Takami no Kago ch.107

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Chapter 107

[Onii-chan, is that it? Is that your village?]

Leelan peeked out from the carriage.
At the end of the road was the entrance to our village.

[Yeah, it is]

[Leelan, stop sticking out your head like that, it’s dangerous]

When Amy reprimanded her, Leelan promptly hid behind Ayla.
Holding a rose in one hand, she hugged Ruby with her other hand like plush toys.

[Ayla-ane, Amy-san is bullying me~]

There there, Ayla stroke Leelan’s hair. Actually, Leelan wasn’t really afraid of Amy.
She just feigned being scared, very obvious from the fact that when she’s sleeping at night, she usually sleeps closer to Amy than to Ayla.

[Ho, is that the village that master has built?]

Gina also peeked out to check, but that caused the carriage to be out of balance and shook slightly.

[Gina!! Please stop acting like a kid!!]

Amy’s reproof flew out once more. Causing Gina to quietly shrunk herself at the corner of the carriage.

[Now now, it’s the first time for the both of them, just let them be]

I put my hand on Gina’s shoulder and comforted her to not be worried about it too much.
As for Amy, I knew she does not actually hate it if people acted childish around her.
Anyways, Amy was the first one trying to secure Gina when the carriage rocked just now.
She didn’t reprimand people because she hates something, it’s just her acting as the team’s mom because she likes taking care of others.

[Hibiki-dono, can we enter the village as is?]

The male centaur of the centaurs couple, Shiron, who’d been running alongside the carriage, asked.

[Yeah. Sorry to make you two run all the way here. I’ll arrange a resting place right away as soon as we arrived at the village]

[It’s alright. We are part-horse, so it’s not really bad to act as one.]

Apparently, that does not only apply to endurance but also fighting capability.
Centaurs seemed to be an all-around player in terms of offense and defense. (TL Note: the author used ‘Multiplayer’, which is weird)
By the way, Brigit is sleeping. These elves seemed to be indifferent to anything once they lost interest.
They are declining in number, perhaps because they are also indifferent to their own kinds.

As soon as we entered the village, we received a warm welcome from the villagers.
At the front was the lizardman Pinot, who greeted us with a smile.
The goblin and vampire combined force seemed to be in the middle of training, waving spears and pikes.

[I, I’m not lying, you see!? Horon, I will gallop ahead with you no matter what!!]

Shiron suddenly kneeled on the ground. In front of him was Horon, his wife, who was shaking her head while in tears.

[We will always be together, Shiron!!]


The two then hugged each other. They are in their own world right now.
Well, let’s just leave them be.

[Welcome back. Hibiki-san]

A voice came up from behind.
It was Latia.

[Welcome, Hibiki~]

And Yaku is also here, eh?

[You two, I’m back. Something happened while I was away?]

[Let’s see]

[There is!!]

Unlike Latia, Yaku replied vigorously.
In any case, it didn’t seem to be urgent, so I decided to let everyone to have some rest.
Especially for the centaurs couple. Let’s prepare a room for them first.

[How about you, Hibiki-niichan?]

I still need to take Sai back, so I stroke Yaku’s head while telling that I would go back home afterwards.
Right then,

Leelan came out with such great momentum.

She knocked Yaku away before clinging to my arm.

[O, oi, Leelan]

[Onii-chan is MY Onii-chan!!]

Not taking Leelan’s action kindly, Yaku stood back up.

[What was that for!!]

And then, they started to fight.

[Ho, hold, hold it right there you two~]

Latia desperately tried to break them off in vain.

[Both of you, stop it!!]

Again, Amy-kaasan struck like lightning.

[Leelan, if you want to be my husband’s sister, you should be more obedient.]


[Yaku, wouldn’t your onii-chan be disappointed by your action just now?]

Seeing her dealing with the kids skillfully, I left the matter to Amy and I headed back home.
Latia waited quietly until I finished my slow and relaxing bath.

[So, what really happened?]

After finishing my bath, I asked Latia about what actually happened while I was away over a meal.

[It’s about Hibiki-san’s pool on the grass field]

Apparently, a monster had settled in the light and darkness pool I built on the grass field while we were away.
The creature itself didn’t disturb the village, and I had forewarned the goblins to not approach the area, so apparently, that’s why they let it be.

[It appears to be taking care of the area. It would be a pity if we drive it out.]

Latia apologized.

[Well, if it’s really harmless, then I have nothing to complain]

And so we decided to check the pool.

[What is happening here?]

It’s clear to me that ahead of us were lots of trees different from those on the forest nearby.
The experimental field was originally not that wide, but who knows that by manipulating the terrain into a mortar-shape would help to focus the magic power?
Checking up the tree in front of me, the name 『Wicky’s Tree』 was displayed.

[What is a Wicky’s tree?]

When I cut its leaf, it read 『Pool grass(Dark)』

[It’s actually the pool grass after all. Then what’s with the Wicky’s tree?]

Hearing my voice, a naked beauty unfurls from the tree that I cut the leaf from.

[I am Wicky]

[So it’s an Alraune. So rare to see one being so close to a village like this.]

Brigit seemed to be familiar with this creature’s identity.
Looking closely at Wicky, it has a form of a beautiful woman but made entirely from plants.
So I asked why it ended up here since it seemed to be capable of communication.

[Wicky, was captured by humans]

Alraune’s sap is an ingredient for a magical potion. Perhaps that’s why.

[It’s a felony to forcefully strip an Alraune away from the forest. Could it be a smuggled good?]

Amy added.

[Cage broke, so I escaped]

So it managed to escape because its cage was broken.

[But, Wicky was hungry]

It was stripped away from the forest, so no wonder it lacked energy.

[In here, lots of delicious foods]

Magic power is like food for Wicky. It’s been feeding on the magic power in the area.

[The food here, the most delicious]

So that means it liked my magic.

[Here, Wicky’s forest]

Because of that, you claimed this place as your own? Are you kidding me?

[But, this field is mine though]

It tilted her head cutely.
Took a lot of patience, but I finally managed to explain things to it after an hour or so.

[I’m sorry. I just want to eat]

In any case, it was me who infused this land with magic power, as well as the grasses (now trees).

[Isn’t it alright? Don’t the plants on the forest with Alraune always grow well?]

As Brigit said, the pool grasses previous growing in the area had become trees, and the tree leaves itself are pool grasses.
Moreover, as expected from a plant spirit, Alraune. It could even grow a tree without regard to light or dark attributes.

[I see. Should we just leave this place to Wicky then? ]

Perhaps listening to our conversation, its face brightened as it raised both of its hands.
And from there grew two fruits.

[Do you like plant girl?]

Amy-san, that’s scary.
And once again, the residents of my village is increased.
Well, this fellow will be just fine since people rarely come here.
But first, I need to tell Gillen about this Wicky’s existence.
I want to ask if he knew anything about this smuggling. If he does, then we’ll have something more to discuss.
He’s already swamped in his works, I actually don’t want to add even more things.

And just like that, we found a way to mass-produce pool grass. But who would’ve guessed that it’ll bring more trouble to me later on?

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