Shinka no Mi – Chapter 37

I was very puzzled when I looked at the donkey in front of me.

……No matter how I look at it, it’s just a donkey, right?

Why the Ossan was negative to this extent, I don’t understand at all.

As I wondered while tilting my neck, Ossan entered the cage.

As though approaching close to the donkey is scary, Ossan is trembling.

And then, I witnessed something.

「You Listening? I really can’t recommend this guy at all!」


——- A second where I saw the donkey’s foot driving its foot to the face of Ossan……!

「Y-you see that……? I-it’s… too…… ferocious……?」

「Yeah, I was really surprised.」

I was seriously surprised. Thanks to my Mind’s Eye cheat skill, I was able to see the hoof caving into his face.

Thanks to Ossan’s sacrifice which explained clearly the situation, I now know how painfully violent this donkey is. Though the person in pain is not me but Ossan.

The Ossan nodded at me with a serious look on his face, showing a thumbs-up, while looking exhausted.

Somehow or another it seems that the ossan is expecting a tsukkomi but I’ll ignore it. It’s too bothersome.

While thinking about it, inorganic voices resounded in my head

「Activating All-language Comprehension skill—– Success. You are now able to understand the language of the donkeys.」

No, I’m good. Honestly, I don’t want to understand donkey’s language as well.

My desires were in vain, for now I’m able to understand donkey language.

「Fuuun. Only the people I acknowledge are the ones who can touch me.」

Uwaaa…… this donkey’s a clean-freak.

As I was thinking that, the voice resembled a frigid woman.

Hearing the donkey’s voice, I reflexively got drawn towards her. The donkey then realizes my presence.

「Hm? Who the hell are you!?」

「Eh!? I-I’m Seiichi!」

Oi, me! Why the fuck did I reply seriously!? The other party is a donkey!? From the eyes of Ossan who couldn’t understand the words of the donkey, aren’t I just a guy who did a self introduction abruptly a weird freak!?

I, who answered in reflex when she suddenly talked to me, timidly looked at Ossan.

「Hehe. I see a garden of flowers……」

Ah, it seems it’s okay-ish. Though it may be too late for his head.

I look back the donkey again and it seems like it’s completely changed before when it was picking a fight a little while ago.

「Seiichi, right? Okay, Seiichi. Come inside the cage for a moment.」

「C’mon, hurry up! Or else, I’ll bust this cage open and kick you!」

「This donkey’s seriously dangerous!?」

What I originally wanted was…… a friendly horse.

It seems like I might end up having to continue like this without buying a horse now…

When I think about it, if I don’t enter the cage, it seems like she’d really bust the cage open and break free. So in the end, I obediently entered the cage.

「Hey, come inside the cage proper—-」

「Divine Punishment!」

The moment I entered the cage, the donkey kicks at me at a tremendous speed.

When I twisted my body in order to evade it, the donkey muttered destestly.

「You’re good, even though you’re just a mere human being.」

「What the hell is a mere ass saying…… (Ru: Sorry, couldn’t resist)

「But, you’re head seems a little weak! You just went and easily trespassed on my territory!」

「You just said to come inside, that’s why I entered here, ya know!?」

What the hell is with this donkey!? It’s really unreasonable!

While looking at the donkey with half-opened eyes, it tried to kick me again.

「Eiiii, no more questions! Just accept my kick and grovel!」

As I confirmed it with my Mind’s Eye, the sharp kick are coming right into my face. And also, what “no more questions” bullshit? Aren’t you the one who is one-sidedly trying to kick me?

But still……Even if I evade this, the kicks are never-ending…….

Though it was the same with Saria back then, why are there so many muscle-brains? This donkey doesn’t seem to be a demon though. Although we are able to converse, it seems we can’t have a discussion.

Do I have no choice but to show my power in order to silence this donkey as well?

Well, recalling back of my first encounter with Saria, I was attacked one-sidedly too.

While thinking many things, the donkey’s kick is coming right at me. So as for now, I grabbed it’s foot and raised the donkey up. Ohh, as expected of a monster-class status! The donkey’s light.

「Naaah!? Re-release me!」

「Ahh? Why would I do that?」

「I won’t be able to kick you like this!」

「Okay, I absolutely won’t let you go.」

As I seize the hind legs of the donkey and lifted it up, the donkey is now lifted up in midair.

But even in this state, it was still trying to land a single hit on me, and was rampaging around.

For a short while, while still being lifted up, it rampaged around for a while. Before long, when it realized that its attacks aren’t reaching me at all, it immediately calms down.

And then, the donkey muttered in a weak voice.

「I-I surrender…… So, please let me down……」


I gently brought the donkey down to the ground, the donkey rose to it’s feet and approached me.

I tilt my head at the donkey’s behavior and then suddenly, she lowers her head to me.

……What just happened?

「The lowly me had experienced your power to my heart’s content. Please kindly forgive all the rude actions that I’ve made before」

Fairy: Anata-sama can be thought of as a wife called her husband Hue hue. She became damn polite

Anata-sama? Eh, what are you talking about?

