Takami no Kago ch.97

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Chapter 97

“Do you like young girls?” (Amy)

After today’s matches were over, that was the first thing Amy asked upon seeing Leelan when she joined the group.
The way Amy looked at me with that smile, it was scary.
It was a similar pressure from back when I dyed Zir’s hair black.

“No, that’s not it, let me explain, Amy.” (Hibiki)

Somehow, it sounded like the excuse of a cheating man.

“Aunty, you’re scary.” (Leelan)

Leelan just dropped that bomb there.

“A-aunty? Is that what you called me just now?” (Amy)

Amy sent a murderous gaze.
Leelan hid behind me at once.

“Already, that close, huh?” (Baara)

Baara said in admiration after seeing that.

“This girl, seems to be quite talented. Worthy to be the disciple of my disciple.” (Kuesu)

Kuesu already saw through Leelan’s talent, and planned to make her my disciple.
Although Leelan was already sufficiently strong even without specific training.

We ate together, and then returned back to the inn, as there would still be more matches tomorrow.
After entering the room with a sigh, Sai gave his report at once.

“Quite a large amount of money was transferred to the building where the chimera Para was being held in.” (Sai)

In other words, the church wasn’t the only one involved in this, but probably even the country.

“Then, let’s stop the recon for now. Alert the goblins first thing in the morning.” (Hibiki)

“We’re ignoring them?” (Sai)

Sai looked a little uneasy, and he had wanted to attack the facility directly.
Of course, they had been under some disguise, but there was a possibility that their identity had been found out.

“No, we’ll attack all the buildings.” (Hibiki)

The night of that day.
When the lights in the city had decreased, Zir and I were already 100m away from the building where Para had been held captive, with Ruby and Sai keeping watch nearby.
Ayla and Amy stayed behind to watch over Leelan who was sleeping due to exhaustion.
Perhaps it was because they were worried that the opposition would try to retrieve Leelan back.
I turned my eyes back towards the building. We were at such a distance where we could still see even with the inadequate lighting.

“Doth thou truly wish to attack every building?” (Zir)

“Not really, but by attacking each building at once they won’t be able to send help to each other.” (Hibiki)

Zir summoned skeletons as I said so.
Skeletons continuously appeared as they neatly arranged themselves in 3 rows in the nearby street.
There was no sound even after 100 had been summoned.

“Fu, thou actually can doth ‘t if thou tryeth. Soft-footed Skeletons.”

The soft-footed skeletons moved without sound. They don’t actually walk though.
You couldn’t hear their footsteps nor the clacking of their bones as they literally moved by gliding across the ground.
Zir moved in with the skeletons after wrapping her body with magic power.

“This may beest gross in sense, but, mine lord, I wilt beest expecting plenty of rewards at which hour I cometh back.” (Zir)

“Yeah, I know.” (Hibiki)

The silent skeleton unit started to move towards the facility with that.
Straight ahead along the road from where the skeletons gathered was the building.

“Mine lord, the skeletons art in place.” (Zir)

Instructing Zir to start invading, I covered the whole building with a wind barrier.
I conjured a flame inside the barrier to increase the temperature in the building.
And as the last touch, I used 【Flood Magic】to raise the air humidity, effectively creating steam to cover the building.

Because skeletons wouldn’t be affected by such a situation, they could merrily charge into the building.
Why not spread fire normally, instead of using steam?
If I used fire, they will immediately find out that the facility was caught on fire.
A country wouldn’t want to let something they own to fall into their enemy’s hands.
However, there was no such thing as an autopsy in this world, so death due to steam will be treated as a regular death.
In relation to that, some will just chalk it up as the [Curse of the Dead] that fell upon them because they did unjust and inhumane research.
There were indeed undead and ghosts in this world, as well as “curses”, so that notion should be stronger.

The skeletons didn’t attack aggressively, they were merely there to seal any possible exits.
Right about now, the temperature should be too hard for a body to handle.
If we kept doing this for the next few hours, there would be no humans left alive inside the building.
The nastiest thing about this attack was that the heat and humidity was created indirectly by magic power, so undoing it would be a lot harder than with regular magic.
Moreover, with the 100 skeletons keeping the magicians preoccupied, it would be near impossible for them to lower the temperature and adjust the humidity.

In this way, we managed to complete the [Steamed Building] by sunrise.
It took longer than I thought, so the rewards for Zir had to be postponed until the end of today’s matches.

“Morning, Hibiki. You look sleepy. Why is that?” (Lux)

“Yeah, Ayla and the others didn’t let me get any sleep.” (Hibiki)

Dodging the bullet from the sharp Lux, I went to the arena.
Today was the third round.
The first match was the Elite Magician VS Me.

The elite magician quickly distanced himself and conjured a lot of water into the air.
He made water bullets from that mass of water, but the attack only managed to hit my shadow. Body fitness was also an important aspect of battle after all.
I tried to approach, but I always got blocked by a wall of water each time, which then turned into a hail of water bullets.
That pattern repeated for a while, until the bullet nicked my shoulder and broke my stance.
The elite magician didn’t miss that gap. I was attacked by the water walls itself instead of the water bullets.

At that sudden development, after equipping a gauntlet onto my left hand and loading it with 【Shock Magic】, I aimed it at the elite magician.
Right after, a high pitched sound from the self made speaker inside the gauntlet filled the arena.
The elite magician flinched, losing focus and causing the water mass to lose shape and drench the arena.

Not going to miss that opening, I pointed a sword point blank at the elite magician.
The elite magician had a disappointed look but otherwise accepted the defeat.

“Phew, that was dangerous.”

My self-made speaker was made of a magnet with metal wire coil and thin durable monster leather that was shaped like a megaphone.
By sending electric current to the speaker, it would produce either a high pitched sound or an extremely low sound.
I prepared this thinking that it would be a good distraction, since the humans in this world are unfamiliar with the sound of a buzzer, it was only normal to be taken by surprise.

The same happened to the audience, since that would also be the first time for them to hear such a sound.

I felt a lot of strange gazes directed towards me as I left the arena.
The next match was Lux VS Elf.
The winner of this match would be my next opponent, so I have to watch it carefully.

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