Shinka no Mi – Chapter 89

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Elite Teacher vs. Dunce Teacher ~Overwhelm~

「L, Leon!?」


『Oh no! We went too far!』

『Because it’s our first time; we don’t know Leon’s mana amount… 』

『Wh, what do we do!?』

『Get a grip, Leon!』

Apparently, due to the fairies’ magic Leon had his MP drained out then fainted.

As I was about to approach Leon, the announcement flowed into my brain yet again.

『【Great Fairies Magic: Fire】 has been mastered. 【Great Fairies Magic: Water】 has been mastered. 【Great Fairies Magic: Wind】 has been mastered. 【Great Fairies Magic: Earth】 has been mastered. 【Great Fairies Magic: Lightning】 has been mastered. 』

「Gahak!?」  (Seiichi)

「Seiichi!?」 (Saria)

I also collapsed on the spot.

I mean isn’t that weird!? It’s the fairy magic you know!? Great fairies even! How come I can use it!?

Isn’t this that dangerous thing that required me to make a contract with fairies before I could use it!? But now I’ve become able to use it, though!

I who received a mental attack from an unexpected place then crumbled down, soon recovered and then headed towards Leon.

Then, I lifted Leon while talking to the fairies.

「Etto, I’d like to bring Leon to the infirmary to let him rest, but … is it okay?」 (Seiichi)

『Eh? U, un, that’s okay…』

『Tte, you can see us!?』

『Elf…no, but a human!?』

Sure enough, the fairies voiced their surprise when they knew I could see them.

「That’s, well…don’t touch that topic. I’m getting sad.」 (Seiichi)

『Eh? Ah, s, sorry? Somehow…』

「No, it’s okay…well then, let’s take him.」 (Seiichi)

I even made the fairies considerate of me.

With that regard, as I was about to take him to the infirmary ASAP, a voice raised from the class S’ side.

「W, wait! Bastard…how dare you put a scar on my career…!」 (Cliff)

「Hmmm?」 (Seiichi)

When I turned around, the teacher from class S…err, was his name Cliff-sensei? Glared daggers at me with his face beet red.

「Ano…I don’t understand what are you saying…」 (Seiichi)

「Hah! This is why you plebs…Can’t you even understand human speech? How pitiful…」 (Cliff(

Eeh… what am I being pitied about… .

「In any case, you bastard have made a scar over my career. Do you understand what that means?」 (Cliff)

「Nope, not at all.」 (Seiichi)

「Wha!?」 (Cliff)

No, even if you give me that surprised face…what does that mean anyway?

Also, this person…even though the ones who are injured and fainted are his students, is it his career the only thing he cares of?

As I involuntary wrinkled my brows, the moderators’ voice was heard.

『Troubles sure keep coming one after another! Isn’t it a very interesting development!』 (Lily)

『You’re right.』 (Michael)

Your curiosity got the better of you huh!?

Is it okay to tolerate this situation!? No, maybe I could finish the convo on my side, but I don’t think the other party will let me do so though!?

As I inadvertently glanced towards Barna-san in the audience seat, he for some reason showed me an expectant laugh.

Isn’t there anyone who’ll stop it!?

No, Lily-san, Michael, and Barna-san are purely enjoying it, but the other audiences are looking at me as if they were hoping I’d get beaten up one-sidedly by Cliff-sensei though!?

Even Al and everyone from class F was looking at me worried…no, only Saria and Rurune were grinning broadly.

That being said, as expected it even if class F defeated class S, their recognition of us wouldn’t change that easily.

Or rather, ‘You lowly class F getting full of yourselves’ kind of disdain got even harsher.

For that reason, they must want to relieve themselves by seeing me, the homeroom teacher of class F get beaten black and blue. Be gentler to me, please!

「Aah…I have to take a student to the infirmary, so I’ll excuse myself…」 (Seiichi)

When I gently ended the conversation, showing my back to Cliff-sensei and about take my leave, it was then.

「! Big bro, watch out!」 (Agnos)

Agnos’ voice roused to the air.

As I was surprised when I heard that voice, Agnos pointed to my behind in haste.

No, not limited to Agnos, everyone from class F showed an impatient expression on their faces.

As I also looked my back, there was a spear of fire hot on my heels.

『Fire Lance』 that I saw couples of times in this In-School Tournament was approaching to me.

