Takami no Kago ch.103

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Chapter 103

“What in the world is happening?” (Hibiki)

Pausing the match, I looked around thoroughly.
It seemed that everyone else except the two of us had been rendered unconscious.
Everyone had fallen asleep, there was even some who slept while planting their faces on the floor.

“Amy!! Zir!!” (Hibiki)

I held myself back from rushing out. I couldn’t act as Hibiki with Lux still here.
Throwing a momentary glance, I checked the place where Amy and the others were at, but it was too far away from the arena to discern anything.
Next I glanced at the waiting room.
Ayla had left earlier, so that left the elf minstrel Brigitte and the slave warrior Gina.

“Oh right, the waiting room!!” (Lux)

Noticing my line of sight, Lux promptly left the arena and headed to the waiting room, then reappeared with the contestants who were still awake.
It was Gina and Brigitte. It seemed that the rest had been put to sleep as well.

“Oi, what happened here?” (Gina)

That potion really worked wonders. Gina was walking at the forefront.

“Oh, Lux. You administered an expensive potion on me earlier, didn’t you? Thank you. I’ll definitely repay this kindness. My kind always keep our word.” (Gina)

“Don’t mention it, okay? It’s a necessity judging from the situation. And it’s Hibiki who gave me the potion anyways.” (Lux)

“I see. I will definitely thank HIbiki later.” (Gina)

“By the way, where is Hibiki?” (Lux)

Lux dropped the bomb there.

“No idea? After the previous match of the ‘Dragon Knight’, he disappeared somewhere.” (Brigitte)
Brigitte joined the conversation as well.

“I see, perhaps he already moved in anticipation to this situation.” (Lux)

Oi, Lux. You evaluated me with too high of a score there.

“That guy, he’s that good?” (Brigitte)

“Yeah. He’s the one who resolved the problem of the monster raid in Welburg magnificently.” (Lux)

“I expect nothing less from Hibiki. Such a great man.” (Gina)

“Fuuhn, he’s such a curious person, isn’t he?” (Brigitte)

Gina’s and Brigitte’s evaluation on me had gone up. Without me having done anything.

“By the way, Echo? You, don’t talk even during such a time?” (Lux) (EN: Uh, where did that nickname come from?

I shook my head blandly. I had to use body language as much as possible.

“Is it some kind of a ‘curse’?” (Lux)

It was a question that I couldn’t answer.
Instead I pointed towards the audience, and gave Lux a look.

“That’s right, Baara and the others!?” (Lux)

Lux ran to the audience seats.
And with that, I could also confirm the condition of Amy and the others.

There was nobody who had managed to stay awake in the audience seats.
Lux’s companions were seemingly in deep sleep, and only Kuesu managed to wake up.
She looked at Lux in annoyance with her sleepy eyes.

Amy and the others were also asleep, with only Zir who looked different.
Everybody was sleeping so deep as if they were dead, but this girl seemed very comfortable in her sleep.

While Lux was still preoccupied with Kuesu, I gave Zir a slap.

“Wha- hiyah!? Wha-what wast yond?” (Zir)

Zir tried to ask me that, then towards Lux and the rest when she finally realized what was going on.

“Wherefore is everyone asleep?” (Zir)

I shook my head. Lux also replied in kind when Zir asked him.

“When it comes to Kuesu, she could absorb spirits and convert it to magic power. While Zir-san has a very large magic capacity, right?” (Lux)

“This is true, and tis what maketh me superb.” (Zir)

I glanced at Amy and Leelan. In terms of magic, Leelan should also have a considerable amount of magic power.
On the other hand, Gina barely had any magic power.
What was with this discrepancy?

“I see. As expected of Hibiki’s companion. Hibiki is probably working to solve this matter in the meantime, can we somehow contact him?” (Lux)

“Yea, milord is forsooth up to something. Thou may look forward to it.”

Zir replied with the best answer she could afford after glancing at me.
Zir was not informed about the substitution, but I think she could already guess what happened after watching the earlier match.

“Alright. I guess it can’t be helped. Do you remember anything before you fell asleep?” (Lux)

“Yea, I recall that when I wast watching the match with enthusiasm, a sense of drowsiness doth cometh ov’r me, and in a trice, I was sleeping.” (Zir)

In other words, she knew nothing.
By the way, those in the Royal VIP seats were asleep as well.
Without noticing the abnormalities in the surroundings, when Selva came to us complaining about the match stopping abruptly, I found out the existence of the VIP seats.

“An attack of this scale. The perpetrator couldn’t possibly be human.”

It was quite a convincing conclusion coming from Kuesu and Brigitte who were both familiar with magic.
That means…

“Are the demons behind all this?” (Lux)

The perpetrator hadn’t made their appearance yet. And the sleep state couldn’t be dispelled by regular recovery magic nor potions.
When I checked their status, it was written as an abnormal state called “Spirit Grasped Depth 1~5”.
The number might be depended on the person’s resistance to it.
In other words, they won’t wake up from their sleep, unless I was the one who did the waking.
Of course it would be a last resort, otherwise my real identity would be exposed to everyone here.

“Everyone, what is this all about?” (Selva)

I heard Selva asking curiously.

“Scorching Dragon-sama, please forgive me. We couldn’t wake the sleeping ones up.” (Lux)

Lux carefully explained to Selva. Apparently the Scorching dragon was a special existence for the heroes.

“In that case, why don’t you defeat him instead?” (Selva)

Selva pointed at a spot about 200 m above the arena, but I saw nobody up there.
However, my eyes could still see its status.

Dodras (Demon) 121 years old



Gain the ability of a demon

【Mental Mastery】★★★

Absorbs spirit and magic, in proportion to the state of emotion.

Range and effect depends on level.

【Magic Transfer】★★

Can specify a target to transfer magic to it.

Range and efficiency depends on level.


Of course.
Could the eyes of a scorching dragon see through everything?
It was hard to not admire the physical capabilities of both Zir and Selva.

However, I could tell that this demon was the cause of this incident.

Creating wings with【Fire Magic】, and using 【Wind Magic】to fly while shooting compressed water bullets using 【Water Magic】, I immediately jumped towards the target.
The fire wings on my back wasn’t only for show, it aided me in flying because it was impossible to do so only by utilizing 【Wind Magic】. To be specific, it was to make the surrounding atmosphere warmer so that it was easier to create an updraft.

Since that idiot Selva already pointed a finger at it, it wouldn’t be strange if it tried to escape at any time, so I decided to launch a quick assault.
Thanks to that though, the people around me got drenched.

“Guee” (Dodras)

The demon was hit somewhere and fell to the ground, revealing its’ appearance.
It was like a humanoid insect.
It had three arms, and its whole body was covered by an outer shell.
The reason why it had an odd number of arms was probably because my attacks blew one off.
Its four eyes were human eyes, which made it somewhat grotesque.

“Ho-how!? How could you detect me!?”(Dodras)

Being discovered was seemingly beyond its apprehension, the insect demon repeatedly threw that same question again and again.

“It doesn’t matter how. Release everyone at once.” (Lux)

Lux ordered the demon. I’ve never heard him speaking in that tone before.
He had already brandished his sword and poised it close to the demon’s neck.
The demon then chanted something, then moans started coming out from the audience seats.

Apparently, the abnormal status【Spirit Grasped】had been dispelled.
But, why that easily? What was this guy’s goal in the first place?
While I was thinking about that, Lux already pulled his sword away from the insect demon’s neck.

It immediately took that chance to create distance from us.

“Fuhn, I’ve done my part. Come forth, Vallark!!” (Dodras)

The insect demon shouted the name of his trump card.

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