Shinka no Mi – Chapter 55

Chapter 55 – Onset of war

I――Louise Barze, unconsciously frowned at the sight that unfolded before me.

「U-hyaー……what a ridiculous number of them.」

「Truly…… It’s really jampacked, huh…」

Two of my subordinates, Lorna and Claudia, were similarly overwhelmed by the scene before them.

We, the 『Valkyries (Sword Saints of the Holy Maiden)』accepted the 『Black Paladin (Black Holy Knight)』’s request, and upon our arrival at the top of a hill near the border of the Winberg Kingdom, we discovered monsters swarming at the base of the hill.

Furthermore, I had earlier received word from a soldier from the Royal Capital, that for some reason, an army of monsters was heading towards it, too. When I found out about that, I had wondered if it was better to hurry and return, but while I was considering it, I remembered that His Majesty’s former teacher Barnabas-sama had just gone to visit him, and while it was more or less a gathering of people with various faults, the abilities of the adventurers of the guild could be counted on, and above all, my Shishou was in the Royal Capital, and so all my worries disappeared. We were truly fortunate.

『Fumu, that’s a nasty piece of work down there.』

「…… I agree.」

A voice processed by magic, which sounded neither like a male or female.

The owner of that voice was standing next to me, and like me, looking at the approaching horde of monsters.

Turning my gaze towards that direction, the first thing that popped out to me was『Black』.

His giant 2 meter tall body, covered in full-body jet black armour was overflowing with an intimidating atmosphere.

On his back was a large sword, its length far surpassing my height.

The person next to me, was a colleague, and the only person to be my equal―――― that person was the『Black Holy Knight』。

By the way, let alone I, not even His Majesty knows the true identity of the 『Black Holy Knight』, as they were a person whose sex, age and everything else is a mystery. But considering their height, I do think he’s a man.

「So? Have you already finished defeating the other monsters?」

『That is without question. Those evil beings has’t been did burn so th’roughly by mine own black flame yond those gents cannot coequal returneth to the cycleth of rebirth.』

(That is without question. Those evil beings have been burnt so thoroughly by my black flame that they cannot even return to the cycle of rebirth.)

(Note : This guy has an archaic form of speech, so to reflect that I’ll be using Shakespearean English. There’s a proper English version of it underneath to aide in understanding)

I cannot understand anything that he’s saying.

Can I take it as that he has already defeated all the monsters in the other places? …… Well, considering he’s here now, that should be the case.

『By the way, Louise. Doesth thee not needeth to returneth to His Majesty’s side? Are evil beings not advancing on the Royal Capital? You und’rstand yond if ‘t be true that whe’er thee art not thither, then the Royal Capital may falleth into chaos right?』

(By the way, Louise. Do you not need to return to His Majesty’s side? Are evil beings not advancing on the Royal Capital? You understand that if you are not there, then the Royal Capital may fall into chaos right?)

「……About that, there is no need to worry. Barnabas-sama just so happened to visit, and the adventurers from the Guild Headquarters should help too.」

『Oh? Yond Transcended One Barnabas-sama is th’re aye。If so then th’re nothing to w’rry about』

(Oh? That Transcended One Barnabas-sama is there eh. If so then there nothing to worry about.)


「My Shishou is there too.」

『What……Louise’s Shishou thee say……?』

(What……Louise’s Shishou you say……?)

At my words, the Black Holy Knight cried out in a surprised voice.

『Louise. Thee hadst a Shishou? I totally assum’d yond thee hadst only did obtain yond pow’r through the results of yer hellish training, but……』

(Louise. You had a Shishou? I totally assumed that you had only obtained that power through the results of your hellish training, but……)

「No, it was something that happened only recently. Shishou is truly strong.」

『Someone yond can maketh Louise sayeth yond is……』

(Someone that can make Louise say that is……)

Saying so, the Black Holy Knight crossed his arms, and groaned.

