Takami no Kago ch.99

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Chapter 99

“Contestant Lux, contestant Hibiki please enter the arena.” (clerk)

Instead of following the clerk’s instructions, I was treating the injuries of Ms. Amazoness.
Since she was a slave, it would be hard for her to acquire permission from her master to get some treatment.
But in any case, since I didn’t want to be conspicuous, I just let her drink some potions.
Apparently her master didn’t want to pay for the treatment cost, so he insisted to check with me before giving her treatment.

“Gina!! Is Gina still alive!!” (master)

‘Gina’ is the name of Ms. Amazoness.
The one shouting her name was probably her master.

“She’s still a top 8 contestant!! Losing her now will be a huge loss!!” (master)

Gina’s master who went to the waiting room was blocked by the tournament staff.
Just when I felt relieved after checking Gina’s condition, this scene angered me.

“You shithead!! I told you to ask for my permission first before treating her!! I won’t pay the treatment cost!!” (master)

Somehow, once he knew that Gina was safe, he was already concerned with money again.
He was worried about Gina because she was his biggest source of money this time.
After checking his status, I found out that he was merchant. He was just a merchant no matter how I want to say it.

“What treatment are you talking about? I just let her drink a potion.” (Hibiki)

When the man saw it, his nose flared up.

“Whatever you do, I won’t pay for the potion.” (master)

By the way, the amount of potion I used on Gina was actually earnable by even a small household.
Only a really crooked ‘merchant’ could be stingy to even little things as that.

Without a doubt, our hero of justice exploded when he saw this talentless merchant.
Gina seemed to be recovering just fine, so I dragged him along to the arena albeit in a bit of a forceful manner.

“Hibiki!! Why did you get in my way!!” (Lux)

“Hey you, what do you think will happen if a contestant was caught making trouble before the match? Moreover, you and Gina will be the one who receives the blame instead of that guy.” (Hibiki)

Hearing that, Lux became quiet.

“Sorry, Hibiki. I’ve brought trouble again for you.” (Lux)

“No worries. After this match, the loser will get to handle that uncle’s complaining.” (Hibiki)

We talked while we headed to the arena.


[The contestants have entered the arena. It seems the two of them entered at the same time.] (Commentator)

Two people entered the arena, and faced each other.

“Let’s have a good match. Hibiki.” (Lux)

“Yeah, don’t you dare die on me.” (Hibiki)

After bumping our fists lightly and greeting each other, the referee announced that the match had begun.

[We are here at last at the semifinals, the first match. The two contestants are facing each other.] (Commentator)

As they were speaking the play-by-play, I was watching how Lux would act.
However, Lux was merely gathering his power for the incoming attack. He seemed to be only standing there, but I could see power coursing to his arms and legs.

“Here I come, Hibiki!!” (Lux)

Lux’s body disappeared. And he did so with such speed.

“Kuh!?” (Hibiki)

I quickly twisted my body to evade Lux’s attack.
If 【Insight】 didn’t catch the timing of that attack, the match would’ve ended right there.

“As expected of Hibiki.” (Lux)

Lux launched a pursuit while laughing happily.
As for me, I avoided two more attacks by making a back step.

After analyzing his battle style the [Fierce Blade], I’ve deemed his attacks as something that was ‘impossible to guard against’.
Neither a defensive item nor deflection from martial arts would work. It was truly proof of his ‘strong character’.
Against that [Fierce Blade], the only measure left available was to evade it.

And more importantly…

Lux’s [Fierce Blade] wasn’t actually a sword skill.

That’s how it was.
Of course, it was not limited to the sword.

In other words…

“[Fierce Blade], can work with regular punches or kicks.” (Hibiki)

I don’t know if there was a [Punch] or [Kick] skill out there, but one can still do punches and kicks without using a skill.
That being said, I didn’t know the underlying method behind it yet, but Lux’s [Fierce Blade] covered the whole range of human motion.
In that case…

“How about this?” (Hibiki)

I released a fire bullet at Lux.
Lux calmly deflected the fire bullet with his [Fierce Blade].
However, before his sword touched the fire bullet, the bullet burst into enveloping flames.
With that, I confirmed that [Fierce Blade] only worked against something that he could directly touch.

