Shinka no Mi – Chapter 39

Royal Capital Cup

「Well then Seiichi, please do your best!」

「We’ll be cheering you on from the audience’s seat.」


I, Hiiragi Seiichi, am happy because Saria and Al are cheering for me, while heading to the stables where Rurune is.

By the way, when I talked to Fina-san about Rurune, she guided us to the stables and let me use it.

Today, it can be said that it’s the most awaited and reckless challenge; the day the Royal Capital Cup commences.Crap. At this late hour, what should I do?

Yesterday, after separating from Mei and Clay, I just went home and introduced Rurune to Saria and Al.

It was the same back then with Mei. I thought that Rurune won’t attack Saria and Al if they meet and I was right. Rurune was able to befriend them.

So, it didn’t take much time for Rurune to get along well with Saria and Al, since Saria was originally a gorilla(TL note: Animal species), for some reason, she can communicate with Rurune like me. As for how a gorilla and a donkey can come to understand one another, I will not think about it for now…

Thereupon, when I inform them about the events that led to me participating in today’s Royal Cup, they were surprised at first but they immediately supported me. Even so,  Al did say that they’ll be cheering me on in the audience’s seats but… just where in the audience’s seats are they?

It’s nice, receiving their support. If possible, I want to win this.

Rurune did say that she was confident that her speed is fast enough to win, but even if winning the overall championships is impossible, I guess we will get into the rankings? Or so I thought.

However, I wonder why do I have this bad feeling? I’m feeling weird.

No, in the first place, to say that it’s difficult or so on, it definitely due to (me) challenging the impossible. There has been no weird feeling at all (for the past few days). It’s only just today.

While thinking about it, I realized that I’ve already arrived to the stables where Rurune is at.

Inside it, there are the other adventurers’ and the merchants’ horses in the cage, spending their time eating the grass.

While looking at the other horses, I went to where Rurune is.

Rurune, having noticed that I was approaching, despite being a donkey, greeted me with a pointlessly gallant face.

「Master, good morning! Today is a good day for donkey riding!」

「I don’t know if it’s good weather to ride, but still, good morning. Please take care of me today.

「Please leave it to me! This Rurune, in order to protect master’s honor, will certainly make Master win!」

「The real intention is?」

「For the  Bahamut!」

「Then don’t aim to win the overall championship!」

The Bahamut is given to the 5th placer so, even if we win this, we won’t get it.

Before the race starts, the other 4 ranks prize will be revealed to the public…

If you think about winning the overall championships, at the very worst, the food that Rurune was drawn to was not the overall victory prize. As stated previously, since Rurune is a donkey, winning the overall championship is hopeless.

「Oh well. There isn’t much time left, shall we go?」


I led Rurune away from the stables and moved towards the starting point, which is near  the checkpoint of the entrance to the imperial city Terviel’s gate. 

When we reached the gate, the participating adventurers that are pulling different types of horses, are gathering there.

「Ohhh, wow. Aside from the ones that I know of, there are other types of horses…There are dolts around as well. Will I be alright?」

While looking around at the many horses and muttering to myself, someone called out to me.




When I turned around, Clay, dressed in luxurious clothes, and Mei who wore a blouse and long skirt was approaching towards us. 

「Clay and Mei, huh. What’s the matter, both of you?」

「I came here to see how far you can go with your donkey!」

「For me, Seiichi-san gave me courage to keep painting, so… I thought that I must cheer you on. Therefore, I have come here to see you..」

「I see. Well, I’ll work hard for Mei.」

As Mei says so with an apologetic face, I replied to her with a wry smile under my hood.

「Seiichi-san. I’ve already decided that I’ll join the painting tournament. Although I have still yet to decide on what to paint…Therefore, Seiichi-san shouldn’t worry about me and run with everything you have. Besides, Seiichi-san’s goal is the 5th place reward, the Bahamut, right?」

「For the time being.」

Mainly, that’s Rurune’s goal.

「If that’s the case, don’t think about winning this and just focus on your objective! We’ll cheer you on!」


But still, what’s with this? There is this implicit meaning that getting the overall championships is impossible.

While thinking about it, I suddenly noticed something.

「Come to think of it, for the people watching this game, how are they able to see the race?」

The course of the Royal Capital Cup is, simply going around the castle walls.

However, Terviel City’s castle walls are ridiculously long. It’s like in Earth’s stations. are there stations in various points for assistance like Earth?

(ED note:

Al and Saria are watching from the audience’s seats, but…….(Watching a sports game)

As I tried to forecast various matters, a blank look surfaced on Clay’s face

「They will probably watch using the [Magic Projection], but I’m not sure.」

「… What the hell is that?」

When I reflexively stuttered a question, this time it was Mei who answered.

