Shinka no Mi Chapter 90

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Gory warning (from the Author). Please take a note.


After I managed to take Leon to the infirmary, I started heading back to the Stadium.

The infirmary’s doctor isn’t there anyway…he also wasn’t there before, but there is one right? At the very least I’ve never seen him.

Putting that aside…I’m being treated with consideration by magic, what kind of situation is this. What are they seeking from me I wonder?

In the first place, what caused the situation to be like this?

I try to display my Status.

Thereupon, there were no particular changes in Attack’s and in similar areas nor Skills and so on, but I found something weird among the titles.

『One who Subdued Magic』 …was there.

Don’t joke with me!

It only confused me even further! That bad explanation is still bad as usual! But, now I understand it.

This title is the cause of that situation!

「Hah…enough. Let’s go back.」

Suppressing the emotions that had no place to go, I totteringly headed to the stadium.

….Ah, come to think of it in this situation, my status keeps elevating thanks to the skill 『Human Emotion』 or something huh…. Hahaha.

「I’m sick of it!」

While Seiichi was taking Leon to the infirmary, everyone, including the audience, finally snapped out of it.

「W, what in the world was that…?」

「I don’t know, but the teacher from class S was one-sidedly beaten up or something…」

「What the heck is that man…?」

「In the first place, why would he be a homeroom for something like class F…?」

Everyone was tilting their head at Seiichi’s existence.

In the meantime, Lily-san the host who had regained her senses continued her work.

『*gasp*!? What an unthinkable course, even my consciousness was blasted to oblivion!』

『It was something very enigmatic, was it not.』

『Y, you’re right. …Well, various thing happened, but now the outcome has been determined! Match between class S against class F, Boys’ group. Winner, class F!』

Even after Lily-san said so, there almost no applause rose from the audience.

And the reason for that was because the people that they had always looked down upon as their inferiors had defeated the strongest class in the academy, and they didn’t want to admit it.

Lily who quickly inferred the atmosphere of the venue wanted to abandon from proceeding to host the girls’ group match between class S and class F, but knowing that that couldn’t be done, Lily proceeded.

『Well then…Next is the tournament between class S’ girls versus class F’s girls! Now, what kind of match will happen!?』

『Most likely it’ll be class F’s complete victory.』

『I’d like you to take a clue here!』

While the two hosts were holding an exchange much like a comedy skit, it was then.

All of a sudden, a black vortex occurred in the center of the stadium.

Looking at that vortex, among the people who tilted their head, Barnabas was the only one who noticed the evil presence that was coming out from the said vortex, then jumped out from the audience seat straight to the center of the stadium.


「Guh!? Th, this is…!」

Numerous ring of light twined on Barnabas’ body, restrained his movements, shackled him up, then made him tumbled to the ground.

The whole venue was stunned looking at Barnabas, the headmaster, suddenly took action, only to get immobilized.

Thereupon, from the vortex, a single man in a lab coat and a young woman dressed in black and white gothic attire stepped out.

The man wore glasses, and despite his face was neat and his smile was gentle, the air he carried was sinister.

The young woman too, despite the left half of her face, was hiding behind a white mask, it couldn’t conceal her beauty, and while she had an exquisite smile, the air she had about her was just as sinister as the man.

The man in the lab coat walked one step then raised his voice towards the bewildered audience.

「Ladies and gentlemen, I’m one named Demiolos from Demon God’s Cult. I’m sorry for the sudden occurrence, but I’ll have you die.」

Listening to the man in the lab coat——Demiolos’ words, everyone could only wonder.

Looking at them, Demiolos deepened his smile.

「Fumu…It seems like you can’t comprehend it. Well then, what about this?」

As Demiolos flicked his fingers, the rings of light that restrained Barnabas tightened on him with terrific force.


Listening to that heartful scream, everyone finally understood the state of affair——then fell into a panic.

「H, headmaster!?」

「Wh, what the fuck!?」

「You’ll have us to die… y, you’re kidding right!?」

「What the heck is the Demon God’s Cult…!」

When screams rose from the audience seat, Demiolos’ and the young woman’s smiles got even deeper.

「This scream is also another offering for the Demon God…good is it not.」

「Angelea. Not yet. The true dread is still starting.」

As Demiolos said to the young woman——Angelea, he approached the suffering Barnabas then kicked him up.


