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Takami no Kago ch.106

Sup guys, Raizu is here with new chapter. Darknari seems busy with her RL, so we got help from an editor from the other project on RTD. Thanks Schwarz13. Enjoy~ Translator: RaizuEditor: Schwarz13

Takami no Kagi ch.105

Sorry for the long wait. Darknari was busy IRL so it cana’t be helped.Yes, this project is still alive. Enjoy~ Translator: RaizuEditor: Darknari

Takami no Kago ch.101

Sorry for the wait, here is the new chapter of TnK~ Motoyuusha should be ready next week. Enjoy~ Translator: RaizuTLC/Editor: Darknari

Takami no Kago ch.100

Chapter 100!! We have reaching this far, thank you for everyone who supporting us!Enjoy your chapter. Translator: RaizuTLC/Editor: Darknari

Takami no Kago ch.99

Sup everyone, Raizu is here~ Yep, we’re almost reaching ch.100! Wow, I can’t believe we made it this far. Enjoy your new chapter! 😀 Translator: Raizu TLC/Editor: Darknari

Takami no Kago ch.98

Happy Merry Christmas! I and my RTD staffs hope you all getting pleasant and good christmas day~ Enjoy the chapter Translator: Raizu TLC/Editor: Darknari