At the next moment, a blade made of wind magic struck Vallark.
It was not a whirlwind cut created by the likes of a vacuum phenomenon, but instead it was a mix of air and pebbles launched at quite an overwhelming speed.
Brigitte’s【Sound Magic】was after all a derivative of【Wind Magic】, so she was naturally able to control wind to some extent.
Why she didn’t use it in her match was beyond me though.

But Vallark’s skin was also extremely thick, Brigitte’s attack didn’t even scratch it.
However, that blast of strong wind actually still affected it somewhat.

Kuesu took this chance to score some hits.
Vallark was immediately engulfed in firestorms.

“Damn, it didn’t work.” (Kuesu)

Kuesu regretfully said.

“Kuesu’s Flame Whirlwind didn’t work? That’s impossible.” (Lux)

Lux was equally surprised.
Of course, it was undamaged.
It was supposedly a clean hit, but there wasn’t any marks on its skin at all.

“Fool!! Vallark feeds on your magic. That won’t work on it!!” (Dodras)

The insect demon swaying around Vallark’s waist laughed.
The term “Fire that would burn a fire mage” was actually quite spot on for that attack just now.
Because, it’s a flame that should’ve been very difficult to put out.
In other words, Vallark actually absorbed Kuesu’s flame.

Brigitte’s attack also carried some amount of magic in it.
The magic power inside Lux and I who were in the ring should’ve also been depleted as well.
It was probably thanks to the “Mark of a Hero” and the “Dragon’s Scale” that we weren’t drained to the point of collapsing.

I didn’t know how much damage the “Fierce Sword” dealt to Vallark, but it seemed to work better than Kuesu’s attack.
In other words, my attack should be able to damage it as well.
I produced a fire bullet using【Holy Fire Magic】.
Vallark was still trapped inside Kuesu’s Flame Whirlwind.

“Go!!” (Hibiki)

The fire bullet directly hit Vallark, then mixed in with Kuesu’s Flame Whirlwind.
The【Holy Fire Magic】melded together with Kuesu’s 【Wind Magic】.

“Gyuraaaaa!?” (Vallark)

A voice of pain rose from Vallark’s mouth.
Meanwhile, the insect demon was killed immediately by this attack.


Gina and Brigitte let out surprised voices. However, I had exhibited this【Holy Fire Magic】back in the semifinals.
I had no need to hide anymore.

Vallark crouched down to try and escape the flames, even just slightly.

“Weird. It didn’t get burned at all.” (Brigitte)

Brigitte commented as the flame whirlwind gradually died down.
What appeared when the fire was completely extinguished, was the figure of Vallark whose unbalanced upper body was finally balanced out with his lower half.
It was 10 meters tall now, and it walked toward us in a more relaxed manner.
Its body was devoid of any burn wounds.

“Impossible! That didn’t even hurt it?”

“Gururu, gruuuーーーー” (Vallark)

As it emerged from the fire, Vallark howled at the sky. Its power was obviously stronger than before.
Zir confirmed my suspicion.

“Not good, because of yond howl just now the monsters outside the city art stampeding to this very place as we speak.” (Zir)

Zir’s ghost explained the situation that was happening outside of the city.

When the audience went comatose, I had a ghost sent to downtown Brett to investigate.
At that point, only the audience was in a coma, the city was peaceful otherwise.
At a later point, Zir’s ghost was supposed to bring in the city’s standing army.
But there should be some magicians among the standing army.
Vallark would just use those magician’s magic power as a snack.
Zir alone could not carry me away.
In other words, I could only let the army deal with the monsters that Vallark had summoned.

“Tell Echo this. Can you play around with the monsters outside a little?” (Hibiki)

Zir listened to my suggestion through mind reading.
The ghost headed out in haste. The choice was either helping Lux in here or the army outside.
Besides, both Zir and I can demonstrate our full power if there was no one watching.

“You seem to be struggling. Going to use that?” (Selva)

Selva pointed her finger up to the prize box that contained a ring.
I knew the contents since I could see through it, and no one else would know the meaning of that pointing finger otherwise.
It was probably here because it was supposedly awarded at the closing ceremony when the matches were over.
Zir drew near to look inside the box.
There were 2 swords and a small wooden box inside. Along with that were 4 bags full of money.

“This is, the Holy Sword Light of Hope. For now, it should be good enough as a dragon slayer sword.” (Hibiki)

The sword was thrown towards Lux.
But since Lux was still confronting Vallark, Kuesu was the one who caught the sword.

“Give it to the Hero!!” (Zir)

Zir told Kuesu that, before we left the stadium.
As the ghost was exploring the vicinity, I asked Ruby to expose the armor around the face.

“Thanks for the help, Zir.” (Hibiki)

“Yond wast only something I naturally shouldst doth. So, what wilt thee doth anon?” (Zir)

“It depends on the amount of monsters outside.” (Hibiki)

Zir thought for a while then replied. (EN: author typo? It should be Hibiki)
It was not that big of a number, since the city had just been attacked only recently.
The ones attacking now were merely the remnants. It appeared that the danger wasn’t that great.

“Then what’s next?” (Hibiki)

“Shouldn’t milord move more freely?” (Zir)

Apparently, Zir was questioning my decision to let Echo fight.

“Moreover, if milord moves more freely, shouldn’t thee beest able to defeat the monsters outside and in hither at the same moment?” (Zir)

As Ayla said, this fellow sees me on a high pedestal. I guess it was just her personality.

“Let’s leave that Vallark to Lux then.” (Hibiki)

“Then ye art going for the monster stampede outside?” (Zir)

“No, I’m going to unveil the black curtain.” (Hibiki)

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