Takami no Kago ch.100 EXTRA

It’s an extra chapter from the author.
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Chapter 100. Extra – Wonderful Night

Author’s Note: I had spent a lot of time, thus I will post a story of a dog and cat at the same time.
I also posted the main part, so please check it out.


The time has come at last.
This could be said to be a war, in a sense.
As a man, I had to fight for my dignity.

I silently opened the door in front of me solemnly.

“Welcome~. Thank you for visiting our club~” (manager)

The manager greeted me with a loud voice just like the first time I visited here.

“Well well, if it isn’t Hibiki-sama. How have you been today?” (manager)

He seemed to already know my intention, but was still waiting for me to speak about it myself.

“‘Cat & Dog’, ‘wonderful evening concerto with a dog and cat’.”

The manager listened to my order intently.
That was the most popular course of this “Cat & Dog” club.
A luxurious course where you were able to spend the night with two female beastmen of the dog and cat tribe.
Of course, it was a secret menu.
Even if you know the name of the menu, only a customer with a special invitation can afford to enjoy it.
That is the “wonderful evening concerto with a dog and cat”.

Only a true gentleman can order this course.

“Certainly. Hibiki-sama, please wait a moment at the back.” (manager)

The manager took me to the waiting room at the back.
Of course, I had my own reason to come here tonight.

“Hibiki-sama?” (Rina)

When I was walking alone on the main road of Welburg, someone called out to me.

“Eh? Ah, the ones from the club.” (Hibiki)

“It’s Rina.” (Rina)

“Hm.” (Diane)

Right, the dog female beastman Rina and cat female beastman Diane from “Cat & Dog”.
They were the girls from the nightclub that Giren took me to.
Those two were wondering why I hadn’t visited again when I promised to come again the other night.
“Could it be that there was something not to your liking?” The two had asked me.

“No, no, that’s not the case. It was an enjoyable night.” (Hibiki)

I quickly replied, but the two didn’t seem to be convinced.

“Right, the next time you visit, it’ll be both of us at the same time. You’ll certainly feel satisfied.” (Rina)

That piqued my interest, although I already had many people waiting for me at night.
I guess I did need some variations from time to time. (EN: can I punch him?)

“Are you afraid?” (Diane)

Diane who had not been meeting my eyes suddenly looked at me and asked that.
“No, it’s okay if you are afraid.” (Diane)
“How rude.” (Rina)

I couldn’t keep silent if you went that far.
The me now was different from back then. In particular, I now have infinite stamina thanks to the power of Star Sword and【Self Regeneration】.
I accepted the challenge!!

And just like that, I stepped into my opponent’s lair for the appointed match.
Right now, I was the challenger.

“Hibiki-sama, pardon me for the wait.” (manager)

The manager informed me as it seemed that the preparations had been completed.
I was directed to a dimly lit room, which made it hard for me to see anything.

“Well then, enjoy your time~” (manager)

The manager left the room and closed the door.
That caused my surroundings to become even darker, but as my sight gradually became accustomed to it, I could vaguely notice something inside the room.

“Ehh?” (Hibiki)

I felt something strange here. This room, it was too silent for a room that was occupied by two female beastmen.

“Niyaaaa” (Diane)

A voice suddenly rang from behind me, and I was barely able to respond to it.
I was grabbed from behind before I had any chance to turn my body around.

Something slithered on my neck. Apparently, someone was licking me there.

“Di-Diane? Shall we go to the bed?” (Hibiki)

“Don’t wanna” (Diane)

“Why is that~” (Hibiki)

I could feel her plump breasts pressing against my back, and her hands caressing my whole body.
This girl was unexpectedly proactive.

“Diane, sorry.” (Hibiki)

I kind of understood why Diane refused to go to the bed.
Because the bed was the territory of another female beastman.

Rina crawled out of her territory to me, already naked.
Her silhouette under the moonlight exuded heart-thumping sexual appeal.

“Hibiki-sama, we’ve been waiting for you~” (Rina)

She stole a kiss head on.
Since I was currently restricted by Diane, I was left at their mercy.
No, that won’t do. Today I am the challenger.
I’d feel sorry for myself if I didn’t return with victory.

I reached out to Diane who was on my back, and spun her to the embrace of my left hand.
Then I circled my right arm around Rina’s waist, and pulled her to carry her by the waist.

“Nyan!?” (Diane)

“Ku~n!?” (Rina)

Being careful to not be too violent, I threw the two onto the bed.

“Now then, shall we get started?” (Hibiki)

I climbed up to the bed joining the two.

“Ha, ha, fuaa.” (Diane)

“Nn mm, mmm haa.”(Rina)

Kissing the two alternatingly, our excitement gradually rose.

“Fuaa, what a guy. Are you used to sleeping with 2 girls at the same time?” (Rina)

Rina tried to escape from the pleasure by talking to divert my mind.

“Yeah, I can handle 2 just fine.” (Hibiki)

Back at home I used to handle 3 at the same time.
Besides, I only have two arms.
If it was just 2, just like I said, I’ll be just fine.

“Nnya, Hibiki, Hibiki.” (Diane)

Diana called out my name from besides me, whilst hugging my left arm onto her body tightly.
Although my movement was slightly restricted, I used my free right hand to caress Rina’s ear which was her weak point.

“N-not my ear. No, no good~” (Rina)

Enjoying Rina’s cute voice, I let her go.
However, it was only for her body to silently fall onto the bed.

“Oh well. Next is Diane.” (Hibiki)

I increased the speed of my stroking Diane’s tail with my left hand.
And right then, Diane let out a long cry.

“Ginyaaaaーーー” (Diane)

Her body tightened, slightly convulsing with her legs stretched out.
Even so I didn’t stop my left hand, causing Diane to try to release herself from me with her two hands.

“Enough, enough!!” (Diane)

I firmly restrained Diane with my right hand, and kissed her right then.
When our lips met, Diane’s body which had become sensitive reacted.
And thus, with my endless stamina, the two female beastmen’s moanings could be heard for all night long.

“Thank you very much. We’ll be waiting for your next visit~” (manager)

The manager sent me off the next morning.
That was mostly because, the two girls were still deeply asleep on the bed.
The manager apologized about that, but I didn’t really mind.

Waving my hand with a smile, I left the club.
With this, my revenge had been accomplished.

After that, I joined back with Ayla and the other girls.

O star sword, give me strength!!

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