While we were having a light conversation, Claudia called out to me.

「Louise-sama. If we don’t start moving out soon, then the damage to the nearby villages will……」

「That is true. It is about time for us to start moving.」

I replied, silently drawing my rapier out from it’s sheathe on my waist.

『Thine sw’rd is quite quaint as ev’r……』

(Your sword is beautiful as ever……)

Seeing my sword, the Black Holy Knight let out of sigh of admiration.

『Rapier of the Water God』. That was my Mythology class weapon, and even though I could not use magic, as long as it was of the water attribute, my weapon had the effect of allowing me to use up to even the highest class of magic.

No, in the case of this sword, the words “being able to use magic” may not be entirely accurate.

It’s not that it’s simply using magic, instead magic flows into the sword so that the sword can be clad in the highest level of power of water magic.

I started pouring magical power into the sword right away.

『……That’s not the amount of magical pow’r yond a p’rson who is’t cannot useth magic wouldst have, Louise.』

(……That’s not the amount of magical power that a person who cannot use magic would have, Louise.)

「Black Holy Knight. How about you start preparing for battle?」

It felt uncomfortable to be stared at for so long, so I retorted unintentionally.

『My deepest apologies, but as I didst nary expect thither to be such a large numb’r of evil beings in the oth’r places, it hath left me unable to doth much. Howev’r, my black flames, have enow pow’r remaining to the extent wh’re I can protecteth all of yee but…… Louise and the oth’rs might not needeth it.』

(My deepest apologies, but as I did not expect there to be such a large number of evil beings in the other places, it has left me unable to do much. However, my black flames, have enough power remaining to the extent where I can protect all of you but…… Louise and the others might not need it.)

「No, that would be very helpful. ――――Well then, onward.」

Saying so, I dashed into the fray.

『Rath’r than running, t looks m’re as though she’s flying…… well yond is fine. I shouldst moveth out too.』

(Rather than running, it looks more as though she’s flying…… well that is fine. I should move out too.)

When I heard his voice from behind me, suddenly, the top of the hill was covered by a raging jet black flame.

On the top of the hill was where the rest of the Valkyrie members, and other soldiers were, but I was not worried at all.

That was because, the jet black flame, was not causing us any harm at all.

『Well then, evil beings. Can thee heareth the footsteps of death?』

(Well then, evil beings. Can you hear the footsteps of death?)

(Note : Maybe “the Sound of Death approaching” might sound better?)

He announced, as he plunged into the midst of a group of monsters, covered in jet black flames.


Claudia shouted from behind, and prompted by the sound of her voice, all of the soldiers at the top of the hill knew to simultaneously charge down at once.

「Now, why don’t we finish this up quickly, and return to where Shishou is.」

Because there was still plenty left to learn from him.

I―――― Hiragi Seiichi, together with Saria and the others, were gathered at the gates of the Royal Capital together with the other adventurers.

「What an amazing amount of people……」

I was shocked by the number of people gathered at this place.

Just moments ago, Ranze-san being the the king of the kingdom, broadcasted to his people about the existence of a group of monsters.

But, the citizens of the city were shockingly not panicking.

So, when they were following the instructions of the soldiers to take shelter within the castle, they finished up at a speed and with an attitude that would make you think it was not an emergency situation.

Before we moved out, when we asked Fina-san and the others, the owners of the inn we were staying at, about it ……

『I mean, the soldiers of this country are excellent. Besides, the least we could do is listen to the soldiers and evacuate promptly, right?』

『That’s right! We’ll just cause the soldiers trouble if we panic. The Guild’s Headquarters is here too, so I’m not that worried. I mean, if the soldiers and others are useless, then there’s no way we’re going to be saved. Making noise is just a waste of time.』

『Hahaha. What Mary said might be too extreme, but that’s the gist of it I guess? But before that, I think you guys will end up fighting the monsters because you’re adventurers. But, don’t overdo it okay? If you think you can’t handle it, then escape. Got it?』

That was the reply I got. Lyle-san, while he was a man, felt the most motherly.