Lux immediately emerged from the flames, and resumed his assault.
Thanks to the silver armor of light, there seemed to be barely any damage.

Next up, the application of 【Fire Magic】.
I collected magic power on the tip of my finger and produced fire, and then let it spread black smokes.
Lux was vigilant about the smoke, thus stopped his steps. He took some distance, while applying [Fierce Blade] to check whether there was a trap in the smoke.

Of course, it was a trap. The smoke was meant to find out the duration of the [Fierce Blade].
If [Fierce Blade] had a lingering effect, the smoke would keep disappearing on the path that it had traversed.
But the smoke only disappeared on the single point where it touched the smoke.
I didn’t know for certain whether it was consciously or unconsciously, but [Fierce Blade] does need to be activated first.
And of course one cannot instantaneously activate it, it required focus.
Nonetheless it does not require the user to wield a sword.

“I guess this means I’ve achieved a small victory?” (Hibiki)

After he was sure that there was no trap inside, Lux came closer. I manipulated the wind to clad myself with the smoke to hide myself.
And then, I applied some water magic to his feet.

“Hm? What is this!?” (Lux)

Lux was taken by surprise with the mucus on his feet. However, it did little to hamper his movement.
Making use of that opening, I shot several wind bullets from various directions.

Lux, detecting a small change in the smoke, immediately scattered the bullet that came from his front with [Fierce Blade].
However, the other bullets hit him from various directions, aiming to off balance him.

“Kuh!!” (Lux)

Lux avoided some of the invisible wind bullets with his amazing physical capability.
But he couldn’t keep it up forever and the rest of the bullets managed to break his posture.

“Thi-this is, [Gale Hero]’s!?” (Lux)

Yes, that was the attack of the [Gale Hero] who got defeated in the first round. I didn’t regret practising this in secret.
Lux suddenly took the hit and was blown away to the edge of the arena.
I didn’t think it would defeat Lux, but at least I dealt some damage to him.

“Eee, ahahahahahah~” (Lux)

Lux laughed while falling down. I wonder if I hit his head too hard.

“Awesome, as expected of Hibiki!!” (Lux)

Apparently, he received barely any damage. He seemed pleased instead.

He got up and lay down an assault once more.
Although it was faster than I expected, I would just counter him once more. The wind bullets flew toward Lux’s path once again.

Lux swung his sword. I also brought a sword myself, but I didn’t feel like using it.
I couldn’t have my beloved sword broken.

“[Fierce Blade]!!”

Swinging his sword, Lux shouted the name of his technique.
The next moment, the wind bullet hit Lux’s body and sent him to the edge of the arena.
Or at least it was supposed to be that way.

“Wha-what!?” (Hibiki)

The sword reversed rotation with Lux as the axis with a great momentum right in front of my eyes.
I was taken by surprise and unable to respond in time.
When I realized it, Lux’s sword was already very close to hitting me.

“[Fierce Blade]!!” (Lux)

After hearing for the second time the technique’s name being shouted, I was the one being blown to the edge of the arena this time.

“Guh, uuuuuu” (Hibiki)

Pain ran through my whole body. I was close to losing my consciousness but I still managed to stand back up.
After a short while, the pain diminished. Thanks to 【Self Regeneration】.
I managed to force my seriously injured body to get up.

“You are really amazing, Hibiki. To receive that attack and still be able to stand up.” (Lux)

Right then, he entered the posture of [Fierce Blade].
Assaulting the enemy with a very obvious attack, only to reverse direction at the critical point on top of adding another layer of [Fierce Blade] right before hitting me.
Is this, the power of a ‘Hero candidate’?

I checked the state of my body.
Right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg. All of them hurt but they still moved as desired.

“Until now, I didn’t feel like doing this.” (Hibiki)

Fight properly, only then can I appropriately lose.

“In any case, it’s not funny if I simply surrender.” (Hibiki)

One shot. I didn’t feel like backing down now.
I’ll try it out one last time!!

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