Takami no Kago ch.90

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Chapter 90

“It seems that the preliminary will be a battle royal. Looking back at the registration, all the participants will be divided into ten groups or so.” (Kuesu)

Kuesu said with an uninterested tone.

“That’s right. There will only be 32 participants in the main tournament, and the public participants will only be able to occupy half of them.” (Gary)

Replied Gary because he knew of it too, but was also not impressed. That’s why he answered bluntly.

“The main tournament’s first round battle is all set between the public participants and the hero candidates.” (Baara)

And just when I thought that was the end of the conversation. Baara gave her two cents.
When I asked Lux why everyone was like that, he said that everyone was curious about me.
Well, that was true. Those 3 were gazing at me with sparkling eyes after they explained so much about the preliminary.
And to top it off, even Seira who didn’t talk was peeking at me.
And everything was Zir’s fault, because she told them the story about the incident in Welburg, ‘The Nightmare of Welburg, Necromancer of Justice Vs. Evil Necromancer’ was the title.

And furthermore, the contents of her story…
It was about a black-haired necromancer and a skillful magic swordsman protagonist, the necromancer had white hair at the beginning, but for some reason the story took a twist and became a love story between the black-haired necromancer and the protagonist.

There was almost no one who knew about the story of the zombie and monster attack from that night.
Everyone desperately protected the gate, and the other civilians were asleep.

Maybe because of that, everyone was super interested in Zir’s fictional story.
After that Zir the storyteller was bored and ended the story with a cliffhanger at the important part. Because I asked them about the contest just after that, this was what I got because I asked at the wrong timing.

“I think we should ask the skillful magic swordsman himself for the rest of the story.” (Baara)

Said Baara with shrugged shoulders appealing that there was no other way. But she was smiling when she said it.

“A change in one’s hair color is important for a magic user. The reason why the hair color changed hasn’t been explained.” (Kuesu)

It seems Kuesu was curious about the reason why the heroine’s hair color changed. And because there was a real example here, brushing them off was not an option.

“There is still the love scene between the heroine and the protagonist too. So you have to tell that.” (Gary)

Gary was easy to read. He was anticipating the bed scene between Zir and me.
And before I knew it, Seira was closer to me now. But she refused to make eye contact with me.

“The whole story is not as interesting as you think, you know?” (Hibiki)

It couldn’t be helped so I told them about what happened that night with a little restriction.
Baara was probably only in it for the fun, so I bet she will be satisfied if I just told her the conclusion.
For Kuesu, I told her that after I kissed Zir, her hair became black. And that I didn’t have any other explanation.
When I was at the part with the love scene, for some reason Seira’s face was beet red and she was in a position even closer to me than before.

It seems Gary wanted to enjoy Seira’s expression, that was why he mentioned this topic.
I managed to end the story before it became too illogical, and then Kuesu came closer to me.

“What’s wrong Master? Nghmuuh!?” (Hibiki)

She kissed me without hesitation.
Ayla and the others quickly got up from their chairs to separate us.

“What’s wrong with you!?” (Amy)

Amy questioned Kuesu with an angry tone.

“I just tried it because it was the trigger of the color change in her hair.” (Kuesu)

It seems that transfering magic power through membrane contact was popular.
However because of the high hurdle of the deed, it was only done between lovers, spouses, or family.

“[Annihilation] is my pupil, so he’s like a family to me. Is there a problem?” (Kuesu)

She tilted her head with a face of not knowing what was the problem with that.

“Of course there is a problem!!” (Ayla, Amy, Zir)

They said that with Amy and Zir standing between me and Master with Ayla hugging me tight to guard me.
When Kuesu and Amy were arguing…

“What a farce.” (?)

A guy in the later half of his twenties wearing a robe was looking at us with a sour expression.

“To think that The Firestorm has fallen so low. Whoops, she has been there since the beginning huh.” (?)

It seems he was Kuesu’s acquaintance.

“Master, who is he?” (Hibiki)

I wonder what kind of relation he had with Kuesu, a guy who insulted us from the get-go.

“…I don’t know?” (Kuesu)

“Wha-!? Damn you!!!” (?)

It seems that Kuesu didn’t know him.

It couldn’t be helped, I will confirm his status.


Tiger Quigres

Divine Protection of Selection Priest
Effect: Slight increase in dark resistance Target: Self

【Wind Magic】 ★★★★
【Water Magic】 ★
【Fire Magic】 ★
【Lineage of Magic】 ★★
Offspring with a talent in magic are more easily born


The Divine Protection of Selection Priest, it means he was one of the ‘hero candidates’.
In terms of skill, he had the same level of 【Wind Magic】 as Kuesu and he carries the 【Lineage of Magic】, the rest were iffy though.
But if you were talking about a ‘hero candidate’ with high level 【Wind Magic】…

“Are you perhaps, the [Gale Hero]?” (Hibiki)

After I said that, Tiger smiled.

“That’s right. It’s a surprise that a lowly adventurer like you would know about me. No, it means I have became so popular that even a lowly adventurer like you knows about me.” (Tiger)

It seems Kuesu remembered something after she heard that.

“I remember now, you’re Tiger the Weakling right?” (Kuesu)

“Don’t call me with that nickname!!” (Tiger)

Together with his shout a wind blew in the shop. The tableware on top of the table was blown off and the contents were spilled everywhere.
Fortunately it was past lunchtime, so there were not many customers, thus no major accidents happened.
I wonder if he was really a ‘hero candidate’?

“Tch, fine. I heard that he was your pupil. I actually wanted to crush you, but I will put up with him for now.” (Tiger)

After he said that, he left the shop.

“What the hell is his problem?” (Hibiki)

“Tiger and I are fellow pupils. We both learned from the same master.” (Kuesu)

When something didn’t go as he wanted, he would throw a tantrum, the crybaby Tiger.
It seems Kuesu never met him again after they had finished studying from their master.

“It seems he really doesn’t like you, Master.” (Hibiki)

“I wonder why?” (Kuesu)

Again, Kuesu tilted her head cutely in question.
After that Kuesu tried to think of something that made him hate her, but alas to no avail.

“At any rate, Tiger is targeting you [Annihilation] right now, be careful.” (Kuesu)

It seems the situation had become so dire to the point that I couldn’t eat my lunch peacefully.
I didn’t want to get involved in anything anymore today, so after I ate my lunch, I went straight to the inn and didn’t step out until the next day.


The next morning, the preliminary had begun.
After the incident yesterday, maybe thanks to me being holed up in the inn, I could participate in the preliminary without incident.
My fighting block was different from the Dragon Warrior Ayla, even though our registration time was almost the same. It seems the grouping was not based on the time registered.

“Well then, participants from block 1 to 4, please get ready.”

I was in block 3, Ayla was in block 12.
FYI, there were 16 blocks, each consisted of about 20 participants.
That means the total amount of participants were about 300 people. Quite the grand scale.

Though, looking at all the participants in my block, out of 20 of them, there were only about 8 people and 1 beast who seemed able to fight properly.
Half of them used everyday tools as a weapon, such as hoes and rolling pins.
And that 1 beast I mentioned before…


Euro Birke 390 y/o LV.38
Status 【Mimicry (Human)】

Able to display the ability of a demon.
【Fire magic】 ★★★


There was a demon. Looking at his fire magic, he seems to be Zarqfar’s underling.
He probably used an item to change his appearance. I could expose him if I touched him.
But if I do that, it will cause a panic.

And then the signal to start the preliminary was given while I was off thinking.

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