「Etto. The so-called magical projector is one of the magical tools used. Numerous “magical cameras” float in the air and project the images taken into the air. It is an object that allows people away from the venue to view the scene itself. The source of the magical power required for the projector is provided by the imperial court’s magicians.」

The power of magic is unreal. I believe I have seen recovery magic and so on, but I don’t need to know the science behind it to know that magic is astonishing.  Everything can be solved with magic already, can`t it? The dead can even be resurrected. 

「Tentatively, the watching place is being established. Basically anywhere in the capital will be able to watch the images projected. Therefore, each respective place will be able to view the race. Clay-san and I plan to be at the audience stands watching the race and cheering you on.

「I see…」

Hearing Mei’s explanation, I understood.

Even though it’s relatively safe, there’s still demons outside the walls. With that reason, people cannot watch it up close. 

「Ah! If we don’t move soon we’ll be out of seats…」

「You’re right… Seiichi, Mei and I will now be going to the audience seats. I have great expectations on your activities!」

「Please do your best!」

After all, before I can reply their greeting, they immediately went to the audience seats.

「Well… Shall we do our best then?」

As I muttered that, I pulled Rurune along and head to the starting point.


「Now, it’s finally starting! The Royal Capital Cup where we will award out extravagant gifts yearly!  I, Loma Kirizazu, member of Knights of 「Sword Saints of the Holy Maiden(Valkyrie)」, am delegated to be the Master of Ceremonies for this Royal Capital Cup. For this short time, I hope to get along with you!」

Fairy: I chose Announcing official. Though it’s more like someone who will lead/guiding  the Competition.

Female voices resound throughout the entire city.

Assembled at the starting line are the participants for this round of the Royal Capital Cup, whose faces are being projected into the air. 

I’m not in the mood to tsukkomi but, the official’s voice is loud enough to be heard all over… It seems like it’s magic. So there is no need for Science? Contrasting to me getting mentally-tired, the surrounding participants’ and the MC‘s tension is rising.

「Before I explain the rules and we start… I believe everyone wishes for me to announce the 1st prize to the 4th prize that everyone is so anxious about!”

When the official announced that, everyone in the surroundings heated up greatly. 


「What’s the amazing prize this year?!」

「I’ll absolutely won’t hand over the overall victory! 」

「I’ll obtain the victory!」

Everyone around here is scary……!

Each time one of the surrounding people around me  raises their voice, my body *Pikkuto * shakes and shivers 

Not losing to the competitive heat around, Rurune silently raises her fighting spirit.

「Bahamut Bahamut Bahamut Bahamut Bahamut Bahamut Bahamut…」

「I can’t take this child anymore!」

This girl can’t think of anything else but food! But I want to eat it as well! 

While I was shrinking away, I heard the official’s enthusiastic voice.

「U~n, what a nice enthusiasm! In order not to lose to that enthusiasm, this year’s prizes are pretty amazing! Moreover, this year’s 1st prize is a unique item that will be given for the first time. 」

A new one? Just what is that…

Hearing the official’s words, Rurune reacted and tilted her neck in wonder.

「A, a new one, you say?! C, could it be… food  ingredients that surpass Bahamut?!?!

「Just for once, get your thoughts away from food!」

「Kuh! I must have that Bahamut no matter what but, if the overall champion’s prize is a food ingredient as well…Just what should I do?!

「Listen to meeeee!」

As my tsukkomi was in vain, Rurune started worrying by herself. She’s about to cry.

Rurune is obsessed about food. As she’s about to cry, the official announced the prize.

「Well then, From the 4th prize! The 4th prize is… obtained by the leader of the Valkyrie, Riesu-sama in a dungeon,  A Legendary-class weapon【Sea Splitter】! The reason that we are making this one of the prizes is simply due to the fact that we knights have no Axe users at all.  Well, even if this legendary weapon were to fall into the hands of another country, we still won’t lose!」

As one looks casually up into the skies, the video that showed us as the participants a while ago, is changed into the image of the prize which is a beautiful blue-colored edged axe. I dare say, that’s the prized Sea Splitter.

And also, the 4th prize is a legendary weapon, huh. Just what is the Champion’s prize? Moreover, they would give away this legendary weapon as a prize. Just how strong are the Valkyrie Knights?

Although Gassur had said this before, it seems like there are 2 super strong knights in this country.

「Next is the 3rd prize! The 3rd prize is… similar as well., A legendary-class armor that Riesu-sama had obtained from a dungeon. 【Haja’s Gauntlet】! The reason that this became a prize is still the same as the 4th prize, the Sea Splitter! Come and get it, thieves!」


In response to the words of the official, the surroundings cried out.

The video changed from the Sea Splitter to a Silvery-white Gauntlet, which is probably the Haja’s Gauntlet.

But still… This is amazing. From an adventurer’s perspective, they would want the 4th place Sea Splitter, and the 3rd place Haja’s Gauntlet. For prizes like that, they’d want to win this tournament.

To begin with, this Imperial City Cup, was intended for the adventurers, it’s obvious that there are no goods meant for the general public.   