『Hahahaha! Unsightly aren’t you, 『Saint of Magic』? In the end, you are nothing but a helpless being when your magic is confined.』

「Light attribute advanced magic, 『Magic Sealing Light』, is it…!?」

「Should I say; at least your knowledge is worthy of being praised? Knowing that won’t help you in any way, however.」 

In the meantime, while Barnabas and Demiolos had that exchange, some of the students started their move to try to escape.

Looking over that, Demiolos spoke with a sadistic smile on his lips.

「Oops, it’s better to not thinking of running away from this place. I have placed certain magic on the entrance after all. And it’s better to not hope for reinforcement from outside as well. At any rate——you will die anyway.」

At Demiolos’ words, the whole stadium fell into silence.

「Be that as it may, this is called “preparation paying itself off.” Like this, I was able to set up transfer magic which only activated when there were living being inside the stadium. As you can see, I easily managed to secure hostages.」

While saying so, Demiolos seized the dying Cliff-sensei by his neck.

Demiolos now realized that Cliff-sensei was dying, he then fixed his slipped glasses while cold sweat ran on his back

「…S, somehow he is already dying. 」

To think that he was already dying even before he could be used as a hostage, even Demiolos didn’t expect it.

He controlled his expression so the surrounding gaze wouldn’t notice it, but he was panicking inside.

「W, well, fine. In any case, your fates are within my grasp. Your last ray of hope, 『Saint of Magic』 is another hostage of mine after all. 」 

As he pulled himself back, Demiolos glanced over the whole gallery.

「However, we didn’t come here only to kill you. We came here to play a certain game.」

「Game … you said…?」

Barnabas said so while withstanding the pain.

「Precisely, a game. I’ll have you to face me one by one. Simple, is it not? If you win, you’ll be freed. Well, if you lose…you die, however.」

No one could utter a word.

「Of course, I don’t mind if you break the rule and attack me all at once. Only if you have the confidence to see through and evade all the scattered magic…though.」

Now that even Barnabas didn’t notice the magic Demiolos had set up, and subsequently had himself got caught, no one could do so.

「Un, easily taught humans are likable. Well, at any rate, none of you can get out before you defeat me.」

「Wait a minute, Demiolos? I have never heard of this. Besides, what should I do?」

「Nn? Aah, Angelea. You have a big role to do, do be at ease.」

「A big role?」

It was the moment Angelea asked him in distrust.

From Angelea’s foothold, the same magic that restrained Barnabas appeared then restrained her in a blink of an eye.

「Guh!? W, what are you doing!?」

「Don’t you understand? A human who thought she was in a safe haven got pushed off into the abyss…just how much despair will be born if I do that, I wonder?」

「You…Don’t tell me…!」

「It certainly was my mistake that I didn’t lay my hand on this troubling chicken den of an academy. However, there’s no need for this troublesome labor like cooperating to harvest despair…and that’s not all. Besides, even if you’re called the『Homicide Princess』, I’m aware of it, you know?  You only kill people by instigating them on other apostles without dirtying your own hand. You’re more cowardly than I am. At any rate, while you’re yearning to resurrect Demon God-sama, you won’t dirty yourself at all. That’s precisely why, now that you have set up the scattered magic, I no longer have any use of you.」

「Kh…Even if that was true… I, if you kill me, that magic will vanish you know? Is that fine for you?」

「Kukuku…Certainly, even if I acted the part as if I could use magic, unfortunately, I’m poor at it. The magic that has been set up in some important places and this 『Magic Sealing Light』 are my limits. Especially offensive magic and so on, I’m bad at them. However…If you recognize what this is, the rest will be easy.」

Demiolos produced a black ring to show it to Angelea.

「It’s a『Collar of Slavery』. Well then, what will happen if I made you wear… you understand, don’t you? 」

「S, stop…!」

Even if Angelea desperately struggled, Demiolos only cast her a despising gaze then wore it around her neck without any hesitation. 

He then released the light that restrained Angelea.

「Now then, with this you are my slave. You can no longer go against me.」


The moment the enraged Angelea leaped out to Demiolos, due to the effect of 『Collar of Slavery』 , it was judged that she was trying to attack Demiolos, her master, and violent pain assaulted Angelea.


「You have no human right. Obediently get used, then get killed.」

After she was fell on the spot on account of the pain she couldn’t bear, she scowled at Demiolos.

「Hah…Hah…Doing something like…this to me, a fellow…apostle…Demon God-sama won’t let it pass…! 」

「It seems like you’re misunderstanding something. You are——not an apostle.」

The words uttered by Demiolos, Angelea couldn’t comprehend them.

