Shinka No Mi – Chapter 81

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How to Wield Power

After we returned to the classroom, with Beatrice-san’s help I was somehow able to finish homeroom. After which, I watched her as she conducted the morning lesson. Incidentally, Al had another class to teach therefore she wasn’t here today. I really wanted to see her teach.


Beatrice-san’s lesson was easy enough to understand that even Agnos who seemed to be bad at studying could maintain his concentration due to her adding components that he liked and other tiny considerations.


As well as how do I put it … Beatrice-san was very energetic during the class that even though I was only watching from the side could tell that she really enjoyed teaching Agnos and the rest. As I expected, rather than a teacher who conducts the lesson with a frown, it’s easier for people to absorb the lesson if the teacher enjoys it. Well, people have their own taste though. After the lesson, I had lunch with Saria and the girls. From the afternoon onwards, we were in the stadium where we did the mock battle in order to teach Agnos and the rest magic.


Fortunately, when we went to the stadium, we were all alone. Yatta, we’re reserving the whole place. After confirming that everyone had arrived at the stadium, I tried to open my mouth, only to suddenly realized something. Maybe it’s a given, resignation is written all over their face, even Beatrice-san has an anxious look on her. Hmm, if only they were….

Well, it’ll work out somehow!


「Well then, Agnos. Try casting/chanting the 『Fire』 spell.」 (Seiichi)

「So suddenly!? Isn’t there, like … some hard stuff to tell us about?」 (Agnos)

「Nope.」 (Seiichi)

「For real!?」 (Agnos)

「On the contrary, do you want me to hold a difficult speech?」 (Seiichi)

「No thanks!」 (Agnos)

「Honesty is good.」 (Seiichi)

「But … for what reason … 」 (Agnos)

「Just because.」 (Seiichi)

「Just because?!」 (Agnos)

He wouldn’t believe me if I said I used a skill to make him capable of magic after all. Well, he’ll know if he tries. While he glanced at me filled with suspicion, Agnos extended his hand forward as I urged him and chanted the 『Fire』 spell just as I told him so.


By the way, Agnos was specialized in Fire attribute magic, and couldn’t use other attributes.

「 『Fire』! Look, I tell ya——I did it.」 (Agnos)


A cluster of flame floated in Agnos’ opened palm.


Looking at that sight, everyone except Saria and Rurune, and Blued whose expression couldn’t be understood were surprised to the point that their eyes had almost popped out. Ah, it’s the first time I’ve used the skill 『Guidance』 in front of Olga-chan, huh.


「See? You did it.」 (Seiichi)

「Nononono, for reals?! Ye telling me I could use magic?! This me is!?」 (Agnos)

「That’s right Agnos is.」 (Seiichi)

「——Big bro, what kind of sorcery is this?! 」 (Agnos)

「Fire attribute magic.」  (Seiichi)

「No ‘bout that though!? What magic did you use so I could use magic myself!?」 (Agnos)

A magic that grants others the ability to use magic, that somehow sounds interesting. It’s actually a skill, though.


「Look, since we’re at it, try using 『Fire Wall』  as well.」 (Seiichi)

「Eeeeh!? No, suddenly jumping straight to the middle-grade Magic 『Fire Wall, one would expect it to——succeed?!」 (Agnos)

The moment Agnos cast 『Fire Wall』, though it was only included in the conversation, the cluster of flame that was over his palm just a moment ago fell and hit the floor, before spreading and making a fire of wall that filled Agnos’ vision.

「What happened to my body!? Is this really my own body!?」  (Agnos)

「…Calm down, No matter how one sees it, the one with that lame out-of-fashion hairstyle of yours will be you.」 (Blued)

「Hah!? Yer right!? Tte, it ain’t lame!」  (Agnos)

Being pointed out by Blued who had regained his composure a little, Agnos was shocked as he touched his own hair.