Rachel and Flora’s scream reached my ears, the fairies who noticed 『Fire Lance』 that was approaching tried to defend against it, but Leon who acted as their Mana source lost his consciousness because his MP was depleted.

At this time, everyone must be thinking that I would get a direct hit by the 『Fire Lance』.

——Except me that is.

「That’s close.」 (Seiichi)

I, reflexively, grabbed the 『Fire Lance』 with my right hand.

First of all, Cliff-sensei exclaimed so with a dolt expression on him.

Ooh, I somehow caught it by reflex, but, I see, so it’s plausible. It’s not hot anyway. ….Huh? Don’t tell me, this action itself is proof that I have stopped being a human… .

Suddenly, the moment that thought crossed my mind, Cliff-sensei snapped back then rapidly fire magic.


「Eeh!?」 (Seiichi)

While I got surprised because abruptly getting yelled at, Cliff-sensei launched a large amount of 『Fire Lance』 and 『Thunder Lance』.

Using the 『Fire Lance』 I gripped I lightly brushed the incoming magic away, and, without feeling anything in particular, I caught three of those magic by the gap between my right hands’ fingers then threw them back lightly as an addition.

Thereupon, both 『Fire Lance』 and 『Thunder Lance』 that headed to me scattered without a trace upon meeting the magic I threw back.

On the contrary, the magic that I threw was clearly way more powerful than when it was fired by Cliff-sensei and didn’t stop after scattering the incoming magic, they then blew the grounds surrounding Cliff-sensei away.

「EEEeeeeeeEEKKKK!?」 (Cliff)

「Ah.」 (Seiichi)

Even though I already held back so much…or was that amount of power itself strange?

Cliff-sensei’s hip gave in to the firepower behind the magic I returned to him, and he then fell to his butt.

… With this, he won’t fire any magic again.

Thinking thus, I was finally going to bring Leon to the infirmary——.


「Heh?」 (Seiichi)

Hearing such a wail, I looked over my should for the second time, only to find magic amounted to more than twice the ones before was flying upon me.

There’s something weird from how he fired magic to an unguarded person in the first place, but, more than that, wouldn’t any normal human get burnt into cinders with this?

…No, it’s not like I’m saying I’m not a normal human, okay? I hope you don’t misunderstand that!

While muttering those words that weren’t particularly meant to anyone in my heart, I got a little bit irked by how my actions got obstructed again and again. I have a student fainted here, even though I want to bring him to the infirmary as soon as possible… .

When I glared at those magic hatefully while holding that emotion in me, it was then.

The magic halted at once.

「Huh?」 (Seiichi)

Cliff-sensei broke into an even more dolt face than before, showing that he couldn’t comprehend what was happening.

On the contrary, I also tilted my head in wonder of why did the magic stop.

And then, those magic projectiles, as if they were afraid of something…no. That conduct, it was as if they were afraid of me…?

Anyway, as the magic trembled violently on the spot, they shifted their aim to Cliff-sensei at once.


「Eh?」 (Seiichi)



「W, well?」





The magic that packed a tremendous amount of firepower within their every shot swallowed Cliff-sensei with their tremendous number of mayhem.

For several tens of seconds, the magic fell upon on Cliff-sensei.

The magic stopped before long, then the rest of those magic that somehow hanged on the air, as if observing my complexion, meekly turned to me.

……No, I don’t understand what does that mean.

When I involuntary shook my head, the magic once again turned against Cliff-sensei in panic then showered him numerously.


A scream which had become incomprehensible reached my ear.

Several tens of seconds passed, the magic stopped their assault, then they meekly turned to me as though to check my complexion just as before.

As I got even more confused, reflexively shook my head, the magic was about to attacked Cliff-sensei once again, before I finally snapped out then hastily stopped them.

「N, no no no no! Won’t you stop already!? Cliff-sensei’s HP is literally zero! Wait, why am I telling magic to stop!?」

I still can’t wrap my head around it, but if this continues on Cliff-sensei will ascend to heaven! No, it’s his own magic though!

For some reason my voice conveyed to the magic, even though magic should have no facial expression nor emotion, they skillfully showed me a relieved gesture in their flaming spear form, then the rest of the magic vanished.

The cloud of dust cleared, and when I glanced to where Cliff-sensei was, what lied there was a naked pants-wetting bald man with his eyes turned white

「Let’s go to the infirmary.」

 I turned my heels to head to the infirmary.

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