Shinka no Mi – Chapter 92

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Seiichi’s Death?

Though I didn’t hit him with everything, due the circumstances it forced me to calm down despite blood rushing to my head after I was told he laid his hands on Al, the naked man was trapped in a cycle of fainting and awakening. On top of that, when I took a closer look, his bald head started to grow some hair and his plucked off teeth were starting to regenerate. Growth to that degree in such a short span of time… is he even a human? No, I’m not one to talk though.

When I turned my head over my shoulder, I found Beatrice-san sitting dumbfounded.

I lent her my hand to help her get back on her feet.

「Beatrice-san, are you okay?」

「Eh? Ah…Se, Seiichi-san…?」

「Yes, it’s me.」

「That’s…The man…」

「The man? Aah, if it’s about the guy who attacked before, he’s lying about over there… but it’s better if you don’t see him, you know? It’s disgusting after all. 」

「Just what happened!?」

I’m stumped even if you ask me that.

I mean, I don’t want to explain it.

What I was doing quite a hard feat as while I was desperately avoiding Beatrice-san’s question while covering the naked man from her sight, the girls from class F including Saria, rushed over to me from the bench area.

「Seiichi, you okay!?」

「Ou~, I’m fine~.」

「As expected of Milord…!」

 When they looked at me, Saria put her hand on her chest, feeling relieved after she made sure I was fine, while Rurune gave me her reverence look.

「I was really worried you know! That person, somehow I felt something bad from him, it scares me…」

「…I’m ashamed, I also felt an unpleasant indication from that man, which rendered me unable to fight…」



Their remarks took me by surprise.

The strongest person besides me in this place was most probably either Saria or Rurune after all.

Rurune was mysterious as well in that her prowess couldn’t be measured, but since Saria had already exceeded humanity’s highest level of 500, I thought she couldn’t get defeated by any human.

And two people of their strength felt dread from that man meant… .

Cautiously I once again put my eyes upon the naked man.

The naked man was, in a stupid pose where he poked his butt into the air.

…Crap, I unnecessarily got even more confused.

My mind just got even more jumbled instead when I saw such ridiculous pose. It was when Helen and the rest of the girls finally reached me.

「Unreasonable as usual, Sensei.」

「Is, is it that bad…」

「It’s awful. Mainly when you said unsightly about the defeated person, I can’t stomach it.」

「Isn’t that too personal.」

「Sensei, I think you should learn common sense more~」[1]

「E, even you, Rachel…」

Even the kind looking Rachel told me that with a bitter smile plastered across her face.

Is, is it that terrible… .

「Uun…Like I thought, it’s too dangerous~. But, I’m happy to have such a person as my homeroom teacher! That’s why, please teach me how to get close with beauties like Saria-chan!」

「No, like hell I know that! Rather, just how did the conversation turn into how to pick up girls!? Isn’t it normally you’d ask about how to get stronger!?」

「I don’t I need that.」

「Don’t deny it with a serious face!」

Oi, student! Aren’t you forgetting your duty as a scholar!?

I didn’t come here to teach that kind of thing, and I can’t teach it in the first place!

「Oh, well…So? What is this all about?」

When I once again asked Al, she informed me of the situation with a sigh.

「Sigh…They’re from this Demon God’s Cult lot who appeared so suddenly in the stadium. They made the teacher you defeated before and Barnabas-san their hostage and told us to play a game…」


「Yeah. It’s a game where if we won against the guy you defeated, we get to live and leave this stadium. Apart from me, Agnos and his fellows also joined… the level was too different, I was lamely got done in so easily. After that, the woman over there was his comrade at first, but then he double-crossed her…To be honest, what I heard and saw it, it started to make me sick.」

「…What do you mean?」

「There was a woman with a burn scar when you first came here, right? Putting aside his attitude, having a scar on her face is painful for a woman. Especially nobles. Adventurers like me having one or two scars ain’t a big thing… Any who, he’s the cause of that scar, and above all else, he was spewing things that recalled her trauma. 」


Al told me the details concerning the things the naked man did.

Listening from Al, I thought of one thing.

And that was… .

