Shinka no Mi Chapter 91

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Once I returned from the infirmary, for some reason the stadium was enveloped in a strange atmosphere.

As I hurriedly turned my head to the stage, there was a man in lab coat standing there, and beside him was people who were crouched, knocked, and even lying about…Rather, aren’t they Agnos and the others!?

「Eh, what’s with this situation!?」

The closer I got to them, the more I couldn’t understand what happened.

And then, I noticed two people who had a large burn scar on their faces.

「What’s with that scar!? Are you okay!?」

After I involuntary said that, almost reflexively, I exercised 『Holy Mother’s Healing』, the highest tier of Light attribute magic, to the two who had burn scars.

While 『Holy Mother’s Healing』 couldn’t revive the dead, it was a magic that could heal any kind of injury and sickness in an instant, it seemed.

It seemed… that was to say, nobody could use it, so it remained as a legend.

For the recovery magic that was currently being used in this world, apparently patching up a lost limb was its utmost extent, and even that usually left prognostic symptoms.

The two who wrapped in my light then came out uninjured were bewildered.

「Rather, aren’t all of you hurt! Wait, you’re the infirmary’s doctor, aren’t you? We have to help them fast!」

「…You, in this situation you still see me as the infirmary’s doctor? 」

「Yes? Aren’t you wearing the lab coat. Ah, or is it a cosplay? …No, is the concept of cosplay a thing in this world? …Well, it’s fine either way. At any rate, everyone is crying in pain, so you came running to them after hearing them as well didn’t you? You weren’t there in the infirmary after all.」


Am I wrong?

As I tilted my head in wonder, the man in labcoat was looking at me dumbfounded. …I feel reluctant to say this, but do your job won’t you? Else I’ll have to do it all alone you know? …No, it may be faster that way… .

In the end, I applied a recovery magic to everyone who had collapsed.

Everyone seemed to be suffering from injuries and damages, but just like that woman from before… for some reason, Barna-san’s movement was being binded by strange rings of light.

「Err … Barna-san? It’s okay to have that kind of hobby, but forcing it on others is… 」

「I don’t though!? Seiichi-kun! This was done by that man!」


As I spontaneously turned to the man in labcoat while my face was still showing a dunce look, the man glanced back at me with a contempt gaze.

「…Umm, I don’t have that kind of hobby, so even if you give me that look…」

「You’re still misunderstanding!?」

Hearing Barna-san’s sharp tsukkomi, I tilted my head again.

Misunderstand… rather, which part am I wrong about?

「Seiichi-kun! That man is dangerous! Especially the rings of light——」

「Too late.」

As the man in labcoat interrupted Barna-san, numerous rings of light appeared from below my feet and encircled me.


「That is 『Magic Sealing Light』, advance light attribute magic. Those who are bound by this won’t be able to use magic…You too, just like 『Saint of Magic』, can no longer use magic. 」


Looking the circle of magic that encircled me, Barna-san raised a voice filled with despair… .

「Umm, is this meant to bind me?」


While the light circles appeared to be surrounding my body, I didn’t feel any pain and I still could use magic perfectly.

「Rather, releasing that kind of magic so suddenly…who are you, really?」

The moment I glanced over the labcoat man astonishedly, once again, the light that encircled me vigorously separated from me then restricted the man instead.

「Nna!? What, is this!?」



Perhaps the light circles magic the man in labcoat fired had liberated from him, I could tell it was tightening on him so harshly that even a creaking sound reached my ears.

….No, I seriously don’t understand what’s happening.

Moreover, the title One who Subdued Magic’s effect suddenly got invoked… .

As I was thinking along those lines, suddenly I heard a voice I had never heard before.

『Mastah! Can I strangle this insolent punk to death just like this?』  


When I looked closely, one of the rings of light made a gesture as if it was turning its head then looked at me…No, maybe everything is only in my mind.


