Takami no Kago ch.101

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Chapter 101

While I was resting in the waiting room, the still shining Lux returned with a dull face.

“Still shining? Then please back off a little since it’s too dazzling.” (Hibiki)

“It’ll take a while to turn off once it’s activated!!” (Lux)

It seemed that he was in a bad mood. Let’s try to brighten him up for now.

“I see, then it can’t be helped. Well, sit down.” (Hibiki)

When I offered him to sit on the chair next to me, Lux’s face distorted even further.

“In this state, I can’t sit on any chair!! The chair will just be destroyed!!” (Lux)

So you would obliterate anything that you touch while in that state?
It seemed that the only place that would be fine was where the soles of his feet were.
I might win if I attack that unprotected part. Fortunately I got to observe this technique without having to risk my life this time.
By the way, it didn’t seem like he would be able to eat or drink while the light was still on as well.
That was why he called it his “Trump Card”.

“I thought the fight with Hibiki was worth enough to use it.” (Lux)

I ignored Lux’s mumbling and watched the next match.
I was not really worried about Ayla, since she would most likely fight seriously since the opponent was a demon.
If she won, it won’t be too conspicuous, while if she lost, the prize would fall into the demon’s hand.

That was the worst outcome for me.
If Ayla lost, the final match would be a hero (candidate) VS demon.
At that time I could only leave it to the one who was standing next to me here.
I’ve told Ayla to not overdo it.
Would it hurt the pride of the “Dragon Knight”? Although I was concerned, I was not too worried about it since it was a scorching dragon after all.

The second match, the crowd seemed to be enthusiastic despite the premature end of the previous match.

“Dragon Knight-chaaーーーーn”

“Please show your faceーーーーーーー”

“Now then, it’s the 2nd semifinal match, it seems that the popularity of the “Dragon Knight” has gone up through the roof, don’t you think?” (Commentator)

“Apparently the number of her fans increased after her identity as a woman was revealed in her previous match. The fragment of her armor that was left on the ring seems to have been sold at a very high price.” (Commentator)

“She certainly has a smooth, nice waist. I would like to be closer to her too.” (Commentator)

That smooth tummy was mine. Screw you guys.

Both participants entered the ring and the match began.

“Urryaaaaaaaaaa” (demon)

The musclehead demon uncharacteristically took the initiative. The “Dragon Knight” brandished the star sword to receive the demon’s attack.
The huge attack of the demon was avoided. Although it was such a huge attack, the demon proceeded to continuously attack without stopping.
The “Dragon Knight” evaded the attacks with minimal movements and even counter attacked, but the demon didn’t even bleed from the counter.
Apparently that demon’s body was elastic like rubber.
The star sword could only scratch its skin and was unable to wound it.

The demon continued to attack without considering to defend at all.
At first the crowds were cheering for the “Dragon Knight” for her splendid evasion, but their cheers gradually died down upon witnessing the relentless attacks from the demon.

“If one of those attacks hits its mark, could the female dragon knight survive?” (Commentator)

I also thought so.

While the crowd was worried, the participants were engaged in lightning fast combat.
Although it was unnoticeable for them, the “Dragon Knight” began to attack more firmly.
Although she still counter attacked at every possible opening that the continuous attack that abandoned defense could offer, her attacks became shallower than her previous ones.
And so the “Dragon Knight” started to attack where it would be hurt despite only being hit by shallow attacks, like the face and wrist.

As a result, the demon’s attack flow was disturbed with it occasionally having to cover its face and pulling back its hand.
The advantage gradually went to the “Dragon Knight”.

“Amazing, ‘Dragon Knight’. Those are plain but very precise attacks.” (Lux)

The still shining Lux commented on the “Dragon Knight”’s movement.
I wondered where his previously cranky face had gone to, since he now had an excited look on his face.

“But, that opponent. I feel somewhat disgusted by him.” (Lux)

Apparently roused by his instinct to recognize the demon, Lux said that sharply.

“Really? Is it because the “Dragon Knight” is strong, or because you want that other guy to lose?” (Hibiki)

My bland question was met with a rather strong answer.

“Hibiki is strong, but you have not the slightest will to rise to the top!!” (Lux)

Apparently, the light covering Lux’s body could change in intensity depending on his mood.
When he was slightly emotional when blaming me, the light became stronger.

“Lux, too shiny, blinding.” (Hibiki)

“Ah, sorry. Calm down, calm down.” (Lux)

The light gradually dimmed.