「To think I have this kind of power … I’m AWESOOMEE!!!」 (Agnos)

「Fool, It’s Seiichi-sensei’s power you dimwit.」 (Blued)

「Ah, yeah.」 (Agnos)

「No, that’s not the case. All I did was push the trigger.」 (Seiichi)

Exactly, I only pushed the trigger.

I only made them able to wield the talents Agnos and the rest of the students had all this time.

「Well then, I hope you’ll believe me with that. Then … would you guys want to try using magic as well?」 (Seiichi)


When I said so, everyone who was baffled a moment ago had their eyes gleaming.


After that, everyone was able to use magic safely. Agnos had the fire attribute, Blued had the water and ice attribute, and Bead had the earth attribute. Helen had fire and earth attribute, Rachel had light attribute, Irene had dark attribute, and Flora had awakened wind and lightning attribute magic.


「… To think the day for me to use magic has come …」 (Bead)

『Seiichi-sensei is amazing.』 (Blued)

「… Not only strong, he easily made us capable of magic, what a monster…」 (Helen)

「Seiichi-sensei is an amazing person, isn’t he~」 (Rachel)

「Fu … fufufu … fufufufu. With this, my flaw is gone! Perfecto! Beautiful! Absolute perfection! The supreme Irene Prime is completed!」 (Irene)

「Ooh!? I’m a dual attribute wielder too!? Isn’t this awesome!? Hey, isn’t this awesome?!」 (Flora)

Everyone was using the magic I had taught them. Just like me, they didn’t stop on an idiotic scale but strived straight to the highest level of magic in a matter of minutes. It also happened when I taught Al magic, as long as I matched the attribute of the person I taught, they would be able to easily use any magic that I remembered.


…About that, while it sure makes people wield magic easily, it’ll be troublesome if I were to be targeted by some certain countries. I mean, it’ll be far easier to produce high tier magicians than making an instant ramen, there would be no way it wouldn’t be used for war and other military purposes. Mainly that Kaizer Empire, or Kaizer Empire, or mayhaps even Kaizer Empire … and, yeah, Kaizer Empire.


Well, if they want to play it in the hard way, then I’ll also answer them with all my might okay? As I was smiling a dark smile all by my own, Beatrice-san who was stunned up until now muttered a little.

「 …… Am I actually dreaming right now …… 」 (Beatrice-san)

「Eh?」 (Seiichi)

「Seiichi-san … do you know how big of a miracle you just created?」 (Beatrice-san)

「Eeto … a trivial one.」  (Seiichi)

「 … The students who were incapable of magic up until now are able to use it you know? What I couldn’t do no matter how hard I struggled, and you did it so easily … 」 (Beatrice-san)


After saying so, Beatrice-san began to shed tears. Wait, she’s crying!? It’s totally my fault isn’t it!?

Well, that’s a given! I was able to solve the problem quickly which she couldn’t manage to do!! You ought to be a little smarter, me from the past! Now the current me is in trouble!

While I was in a panic, Beatrice-san wiped her tears and said so with a little laugh.

「I, I’m sorry … I was overjoyed… 」 (Beatrice-san)

「Eh!? You were happy!? Are you not angry?」 (Seiichi)

「? Why would I be angry? The students’ future became bright with this alone, you know? There’s no need to be angry or sad over this.」 (Beatrice-san)

Having said so, Beatrice-san broke into a dazzling smile.


What!? This one teacher! She’s too much of a good person! Who was that scoundrel who ago-kui’d her back in the hallway! I had forgotten his name, but what are you doing, letting such bastard laying his finger on this nice person, me from the past! You coward! Stop him would you! Well, talking about me though!


I didn’t mind much back then, but now that I think of it I should’ve beat him into shape, shouldn’t I? I pondered that.


