Shinka no Mi – Chapter 56

Chapter 56 – The end of war

After Gassur and the others continued to rampage, the remaining adventurers were also cleaning up the demons one after another.

But, it was not just the Guild’s Adventurers who were off on a rampage.

「Don’t get cocky, you lowly monster scuuuuuuum!」

「We’ve had a lot of stress build up from dealing with those perverts everydaaaaay!」

「Just obediently let us destroy you!」

The hardworking soldiers of the country, who normally had to deal with the perverts of a certain Guild Headquarters, were also taking the opportunity to go wild.

Among them, there was the figure of Claude who was my acquaintance.


Claude keenly wielded his sword in his left hand, cutting down approaching monsters one after the other.

「Ha! Aren’t these monsters way cuter, compared to those perverts!」

「「「Stop it……That’s embarrassing, right?」」」

「I’m not complimenting you!?」

When all the other adventurers bashfully answered in unison, Claude immediately retorted. … I’m super relieved at the fact that Claude is normal.

While staring at the scene, Barna-san, seemingly in admiration, said.

「Fumu……Claude-kun was it? It seems he is quite capable. The Winberg Kingdom does seem to have many excellent soldiers.」

「……They could probably honestly feel happy about that if it weren’t for the perverts being the reason for it.」

They probably don’t want to admit it, huh …… That they managed to get this strong by taking on those perverts…….

As I started to unconsciously get immersed in my own thoughts, a dreadful roar echoed in the surrounding area.

Wondering what was happening, I looked in that direction, I found that it was just the man who was constantly complaining about wanting to destroy something.


That man had a black jacket on top of his low-cut shirt, his orange hair was styled in a “cornrow” , and his eyes were red as though they were burning.

The massive hammer that he held slung over his shoulders was even larger than him, and the sheer size had the nearby monsters stunned with awe.

「What’s the matter, huh!? Quickly come at me! I’ll pound you all to mincemeat!」

Saying that, the man swung his hammer onto the ground, leaving a crater with a radius of 10 meters with him at the center.

「Isn’t this BORING?! If you’re not going to come to me……THEN I’LL COME TO YOOOOOU!」

The man twisted his back, winding up as he approached the monsters, before letting loose the full force of his swing, his hammer smashing into them.


Just from that one blow, I could see that about 100 nearby monsters had their bodies decimated.

The man laughed happily as he bathed in the blood of his victims.

「Hyahahahaha-! Isn’t destruction, just the moooooost wholesome thing ever?!」

How?! How is that wholesome?!

That’s not wholesome at all is it?! In fact, that’s ruinous, isn’t it?!

Huh? Strange. Even though he should be an ally, I can’t help but see him as an enemy….!

「【One Dyed With Blood – Return Blood】Grandt Roosen. His power is indeed worthy of S-rank. That said, as you can see, he is not interested in anything but destruction, and with the high rate at which he destroys surrounding buildings, he often incurs large penalties, leaving him as a D-rank adventurer.」

He’s completely worthless isn’t heeee!

I was left speechless after Barna-san’s explanation.

W-what a formidable enemy …… The Guild Headquarters……!

「Fumu, Seiichi-kun. Now let us view the battle over there. There seems to be a party with a large number of people fighting the monsters.」

As suggested by Barna-san, when I turned my gaze in that direction――――.

There, I saw was the figures of the men who aimed at me …… No, the men who aimed at my chastity!

「They are the C-rank party【Paradise of Roses BL】. The man in the front is the party leader, Homon・Gayzer.」

His name is screwed uuuuuuup!

What the heck is this?! From their party name all the way to even their real names …… It’s like everything about their names was just made for them!

「The frightening thing about them, is that every time their accomplish their requests, their number of comrades grow. Right now, there are many of their allies even among nobility, and the members of their kind are scattered all around the world, so it’s truly astonishing.」

That’s scaaaaaaaaaary!

This is even more horrifying than zombies!?

Actually, I just noticed this, but aren’t the group of players who hit on Saria and the others together with them?!

Sc-scary…… They’ve fallen prey to them, haven’t they……

While I was trembling with fear with all my might, Homon, the party leader, declared,

「There are still plenty of boys in this town that we have yet to have the chance to be affectionate with. That’s why, let us exterminate the monsters with all our strength!」

It’s good that they’re protecting the people but …… their motive is immoral!

Homon and his crew confused the monsters with questionable hip-movements, as they took them down one after the other.

I don’t want to see this anymore.

As I was trying to escape from reality, someone in the corner of my eye caught my attention, causing my eyes to open wide in shock.