The match had developed greatly during our conversation.
The crowds were cheering all around us.

“What happened?” (Lux)

Lux looked over while asking me about the situation.

“Apparently, the “Dragon Knight” managed to land a good hit.” (Hibiki)

Judging from the cheering crowds and how the demon had fallen to its knee on the arena.

“Agagaaaaa” (demon)

The demon was holding its belly while crying in pain. If you looked closer, there was a small pool of blood under its feet.
It seemed that it received a strong attack on its belly.
Even at such a situation the “Dragon Knight” gripped the star sword firmly without underestimating her opponent.
The match would’ve been over if her opponent was a human, but with demons, the real fight had only started.
If it showed its true form, it wouldn’t be strange if I jumped in to help my woman.
Thinking so, I prepared myself to join the battle at any time.

Then as expected, the demon’s body started to swell.
Its body expanded and inflated from the inside several times, until its size became twice that of its form at the beginning of the match.

Its thick blood vessels swelled up under the skin, as if they would rupture at any time.

But that was it. Even if it seemed abnormal, its look could still be considered “human”.
The definition of human in this world was too broad.
The number of feet theory was made to differentiate centaurs from humans, but even so, although there was “discrimination”, the “distinction” remained ambiguous.

And in that light, the changes would be merely chalked down as the “swelling of the body”.
Increase in number of limbs, changes in skin color, and even feathers growing out of your body won’t make you a “Demon”.
In other words, Lux’s “Trump Card” would also fall in this category

“Damn it, what’s with the bright light, other people cannot see anything at this rate!!”

“What’s that?”

The expanded demon crouched down tightly. Perhaps, it was going to attack by fully utilizing its elastic body.
Soon after the demon charged as if its whole body was made of springs.

The “Dragon Knight” managed to avoid it by a hairbreadth. As expected of Ayla. I would’ve been hit by that attack if it were me.
Its attack missed and the demon was about to hit the floor head first.
That was a bad angle. The next moment it bent its body to absorb the impact, then like a super ball, it bounced back and attacked the “Dragon Knight” with a kick.

Again, the “Dragon Knight” evaded the attack, just like how she avoided the repetitive continuous attacks earlier.
It was like a repeat of the beginning of the match, but the demon’s speed was now way faster than before.
Moreover, the speed only kept increasing. Honestly, I had a hard time following the movements even as I watched from the distance.
The “Dragon Knight” was unable to counter attack at all this time, and was forced to only evade her opponent’s attacks.

The crowds began to doubt that her opponent was human.

“Is that really a human?”

“No way, a demon?”

“Impossible, why would a demon come participate in the tournament!?”

The audience became chaotic. The participants in the waiting room had also noticed that something was strange.
Each one prepared their weapons as they stared at the arena.
The demon no longer had any qualms about hiding its identity, its form gradually turned less human as time passed.

“Hibiki, let’s go!!” (Lux)

When the referee escaped from the arena, Lux gave me the cue.
It seemed that Lux was finally sure that it was a demon.
I rushed to the arena alongside Lux.

The “Dragon Knight” raised her free hand, prohibiting us from interfering.

“Why!?” (Hibiki)

Right after I shouted, she launched a counter towards the berserking demon.

“Ugyaーーーa” (demon)

The demon rolled on the floor, the “Dragon Knight” had set its right hand ablaze in flames.
The moment the fire set in, the demon started to squeal in pain.
After a while, when the fire finally subsided, the demon was no more. Not even a trace was left.

“‘Holy Fire’?”

Lux mumbled. Yes, it was 【Holy Fire Magic】.
To be precise, it was 【Holy Fire Magic】contained in the bracelet that I handed to Ayla in advance.

However, this 【Holy Fire Bracelet+4】 was a one-use item.
Whether the bracelet quality was bad, or my 【Holy Fire Magic】 was too strong for the bracelet, it would break after one use.

That’s why, I gave that bracelet to Ayla as a safety measure.

“Apparently, the other participant was a demon. However, as expected of the “Scorching Dragon Knight”, her fire magic was proven to be too sophisticated for it to handle?” (Commentator)

The cheers rose from the crowd following the live commentator. As if it was already the final match.
Anyways, since the demon disappeared, I obtained the third place by default.
With this, although I got to get the item I wanted the most, the “Dragon Knight” still had one last match to go.

At last, the final.

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