「Why I can talk with you!? Rather, you can talk!?」


『Ah, you’re right! Why, I wonder?』


「…Don’t tell me, 『Comprehension of All Language』 that I possess is working…or something?」


『Noisy! Mastah is deep in thinking, shut up and wait!』


…I couldn’t hear the magics’ voice in the fight against Cliff-sensei, but now I can hear and even hold a conversation with it, that means…because I reckoned the title, I recognized that Magics have wills in them, and the skill Comprehension of All Language is working on account of that?

While I was thinking along those lines, I noticed the racket near me.


『Wha!? T, this punk! Where did he keep that power…! Mastah, I’m sorry! The bind was been broken!』

「NNGGAAAAAAAAAAHH!! Haa, haa, haa…getting in my way…you deserve certain death…!」


When I cast my gaze to the noise, the man in lab coat who was bound by the rings of light all the way up to his face, forcefully broke the bind and the moment he was released,  he jumped straight at me.

「To think you’d hijack my magic…It seems like you’re only skilled with magic, I see.」

No, I haven’t used any magic though… .

「In addition, you dare to hinder my plan, don’t you…? I shall bestow you death with my own hands…!」

Saying so, the man in labcoat broke into a run, then circled me to my back.

「Can you grasp my figure, I wonder?」

Eh, didn’t he just normally run to my rear? Was it that fast that I’d get lost sight of him?

Thinking so, I turned my heels, then the labcoat man’s fist which was striking at my abdomen came into my eyes.

Reaching that point, I finally noticed that the man in labcoat was indeed dangerous.

…No, you’re far too slow, me! Have more caution! …I’m deeply reflecting it.

As I was in an inexcusable feeling because I finally understood why Barna-san was panicking, the fist, at last, reached my stomach.

In that instant——.


The labcoat man’s right arm was pulverized.

「Hah? Oh? Heh? M, my arm? Where’s my arm?」

His arm literally disappeared from the shoulder down.

Moreover, as though the cross section had been burnt by a high-energy laser, not even a drop of blood spilled.


「I, I’m sorry!?」

No, is this my fault!? I’m only standing still you know!?


「S, standing?」


「No, it’s true though!?」

The composure he had before had completely gone, the man in labcoat was in dismay.

…no, if you calmly think over this, since my defense has reached a level where it can’t be displayed any more, wouldn’t it be dangerous if I got attacked? For the attacking one, I mean.

As I unintentionally thought about it calmly, the man glared at me with bloodshot eyes. Scary… .


「No, like I know about that!?」


「Ah, wai—!  」 

While still in dismay, the man in labcoat struck my face with his left arm.


Once again, the man’s left arm vanished. Much like his right arm.

…This, is this really my fault? It was him who one-sidedly charged at me, and judging from Barna-san’s words he’s a bad person….

Losing his both arms, the man in the labcoat who had lost his balance couldn’t support his own body and splendidly fell.


「Um, somehow, sorry.」



Just like a child who threw a tantrum, he sprang his feet violently while he was on his back, and when they touched my body, he finally lost his both feet as well.


「Just what do you want really!?」

Are you a kid throwing a tantrum!

I was thinking that, but now that he lost his limbs, he only could writhe on the ground with his spine. …I don’t know exactly what he did, but I somehow feel sorry for him.

Thinking so, I used 『Holy Mother’s Healing』 for now and restored the man’s body to the way it was.

「Bastard…You’re pitying this me!?」

「Eh? Un.」

That’s right… It’ll be like that if you put it into words. I somehow feel sorry for him after all.

As I thought about it, the man expressionlessly stared at the ground.

「…I’m pitiful…you say…? I who received the power of Demon god sama, I who have transcended humanity is…? This apostle, I am…?」

What’s with this guy, so scary.

As I unconsciously took a distance from the lab coat man who mumbled on his own, Al came to me with a languid atmosphere around her.