「Eh?! N-Noado-san?!」

Surprisingly, the owner of the café Akkoriente who had listened to my complaints when I had trouble with my relationship with Al, Noado-san, was standing right in the middle of the battlefield, in a refined posture.

On top of that, his appearance was like that of when I met him the previous time, bartender style.

「W-why is he in such a place?!」

「Nn? Ah, Noado? There’s no need to worry at all, when it comes to him.」

I was panicking, but unlike me, Barna-san was completely calm as he answered.

As that happened, a huge lion-shaped monster was quickly approaching Noado-san.

「Oh, isn’t that the S-rank monster『Beast King』」

Moreover, it seemed the beast rushing towards Noado-san was an S-rank monster.

Taking a close look, I saw that the monster called the Beast King was really much larger than any other monster physically, with a large mouth that looked like it could easily swallow a human in one shot, and it was baring its dazzlingly sharp fangs.

With a roar, the Beast King’s jaw came down upon Noado-san with shocking speed.

「……Sorry, but I’ll be taking that life of yours.」

Muttering that, before I knew it, he was holding a pair of sickle-sized jet-black Kama in his hands.

Holding them in each hand, Noado-san dodged the Beast King’s snapping jaw by just taking half a step with his left foot, and in that instant, he changed the Kama in his right hand to a backhand grip and while passing each other, cut up the location that on a human would have the carotid artery.

With it’s artery cut, an abnormally large amount of blood gushed out of the Beast King’s neck, and it staggered a few steps, before collapsing silently.

「……May you have had a peaceful death」

Noado-san is strooooooong!

Or rather, that was cool as heck!? Who exactly is Noado-san!?

While my jaw was still slack with shock at his level, Barna-san continued on as if it was completely natural.

「Well, something of this degree is probably a piece of cake for him. After all, he was once feared as the legendary assassin called【Death】.」

Someone please help me. I can no longer follow what’s going on.

It’s too early for me to understand. I’ll rot before then.

While I looked at reality straight in the face, the form of Saria and the others fighting came into view.

Sarria returned only her arm to that of a gorilla’s, and was beating down monsters one after the other.

Around her, the surrounding adventurers and soldiers were shocked by the spectacle.

……No, it’s not unreasonable, huh. For the beautiful Saria to have only her arm morph into a that of a brawny beast’s, while beating up monsters ――――。

(Note : I assume Seiichi is thinking that the people will start to hate her)

「The little lady is capable ain’t she! We can’t afford to do any less than her!」

「Yeah! Let’s do it!」

「Kuh-! What amazing muscles……! Saria-kun, to think that you were at this level……! However, I believe in my own muscles!」

Seems to be completely fine. As expected of them. Or rather, Gassur, don’t compete with her.

Well, it’s a little hard to explain it, but it seems Saria has trouble using her powers in human form, so she needs to change back, however, it looks like she’s able to unleash her true strength even with a partial transformation.

While I was considering that, Saria noticed me, and started enthusiastically waving her hand at me. …… I feel like praising her.

The next place I turned my attention to, I found Al swinging about a massive axe, her specialised weapon.


Al was, while not to the extent Grandt-san was, launching powerful swing after swing, precisely defeating the monsters one after the other.

But because of the large number of monsters, Al ended up surrounded.

「I’m alright!」

I hurriedly tried to head towards where she was, but Al stopped me.

Using their tails and fangs, the monsters were pouring onto Al, using the most brutal methods to try and take her down, but she calmly saw through it all, using only the barest movements to dodge them.

And then, when a certain demon slammed its tail onto the ground, Al jumped high into the air, and with her left hand above her head, she used her most recently learnt magic skill, targeting the demons beneath her feet.


That magic skill, is the highest tier ice magic, and from her left hand came a wave of intense cold, instantly freezing the whole crowd of demons in a prison of ice.

And then, brandishing the massive axe above her head, Al activated another skill.

「『Meteor Crash』!」

The powerful blow from above easily smashed the frozen demons into icicles, leaving a huge crater in the ground.

Watching her lean her axe onto her shoulder, I smiled.

Noticing the smile I had on my face unintentionally, Al became flustered as she went off to fight more demons。…… In the end, I might really be going crazy.

As I sighed, I happened to hear a rather familiar voice.

「In order for me and my Master to laugh and enjoy food, I will have you bastards disappear.」

The owner of that voice, was none other than Rurune.

Rurune, far from being daunted by the crowd of demons, stood tall, arms akimbo in wait of them.

And that Rurune, now just as the demons were about to reach her, slowly raised her leg, to a Karate-like stance for kicking.