「 … Seiichi-oniichan, awesome… 」 (Olga-chan)

「Right~? Seiichi is awesome isn’t he!」 (Saria)

「As expected of milord!」 (Rurune)

Saria and the girls also praised me. … Oh no, I’m happy. Since I wasn’t accustomed to being praised that much, I got a little bit embarrassed, but I immediately turned my attention and looked at a single student.

「Leon.」 (Seiichi)

「Hii!?」 (Leon)

I only called his name, but Leon looked terribly frightened and began apologizing.


「I’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorry」  (Leon)

Once I saw Leon hold his head on his hands and groaned, I ran to him with haste.

Beatrice-san who noticed the peculiarity in Leon-kun’s behaviour as well came over.

「Hey, are you okay? You don’t need to be that scared… 」 (Seiichi)

Don’t tell me, is he scared of me? Even though I did nothing? As expected that hurts me, you know? Even if my status is monstrous, my mind is as fragile as a soap bubble okay? That’s why, I beg you, my own body. Don’t evolve further up in a weird way.


When I called out to him, Leon instead grew more terrified, even his words got even worse.

「I’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorryI’msorry! I will never use magic ever again! I won’t use it again, so please don’t hit me! Nonononononononononono…… I don’t want to be hurt——」 (Seiichi)

「!?」 (Seiichi)


Saying up that point, Leon suddenly collapsed.

「Leon!? Get a grip! What happened!? Perhaps are you scared of me!? Is my face that heinous!? But I thought it couldn’t be seen under the hood!?」 (Seiichi)

「Seiichi-sensei, calm yourself! I’ll bring Leon-kun to the infirmary, for the time being, so please look over other students for me.」 (Beatrice-san)

「I, understood.」 (Seiichi)


If that were the case, I who was the guy here should be the one who brought him to the infirmary, but rather than me who wouldn’t be of use when he woke up, it would be way better if it was Beatrice-san who could reassure him. Even though Leon was small in stature, I thought he’d be heavy enough since he was a man and all, but Beatrice-san instead took him lightly with a princess carry. …


Though it really feels uncomfortable to see Beatrice-san giving a princess carry, Leon who got princess carried feels weirdly apt enough.  As I was having such thoughts, Saria came over me.

「Seiichi, what happened? Is Leon-kun okay?」  (Saria)

「Yeah … Since Beatrice-san is the who’s with him he’ll be okay…」 (Seiichi)

「Big bro! What happened with that Leon guy!?」 (Agnos)

While I was talking with Saria, other students who saw the collapsed Leon came in tow.

「No, even I’m at loss… 」 (Seiichi)

「Hn. Perhaps, some trauma of his came up to surface.」 (Blued)

Eh?」 (Seiichi)

Crossing his arms, Blued said so as elegantly as ever.

「If I caught the earlier exchange, Leon said 『I will never use magic ever again』. In other words, Leon was originally capable of wielding magic. And then, above all else, he said 『Don’t hit me』. … I have no idea what’s going on, but there’s no mistaking that using magic is a trauma for him. 」 (Blued)

「…」  (Seiichi)


I was stunned by Blued’s overly calm analysis. Really, isn’t he too excellent? Or I’m the one who’s too dumb? Ah, I think it’s the latter.

「And then? Seiichi-sensei, what should we do now?」 (Blued)

「Even if ask me … For the time being, until Beatrice-san come back just practice some magic as much——」 (Seiichi)

It was when I said up to that point.

「Oh my? What a surprise! Isn’t this class F the group of incompetents!」

「Ah.」 (Seiichi)


To my surprise, it was the guy who teased Beatrice-san this morning, he came over while bringing his class members.

「You are! ….Ah, eto …. Aah …. yeah. …What business do you have with us?」 (Seiichi)

「Are you saying you forgot my name!?」

「I’m sorry … I’m not interested in you, so… 」 (Seiichi)

「Not interested!?」

「…pfft」 (Olga-chan)


Ah, I unconsciously said my thoughts. Well, that’s no good. That’s why don’t laugh Olga-chan!

