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Chapter 102

Final Match.
Lux and the “Dragon Knight” were already on the arena facing each other.
Lux’s body was still enveloped by light, and if one looked carefully, they would notice that the light flickered in concert to Lux’s breathing as he took a deep breath.

“Suu, haa, suuu, haaa” (Lux)

I could almost hear Lux’s breathing.
Of course I could hear him, for I was the “Dragon Knight” now.

After the second semi final match, the tournament entered a short break to allow “Dragon Knight” to recuperate a little.
Ayla took that chance to switch places with me, and thus it was decided that I would be the one fighting in the finals.

Why did I become the “Dragon Knight” instead?
It was because of the damage that Ayla had sustained.
The dragon scales couldn’t prevent the impact from hurting Ayla’s body, but it was also thanks to it that she hadn’t suffered more injuries than she had now.
The victory against the demon just now was a narrow one.
To be honest, I actually thought to give up on the final match. Since even if we lost here, we would still get the second place reward.
I didn’t need the holy sword in the first place, so it was not a loss to me.

“I-I can still, fight. “Dragon Knight” won’t back off from a battle no matter the situation.” (Ayla)

That was probably Ayla’s acting as a “Dragon Knight”, I thought to myself.
You still cared about keeping your act now?

“…don’t be discouraged from watching the real battle.” (Hibiki)

“I won’t, my master will always be the coolest to me.” (Ayla)

To that end, I could only tell Ayla that it couldn’t be helped.
I decided to have a little fun by having a rematch against Lux.

“Let’s do our best, ‘Dragon Knight’.” (Lux)

Since I was afraid that my identity would be known if I said anything, I remained silent under the guise of the armor.
So I simply nodded my head in affirmation.

『Alright then, we are finally at the final match. Honestly, I feel it’s almost like witnessing heroes from mythology about to face off.』(Commentator) 『I concur, both seem to have the abilities and prowess suitable to become a hero.』 (commentator)

The referee signalled the beginning of the match and promptly retreated from the arena.
Lux didn’t carry a sword this time since he couldn’t wield one while under his current state.
The sword would’ve disintegrated if he tried to wield it.

Because of that, Lux took a karate-like stance instead.

As for me, I held out the star sword and let the endless supply of magic power flow inside my whole body.
On my left hand was another sword.
I didn’t have the courage to use star sword to attack Lux with him still enveloped in his “Fierce Zone”, and so I decided to bring a regular iron sword as well.
I circulate as much magic power as possible to the iron sword.

From our previous match, I found out that I could prevent instantaneous disintegration from direct contact by doing this.
I could’ve just coated my sword with fire like before, but I was afraid that would give out my identity.
I should imitate Ayla’s “Dragon Knight” as much as possible.
In short…

“As fast as Ayla!!” (Hibiki)

I asked Ruby to cooperate, adding more momentum to my feet as I kicked the ground.
It became a boost of mobility for me.
Even when I slashed my sword sideways, Ruby helped by increasing the speed in which I twisted my waist.

In such a blinding speed, the sword clashed with the light enveloping Lux’s body, but was still deflected.
Even so, the blade was still intact. The magic power coating it was no longer there anymore though.

“It’s fast, that attack just now.” (Lux)

That attack earlier should’ve been able to reach Lux’s body.
The light did deflect it, but I should’ve been able to nick Lux a bit if not for his firm reaction to the attack.
He had twisted his upper body to evade the sword.

I retreated back hurriedly. Ruby’s assistance just now had placed too much burden on my body.
Especially at my waist. I had to let 【Self Regeneration】 do its job first.

“Not going to attack? In that case, it’s my turn!!” (Lux)

Lux’s speed without his sword was nothing to scoff at.
Moreover, I would be put at a disadvantage if I were to fight in close quarters against him in his full body “Fierce Zone” state.

I tried to keep my distance while shooting 【Fire Magic】 with my right hand.
But for some reason, Lux evaded the fire. Even though the attack shouldn’t even be able to touch him.

He evaded, despite that he could just shrug off the attack and cause me some trouble by charging in at that timing.
The reason he did so was because…

“There is a fix amount of attack that ‘Fierce Zone’ can take on?” (Hibiki)

In other words, the light would diminish the more Lux had to rely on it.
I produced fog using 【Water Magic】, and went around Lux.

“This is, fog?” (Lux)

The fog that came in contact with Lux’s body instantly dissipated. The light reliably still showed its effect.

“No way, you had noticed!?” (Lux)

Lux panicked. So it was true. There was a limit to how many times the light can do its trick.

“Haaaaaaーー” (Lux)

Lux quickly rushed to my position.
I also poured a lot of magic power to my sword immediately.
His fist swept past my sword. The 【Water Magic】 that I had used to coat the sword had also disappeared.
But it was alright.
I kept using harmless water to attack the impatient Lux, whilst continuously applying an unnoticeable breeze to put pressure on the “Fierce Zone”.
And then, when the light finally waned, Lux’s face was drenched with water.

Lux had left his sword at the edge of the arena in the beginning of the match. Whether he could reach it would be up to his opponent.
And because his opponent was me, he wouldn’t be able to of course.

But that was only the case if it was the regular me. I was currently fighting as Ayla the “Dragon Knight”.
It won’t be a problem if I show off a bit here.

I stayed where I was and looked on as Lux retrieved his sword.

“Ahaha, what a fine fellow you are.” (Lux)

While he took his sword, I once again coated mine with water.
I promptly attacked, but Lux wasn’t a slouch in a sword fight either.
It seemed that he was still capable of using “Fierce Blade”, seeing that the magic power coating on my sword disappeared every time our swords clashed.
The audience’s excitement was raised to the brim due to this relentless sword fight.

Our positions kept changing, sometimes in a blink of an eye.
When I lost count on how many times we had clashed, suddenly the cheering ceased.
Odd silence enveloped the previously booming stadium.

Lux seemed to be aware that something weird had happened too, he looked extremely alarmed.

“What happened?” (Hibiki)

When I gave a look at the audience, I saw that all of them had fallen asleep.

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