「Seiichi…you saved my ass there…?」

「Eh? No, what happened? You look tired though…」

「I’ll tell you the details later, it’s about him now. He’s quite the dangerous guy, swooping down on us and all…」

「Eh? Then…Al, you got done in too?」

「That was quite lame of me…well, I barely could defend against him, and thanks to Seiichi’s recovery magic, I got better as you can see, ‘kay? 」

Whilst saying so, Al showed me a pose as if showing her biceps.

 … .



As I called to the man in the labcoat who was crouching, just when he lost the composure he had before, he got back to his feet with his eyes filled full of rage.

「Bastard… don’t get all cocky okay? That was a fluke. Yes, only a fluke. Like hell this me…this apostle me! Is losing to a mere human!」


「For healing me…you shall regret it. Due to your hateful act, even deeper despair will be brought forth after all!」

Spewing such, the man in the labcoat ran towards me.

「! Shit! I can’t follow with my eyes…!?」

While Al mumbled that right beside me, I quietly packed strength to my fist.

As I was standing still, the man floated a nasty smile.

「AHAHAHA!!! Disappear! Die knowing you can do nothing with your face filled with despair! I’ll drive you to even further despair than that!! Kukuku…AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA——」

「Shut up.」

I stored my fist with all of my power(・・).


In conclusion, many things flew away from the man in the labcoat.

First, was the clothes. There wasn’t a single piece of them left.

Next was hair. He was refreshingly squeaky clean on every place.

Next was the teeth. Not even one remained.

Then his lips were peeled out, and even though he had quite the nice feature, his nose turned upwards and made him looked like a pig.

He was in a state where every kind of fluids was dripping out of his body, his eyes were all white, pigeon-toed, and his butt protruded out.

Also, his dignity as a human was probably blown away as well.

He got stripped naked and even leaked in front of the public after all.

「Impossibleimpossibleimpossibleimpossibleimpossible…what the hell? What the hell? How do I win? To win? My winning percentage? Ican’tseeitIcan’tseeitIcan’tseeitIcan’tseeit…I can’t see any possibility to win…stop…stopstopstopstopstopstopstopstopstop…a, arms…my arms…! F, feet…!? B, body…! My limbs are…! Aah!? Hand… the hand is approaching——AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH」

The labcoat man…no, the naked man mumbled something while his eyes were still showing white, and just when I thought he floated a crazed smile, he suddenly snapped out then terrified of something, then his eyes went back to white, and his body convulsed. …scary. Just what happened to him, I wonder?

…That being said, what is this? Aren’t there too many people who leaked and became bald in this single day?

Well, there are days like this huh. …No, like hell there are!

But, well, for now… .

「I’m refreshed!」

「No, isn’t that strange!?」

「Ah, you’re right. He’s the one who got refreshed…」

「I’m not talking about that though!?」

I’m wrong it seems.

Leaving that aside, at first, I was really going to use my full power to hit him, but the moment I about to swing my fist, I felt this.

…Ah, dangerous. If I strike it like this, I can’t tell exactly what the danger is, but it will be dangerous… like that.

You could say my vocabulary was poor, at any rate, the time I was about to stick out my fist that packed with all of my strength, how would I put it…I heard a creak that I couldn’t fully comprehend.

It didn’t come from my own body nor from the people around.

This world itself? Kind of thing raised a loud sound.

That is definitely not good.

I who perceived that soon began to adjust my power.

And then as I gradually lowering my output, I could no longer hear the creak, so I reconfirmed if the power was fine if I adjusted it to this point, then as I shook my fist, the opponent had already had his face distorted due to my fist’s pressure, and blown away just like that.

But if he continued like that, he’d be ousted from this stadium, so utilizing wind attribute advanced magic 『Wall of Windstorm King』, I made him stayed within the stadium.

Uun…Although they are all types of magic I used for the first time, I used them well! Progress, progress!

Incidentally, there’s something about the hairs and clothes and such that were blown by my fist’s pressure and not magic. I don’t care though.

Well, many things happened, but… .

「In the end, what is this all about?」

「You kidding me?!」

Al immediately retorted my remarks.

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