The opponent teacher had his temple furrowed towards my attitude. Really, what was his name again? Perfect Memory-san, do your job … No, he’s not significant enough for that huh. In the first place, he never introduced himself. Maybe.

「Fu … fufufufu … The incompetents’ teacher is, in the end, another incompetent … Good enough. I shall tell you…. I am Cliff Bold! As the marquis of Kaizer Empire, I hold my head high!」 (Shorty, I mean, Cliff)

「Haa. Well, I’m taller than you are after all.」 (Seiichi)

「…pffft pffft」 (Olga-chan)

Thanks to the fruit of evolution, I got the figure of a model, and for the physique, I’m quite tall in stature. I’m really  glad about it. But of course, even I know he wasn’t talking about that. What, it’s only a little joke. Also, Olga-chan, it’s okay to grab the hem of my clothes, but you didn’t contain your laughter enough. Rather, it’s coming out.

「Rascal…! To think a mere incompetent is making fun of me…!」 (Cliff)

「Blah blah, coming over without being asked and even calling people incompetents, quite the balls you have there, Aahn!?」 (Agnos)

And then, Agnos who had been watching over in silence finally could no longer stand it and said so. However, a boy who somewhat resembled Blued, accompanied by some sort of entourage, stepped out from the other group.


「What’s wrong with calling incompetents as incompetents? Aah, you guys don’t even don’t know that do you? There’s no helping it, you’re incompetents after all.」(Cliff)

「The fuck did ye said!?」 (Agnos)

「Aah, what savages who can’t even understand human speech. The homeroom teacher and his deputy must be just as incompetent, having to deal with you guys.」 (Cliff)

「Bastard … Don’t ye make fun of Big bro and Beatrice-neesan…!」 (Agnos)

「I’m telling you Agnos, cease it!」 (Seiichi)

I stopped Agnos who was on the verge of leaping to them.

「Wha!? Why did you stop me!?」 (Agnos)

「Eh, I mean, it’s a waste of time.」 (Seiichi)

「Heh!?」 (Agnos)

「It’s our precious time, you know? Wouldn’t it be wasteful to spend it on something stupid like this?」 (Seiichi)

「 …Seiichi-oniichan … just give them … more interest … pfft.」 (Olga-chan)

Even if you tell me that … I’m not that nice to keep trying to please people who are hostile to me. It’s just when you go out to the society, human relationship surely will be very important, and cases like this won’t be rare as well, but, this Cliff-sensei is just not significant enough for me to care. Cliff-sensei who had heard my words seemed dumbfounded for a while before his face turned red and black.


「You bastard! I hope you’re prepared for it!」 (Cliff)

「For what?」 (Seiichi)

「This year’s In-School Tournament! You incompetents, for defying this class S … I’ll make you regret for it.」(Cliff)

「…」 (Seiichi)

What do I do? I already regretted it.


Of what, you ask? For having to deal with this guy even a little bit longer, naturally?

When I was gazing off, thinking of when would this conversation end, Cliff-sensei unexpectedly smiled.

「Well, fine. Using the privileges only class S has by borrowing the power of the heroes who are not allowed to participate, they will be stronger than any students!」 (Cliff)

「Okay.」 (Seiichi)

「Come, ‘O heroes!」 (Cliff)

When Cliff-sensei said so, to my surprise, with Kannazuki-senpai as the lead, the heroes that went to the same High School with me showed up one after another. Among them, Shota and the rest were also there. I was stunned looking at that spectacle.

「Hahahahaha! It’s no use to beg for forgiveness now! Show your shameful side in front of many people! Let’s go, everyone!」 (Cliff)


And with that, Cliff-sensei led the students and the heroes deeper into the stadium. At that time, the student who had a similar atmosphere with Blued glared daggers at me just like what he did when we passed by in the hallway, and then for an unknown reason, he also glared at Saria. Who is that child?