「But, a monster invasion huh……It feels somewhat ominous……」

When I murmured that out loud unconsciously, the nearby Al replied.

「While I’ve been active as an adventurer for a while now, it’s the first time I’ve had to face 5000 monsters as my opponents.」

「This is really unusual after all, isn’t it?」

「It sure is. Of course, there are some monsters who have a habit of grouping up in herds, and then it wouldn’t be strange, but from what I’ve heard about this time, it seems to be a gathering of various types of monsters. That’s why, it’s unusual, and strange too.」

While of I was thinking about that, Saria clenched her fist and said to me,

「Seiichi! Let’s do our best!」

「Ou, that’s a given!」

When Saria heard my reply, her smile grew even wider, and she began to do something like shadow boxing. …… Does she really intend to fight with her fists? Though, I have yet to see her fighting in her human form before, but ……

While I was thinking about that, I unconsciously looked around, and I spotted Rurune with somewhat of a strange atmosphere around her.

「He-hey. What’s wrong? Rurune……」

That atmosphere was completely abnormal, to the point where I was unconsciously overwhelmed while asking her that.

「……Master. I, realised something.」


「About what will happen if the monsters attack the Royal Capital……」

「In the Royal Capital, there’s still plenty of delicious food, that I have yet to eat with Master. And yet, if the monsters attack the Royal Capital……then I won’t have the chance to eat all the delicious food anymooooooooooore!」

「In the end food is still your number 1 concern, I see.」

In my Top 10 Regrets, the day where the act of “Me giving Rurune human food” will move onto the list might not be too far off.

「If it’s for the sake of delicious food, then I would even kick god to death.」

「The fact that you might actually do that is scary.」

If god took food away from this fellow, then it seemed as though she would send him flying with all her might. Huh? Wait, this fellow is a donkey right?

As I stood there, unable to stop my face from twitching, my robe was suddenly tugged on.

「Hm? What’s wrong? Origa-chan.」

Actually, Origa-chan also tagged along for this time’s monster swarm subjugation request.

That’s because, Origa-chan herself said she wanted to do it.

「……Seiichii-oniichan. I will do my best.」

「Ou, I see. But be careful alright? I wouldn’t want Origa-chan to get hurt okay?」

「……Nn. But, if I try my best, pet me?」

「O-ou!? A-alright, leave it to me!」

When hit by Origa-chan’s surprise attack of looking up at me from below, while stuttering I answered her like so, and when she saw that, though only faintly, she smiled happily.

「Hahaha! Seiichi, you ready yet?」

While we were mixing in with the other adventurers and conversing as such, Gassur came over to us.

But, he did not look like he was dressed for a fight, still in his usual boomerang pants.

(Note : Boomerang pants = Speedos)

「Gassur are you really going to fight? Even though you’re a Guildmaster……」

「But of course! How could I just sit down and wait while the Royal Capital Terveil faces a crisis?」

「And the real reason is?」

「A chance to show off my beautiful muscles……!」

「I thought that would be the case!」

No, rather it may be because he is the guild master that standing in the front lines has meaning. Saying things like “how’s the beauty of my body” are likely just jokes.

「Well, regardless of how each of them are, I think that in the end everyone shares the same feeling. The feeling of wanting to save Terveil……that, is something that is the same for all of us. That is why, let us defeat the approaching evil together!」


「And once this turmoil is over, us adventurers of the guild will indulge in our desires even more than ever!」

「Because this kingdom will provide lots of rewards. Besides, we will be treated as heroes who saved the kingdom. That means that it will be easier to release our desires which are normally suppressed by the kingdom’s soldiers.」

「Rather than the monsters, aren’t you guys more evil!」

「Hahahahaha-! Gentlemen! Let us free our desires! ITS, MY, JUSTIIIIIIIICE!」

(TLC note: Last three words are said in English)

「Ah-, wai……don’t run away!」

Gassur, while saying whatever he wanted, jumped away from this place like a rabbit.