Then, she launched a nimble kick at the front most demon.


The front most demon was completely smashed, and for some reason, Rurune’s kick created a sonic boom that ended up slicing through the surrounding demons as well.

Rurune, while maintaining her kicking stance, said one thing.

「If you want to defeat me, then bring as many gods as you can gather.」

Is she really a donkey?

No matter how much I dig, I can’t bring up a single memory of her being a donkey.

I wonder what it is. Maybe it’s the sonic boom the kick produced. Besides, that’s not something a donkey would say.

Mou, I’ve given up trying to think. It’s not escapism alright? Is it even necessary?

Shifting my eyes away, I saw Olga steadily taking down demons using a knife.

Olga-chan was, like was Noado-san just now, precisely and certainly striking the vital points of the demons to take them down.

It’s regrettable, but it seems these skills have been completely drilled into Olga-chan.

Even with her main role being that of an assassin, her normal combat is still at a high level, and she was showing her overwhelming abilities. As I promised, I’ll stroke her head after this is done.

And so, I who had seen the form of many adventurers, softly murmured to myself.

「This……I’m not needed at all am I?」

I thought that it was inevitable that I would think that way.

But, the nearby Barna-san, while squinting his eyes to gaze further into the distance, responded to what I said.

「No、I don’t think I would say that’s case……」

Intrigued, I turned my gaze in that direction, on to see the form of a crowd of demon surging in like wave.

「I heard from the report that there were 5000 demons, but no matter how I think about it, this is far above that……On top of that, so far the S-rank demons have only appeared sporadically, but I don’t think that will be the case right now.」

「Eh? In other words that means……There are only S-rank demons closing in right now!?」

「That would be the case」

Oh god.

Really, how did it come down to this situation?

I don’t know what the cause is, but if so many of them simultaneous came to attack……  and gathered together somewhere, then normally you’d notice it.

But, we didn’t notice it at all.

By any chance, could this have been induced artificially?

There exists a convenient form of magic called teleportation magic after all.

Besides, it seems Ranze-san, wishes to coexist with the demons, so this place could have been attacked as it was seen as an annoying country……

Well, in the first place it’s just the shallow thoughts of an amateur, so i don’t think i would be able to get it right, but still, if there was a person who was the root cause of this situation, then he would be the most evil of them all.

While I was entertaining such meaningless thought, Barna-san stepped forward.

「Well、looks like this old one will be participating in the war as well……」

Saying that, Barna held a staff even larger than himself aloft.

Then, spheres of red, blue, green, orange, yellow, light blue, white, and black colours appeared in front of Barna-san, forming a circle.

And then, the globes gathered together, and from it rose a single sphere of an ominous colour.

When that sphere appeared, Barna-san’s smile deepened, as he chanted the name of a spell

「Go forth、bring them ruin。『Chaos・Rain』」

The moment he chanted the spell’s name, the ominous orb launched into the air as it split into countless branches, and before long, innumerable drops poured onto the Demons.

The power of that spell was amazing

Each and every one of the drops were small, but they moment they touched the Demons, the demons vanished.

「That will take too long because of their large numbers……Then how about this。『Chaos・Tornado』」

This time, without holding his staff, he had his left palm face upwards, as he moved as though he was throwing light ball.

Then, all the drops of magic pouring down changed directions midway, and before long return to form a circulating ring.

That scene, looked like someone took a photograph of a star with the shutter open.

As the spell continued, the drop began to circulate faster, the ring gradually shrunk, and in the end, the countless drops gave birth to something like a tornado.

When the spell fully formed the tornado, went off to exterminate the demons one after the other, with even greater power and range than before.

「Hohoho。I can’t be beaten by you youngster quite just yet」

This person is freaky.

Isn’t he even more monstrous than me? About the same level as a Transcendant.

Great, when you look at it this way, then I’m not anything particularly amazing!

I can’t just keep staring at them forever, it’s about time for me to participate too.

Yosh, with this many monstrous people gather around, it should be fine for me to let loose a little.

It’s just that, I have to keep in mind the large number of demons attacking this time.

Thinking about it that way, rather than heading out to the front line to take them out one by one, creating a new way to fight them all would be more efficient.

First is to picture it.

Something that is wide range, and does not attack indiscriminately, targeting only the demons

In that case, then attacking from above would be the safest. Rather than firing a giant laser from where I am right now.

A wide range attack from above …… How should I say this, it gives off an image of a God delivering punishment.

Well, whatever. It might end up with a childish name, but compared to what I created previously, it’s nothing much.