「Maybe I should give him another hit…」

「That won’t even be a joke!」

No, even only hearing about Al getting attacked made me unreasonably livid, but that in the end not that different from when Saria and the girls pinned me back in the cafeteria…Well, even then I don’t regret trying to hit him with all of my might. I held back because the world seemed to be in danger, but he laid his hands on my treasured people after all. Rather, show your guts, world! Why would you get destroyed by a single human’s punch!? I can’t understand just how come I could destroy the world, though!?

In addition, his talk was sickening as well… apparently, he’s randomly speaking about despair or something… Despair this despair that. Is he an idiot?

I live with Hope in my chest. Yes, even my own body…! I, I’m not crying okay!? My body, I believe in you, you know!?

「Well, it’ll be alright with him like that. Everyone else got saved by Seiichi’s magic as well.」

As Al said, maybe because I used recovery magic right away after I came here, there was no one… Ah, Cliff-sensei disastrously got involved with my attack… H, he’s still alive! …perhaps.

「Is Kannazuki-senpai and everyone okay?」

As I casually glanced over the audience seat to look for Kannazuki-senpai and the rest, for some reason my eyes met hers in a single shot. …Eh, that’s weird… our eyes can meet in this crowd… .

Kannazuki-senpai didn’t seem disturbed at all, but that was not the case for the surrounding heroes.

Those whose faces turned blue, those who fainted, and the extreme ones were turning a hateful glare to me, it was really varied.

… No, you see… if you’re at least heroes, couldn’t you think what to do about this beforehand? You hold that many pride in your powers after all… Well, from my point, if that brings harm to Kannazuki-senpai’s group, I’ll stop them though.

In addition, I can’t understand why the students’ parents and guardians are turning a gaze filled with resentment to me. Is this that? They don’t accept someone that not even is a hero taking the spotlight? If so, how small minded!

Well, at any rate, I couldn’t measure the strength of the heroes this time. If, for argument sake, they were really going to defeat the demon king, could they pull that off with their current situation? I’d still help Kannazuki-senpai and co. though.

「Oops… Barna-san, I’ll release you from your bind, okay?」

「O, ou. Please do.」

I executed 『President Linc*ln』 and released Barna-san and the woman from their bind. …Playing a big role aren’t you, President Linc*ln. Even though I thought I wouldn’t have to use it anymore… .

And thus, for some reason, not only the bind that bound the woman, but also the black ring that was on her neck that got unbound. …That black ring, don’t tell me… .

「Seiichi, that woman…」

Al glanced her a worried gaze, but I thought it would be okay, so I released her.

It seemed like she was initially an enemy, but she got betrayed after all, and even until now she still touching her face.

「M, my face is…recovered…? And the collar too…why…」

「Eh? No, you were hurt after all. And, since I also have the way to cure it, I just did it…」

Looking at her state, it must’ve been a deep scar for her. Physically, and mentally…

Besides, as I expected, that collar is the 『Collar of Slavery』, the same kind of collar that Olga-chan made to wear.

Just to what extent did the man I hit, tried to commit evil deeds?

While such a thought was crossing my mind, the male student with comparably worse burn scar looked dumbfounded.

「 ……eh……ah……」

He was touching his throat, his gesture was as though he was checking whether his own voice was there. …Before that, who is he? He shares the same atmosphere with Bead, but he’s not in a bear costume… .

The woman had a burn mark on her face, but the male student had it all over his head, but now in its place he had a short olive brown hair with sharp eyes with the same shade of color, it was a very gallant face. …This magic can also grow hairs huh. Awesome. I wonder, would it sell if I started a business mainly in recovering hairs on Earth…?

While I was thinking about such silly things, Blued and Agnos came tottering just like Al was.

「Se, Seiichi-sensei…」

「Agnos, Blued. Are you guys okay?」

「Y, yeah. We’re okay, but…」

「Big bro! What did you do to Bead!?」

「Bead? …Wait, so he’s Bead after all!?」

「You cured him while not knowing about that!?」

「Un … It’s good I cured him, right?」

「Now of all time!?」

「You’re really out of this world… Well, looking at him like that, won’t it be fine? Even better, he seemed like surprised for being cured all of a sudden without any reason at all…」

No, it really looked painful after all… But, I’m relieved. It’s a scar that’s fine to be healed. If, by any remote chances, it was a scar with a history behind it, I’d honestly feel guilty for curing it.