「Following is the 2nd prize! The 2nd prize is… our leader, Riesu-sama’s appearance in a precious picture! How is it? You want this, right!」

We don’t need it! Why is a picture the 2nd prize here?!

「It’s a rare gem of a peeping photo by paying the ultimate price using the【Magic-Formula Camera】! Well, after this tournament, I’ll definitely get scolded!」

Are you an idiot?! Peeping shots and noble sacrifice and so on…! I can’t call you anything but an idiot! Moreover, if you knew that you’d be scolded, why’d you still do it?!

The video changed from the Gauntlet to a picture being covered in mosaics. This mosaic is… an unneeded technology!

Just what the heck is this?! From the 4th to the 3rd place prize were amazing! A picture for the 2nd place?! Who the hell would want that?!




This can’t be compared from the enthusiasm from the Legendary weapons prize?! This country is  fucked up…!

I’m not surprised that the men are frenzied, but also the women too craved for the picture, everyone’s eyes are bloodshot. I was seriously scared… I wanna go home.

While I unintentionally thought that in my head, the official finally announced the champion’s prize.

「Well, well, finally for the last one! The announcement for the Champion’s prize!」

Hearing the words of the official, the crowd’s tension rises again.

「The shining glorious 1st prize is…… What’s this, a right to spend 1 day with us, the Valkyrie Knights!」

We don’t need it! Gimme back the impression I got from hearing the 3rd and 4th place!

While I did a magnificent tsukkomi in my heart, the surrounding participants, as though it was a lie, had subsided compared to their previous excitement.

Well, that’s a given! That prize is unreasonable, right?! If someone were to get that, there will be definitely no one who will be happy…—–.

「「「VICTORY IS MIIIIIIINE!」」」 (For the males)

「「「VICTORY WILL BE MIIIIIIINE!」」」 (For the females)


The participants who were silent for a moment, shouted out loud with the highest voltage.

「It’s a good frenzy! Well, given the opportunity to meet Riesu-sama directly, it’s natural for anyone to wish for it. Before this excitement subsides, I’ll now explain the rules!」

The official who seems really amused by the spectacle, smiled and, began to explain.

「Even though it’s a rule, there is not even one rule that’s difficult!  Anyways, you just need to run around the walls of the Royal Capital Terviel once completely! However, interfering with the others, doing obvious dangerous acts, or doing foul acts, will be immediately disqualified! In other words, if you want something, do it fair and square, ahahahahahaha!」

(ED note: I really wanted to change that to “mwahahahahahaha!”…)


While listening to the crowd’s’ shouts, the official adds with a calm voice.

In addition, the participants for the original Royal Capital Cup are mainly adventurers. Normal people aren’t able to join. One will not be able to enjoy themselves just by looking at the race. Therefore, from this time onwards, betting on which participants will obtain the overall victory,【Horse Racing 】will start! With this, normal people will not just enjoy themselves. If they have great luck, they will be able to enjoy more at the competition. Also, about the money wagered, so that we can avoid bankruptcy, we’ll limit the bet to a maximum of 10,000G! Everyone, let’s participate!」  

Horse racing?! We’ll also do horse racing?! Certainly, just watching there is kinda boring….

Really, whether the horse racing will be a good result, I don’t know. Well, I’ve been saying this the whole time, but there’s also a test implication.

While thinking about it, the projected image in the air changed, the participants’ names and their horses are displayed with their odds of success.

「And these are the participants for this Royal Capital Cup. As expected, the most popular one is the horse that is the fastest even among the horses,【Shooting Star Horse ( Meteor Horse)】and Michael the rider! Michael is the previous winner of the Royal Capital Cup and it’s right to say that he is the main contender for the overall champion.」

Heee… The previous victors of the last tournament are here too. He must be super fast, huh.

「However, in this tournament, there are many promising players too, We will not know who will win the overall championship till the end!」

Well, it doesn’t matter to me. After Rurune knew that the upper prizes aren’t  Bahamut, her mood is set on getting into the 5th place for it.

The official is looking at the participants and analyzing each of their abilities, and told them.

「Nn?! W,What does this mean?! Wow, there’s a ridiculous pair that has odds of 120 times!」

…Are? Somehow, I have a bad feeling about this…

「The participant’s name is Seiichi, the horse he’s riding with is a… do, donkey?! Player Seiichi, do you have chances of winning?!」

Stop ittt! I know that the best! Being reckless by challenging with a donkey!

That’s why at least… at least be gentle with me! Don’t bully meeee!

As I suddenly look around my surroundings, the other participants, looked at me with lukewarm eyes. Don’t look at me with those eyes!

「W, well that should be fine! Like this, the rule explanation and prize announcement is over! Next is… just competing! Now then, everyone, since we’ll be starting now, please move to the start line!」

In the end, I am still seen with lukewarm eyes while the other participants moved to the starting line.

Although I heard this story later, this video was broadcasted throughout the town, and everyone laughed out loud. … Is there any hole I can hide in?

Leaving jokes behind, I started searching for a hole to hide in.

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