Thinking that, I strengthened the image in my mind, and lifting my left hand to the sky, I chanted the name of the spell I thought up.


A chilling gust started to blow in front of my eyes.

A-re? That’s weird. The magic won’t activate.

My face flushed red, as I squatted down to take cover.


Why won’t the spell activate!? Even though last time it activate even with such a dumb name!

If that’s the case, then wouldn’t I be the pitiful one here ! ………… Not that I’m at any place to say that at this point

Fortunately, no one saw my eccentric behaviour there. …… A-re? For some reason I’m feeling even more depressed.

While I was still in my self-centered grievances, it suddenly occurred.

Out of nowhere, the previously blue sky, was filled up with black clouds.

Surprised that the surroundings suddenly became dark, I looked up to the sky to find―――― huge flashes of light flying down one after the other.

On top of that, despite it’s terrifying rate of striking, it didn’t harm even a single hair on the country’s soldiers, accurately hitting the demons only.

Furthermore, I had already forgotten about it, but my skill『Endless Hell』’s effect left the demons unable to even die. Well, it did just enough damage to leave them already on the verge of death, so it would been fine to leave them alone ……

Just when I remembered that, the sound of demons screaming entered my ears.


The sounds of their screams echoed around, shaking the earth.

Well, taking a good look, the magic seems to be accurately hitting the demons

Just that, many people had their eyes wide open in shock as they saw my magic.

And among them, Barna-san was staring at me with eyes opened impossibly wide.

W-well, I have a feeling that I overdid it, but that’s the problem all sorted――――。



When I took one more look to where the magic was striking, for some reason, even Gassur and the others were getting struck,

I hastily put a stop to the spell.

Strange…… Why would it target Gassur’s bunch?

My head tilted in puzzlement, I used the magic again as a test.


After exterminating the demons, now it was targeting Gassur’s bunch, striking them one after the other.

And then, an announcement was made in my mind.

『Skill【Magic Creation】has activated。Seiichi attribute Magic【Judgement】has been created.』

What is Seiichi Magic!?

It’s already too late to stop the retort, but let’s confirm its effect

『Seiichi Magic:Judgement』……Using what the user recognises as evil, it is a magic that call upon the light of punishment。

Seeing that, I put my hands together with a pon sound.

「I see! Because I think of Gassur’s bunch to be evil, the effect of the spell is targeting them too!」

「「「「Stop agreeing and stop iiiiiiiiiiiiit!」」」」

I had no other choice, so I stopped the spell.

When I did so, the perverts who were hit my magic ended up charred, with their hair fluffed up in an Afro.

「Iya、At the very last moment I ended up taking such and intense blow! Hahahahaha!」

Because of his charred black body, his white teeth shone even more brilliantly, as he had a refreshing smile and a thumbs up。…… What a tough guy.

「Aaan……That’s good……It’s been a while since I’ve been thrilled to my very bones!」

Eris-san had an expression as though she was melting away, and her body was twisting and turning about. She really can be either S or M huh……

「Well this is good in it’s own way, as it allows me to show off my nude body in all its glory」

「Me too, because it seems like I would be more well received amongst the little girls like this」

Walter-san and Slan-san seemed to be rather cheerfully talking about it

……Really, these perverts are weird。

They were almost completely fine, after eating that spell.

I shuddered unconsciously at the view, as my magic continued to wipe out the demons in the background.

Well, I accidentally rushed thing to a close, but under normal situations, this would have a tough fight, where the people would have faced much despair.

But after all of that …… from the very start to the very end, it was a battle practically filled with things to retort to.

Well, that’s fine with me, as long as everybody is alright ……

――――Number of casualties:0,Number of defeated Demons:A lot――――

In a dark room, one man was happily laughing to himself.

「Nihihihihihihi! Right about now, Terveil is probably……」

Saying that, he once again let out a loud laugh.

And so, the man who had seemingly gone mad continued to ramble on.

「Nihihihihihi! Suffer! Despair! All of that, is for the Demon God’s――――」

But, the man didn’t finish his words.

The reason for that, was because of the suddenly flash of light that flew down from above his head.


When the blinding light finally wore off, only a fat man remained, sitting awkwardly where he was, looking as though he was cooked to perfection.

「W-What happened……Gaku」

In the end, the man fainted, without finding the reason why.

――――The fact that a man had to go through such a miserable experience, was something that Seiichi didn’t know。

【The One Dyed in Blood】Grand・Rozen……A Maniac about Destroying things.。

【The Garden of Roses – B・L】Homon・Gayzer……Likes men。

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