Fairy: Anata-sama can be thought of as a wife called her husband Hue hue.

Suddenly, the donkey’s attitude turned a 1800 turn made me confused. Un, the confusion doesn’t make sense!

While I couldn’t grasp the current situation, the donkey continued.

『From the moment I was born, my mother taught me that…… 「Other than those beings whom you have acknowledged, you must not be touched. In addition, if a person whom you’ve acknowledged appeared, serve him with all you have」, like that……』


Hey, Donkey’s Okaa-san!? Just what are you teaching to your daughter!? …… Are? Did Donkey’s Okaa-san is an ass as well? My thoughts are messed up.

As my brain’s processing speed reached its limits, I don’t understand anymore. What’s with this ass?

「Being stronger than me is important as well but more than that, I’m happy that you treated me equally even if I’m a donkey.」

Yeah, being treated as an equivalent, for example being able to understand the donkey’s words, thus we reached a mutual understanding…….

Well, with this, I’m able to make conversations with animals, but at the same time, I can no longer interact with them normally. ( Normally in the sense as normal animals)

It’s like, treating them like human beings.

Even animals have their own will and emotions.

This All-Language Comprehension Skill is, is really valuable. Treasure Box, the things that you’ve left, are all very valuable and important things.

Even though it is weird for I, who killed him to do this, I saluted him in my heart.

While thinking those things in mind, the donkey arrived at a conclusion.

「Concerning about Anata-sama, I wish for you to be my Master. Even though I’m still inexperienced, please take care of me in the future.」

「Aren’t you too quick in jumping to conclusions!?」

It’s already decided!?

No, no matter how you look at it, it’s just a donkey and it’s not like that it’s good enough!

In the first place, even if it’s not a horse it’s fine so for this time, shall i settle for this donkey?

In the first place, since this donkey had already acknowledged me, so I decided to buy this donkey.

「All right. To begin with, I’m not really fixated on buying a horse. You’re good enough.」

「Master. I am called 「Rurune」, Please call me by that name in the future.」

「Saria was also like that. Why are you animals are named with a bishoujo-like names!?」

Is it a fashion? Even among animals, it’s fashionable to have bishoujo-like names!?

……No, these kind of thoughts are just for humans only. In the animal kingdom, they have a custom of having names as well.

In other words, while raising a dog, even if the owner named it Pochi, it’s real name might be Watson. Somehow, I don’t like it.

While lightly doing that and wearily, I informed Ossan that I would buy Rurune.

「Ossan, I think I’ll buy this donkey.」

「Fuhehe. It’s a fishie!」

What should I do, he’s seriously not sane at all……!

When the invalid Ossan is blabbering nonsense, Rurune quietly approached Ossan.

「Master is delayed, because of this pig!」

Ossan is kicked again by Rurune, and collided with the wall.

And then——-.

「Haaa!? Th-this is!?」

「Ah, he finally regained his sanity.」

As Ossan regained his sanity, I told him again that I’ll buy the donkey, his eyes opened wide in surprise.

「O-oi. Is it really okay? This guy won’t really listen no matter what you say, ya know?」

「It’s really okay. Hora.」

「Master’s hand feels so good.」

As I caress her neck, Rurune leaned towards me as though she felt really good.

Ossan was even more surprised when he looked at this scene.

「This guy’s amazing…… He seriously tamed that crazed tomboy lass so easily……!」

「Hahaha…… Well then, how much is this donkey?」

When I asked for the price, surprisingly, since this donkey was so wild that no one wanted to buy it, it’s at a cheap price of 10 gold coins.

I was surprised of how low the price is, and Ossan continued.

「There are various goods that aren’t selling well but for you who is acknowledged by this lass, I’ll add in a full set of reins as a service.」


Although I’m not troubled about the money, but I got additional freebies. So I am really grateful.

While I was happy about it, Ossan went to the back of the shop and showed up again with the reins.

「Okay then, I’ll attach the reins of it–tsu!?」


Ossan tried to attach the reins to Rurune but got kicked once again by Rurune.

「The only one who can touch me is Master only.」

This girl’s heartfelt loyalty’s scary.

But just by grabbing her legs a little, she became helpless.

Due to that incident, I was instructed on how to attach the harness and attached it onto Rurune.

And then, when everything was finished, I paid Ossan 10 gold coins.

「Thank you for your patronage! If there are any other demons that you wish for, please come here anytime! If you request for the maintenance of the harness, I will do it as well. Though, it’ll cost you a small amount of money.」

「I understand. Umm……」

「Oppps, It seems like I have yet to introduce myself. My name is Baruzasu. Baruzasu.Aura. Nice to meet you. 」

「My name is Seiichi. Well then, if there’s something I need, I’ll come here.」


As Ossan smiled as me leaving—— I bid farewell to Baruzasu and walked around the town while pulling Rurune along.

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