…… Once this is over, the next subjugation targets will be the adventurers of the Guild Headquarters.

I swore to myself, in my heart.

After that, it was while I was spending the rest of my time talking to Saria and the others.

Suddenly, a broadcast was sent through magic to our location.

『A group of monsters has appeared-!』

After the broadcast, I noticed that the atmosphere around here was slowly getting fired up.

And then, following the previous broadcast, a new piece of information was sent to us.

『A-and also……The estimated strength of the monsters are, on average……A-A Rank, apparently……』

When that announcement passed by, in an instant, silence dominated the place.

That would be the case. Because, I hear that an A rank is at a level where it needs 5 people of Al’s strength to take it down.

Furthermore, in this town, excluding Al who’s an A rank adventurer, they didn’t even have any of B ranks, and the rest were only C rank adventurers or below.

In this case, it would be hard to not feel despair……

「Now I’m reaaaaaally fired up!」

「Yeeaaaah! Punishment for the monsteeeeeers!」

「Don’t think you can just target the town we live in, and get out safely……!」

「Destroy……Let me break theeeeeeeeem!」

Weird. This is definitely weird.

This definitely isn’t the atmosphere of a town being attacked by a swarm of monsters.

While I was still dumbstruck and unconsciously retorting at the situation within my heart, Barna-san came over to where I was.

「Hohoho. As expected, these are adventurers from the Guild Headquarters. Something like A rank monsters won’t even faze them.」

「Barna-san. Um……what do you mean by that?」

「Even if you ask me what I meant by that……O-to, it looks like Gassur and his company are taking vanguard position and charging in already, you know?」

When I looked outside the gate in surprise, Gassur, Ellis-san, and the adventurers from the guild whom I could recognise, were standing tall.

Furthermore, before we knew it, even the swarm of monsters were already in visible range.

「Hum……I had heard that they numbered 5000, but it looks like it’s around double the amount……」

Unexpectedly, Barna-san murmured that while having his eyes turned towards the sky, and when I turned to look in that direction, I saw that a scene was projected there using the same camera magic that was being used in the Royal Capital Cup.

There, a scene of a large number of monster forces running simultaneously was projected.

「What a sight. Rather than just A-ranks, there are also plenty of S-ranks in their midst.」

Though the contents of what he just said was very severe, for some reason Barna-san didn’t seem to be panicking at all.

「Um……How are you able to stay so calm?」

As expected, it is it because Barna-san is one of the few monstrous existences known as Transcended Ones? Well, I’m quite a monster myself too, though!

「What, just take a look at Gassur and the others. Together with your previous question, I’ll tell you the answer.」

With a bunch of question marks floating above my head, I turned my gaze towards Gassur.

When I did so, I saw Gassur standing there with a Muscle Pose as he declared,

「Do you think you can hurt these muscle of mine?」

The moment he uttered those words, he jumped from where he was, and from up high he crashed straight into the swarm of monsters.

While I stared at the scene speechless, the bodies of the monsters around where Gassur crashed into were simultaneously launched into the air. Specifically, 10 of them.

「HAHAHAHAHAHA! Excited muscles! Roaring muscles! Rampaging muscles! Being seen by all of these people, my muscles are elated!!」

Gassur chortled away, and in that fashion, went on to send monsters flying one after another.

Then, as expected of high ranking monsters, they seemed to have high intelligence, and began co-operating to fight Gassur, and using their nails and fangs, launched a brutal offensive on him.

「Weak……So weak! Don’t think you can even scratch my muscles with those attacks!」

Gassur was so easily defeating the ever-increasing monsters attacking him. Furthermore, there wasn’t even a single scratch on his entire body.