「Apostles are beings who have been bestowed a part of Demon God-sama’s power and could use it. And as proof of that, a stigma appears. Just like this.」

As Demiolos showed his chest, an ominous wicked devil within a shield was drawn there.

「Well, just where is your stigmata I wonder?」


Angelea had no idea about the stigmata.

「It must’ve been very amusing for the other apostles. You might be not an apostle, but at least your magic and your intelligence have their uses. That’s precisely why they were following your words to keep collecting malice and despair. But, behind that, looking at you being proud to be an apostle despite not even having stigmata…. kukuku …AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!」

Demiolos laughed so hard.

And then, Angelea… .

「That’s it! That is it! That expression, that emotion is what I want!」 

As he grabbed Angelea’s hair then pulled her, he reached the mask that covered the left side of her face.

「! S, sto——」

「This is unnecessary.」

After he got rid of that mask, what laid beyond it——-was a burned skin so miserable that it was painful to look at.


「Uu… 」

「You see I know why you joined the Demon God’s Cult. You were once an aristocrat ruling a certain region. You also had a fiancee. It seemed like that fiancee of yours was in a dignified and righteous association. You were treasured by your family and by the people, your life was gorgeous——until your fief was burnt down that is.」 


「A burning territory, and its people who were running about trying to escape! You failed to escape that fire and resulting in that large scar on your face. Aah, the face of the woman who was about to marry has become spoilt. The slump you had after that was quite the amusement, you know. Being avoided by your own family, and even your engagement was annulled by the fiancee you trusted….you lost everything in that fire. Good gracious…what a disastrous incident, wasn’t it.」

「……why……to that far……」

「Don’t you see it? The man behind that fire… was me. It was pleasant… Aah, was it not very pleasant! The pleasant feeling when I knocked down someone from the peak of their life to the very bottom! The face that filled with nothing but despair and pain! AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Not only will it lead to Demon God-sama’s resurrection, it even contributed to my own mental stability!」

「S, stop it…already…」

「Are you vexed? Are you sad? Or are you mayhaps angry? Either way, strong negative emotions will be the offerings for Demon God-sama… Now, evoke more negative emotions!」

As he said that as if he was intoxicated, Demiolos then slapped Angelea onto the ground then stomped from above.

「An unsightly face is a great match with the ground, don’t you think? Just like this, rub your face against it.」

「Bastard…! Aren’t you comrades…!」

Even if Barnabas was enraged while his forehead showered with cold sweat, his bind didn’t loosen at all, and Demiolos turned his head to Barnabas then spoke as if it was not of his concern.



To that eyes of his that shiveringly didn’t reflect any kind of emotion, Barna was dreaded.

And that also applied to the people all around.

Demiolos’ words were so shocking that no one could not make any movement.

「That person is …somehow scary…」

「Saria-sama, it’s alright! I’ll protect you!」

Unusually enough, that also applied to Saria’s group, as the conduct and atmosphere Demiolos had alarmed Saria and Rurune’s instinct.


「Bastard…coming out so suddenly then spewing out nonsenses all the while…Oi! Dumb it down so that even I can understand!」

「A, Agnos!?」

From the seat that contained class F, from the anger that exceeded his own fear, Agnos who could not hold it any longer walked toward Demiolos rapidly.

「Saying hard words here and there…If you have something to say, say it frankly!」

「I see. Then die.」

「That’s too frank, idiot!」

Agnos who was filled with anger was ignored just as usual.

「Agnos-kun! You can’t, go back!」

「No, Beatrice-neesan. This fucker is making a fool of me! I’ll hit him no matter what!」 

「No, you’re the fool one.」


To their surprise, Blued, just like Agnos, walked towards Demiolos.

「At first I don’t give two shit of what kind of people you guys are. However…even if you are evil beings who shared the same goal, disgracing, insulting the person who was your own comrade really makes me feel unpleasant.」

「Hou? Then, just what will you do about that?」

「That obvious ain’t it? We’ll beat the crap outta you…!」

Saying so, Agnos rushed out while brandishing his nail bat.

「If it’s close combat then you’re talking about me! 」

The moment Agnos tried to full swing his nailbat to Demiolos——.

「How foolish」

Demiolos’ figure vanished.

「Unfortunately, close combat is my specialty, you see.」



A sharp blow landed on Agnos’ torso.

And just like that Agnos was blown far away.

「You fucker, oi!? Rather, strong ain’t cha!? About as fast as Big bro, though!?」


Agnos showed his bewilderment while wiping the blood that flowed from the corner of his mouth.