Kannazuki-senpai turned her eyes to me in worry, but then I sent her a thought that would never reach that stated I was fine. And then, for some reason, Kannazuki-senpai showed an assured expression. Eh!? That reached!?


Besides that, Shota looked sorry for us, and Kenji was angry. Perhaps, even though they weren’t acquaintances with class F, they were vexed with Cliff-sensei who made fun of us.

And then, Aoyama and the gang who bullied me glanced at Saria unpleasantly … as expected, even I would get irritated to that. Hmm …  because I got a little … no pretty irked, but since it proves I was being jealous and had monopolistic tendency … I’m a little bit relieved.


Well, putting that aside, to think I would reconcile with the heroes in this kind of situation….

Even though I was thinking such to escape from reality, I also had to think about how to get in touch with Shota and the rest. Agnos then murmured in his desperation.

「Big bro … I feel frustrated about being made fun of to that extent … 」 (Agnos)

「I told you, it’s fine. Everyone has become able to use magic, we’ll repay them soon.」 (Seiichi)

「Not that…! I can’t forgive them for making fun of you, Big bro, and Beatrice-neesan!」 (Agnos)

「Eh?」 (Seiichi)

「I overheard it this morning. Big bro and Beatrice-neesan were having a talk with that foul bastard … Big bro didn’t mind it, but seeing Beatrice-neesan looking sad like that makes me…!」 (Agnos)

To my surprise, it seemed that Agnos had eavesdropped on the convo we had with Cliff-sensei this morning. Uun, it’s because I lowered my guard, I didn’t notice it at all….

After everything Agnos said so far, unexpectedly, he turned his gaze toward Blued and the rest.

「Hey, you guys … aren’t you frustrated? Seeing Beatrice-neesan who takes care of us even though we couldn’t use magic being made fun of …! I’m frustrated…!」 (Agnos)

「Hn. We only have to pay them back then.」 (Blued)

「…. … heh?」 (Agnos)

To Agnos’ cry of frustration, Blued only returned a simple word.

「We can use magic now. Then, all we need to do show them that the In-School Tournament. For the yearly exams, we only have to monopolize the top scores. Am I wrong?」 (Blued)

「O, ooh?」 (Agnos)

「 … I’m worried about the yearly exams … 」 (Blued)

「Yer saying that I’m an idiot!?」 (Agnos)

「I am, so?」 (Blued)

「Deny it won’t you!」 (Agnos)

As Agnos and the rest doing the comedy skit once again, Flora laughed and said.

「Hahaha! Not bad! We’ll pay them back with all of our strength! The yearly exams are scary though!」 (Flora)

「… If only you omitted the last remark, it’ll be a good speech…. Well, fine. I also can’t forgive them for ridiculing Beatrice-sensei.」 (Helen)

「As expected that was too much~」 (Rachel)

「It’s alright. This supreme invincible me will give you all the perfect support you need! Aah, just how much of a fine woman am I…! 」 (Irene)

「You guys….」 (Agnos)

Agnos was touched by their respective words.

And then, Blued placed his hand on Agnos’ shoulder.

『There is no need to say. Everyone loves Beatrice-sensei.』 (Blued)

「Aah … that’s right!」 (Agnos)

Agnos’ eyes shone with the flame of fighting spirit.

「YOSSHHAAA!! You guys, let’s pay those bastards back for making fun of us…!」 (Agnos)


Everyone raised their voice in favour with Agnos’ words. Watching that scene, I thought that Beatrice-san was really loved.I don’t know just how strong the heroes are.


But, the one in charge was this monstrous me. I imagined our opponents’ reaction that would be shown to me later in the In-School Tournament then broke into a dark smile. … Eh, don’t tell me, I have a little bit sadistic side in me? No good, no good, I’m normal.

Regardless, I don’t have many opportunities to use cheats outside the battle, but …

「So this is how you use cheats.」 (Seiichi)

So I thought.


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