While I was still stunned by the absurdity of the situation before me, Barna-san calmly told me something.

「Gassur Clute. Right now, he acts as a Guildmaster for the Guild Headquarters, and controls the adventurers there, but with his high defensive power and overwhelming offensive power, he is a former S rank adventurer who has successfully taken on countless high difficulty requests in the past. From the way he fights, people have given him the nickname【Man of Iron】. There, take a look at the projection.」

Following Barna-san’s suggestion, I turned my gaze back to the projection, and this time Ellis-san’s figure appeared.

Ellis-san, was not in her usual receptionist attire, but in a bondage suit, and in her hand was a long whip called the Bullwhip.

「Ohohohoho! Now, lowly livestock! Kneel before me!」

As she shouted that out, Ellis-san brandished her whip keenly.


When such intense cracking noises were heard, monsters were split open and sent flying off one after the other.

「Nnn! It’s so good! More, scream more for me!」


The cracking sound rings out continuously. Whenever Ellis-san used her whip, some piece of a monster would get cut off without fail.

「How boring. Even though I could go M too……」

Though she had a disappointed look on her face, her cheeks were flushed and she seemed to be in ecstasy.

「Ellis MacLaine. Before she was working as a receptionist, she was once called the【SM Queen】, a former S rank adventurer feared by others. Even though she took on the job of being a receptionist, her abilities seem to have not declined since then.」

I was dumbstruck.

No, um, yeah. This is bad, I can’t organise the thoughts in my head at all.

But, Barna-san who didn’t know that, followed up with another bombshell.

「There, take a look at those two.」

The next two that appeared, was the Lolicon and Exhibitionist duo.

Hold on a second. Don’t tell me, these two are also――――.

「Really, what an outrageous bunch.」

「Truly, Slan-shi. The little girls must be terrified.」

(Note : Shi is an honourific like San. Shi is used in formal writing, and sometimes in very formal speech, for referring to a person who is unfamiliar to the speaker, typically a person known through publications whom the speaker has never actually met)

「Me too, because of this whole situation, I can’t get anyone to look at my naked body.」

「At any rate, as long as we can take down these bastards……」

「Yeah, after that, our normal everyday life can……」

After the two shared a look, they turned to face the swarm of monsters, and shouted,

「「So, you bastards, please die」」

First, the Lolicon man, with swords in each hand, began mincing monsters one after the other with movements so elegant that even the untrained eye could appreciate them.

「What if because of you, the little girls get so scared that they can’t sleeeeeeeep!」

Truly, a dance of swords.

Even the high ranking monsters were unable to keep up with his movements, and were gradually decreasing in number.

「Well then, me too……TOU-!」

Then, the Exhibitionist man, threw off all his clothes and equipment for some reason, and dived straight into the mass of monsters.


Then, the moment he collided with the monsters, his body began to burn intensely.

The monsters touched by the fire were being burnt to ashes one after the other.

「Not yet! Look at my bodyyyyyyyy!」

After that, he was coated in lightning, then ice, then light, and so on, and while various things coated his naked body, he exterminated the monsters.

「【The Protector of Lolis】Walter Velatt, 【The Revealed】Slan Algard. They each have their own party, and where Walter has his elegant swordsmanship, Slan has his own unique magic, and both are ability users who clear task after task. However, as adventurers go up in ranks, more qualities are required of them, that’s why these two cannot go past C rank.」

I’ve had enough already.

I couldn’t do much other than listen to Barna-san as my eyes went cold.

Moreover, as a result of hearing about the various adventurers in the Guild Headquarters, I realised that even though they were low ranked, they were all people who had abilities equal to S rank people.

After hearing about that, just let me say one thing

「What the heck are you guys?!」

The pervert guild, turned out to be the strongest guild.

Author’s note:

【Protector of Lolis】Walter Velatt……Lolicon Gentleman.

【The Revealed】Slan Algard……Exhibitionist.

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