Shinka Chapter 10

Chapter 10

I, Hiiragi Seiichi is facing the reality in life I have never encountered before.


“I’m  a minor”

“If it is food I have here……”

“I love to but I’m not hungry.”

“Then, let’s go to sleep.”

“I took enough sleep yesterday.”

“Then let’s be married already.”

“I decline with full strength….oh, yes,yes,yes, tomorrow!”

—-I’m proposed by a gorilla

Why did it became like this?

I can’t understand the situation but can you? This situation, seriously!?

Calm down……..this is certainly a messed up setting here.

First, I have this gorilla in my sight.

But it isn’t just a gorilla.

Its muscle is surely trained well, covered with burning red fur. It’s face is indeed of gorilla’s but that huge fang peeping out from its mouth was Implying an earthly idea.

—Kaiser Kong

This is the name of the gorilla in front of my eyes. and is a female.

Kong, different from king. Kong, not in the word donkey. But a Kaiser.

“It’s my first, so be gentle okay?”

“Damareeeeeeeeee~tsu!” (It means silence! or isutappu!=stop)

The gorilla’s cheeks was dye in red. I’d like to die soon

By the way, I think I know what this gorilla is.

It came from the knowledge I gained from the Clever monkey and AquaWolf.

“Child, I want ten child. Let’s demonstrate and multiply already.”

“Don’t open that mouth for entire life. Maybe you just can die with it………”

Don’t you settle at all!? I can’t understand what this gorilla’s talking about anymore.

………..She also acts calmly saying such things.

Ignoring the Kaiser kong, I tried recalling, the past happening to understand more of the current situation.


I harvested the drop items of AquaWolf, withstood the pain from evolving, then confirmed their enhancing status

≪ Hiiragi Seiichi ≫

Race: Super New-breed Humanity

Gender: Male

Occupation: Forest Man

Age : 17

Level : 1

Magic : 10024

ATK: 13075

Defense : 11323

Agility : 13252

Magic Attack : 9563

Magic defense : 10665

Luck :9020


≪ Equipped≫

「(Ultimate Weapon) Student’s Uniform」

「(Ultimate Weapon) Student’s Pants」

「Underwear of Sure Death」

「Undershirt of Sure Death」

「Kensaru Chain」

「Kensaru Rod」

「Water Spirit Ball Dagger」

「Bracelet of the Night」

≪ Skill≫

「Advance Appraisal」

「Absolute Disassemble」

「Paralysis Resistance」

「Wind Resistance」

「Sleep Resistance」

「Confusion Resistance」

「Charm Resistance」

「Petrification Resistance」

「Hindrance Resistance」

「Poison Resistance」

「Cutting Leg」


「Super Compoundin」

「Tool Production: Super First-Class」

「Fatigue Resistance」

「Fangs Strike」

「Search Enemy」

「Hard Nails」

≪ State≫

Evolution x 1

≪ Title≫

Smelly Player

≪ Money Possessed≫


“Naze da!” (TL: It means “why is it” or simply “Why”)

My charm is still blank! I gave up and I don’t care anymore…………

but do charm really need to be leave in blank!? Is the column intentionally in blank? pitying me? If it means the same with not hating bean jam it is still insulting!

But why does it have to be blank? For what reason do they have a grudge against me !?

Before I knew it, my race changed to Super New-breed Humanity!? Would my hair be blonde sooner? (TL: I Imagine him as a foreigner or Saiyan.)

I begin to imagine myself being a Blondie, it’s still me. Nothing changed.

Still, magic is not displayed on the status column for some reason. Oh, as I think about magic some texts about magic suddenly popped up on my mind so its not that problematic. Though it is only water attribute I got.

“Haa……But, evolution is currently x 1……”

Besides that I was able to lose weight, an actual feeling to evolve isn’t liked very much after all.

Evolving gives me acute pain, and in the plane my evolution doesn’t appear from myself so I hardly think it’s beneficial, a fraud evolution.

“Ma…..betsuni ii ka” (English: “Well….it’s okay”)

Even thinking of evolution, it’s not that troubling so, it’s okay.

I carelessly think and nodded to myself alone.


I noticed an existence of creature approaching by 「Search Enemy」 skill that I obtained just some time ago.

Apparently, 「Search Enemy」 is activated all this time and I can sense it approaching the area where I stood.

“…’s surrounding me!?”

So, I was encircled between sometime around.

I still don’t know what kind of creature is surrounding me but the fact doesn’t change that it is an enemy.

“Damn…..I still don’t know how to use magic in range……….!!”

While clicking my tongue, I became wary of the situation.

Then the creatures which surrounded around me jumped out all at once and appeared.

“……Clever Monkey!?”

It was a group of clever monkey that jumped on me.

This? Did they plan to have revenge for their fallen comrade?

do…..Would they forgive me if I prostate myself……..Pride? what’s that?

Are they fearful of me? Why aren’t they attacking?


I twisted a neck, and it was when I received the answer about the reason why it didn’t attack.

“Human, you the first I have seen.” (TL: literally what it says. The speaker has speech issues.)

I heard someone speaking human language suddenly.

I look around in a hurry, but it’s still mystery who issued those presenting words.

But it was human words and I’m sure of it.

“In this forest, other human than me!?”

It was me who’s filled with curiosity and strange expectation, but a strange sound audible in the ear suddenly…………



Zudoooooooooontsu! (TL: Flash explosion like kaboom!)

Something fell suddenly from the sky when I heard the sound!

“Wa…what’s this?”

When looking at the dust increasing due to a tremendous shock, eventually a shadow came out from the dust.

It’s because of—

A stupid voice suddenly came out.

“Human, I declare war–“

―――― This is because it was a gorilla that fell on the sky.

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