Takami no Kagi ch.105

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Chapter 105

Author’s Note: It’s a little bit short this time.


Zir’s ghost found it after searching throughout the town of Brett, it was a special of the day shop near the tournament venue.

“Milord, that sir is certainly hither.” (Zir)

“Well then, shall we?” (Hibiki)

“But for him to truly beest hither?” (Zir)

Zir had a dejected face.

“It was my part of the calculations that I had overlooked it in the first place.” (Hibiki)

We entered the not too spacious shop and it was utterly empty. (EN: the literal tl was “the cuckoo was crying”, lol)
Which wasn’t surprising, since we should have been in the midst of the tournament finals.
Especially since this shop was very near to the venue.
There was a man sitting at the back of the shop, munching on a sandwich and sipping coffee.

“Eh? If it ain’t senpai. Cheers.”

That person was the very Demon King himself.

“Senpai, what a shame that there ya was kicked out of that tournament at the semifinals~” (Yuuki)

“Aren’t you the one who ordered that demon to attack the venue?” (Hibiki)

“Is that right?” (Yuuki)

“Incidentally, Zir’s bloodsucking uproar was your doing.” (Hibiki)

“That’s right.” (Yuuki)

“Amy’s abduction was also at your command.” (Hibiki)

“Nothing less from senpai, jackpot.” (Yuuki)

“Did you do that in order for me to participate in the tournament?” (Hibiki)

“Hmmm~, that’s only half correct. I prepared the prize as a bait to get some bites, but I was mostly gambling on whether you would come.” (Yuuki)

“You are also involved in the chimera experiment that was conducted in this town, am I right?” (Hibiki)

I was half guessing, but I was quite sure of it.

“That’s right. Ain’t a chimera what man has dreamed of?” (Yuuki)

I only became more confused.
This guy had orchestrated some of the incidents, but I still didn’t get why he abducted Amy as well as arranging my participation in the tournament.

“Can’t ya tell?” (Yuuki)

“I can kinda tell the purpose. But not reason.” (Hibiki)

The goal behind Amy’s abduction, was probably for me to meet the selection priest.
Was my tournament participation meant to force me to show off my capability?
The common ground between these two are…

“Do you want to make me the Hero?” (Hibiki)

The Demon King replied with a smile.

“Or perhaps you want to make me the Demon King.” (Hibiki)

Yuuki’s expression was one that I had never seen before until now.
It was a smile, but the gaze was devoid of light yet full of pressure.

“At the moment, this here world has a demon king but no hero.” (Yuuki)

In this situation, the story won’t advance regardless of how hard Yuuki tries.
Even if a large monster army was sent, and humans seem to be driven into a corner, none of it will work.

“And yet, it’s always a hero candidate who comes ta save the city.” (Yuuki)

Under the anxiety due to the hero’s non-existence, the hero candidate system was created.

“So you’re trying to set up a hero by making use of this tournament.” (Hibiki)

“Vallark were a chimera created for that there purpose.” (Yuuki)

A body with endless endurance that won’t succumb to holy fire, the kind of enemy that would only fall to the powerful attack of a holy sword.

“Then, why did you render all the audience asleep? Won’t it be easier to proclaim someone as a hero if there are witnesses?” (Hibiki)

“At first that there were the plan, but the energy produced from the semifinal was unexpectedly awful bad and caused an energy shortage.” (Yuuki)

That was certainly the case. My semifinal match couldn’t be said to be exciting after all.

“It couldn’t be helped, I could only make up for the shortage during the finals.” (Yuuki)

Was this due to the force of the world?

“I can understand the circumstances if it’s regarding the absence of the hero. But, why do you want to make me the demon king?” (Hibiki)

Yuuki remained silent for a while.
After that long pause, Yuuki muttered incoherently.

“…I wanna return…. I wanna see them.” (Yuuki)

The voice was faint, but I could tell what he was saying.
He wanted to go home. He wanted to see his family again.

“In the first place, I was summoned ta this here world because ya didn’t get the tutorial and acted however ya wanted!!” (Yuuki)

If I was given a tutorial when I first arrived to this world, could I have been able to choose whichever role I liked, to become either a hero or a demon king?
But when Yuuki was summoned here, apparently the only available option was to become a demon king.
Due to the failure on my part, Yuki was forced to take the tutorial and summoned to the demon throne without him able to do anything.
Once he regained his calm, Yuki resumed speaking like a demon king he should be.

“I’m done with being the demon king. So I have ta find a replacement soon as possible. I hate ta do this here but senpai is the only qualified person.” (Yuuki)

This seems to be what was explained in the tutorial. Yuuki’s role was merely meant as a balancer.
A demon king needed to be summoned, because there was the prime candidate, Lux, on the hero’s side.

“So it’s my fault?” (Hibiki)

I was brought to this world against my will as well.

“Hasn’t senpai been havin’ fun while livin’ in this here world?” (Yuuki)

Yuki laughed mockingly.

“So, senpai. Please become the demon king in my place.” (Yuuki)

I was speechless upon hearing Yuuki’s appeal.

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