「That being said, to think such a thing happened when I took Leon to the infirmary…」

「I also did not expect so… I’m thinking of looking into the purpose of the man and woman with strict vigilance. Sorry to say this, Seiichi-kun. Can you watch over them for a little while? I have to calm the students down.」


Saying so, Barna-san started to act to cool off the students’ dismay.

As I was gazing at him blankly, Al asked me as if she just remembered something.

「Nn? Come to think of it, Seiichi, you came from outside didn’t you?」

「Eh? Yeah, that’s right.」

「…Which way did you take?」

「Which, you ask… I took the entrance just as always.」


The moment I said so, Al’s complexion became grim, then she started to examine my body.

「Is there really nothing wrong? Anything feels off?」

「Eh? Eh? What is it? I’m okay though…」

When I was puzzled by her, the naked man who was mumbling something up until now, had a light flashed in his eyes.

「I see…So it’s like that… haha… AHAHAHAHA!!! Apparently, it is I who won at the very end!」


As I turned my gaze to the man, he staggeringly stood up while casting a glare with dreadful hate to me.

「I am Demon God-sama’s apostle! An apostle who bears the name of 『Hell Sender』! You who became our obstacle will die here!」


The moment that man shouted, something resembling a magic formation expanded below my feet.

While I was surprised by the sudden development, the time surrounding me immediately halted.

Then, with an even more surprised look on my face, I saw Al with a startled expression and the man who laughed as if he had lost it all had all of his fingers solidify, unmoveable for even a fingertip.

「Eh? Hah? What is this!?」

『Mastah, please calm down and hear me.』


As I turned my attention to the voice that suddenly rose, I found that the voice came from the magic formation below me.

「Umm … Is it fine to assume it’s the voice of the magic formation on my foothold?」

『Yes, it is! I actually wanted to call you as soon as possible, but … I can’t be awakened if the man’s mana who established me didn’t flow into me, so I kept silent all this time.』

「I, I see… So, why did you talk to me so suddenly?」

『About that matter, the reason why people other than Mastah are stopped is due to the attribute that applied to me, the magic formation.』

「I’m curious, just what kind of magic that has been set on it?」

『The magic the man has set is…transfer magic. I’m a transfer magic. Hence, the attribute I govern is space… In other words, I temporarily sever the space between me and Mastah only. Though it’s only temporary, I can speak with you now!』  

Isn’t that amazing! Though I said so, for some reason I could see the magic formation below my feet had stuck out its chest. …It’s really expressive huh … it’s a magic though.

「I see… Then, can you prevent me from teleporting?」  

As I asked it so, the magic formation answered me with a serious tone.

『Originally, I intended to do so. However, my intuition as magic formation tells me the place that you about to transfer to is a place where you definitely have to be, Mastah. 』

「A place I definitely have to be? Rather, what do you mean by intuition as a magic formation!?」

Just where’s that kind of thing located in it? …To begin with, there’s no place I’ve visited in this other world.

At most they are Telbert, The Forest of Endless Sorrow, and a small village we stopped by when we were heading to this Barbadora Magic Academy on a carriage.

And despite that, just what does it mean with a place I should go according to his intuition as a magic formation… No, the transfer destination is designated by that naked man, so it must be a place I have never visited before.

『Yes. While I can’t tell you the detailed explanation, we, magic formation from the transfer system, have a function to check the compatibility between the transfer destination and the people who got transferred. Well, Mastah is the only one who can talk with us, so it holds no meaning…』

What a shocking fact!

What? So magic formation can check compatibilities among other things on its own accord!?

『The compatibilities between the destination and you, Mastah, this time around is outrageously good. This is something necessary to make you happy, Mastah! If you think it that way, the destination that was set by that man is not something wasteful!』

「Wait, you’re talking as if you don’t know the destination though!?」

『I’m sorry, I also don’t know that!』

「Isn’t that bad!?」   

Even though you know about compatibilities and whatnot, what would you do not knowing the destination!?