Saria’s group was also surprised because in fact Demiolos’ movement couldn’t be caught with their eyes.

「Have you come to understand? This is the power of an apostle… the power of Demon God-sama. Putting that aside, you’ve come to face me as well.  You’ve prepared your resolve, have you not?」


Even after Blued changed his stance to protect himself with his longsword in the form of instinct, Demiolos pulverized that longsword with his fist then blew Blued away, much as what he did to Agnos.

「Only to this extent? Even though I’m going easy to you…truly a shame…fine enough. You two will be the first sacrifice.」

Saying so, Demiolos closed in on Agnos in a blink of an eye, seized him by his neck with one hand then lifted him.

「Agah!? Guh!」

「Will you suffocate first, or will your neck break first…Now then, which death are you going to face?」

「Neither of them…!」

Just when Demiolos was about to kill Agnos, Altoria jumped out then attacked.

Hence Demiolos cast Agnos away then took distance.

「Soz… my body couldn’t move due to the fear. But it’s fine now. I’ll also fight.」

『Let me help too.』

Thereupon, Bead and Altoria came out in tow.

And, as usual, he was communicating through something resembling a sketchbook.

『Apparently, he’s the addressee of my destiny. Along with that woman… that is.』

「Addressee of your destiny?」

Although Altoria tilted her head in wonder, the next words were not written in Bead’s sketchbook.

「Fumu…two people joined the fray at once. But, for me, no matter how many mere adventurers or students increases, it won’t change anything, however.」

「Shut up!」

Altoria skillfully manipulated her ax, attacking Demiolos.

Acceding to that, Bead too wielded his fist that fitted with knuckles.

「Truly disheartening. If you joined the game, I’d fight you even if I don’t want to…Do you want to die that much?」

「Like hell that’s true…Oraa!!」

As Altoria swung her ax in a large arc, Demiolos lightly evaded that, then aimed at Bead instead of her.



「Oh adventurer, behold. With your strength, there is nobody you can protect.」

Stating such, a fist that packed a dreadful amount of force buried deep into Bead’s abdomen, and just like that Bead was launched high into the air.


「Do you have enough room to worry about others, I wonder?」

As Altoria swiftly took a defensive pose, a strong impact assailed her ax.

For it then got pulverized just like Blued’s longsword, the impact reached even Altoria and blew her away.

And then, and finally, then, Bead descended from the air, violently crashed the ground.

「Fumu…Before, you said you had a destiny with Angelea and me. But I have no recollection of that bear face….No, what about the one behind it?」


Closing slowly to the stifled Bead, Demiolos reached out to the bear costume’s head.

And then——.



「Angelea! Good for you! Someone like you…no, a victim even worse than you is here!!」

The bare face that laid behind that bear costume…was a face completely filled with burnt traces with not a single hair rooted, a heartbreaking bare face to look at.

「To think I would see another human whose fate has been distorted by my hand within a day! Fantastic! Truly unsightly! The opportunity for you to avenge that came by chance, ended up vanishing in vain… pathetic! This is precisely the difference between the chosen ones and the rest of the mass. That’s right, cry. Shout. Scream! Oh no, your throat is also palsied, is it not? My, where’s my manner. But, aren’t you glad. You won’t be able to whine after all!」


「Please, stop it!」

Beatrice unhesitant jumped to the stadium then said so.

「Don’t…don’t hurt the students and teachers any more than this!」

「I don’t want to, though?」


「What are you misunderstanding for? You have no right nor power to state your opinion. Obediently join my game, then die miserably in despair. …Yeah, just at the right time. I shall give you a death full of despair. What, it’s nothing difficult. I’ll only mince you from your fingertip and bend your joints backward. Easy, don’t you think? I’m bad at offensive magic, but recovery magic is my forte, you see. I’ll revive you every time you are on the brink of death.」

Beatrice cowered to the malice Demiolos let out.

「B, Beatrice…neesan…please…run away…!」

「You defeated ones should shut up.」


Demiolos closed into Agnos in an instant; then he kicked his face up just like that.

And then, he once again turned towards Beatrice, then slowly walked to her.

Beatrice’s waist gave up, and she fell to sit on the spot.

「Now, show me your face filled with despair.」

「S, sto——」

The hand of despair was gradually extended to Beatrice——.

「Eh, what’s with this situation!?」 

Seiichi who just came back from the infirmary stood there with his eyes.

——At that moment, the aim of the despair flipped.

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