『That’s why… Mastah. For Mastah’s own sake, I want you to undergo the transfer. I’m wishing for Mastah’s happiness after all…』  

「No, even if you give me that… I don’t know where I’ll be going, and above all there will be no one who can stop that guy if I got transferred now… 」

『Ah, that’s okay! I have sucked all of his mana into this magic formation without his permission. In addition, I’m a magic formation of transfer magic after all. His source of power… Demon God? That thing’s divine protection has been transferred into different dimension by me. Incidentally, his physical strength and such… By the time Mastah has transferred, the man will no longer have any means to resist, so please rest assured.』

「Amazing, what’s that!?」

I have never heard about divine protection being transferred though!? Scratch that, it can even transfer physical strength!?

S, so there’s such a way to use transfer magic huh… This, what would happen if it transferred that kind of power to me?

『Ah, while we’re at it, I’ll transfer all of that man’s power to you, Mastah.』


I don’t need any more power than this you know!? It’s too much I don’t know what to do with it okay!?

However, the magic formation gave a deaf ear to my voice to stop it, and gleefully transferring the power that robbed from that guy to me.

『How is it, Mastah! I have transferred the bad compositions including the divine protection beyond this dimension, so please be at ease!』

Praise me, praise me! with an atmosphere like that around it, I couldn’t simply get mad to it.

It’s not something that can be passed with shallow thinking huh.

I was forced to think over it.

After sighing, I asked the magic formation with a little bit more serious expression on me.

「Then, is it really okay if I am gone?」

『Yes. Please rest assured about that.』

「…And then, is it really something that important for me?」

『…In this regard, as I said before, I only know the compatibilities, so I don’t know what is expecting you there. However, I am hoping for Mastah to be happy. There’s nothing I could do except having you believe in me in this…』

「……I see.」

To the heartbroken magic formation, I opened my mouth with a bitter smile.

「Understood. Well then, I’ll go to this destination or whatever.」

『…Eh? A, are you sure!?』

「Yeah. If there’s no harm to Saria and the girls, I can get relieved. …I’m worried about the heroes’ movement though…」

『Leave it to me! Using the mana I snatched from that man, I’ll deploy a magic to protect Mastah’s mistress and the rest!』

This magic formation is too almighty. Rather, mistress it says… .

「If you tell me to that far, I’ll believe your words then, magic formation.」

『…Thank you very much…Thank you very much…!』

Looking at the magic formation that started to cry in happiness, I reflexively squatted down then pat the magic formation while smiling bitterly. [2]

『Ah, Mastah! The time is about to end!』

The moment the magic formation suddenly told me that, the time around me regained its freedom, and I could see Al and the naked man began to move.


The naked man who shouted with bloodshot eyes and bubbles foamed from his mouth

As the transfer magic’s light that had set below my feet gradually became more intense, Al who got out of her rigid state desperately tried to reach me.


「Sorry, I’ll go out for a bit! Everyone! Do your best studying for the test!」


Al kept stretching out her hand even when she was retorting me, but in the end it couldn’t reach me, and I vanished from the sight of Al and everyone else.


「Kukuku…Ahahaha! With this the hindrance has gone! I’ll massacre all of you! You dared to see me being humiliated didn’t you? An easy death——」



I——Altoria beated the man before me——Demiolos with everything I had.

My attacks couldn’t connect up until a while ago, but now I could punch him just as it should be.

「Hah? Hah? Why? Why you cunt’s attack can’t…」

「『Magic Sealing Light』!」

「GuuuUUUUUH!? S, 『Saint of Magic』!?」

Barnabas-sama used the restraining magic to the dazed guy.

「I won’t let you do as you please anymore.」

「You fool! Such magic will soon…Hnngh! Hnngh! Nn…NngigigiGIGIGIGIGIGIGIIIII!?!?!?」

Demiolos tried to escape from that magic to the extent his face was beet red.

However, he was never released from that magic.

「W, why!? Why is my power won’t come out!? My mana pool is also empty!?」

「…I don’t know what happened, but you better be ready.」

Demiolos who was restrained and unsightly.

I drew closer to him.

「Oi! Where did you send Seiichi to!?」

So I said, then Demiolos floated an eerie smile.

「I told you didn’t I? I am 『Hell Sender』. Just as my name states, I only sent him to the Netherworld. 」


「I was once went to the 【Netherworld】. You understand? In other words… I can send a living person straight into the Netherworld!」


「That’s right, that man——is already dead!」

I only could stand in silent.

TL Note:

[1] Go tell him, Rachel!

[2] Comforting a magic formation who wants to bring you to hell so you can be happy, what a life.

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